I have been on the waiting list for a double lung transplant since june 2012. Finally i got the phone call around 4:45 pm from the surgeon: they have compatible lungs from a 27 years old donor. I am super excited, this is literally a whole new life starting for me. The surgery has a 70% success rate, it will happen at 11:30 pm eastern tonight.

Ask me anything you want to know about me, the surgery or how i feel right now!

My Proof: http://imgur.com/CaeCAhx http://imgur.com/oJT7iLM

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Noonealex668 karma

Guys im going into surgery, thanks everyone for the AMA! might do another one once i wake up!

malbane1107 karma

Hi! Good luck with your transplant. I am a nurse who works with kids with CF, what would you like nurses to know to help take better care of you?

Noonealex132 karma

all the nurses i've met so far are very professional and know their stuff. if theres one comment i could say is for them to put more trust in cystic fibrosis patients: we're so used to the hospital/treatment life that we know how to do a big part of your job for you, and sometimes that scares nurses (E.G. i can change my IV by myself, etc)

Also, PLEASE, don't let your kids do the same mistakes i've made. i don't know how old they are, but make sure they do their nebs/treatments when they reach their teenage years. (14 to 20 years old). i neglected my treatments and this is where i am right now, if only i could go back i would be doing my neb and flutter every day.

Also, get your kids to become gym rats once they reach about 16 years old. As stupid as it sounds, it will literally save their lives. i've seen friends of mine with CF with 115% FEV1 from going to the gym at a young age.

jim7198963 karma

Are you told anything about the donor?

Noonealex215 karma

besides that he is a 27 years old male, no. Apparently they are harvesting a bunch of organs for me which makes me extremely happy that his death will not have been in vain, and many people in my kind of situation will be able to continue to live from it.


edit: i meant from him. a bunch of organs from him.

Jaygoon59 karma

I don't have a question?

Just wanted to say can't wait to talk to you soon after the operation is done!

Here's to breathing easier...

Noonealex33 karma

thank you!

ashmagic48740 karma

What are you looking forward to doing physically? What kind of aftercare goes into a lung transplant?

Noonealex75 karma

short answer? everything. run. walk up stairs without being out of breath. not having to take the elevator all the time. go to the gym. at this point i can't even walk further than 50 meters without feeling pretty much how a normal person would feel after running 5 miles.

recovery really varies by patients. from what i was told i could be intubated from 1 day to months, and i could be out of the hospital in 2 weeks or 6 months. the lungs being a vital organ, anti-rejection medication will put my immune system to very low levels therefore i have to be careful, wash my hands all the time....i'm gonna have to become quite the germophobe to be honest hahaha!

Mis4Mason33 karma

How do you feel right now?

Noonealex105 karma

stressed. mostly bummed out cause i just realised i won't be able to eat sushi anymore, and i LOVE sushi! (anti-rejection medication basically puts your immune system to 5% capacity, therefore raw fish/meats are forbidden once you get a transplant. and for some reason, grapefruits too!)

edit: to answer your question though, i'm mostly happy. this is a new life starting for me, straight up. ill be able to do everything ive always been wanting to do physically.

Thrumpledenoozitty32 karma

Hey, I have it on good authority that vegetarian sushi can be really amazing. Doesn't taste just the same as fish sushi but if done right you can get the same kind of mingle of textures, flavors, aromas, and beautiful presentation that you do with fish sushi. So don't get too bummed about the sushi, now your challenge is to seek out the best veg sushi you can find!

Noonealex31 karma

oh trust me i'm gonna go nuts in veggie sushi, yet i'm gonna always miss sashimi :(

ButtsexEurope26 karma

I've heard that life expectancy is very low for CF. Now that you've had the transplant, what's your life expectancy now?

Also, I heard CF people take monster shits. Is this true?

Noonealex46 karma

it really depends. could be up to 25 more years, or less than 2, but on average its about 9 more years.

we have medication to prevent that, we take it before eating anything, if we didnt then basically the fats in our food isnt digested and its just shits. hahaha

justanothershell26 karma

thats amazing! I work with cf patients, what is your FEV1?

Noonealex40 karma

currently at 25%, i'm in very good condition coming in the surgery, i feel great which make me very confident!

MeLlamoDeadpool23 karma

Are you worried at all? How do you see yourself when you walk into the surgery?

PS: I wish you the best of luck with your surgery!

Noonealex127 karma

like this.

I got this shit.

Thrumpledenoozitty22 karma

First of all, love your tats!

What was your first reaction when you heard the news you were getting new lungs? What are your loved ones feeling and doing right now?

Noonealex80 karma

i was sitting on the couch, just browsing reddit actually (/r/squaredcircle whats up!) i got the phone call, doctor introduces himself, and right away i know this is it. says they have compatible lungs for me and i should come in for 6:00 pm. just started crying tears of joy, and being the big wrestling mark that i am, my first reaction was to yell, like The Rock: FINALLY! THE LUNGS! HAVE COME BACK! FOR AAAAAAAAAALLLLEEEEEEEXXXXXXX!

im still quite not grasping it yet to be honest. but i'm just so ecstatic.

thefreeze15 karma

From one mark to another; see you soon. Had a best friend pass from CF in 2008; and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. When you get out let's talk Royal Rumble predictions my man!

Noonealex2 karma

i mean it has to be bryan. only other viable option is ziggler though, but mcmahon would never allow such a millenial to main event WM.

mysteries198421 karma

What do you plan to do with your life next?

Also, good luck. It's great that you're getting what you need. I always carry my donor card with me!

Noonealex34 karma

THANK YOU! as i mentioned i'd love to travel. whether its backpacking or touring with a band, i've been stuck in montreal for way too long, i need to see the world now that i can!

mrshernandez0912 karma

Good luck on your surgery!!

Have you see the documentary 65 Red Roses?

Noonealex26 karma

yes! i even spoke with the girl that was in the documentary, she's super nice!

RayFlacco10 karma

Do any of your close family members also have cystic fibrosis?

I study biomedical sciences and whenever i hear about disorders like cf it really touches me man. Good luck with everything mate, and stay positive!

Noonealex28 karma

i'm the only one in my family, i have friends (two sisters, 25 and 22 years old) who both have CF and both had successful transplants :)

ismellliketuna8 karma

What are your long terms goals or dreams once you get this second chance on life ?

Noonealex23 karma

i want to go on tour. been very active in the hardcore music scene locally (in montreal) for a long time and i'm good friends with a lot of smaller touring bands. Never been able to leave for weeks on tour because of my condition, and i've always been dying to!

jnaloomis8 karma

Are you nervous? Also, congrats :)

Noonealex34 karma

i try not to be. im running around bare-assed in my hospital gown which i think is funny as hell so that keeps me cool-headed i guess :)

edit: """"running""""

Fossilbear6 karma

Good luck, man. What are you looking forward to most when you are recovered?

Noonealex34 karma

traveling! i have been unable to take a plane due to low oxygen levels since 2012. i want to visit the LOST filming locations in Hawaii most of all, very big fan of the series. recently joined /r/backpacking and /r/solotravel to daydream. now the dream can become reality :)

Evil-Imp3 karma

Dude? You ok?

Noonealex6 karma


theofficialdeavmi3 karma

Hope everything goes well. How long was the operation. Do you feel different afterwards?

Noonealex2 karma

i feel like a whole new person. Not only on a physical level, but also on a mental level. it is incredibly life changing. i'm going to try to do an AMA in a few days once i don't have a dozen of tubes and cables hanging out my body to explain it all!