Hi. I’m Josh. I have an acute case of wanderlust. My new series, Expedition Unknown, premieres this Thursday, January 8th at 9|8c on The Travel Channel. You can check out the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTb3LwEicng&list=UUJUAqHnkDX15IvFoXIGTm2A

The series investigates the world’s most enduring legends, including the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, Captain Morgan’s lost pirate ship, a mysterious Incan city of gold, mystical artifacts, and more.

Prior to Expedition Unknown, I spent the last 5 years hunting monsters (no, seriously) and investigating reportedly haunted places around the world on Syfy’s Destination Truth. I’ve slept in King Tut’s tomb, explored the Island of the Dolls, and spent a night wandering around Chernobyl because it seemed like a good idea at the time (it wasn’t). I’ve also served as the host of Ghost Hunters Live and various other TV specials. I’ve been to 96 countries and 49 states (damn you, Oregon). Ask me anything.

I have a website: https://www.joshuagates.com / http://www.travelchannel.com/tv-shows/expedition-unknown

A facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/joshuagatespage

I tweet here: https://twitter.com/joshuagates

And post pictures here: http://http://instagram.com/gatesygram

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Rabid_Chocobo35 karma

Hey, I'm a big fan of Destination Truth! I always said that the show felt more like a travel show and would do well on the Travel Channel, and I love how you'd all go to a new country and spend the first few nights experiencing the life first- like when you all went to Ireland looking for leprechauns, but decided to get wasted at a pub on the first night. Even though I wasn't a huge believer of the paranormal, I still watched it for those reasons. I loved it when someone said "Get the Kayaks." or "Get the climbing gear." The whole show made me feel like an adventurer.

My question is- were there ever any times where you didn't want to go to a certain country, but you went anyway? How convinced were you of the credibility of the paranormal before you went on most of those trips?

Also, how similar do you feel Expedition Unknown will be, both in spirit and practice, to Destination Truth?


joshuagates22 karma

I can't think of a time when I didn't want to travel somewhere. Hell, I could get excited about going to stand in line at the DMV in another country. In terms of how much I believe in paranormal reports before going somewhere...I always think of myself as an open-minded skeptic. The important thing is that someone else believes - I'm just there to document and see what happens.

krustic1326 karma

In Expedition Unknown will we see working cars, airplanes, and boats? Part of me hopes not. It was part of the magic in DT

joshuagates83 karma

I can personally assure you that the global fleet of craptastic vehicles will continue in Expedition Unknown.

LordKarnage23 karma

Did you ever find out what that alien body you guys found on Destination truth was?

joshuagates39 karma

I was forced to turn it over to the government in Chile. When I asked what would happen to it, they told me their top men are working on it...

jedijay9120 karma

What was the most creepiest thing you experienced on Destination Truth beside the creepy ass doll island?

joshuagates61 karma

Spending the night at Chernobyl is probably top of the list.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

angermoen18 karma

Destination Truth had a lot of humorous moments but what's one time that you were really, truly scared?

joshuagates42 karma

Every time Ryder rented me a car.

Masta3018 karma

I Loved Destination truth. I was kinda sad when I found out it was cancelled. Are any of the old destination truth crew going to be in Expedition Unknown? Was there a time on Destination truth, where you actually felt in danger and feared for your life from the monsters you were hunting?

joshuagates44 karma

Scariest moment in the history of DT was undoubtedly when the roof ripped off my plane in Romania. Anytime you're flying and then suddenly you're OUTSIDE...that's a bad flight.

meganscript15 karma

Big fan of you & DT! What was your most belief altering investigation/place that challenged what you thought you knew to be real?

joshuagates29 karma

The suicide woods in Japan and the haunted forest in Romania. Both challenging. Both terrifying.

andytheg15 karma

Out of all the different monsters you've tracked or attempted to track down, is there something out there from the show that you're at least 95% sure exists, you just weren't able to find it?

joshuagates32 karma

I'd have to say that the Orang Pendek in Indonesia is compelling. We met so many people there who claimed to have seen a mystery primate (including credible researchers), and the jungles are really impermeable. Also, there's no doubt in my mind that there are still big discoveries to be made in the depths of the world's oceans.

thethriftprofessor14 karma

Hi Josh!

Long time Destination Truth fan and New Englander here. My grandfather, Mr. Boyd, was one of your math teachers in high school!

Has there been any new outcomes of the alien in Chile episode of Destination Truth?

Thank you!

joshuagates21 karma

Yes! Mr. Boyd was awesome. I was terrible...beyond terrible at math. I remember Mr. Boyd teaching me a lot of basic geometry involving triangles and thinking...hey...this math thing isn't so hard. It wasn't until years later that I realized he was totally taking pity on me. Good man. :-)

kaytbug8614 karma

In all of your travels, what one language would you have deemed the most useful for you to have learned? (Aside from your native English.)

joshuagates20 karma

Spanish. Also, whatever Bigfoot speaks.

ednemo1312 karma

I loved your book and laughed out loud about "Whore Dice". As I was in the hospital at the time, my wife got the honor of reading this to me while I was horizontal. My question is: Did you do all the writing in the book? (Which was very funny and well done). And Do you have any plans for another book?

joshuagates41 karma

I did write the book! Every word....Unless you hated it, in which case, it was ghost written by M Night Shyamalan.

It turns out that when you're trying to write a book, it's easy to spend a lot of time procrastinating on the internet. Like. A lot of time. I've seen every YouTube video. All of them. ALL OF THEM.

My girlfriend had to drive me all the way from Los Angeles to Santa Fe and back while I typed on my laptop just to finish the first draft.

phazeiserotic12 karma

How crazy was it getting spooked in Antarctica? And what do you think of those crazy Bigfooters who are about to launch a blimp over the wilderness to find the beast?

joshuagates24 karma

Bliiiimp. Why didn't I think of that? Come on, Gates. Get in the game.

PRGuyHere12 karma

Josh! My wife is such a huge fan, but she won't be home for another hour. So my question is: will you please stick around until my wife can ask you a question?

joshuagates10 karma


wafflesnsyrup11 karma

How can I get a job like yours?

Also: swoon

joshuagates22 karma

There aren't a lot of openings for "Professional Mystery and Monster Hunter and part-time Ghostologist," but the fact is, I got my job by becoming passionate about travel. Get a passport and get out there. Travel always leads to totally unexpected friendships, experiences, and connections. Opportunities for employment will follow. Trust me.

Jemmani10 karma

What is the worst thing you have eaten? And what is the worst? Thanks for all the good work, you entertain and educate in a great way!

joshuagates32 karma

Balut. It’s…well…it’s the grossest food on earth. Don’t believe me? Ok. Here’s the menu description. It’s an overdeveloped duck egg that’s boiled and eaten in it’s shell. It’s like eating an egg, but inside, there’s feathers…soft bones…a beak. A BEAK.

Hide your kids. Brace yourself: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Inside_a_Balut_-_Embryo_and_Yolk.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Inside_a_Balut_-_Embryo_and_Yolk.jpg

It’s the only food I’ve ever eaten on camera that I then immediately threw up.

mctavish410 karma

What do you miss the most from being on Destination Truth?

joshuagates22 karma

My awesome crew. That and the Syfy holiday party with the girls from Battlestar Galactica.

cstars07910 karma

Hi Josh! I really miss watching Destination Truth and was very upset when it was officially cancelled. But I'm so glad you're back doing Expedition Unknown. I'll definitely be watching. I do have a few questions for you.

  1. Which of your DT locations would you most like to visit again and why?

  2. Did you and Kris Williams from GH have a romantic thing at some point in time. You two had good chemistry for a long while then things seemed to be weird between you during you investigation of the Jersey Devil (I think that's the case you two worked on). If you ignore this question, that's fine, but please answer the others!

  3. Any special guests joining you for EU? (I miss many members of the DT team and would love a reunion of sorts)

  4. Do you plan on writing another book?

  5. How do you stay so positive and happy? Even when you're upset you see the humor in things!

Thanks for your time! You're awesome!

joshuagates17 karma

  1. I'd love another night in Petra, Tut's tomb, or the Island of Dolls.
  2. Wait, Kris...is this you posting? ;-)
  3. Stay tuned!
  4. I do PLAN on it. It's executing that's the problem.
  5. Editing! Kidding. I try to remember that life is an adventure. And editing.

NicDRW9 karma

Hi Josh! I loved DT, and absolutely can't wait for Expedition Unknown! Love your sense of humor, you're easily THE best host on TV! Fellow traveler and historian here! Two Questions:

  1. Are there any legends or stories in particular that you would like to investigate that you haven't yet or couldn't for whatever reason?

  2. I know you have been to many, many places around the world! What are some that you haven't been to yet, but would really like to see? (Aside from Oregon. Go to Voodoo Doughnuts when you go there, though!)

Edit: I just saw your reply about Chernobyl. It may have been the worst idea ever, but thanks for doing it! It was a great episode, and I actually got to use it, and parts of your book in a scholarly paper and project on the topic!

joshuagates11 karma

There ar who many stories I'm itching to investigate (or maybe that's just the sand fleas from my last trip?) thrilled that we're going to tackle some of them this season on Expedition Unknown. - We're going to search for a fabled lost Incan city in South America that I've always been fascinated with. - Also, we're going to explore a purportedly cursed relic in Myanmar. This is a country that's been high on my bucket list for years. It's been virtually closed off to the outside world under military rule. Now that it's opening its doors - we're thrilled to be filming there. - I've always been fascinated by the Vikings and by Japan's Samurai culture. We'll be diving into both this year. Beyond that, I'm still wanderlusting to travel to places like Tibet, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.

mooreshannon279 karma

Many of the creatures you investigated on Destination Truth were a little... unbelievable, and many of them could be easily and rationally explained away.

Were there any investigations where you pretty much knew that you weren't going to find anything? If not, what made you believe? And, if so, how did you handle them?

joshuagates25 karma

I was reasonably certain we weren't going to find those elves. Or leprechauns. Or that mermaid.

JenAye8 karma

What was it like being in Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania? How is Evan doing?

pk_deluxe19 karma

You may be seeing him sooner than you think.

joshuagates19 karma

Funny story - pk_deluxe works on Expedition Unknown. I mean...not right now. Right now he's apparently lurking around a Reddit AMA. But, normally, he's singularly focused on his work for Expedition Unknown. Right, pk_deluxe?

pk_deluxe16 karma

I...uhm...back to work. (Should have used a throwaway!)

joshuagates9 karma

Still posting... :-)

RustyDarkstar768 karma

What's up with bigfoot? Can we actually get down to a real hunt for him, using tech and dogs?

joshuagates15 karma

What IS up with bigfoot? Seriously.

soupnrc8 karma

You're awesome and I miss Destination Truth.

How scary were Chernobyl or that island of dolls, really?

joshuagates20 karma

On a scale of "1" to "shit my pants" Island of the Dolls=7, Chernobyl=12.

juaninamil7 karma

Hey josh can you give us a brief preview of anything that you guys will be investigating on your new show?

joshuagates13 karma

Sure! The premiere is focused on amazing new leads in the search for Amelia Earhart. It's a really wild adventure that takes place from the islands of the Pacific to the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Other episodes will focus on iconic mysteries from around the world...lost Incan city of gold...vanished pirate ships...cursed artifacts...pitch-black Mayan caves. Hope to have you join us for the adventure!

andytheg7 karma

I loved Destination Truth and thanks to Hulu+ I was able to watch every single episode so I can't wait for Expedition Unknown!

What was the most meaningful expedition you had on Destination Truth, the one that you still think back on most fondly or maybe with the most fear?

joshuagates24 karma

For me, the most meaningful was probably our trip to remote corners of Antarctica. It was like going to the moon - something I never dreamed I'd have the opportunity to do and one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful places on earth. Magnificent desolation.

pronouncedspenco7 karma

Josh, when is the next time you'll be in or around Maryland, or D.C.? Definitely hoping to get an autograph. Also, if you were a yogurt, would you be fruit on the bottom, or stirred?

joshuagates10 karma

Going to be in D.C. for the Travel & Adventure Show on March 7th. Hope to see you there! - http://www.joshuagates.com/coordinates/ And....stirred?

wanderingwanderer247 karma

Hey Josh, been a huge fan since episode 1 of DT! Are we going to see you on any expeditions in America on EU?

joshuagates8 karma

Yup! Two different episodes stateside. Both involving buried treasure. Get your shovels, people. :-)

PSLimitation7 karma

Have you ever explored the illuminati?

joshuagates41 karma

(*shuts drapes...rips phone cord out of the wall) What a weird question. The Illuminati aren't a thing. They aren't listening. They aren't everywhere. So. Let's all just cool out. Because, again, the Illuminati aren't a thing.

theresatoddles7 karma

Hi Josh I love Destination Truth. My 11year old son and I watch your awesome adventures together. I tell him to dream big and so he can end up having a job like yours someday. What was the journey that led you to starting DT and now this? Education wise, work wise, fate wise...future adventurers are waiting!!

joshuagates5 karma

It's all about getting out there. Independent travel is, in my opinion, fundamentally important. Education is critical, too, but it should go hand in hand with experiencing the world. Put both together, and you can do anything!

Pikutik7 karma

Hi Mr. Gates, big fan of you and DT. Will Expedition Unknown have historical themes only or will there be "paranormal" themes as well? Also if you could choose and particular moment from DT as your favourite one, which one would it be? (I really like the Kazakhstan UFO episode). Thank you for taking your time to answer our questions.

joshuagates9 karma

Some of the stories have paranormal or supernatural elements (haunted ruins or purportedly cursed relics) but it isn't the focus of the series. The show is much more about the journey itself.

_rapunzel_6 karma

I've always been a big fan of Destination Truth so I look forward to your new show!

When you aren't adventuring, what are your favorite boring things to do?

joshuagates13 karma

Right now I'm getting a haircut. Does that count? Actually, that's not boring at all. An AMA during a haircut?! That's some next level, 21st century social networking. That's what that is.

SimonTheCrab5 karma

Love you! I know this is a typical question but where is your favorite place to travel?

joshuagates13 karma

I'm in a committed relationship with South East Asia. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos. I just love that part of the world. For me, it's firing on all cylinders: Great food, great people, great culture. I could move there tomorrow!

Rabid_Chocobo5 karma

I'll be the first one to ask-

Would you rather fight a Horse-sized duck, or 100 Duck-sized horses? Please answer this, it is important to Reddit.

joshuagates17 karma

100 duck sized horses. All day long. Period. End of story.

beckettfan035 karma

Hi Josh!! Can't wait for the new show! Me and my dad will be watching!! Here's a few questions!! I've investigated many places and my top 2 are waverly hills and Sloss furnace. Have you done any "truthing" at those places and did you find anything? I've asked you this in person but you were very vague... Did you get the analysis back to know if that was a unicorn or not? I've experienced a lot of activity on a case once and it has stuck with me ever since. Any case that has truly stayed with you? Any chance on a return trip to the island of the dolls? Thanks for doing this!! Hope to meet up with you again soon!!

joshuagates12 karma

We're looking at 100% unicorn.

PuertoRicanthrowaway4 karma

Your favorite place you've been to?

Your least favorite?

joshuagates8 karma

Thailand. The Dhaka, Bangladesh airport.

belac093 karma

hey josh, i was on the wrong thread lol, does your new show have a similar feel as DT or is it a totally different monster? and you've never been to Oregon?

joshuagates12 karma

Expedition Unknown is still a very immersive (we hope!) adventure series that aspires to grab the viewer by the hand and take them along on the journey. However, I think the show feels fundamentally different from DT. We're focusing on a whole new palette of stories. Also, we're diving deeper into the journey itself, taking more time to showcase the locations, to delve into the history, culture, and stories of the people we meet along the way. And ya, never been to Oregon. Crazy, right?