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danimal600012 karma

What did George Bush smell like?

garypaulsen6 karma

If George H.W. Bush could be in a fragrance commercial, it would be for this product. When putting this on, he'd typically tell a story about how his father loved the stuff. When his wife would ask if he was ready to head out, he would tell her yes I am smelling like a rose!

WNW34 karma

I like that story. Reminds me of something my grandfather would say.

garypaulsen2 karma

You know the greatest part of my experience didn't have anything to do with who the person was that I was helping. I grew up respecting my elders and loved to hear them speak, it was a blessing every time. More so than any ice cream or cake. I just loved being around them, here I had the opportunity to really touch someone, and I did. I cared for this individual and all the while I thought of my papa (grandpa). If only I could have had the same chance to support him in his later years like I did this man.

CallMe_Phoenix5 karma

What is your favorite memory while working under Mr. Bush?

garypaulsen3 karma

there is to many. While in Maine we would be out on his back porch and he would randomly rant about his childhood. About racing around the house with so and so from up the street. It was these kind of conversations that just got me. This was extra special, because rarely ever did he wish to speak about himself. There is that and then there is this;_ylt=AwrTcXbBRrNUTBUAZjSJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIyYWltYWRoBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM3MjI1MzdhNGYyNDI1MmIxZDEzYjkzYzFmNzAzYjBmYgRncG9zAzkEaXQDYmluZw--?.origin=& I am the last one down on the far right. True story one of the secret service man's child had the same kind of Leukemia as his daughter, and I. There was a pot going around amongst the guys to help support the members family. I cannot recall who was shelling out $100 for every shaved head, but someone was. Though I was not a member I looked at 41' and said i think tomorrow I am going to shave my head and replied if you do, I will. When I came in with a shaved head, he looked at me and said where are the clippers. From that came world news and every agent getting their head shaved. The family ended up getting donations from all over the world, and I am just glad that I could be part of it.

boomdeeyada2 karma

I know this family. My son has the same type of leukemia with the same complication, so his mom and I connected in support groups.

Just wanted to say thanks for supporting them! When you do for one of us, you do for all of us.

garypaulsen1 karma

Your son has the same type as me then. . . You know we could be having this conversation in a whole other strand. . . I would tell the boy's father like I will tell you. I thank everyday for the opportunity to have had cancer! Because of the illness I grew up with an insight most don't earn until their later years in life. This helped me through my teenage years which were rather rough and depressing. I probably would have been dead before 20 had I not had Leukemia. Now there is a twist... It must be rough on you for sure, but just know that when he pulls through he will be just that much stronger of a child than his peers. Whether he remembers the times or not.

garypaulsen1 karma

are you located in Maine or Texas?

boomdeeyada1 karma

Neither! I know them through private facebook support groups. :)

garypaulsen1 karma

gotcha. Well I asked because I have volunteered at Camp Periwinkle in Texas and was going to highly suggest you take advantage of this opportunity and others such as it.

How far along is your son in his treatment?

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For how long did you fight leukemia?

garypaulsen4 karma

I was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL) September 22, of 1995 on that day I was admitted to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, Texas. Being four years old at the time, alot of the technical side of it came as a blur. I do know that I was placed into remission in 1997. So about two years of active Chemotherapy.

garypaulsen3 karma

Shout out to Craig Biggio and my fellow Sunshine Kids!!!

Sniperae4 karma

How would you describe Bush, the man?

garypaulsen5 karma

41' gosh you know he always made you feel welcomed. He loved to hear jokes and your opinion on matters. Even in old age he is sharper than most fast talking Marines I have met. Extremely intelligent human being. Perhaps the thing most don't catch about the man is his patience and the amount of faith he is willing to put in people. You don't see the two at the level at which he provides, and he will look you in the eyes and show you truth. There is a handful of people in my lifetime that have been able to show me trust like that. I am talking life long friends. As a man that is what he is like... like a life long friend. Once you have met him, you simply cant help but like him.

Sniperae1 karma

I'd like to do a personal follow up - I just got let out of the USMC OCS program due to an injury. I had 2 days to go before graduation. I don't think my body can handle that kind of physical demand again. Do you think the Navy would be the next step? I'd only go chair force due to bad injuries, and Army is just a smaller version of the USMC imo.

garypaulsen2 karma

I am terribly sorry to hear of your misfortune, I am sure the physical damage is the least of your worries at this point. to have come so far I mean. . . What are your injuries exactly?

GridSquid3 karma

Were those his Ray-Bans on Pawn Stars?

garypaulsen3 karma

I couldn't say for sure. I always knew him to be a generous man, who often gave away things. Its quite possible.

GridSquid3 karma

Haha thanks for the reply.

garypaulsen3 karma

Your welcome. FYI I have a few things from him, including multiple pairs of socks, some Chanel Cologne, more socks and oddly enough a signed copy of Self Beach Body made easy the Summer 2013 issue. =]

RobertDewitt1 karma

Would you ever sell them?

garypaulsen2 karma

I don't think so. I use the socks on a daily, the Chanel to. And the Magazine is addressed to me. Does anyone know how I could post a picture of it, I'd love to share!

XeonesWoods3 karma

What was your rating in the navy? I enlisted in the navy about a week ago as a hospital corpsman. How long were you in the navy?

garypaulsen3 karma

They call me HM3 around here. Haha good choice on choosing your rating. I am currently in the Reserves and have been in for nearly 6 years. I hope to soon go officer with the Army, but we shall have to see.

garypaulsen3 karma

What made you want to join and are you contracted FMF?

SoNowWhat2 karma

Did he show an obvious preference for Jeb over G.W. in your presence?

garypaulsen5 karma

Though some might speculate on this. While being around the family I truly didn't see any kind of favoritism being played. 41' was a man who showed great compassion to anybody and everybody he came across inside and outside of his family. This is what I saw.

GiorgioTrantina2 karma

Do you think that Bushes as a family belong among those people who are trying to takeover the world and dominate as many conspiracy theories suggest?

garypaulsen3 karma

No the Bush family is not out to take over the world. I will add to this by saying some puzzle pieces look like they fit, but when you try them. They just don't. Time spent smashing them into place could be spent finding the piece that perfectly does.


How did you become medical aide to George H.W. Bush? Did you apply for the position?

garypaulsen2 karma

Yes and No. The Navy Corpsman at my Marine Reserve Unit were approached in May of 2012 about considering work for the Bush family. They apparently wanted Navy Corpsman to take care of him. Having just turned 21 a few months prior . . . aside from a recent combat deployment I was pretty short on medical experience in comparison to the Paramedics, nurses, PA students, and Fireman in the room, but being the hard charger that I am, I went home that night and wrote up a resume to turn in anyway. After an interview with the family I was informed that I was one of three that got the job. This became a 24hr coverage job and I reeling at the job opportunity volunteered to work every hour I could. For the first half of my employment I was working steady 100+ hr weeks at his house. I put in my resignation as president of the Activites team at Lone Star North Harris and as a member of SGA, quit my other job working security. I completely geared every waking moment to Job, Service, and School (which quickly became online schooling). Still in the midst of all this I still managed to find my Wife Kira Cox whom I now have a baby boy with.

superagent811 karma

When were you employed?

garypaulsen1 karma

I left to go hike the Appalachian Trial and get married out in California were my wife is stationed.

garypaulsen1 karma

From late 2012 until early 2014.

Bonifaz_Reinhard1 karma

I just enlisted in the navy and I'd like too know some tips from the pros! What do you recommend to get in better shape for the navy? Also what was your navy job and what should I try for?

garypaulsen3 karma

Its funny you ask such a question, I am actually going over workout routines with my wife who just had our first son. She is also in.

There is enough programs advertising how to lose weight out there. . . You could probably walk across America faster than you could watch them all. Personally I am an avid hiker. It sounds unconventional but I would recommend simply walking for a few hours a day. If you live near some trails take the leap of faith and take a walk. I promise you will find what people spend their lives striving to obtain.

Solace, that piece of mind, a banging body (as the tv ads would say), and the time of day to contemplate all those necessary questions in life. Heck you can even listen to the game or your favorite songs while you are doing it.

You asked and I answered. Now I challenge you to commit to simply trying it just once and see how walking makes you feel.

Note that I went out hiking for three weeks straight and lost 30lbs and in the process had the most wildest craziest times of my life!

As far as being a pro... I am no professional, I am that suburban punk kid that everyone in high school was sure would end up nowhere and that is a bet. I was a Corpsman attached to the Marines and now I work with Seals... I couldn't tell you a thing about the conventional Navy lol. As far as what job to take on that is on you and your ASVAB score. The cool thing about being a Corpsman attached to the Infantry is that you are handed a hell of a lot more responsibility than any other enlisted position and with this alot less oversight.

garypaulsen1 karma

In choosing a job ask yourself what are three things youd like to be doing right now. Do not think of military jobs when you answer this just jobs in general and then compare them to what the Navy has to offer.

823640 karma

Will you answer any questions?

garypaulsen4 karma

Yes starting with this one.

WhiteNational-7 karma

What were your interactions with him like? Did he ever show any displeasement towards the current administration (Obongo)?

garypaulsen12 karma

Me speaking - General Patten was famously quoted as saying, "Lead me, Follow me, or get the Hell out of my way." Today President Obama, is the leader of the United States of America. He holds a position of responsibility that currently only 4 others living persons could possibly understand. Just as the leader of a family makes decisions that others might not agree with, so to does the President. The difference is he answers to not just three or four people, but 314 million people in America alone.

President Bush in my mind is someone who realizes the complexity of the job, he was not one to judge the current administration.

Me again. I personally think America has plenty of problems and none can be tied to a single individual. In these trialing times, we must continue to put differences aside and figure out a way to keep progressively moving forward. .... I could go on and perhaps on a different strand.