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Thank you for all the great questions! It has been my pleasure to answer your questions today but it is time for me to hit the gym... Be sure to follow me on twitter @chrisalgieri and

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BestBuyHD58 karma

Why in the world would you/your team think that losing the first 4 rounds to Manny Pacquiao would result in a favorable outcome for you? Especially when you haven't shown 'game changing' punching power in your career?

Also, props to weathering the Provodnikov storm. That was unbelievable.

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ChrisAlgieri21 karma

The goal was not to lose the rounds per say but to fight cautious and try to maneuver pacq for later rounds. Pacq fought a very smart and technical fight, more so than expected and it did not work. That's boxing

sleckar58 karma

Dear Mr. Algieri, we fellas over at /r/boxing are avocado-advocates!

What is the best way to prep a perfect avocado toast for breakfast?

ChrisAlgieri30 karma

I scoop it out and smash with a fork onto the toast and top with cayenne pepper. I prefer ezekiel toast

1337n3me5i231 karma

When will you be let out of your cage?

ChrisAlgieri46 karma

I've been out bud. Iv been in the gym training hard and looking to improve each day.

MDA12325 karma

Hello Chris!

As a moderator of /r/boxing, our community of 21,000 boxing fans, I've gathered a few questions that we hoped you could answer.

  • Obviously you've got loyalty to your trainer, as he's helped you get to this level and these opportunities you now have. However, it appeared that he failed to realize that the game plan of "four first rounds" wasn't working in the later part of the fight against Pacquiao. Would you consider going with a more experienced, "elite" trainer at this point in your career? (from /u/cabreezy)

  • Coming off the first loss is hard for every fighter to go through, what do you feel is the most important take-away you've gained from the recent fight with Manny? (from /u/yumcake)

  • In your last three fights, you went from fighting a ten rounder in a relative small venue to a title bout on HBO to a pay per view fight with one of the most popular boxers in the world. Did this increased exposure affect the way that you prepared and fought? (from /u/IAmNotScottBakula)

Thanks for doing this!

ChrisAlgieri34 karma

Great questions! -I am a loyal guy but I need to make the best moves for myself and for my career. We got very far on our own and learning as we went but Yes it may be time to increase the level of experience in the corner to compliment what we have been doing for years -I learned an incredible amount this year and specifically from the Pacq fight. Most importantly I learned that there is much to learn! I have much more to do in the sport and I feel I belong at the elite level. This is bump in the road that will ultimately make me a better fighter and person. -the camps got a little longer in weeks but the intensity stayed the same as I always train hard. The biggest change was the media attention and the press/promotion obligations, which were heavy at times

YaketyMax16 karma

Hi Chris,

Since you also have backgrounds in kickboxing and wrestling, have you ever considered competing in Mixed Martial Arts? How well do you think you would do in the UFC's featherweight division against guys like Jose Aldo, Chad Mendes, Conor McGregor, etc?

ChrisAlgieri24 karma

That is a common question I get but not something I ever considered. I was always a boxing fan growing up and I competed in the fight sports that were available to me in my hometown as Boxing was not readily available on Long Island. I have a tremendous amount of respect for MMA athletes because there is so much to training involved

sugeknight12 karma

What surpried you most about the Pac fight? His speed, power, or the ability to throw punches from angles most boxers do not? I know the answer is all 3, but one had to take you off-guard more than the others.

ChrisAlgieri32 karma

His timing actually. Was not the speed or power because I expected it. His timing is very good and that was most surprising. He is a great champion

rigo_12 karma

Hi Chris. Glad you're with us

  • favorite current boxer(s)? favorite boxer(s) in the past?

  • Do you do any cross-training?

  • How was your experience sparring Maidana? How was it at the Garcia boxing gym in Oxnard.

  • Heard you didn't have any or very little amateur boxing experience. What was it like to jump straight in the deep edge?

  • How is it like being a nutritionist and a boxer at the same time?

  • Have you ever been to the Wild Card boxing club in Hollywood? If so, what are your thoughts.

Thanks for your time

ChrisAlgieri13 karma

-I like boxers like Andre Ward and Floyd Mayweather. Used to love watching roy jones, oscar de la hoya and arturo gatti -i swim quite a bit and still like to kick box for conditioning -maidana is a great champion and person in general. He is a fun guy to be around. the garcia camp is great! one of the best gym atmosphere Ive ever experienced -i had no amateur boxing fights. My first boxing match was 20 fights ago in my professional debut -its like a one stop shop lol i know what to eat and when -I have no had the chance to go to wild card in LA

tht1crzyguy11 karma

What are your plans for your future in boxing at the moment?

ChrisAlgieri16 karma

to get back into the ring as soon as possible! I have been in the gym and working towards securing a fight early this year. Looking forward to getting back to my winning ways and to look for another title opportunity

steveCrypto9 karma

How badly were you hurt in the first round of the Provodnikov fight? What were you thinking when you were knocked down?

I admire how you came back in that fight.

ChrisAlgieri17 karma

Thank you. I wasn't actually "hurt " badly other than the facial damage. MY legs and wits were about me I was just in a lot of pain from the eye damage and broken nose. I was thinking "dammit, he is THAT dangerous- time to be smarter"

RiverGerding7 karma

Hey Mr. Algieri, you fought Pacquaio bravely and I was wondering if from your experience you believe he has what it takes to potentially beat Mayweather in a super fight?

ChrisAlgieri14 karma

I think he has a better shot than before but I still believe may weather has the style to beat pacq. Styles make fights

palberca5 karma

Hey fellow stony brook alum! Any fond memories you have of stony? Have you been back since graduating?

ChrisAlgieri5 karma

walking off the LIRR on a cold NY winter morning trying to avoid slipping on ice!

shitforts5 karma

Hi Chris! I'm not sure if you're familiar with Dr. Peter Attia or his work on nutrition. I'm sure you'd find it interesting. You've probably come across the topic in school; what's your take on the ketogenic diet when applied to athletes?

ChrisAlgieri14 karma

Ketogenic diets are very interesting but I have an issue when applying to athletes especially in endurance sports

itsDANdeeMAN4 karma

Do you even lift bro?

ChrisAlgieri14 karma

just work beach muscles- mostly biceps and i train with a sport specific strength coach twice a week year round

glitzyjan4 karma

What do you think is the number one thing that people can do nutritionally to improve their health?

ChrisAlgieri20 karma

initially I always say Hydration- increasing your fluid intake is something that you can improve TODAY. Next I would say to increase plant-based foods like dark leafy greens, colorful fruits and veggies (organic where possible) and complex carbohydrates from oats, sweet potatoes and whole grain breads/pastas/etc.

stephiso4 karma

Hi Chris, new fan of you since I saw you in the 24/7 episodes. I was wondering approximately how much calories you need to consume on training or off-training days? (and macros if you keep track of them?)

I'm the same height and weight as you but less muscular.

Thanks! I'll be sure to watch your next fight

ChrisAlgieri7 karma

First off- thank you for the support!

Based on my training regime my calorie needs range from 3000-3500 cal per day. This can vary quite a bit from person to person and the kinds of workouts you do/your goals/etc

redder233 karma

What is your favorite boxing movie?

ChrisAlgieri5 karma

Raging Bull

kundertaker3 karma

You're really educated and you gained a fair amount of muscle in s short time..

What kind of work would it take for Pacman to have scaled 4 wt classes(3 fights) in 1 year? 130lbs-147?

This is a dilemma to me because of the difficulty to gain lean muscles with a normal boxing work out. It would have to gain lean muscle to maintain his power as he moved up in weight.

ChrisAlgieri9 karma

depending on your body type it can be very difficult to put on lean mass. It takes a tremendous amount of training and an increased calorie intake. Too much cardio though and your gains may be limited... BUT in boxing you need to keep your endurance high for sparring and competition so it is increasingly difficult for a prize fighter to jump weight classes

Hogan5243 karma

Obviously you know a lot about nutrition and sports performance. What was the biggest mistake you used to make in regards to nutrition?

ChrisAlgieri6 karma

I was not eating often enough when I was younger. Eating often is important to keeping the metabolism up and staying lean


What advice could you give to an amateur boxer that is going to cut weight and maintain it for close to a week?

ChrisAlgieri11 karma

Compete in a weight class that is close to your natural body weight when in peak physical condition. Train HARD and always be in shape and you'll know where you should compete. Always stay hydrated during hard training

ChuIsTheKid3 karma

Have you ever had periods when you grew dissatisfied or disillusioned with the path you were on?

Did you divert for a while and if so, how did you bring yourself back "into the groove"?

ChrisAlgieri7 karma

absolutely! I think every path to success is riddled with those feelings. You have to weigh your options and I always say to trust your gut and your passions. Whatever make you gut and heart "burn" when you do it is where you should go or keep going

IAmNotScottBakula3 karma

Unlike most professional boxers, you have a college education and other options for well-paying jobs outside of the sport. A lot of boxing fans are skeptical of college educated boxers because they might not have as much drive as those with no other options. Do you think this mindset is accurate?

Relatedly, during the Pacquiao fight, however, you proved that you have as much heart as any fighter in the sport. What drives you to keep going when you face adversity and have other options?

ChrisAlgieri19 karma

I have proven in my last 2 fights that my heart and passion are in boxing. I love boxing and believe it is the best sport in the world. I get to live my dream everyday. People ask me how I didn't quit and my answer is I don't know how to

girlgoalie2 karma

What is the worst injury you've had to come back from to date, and how long was your recovery?

ChrisAlgieri6 karma

in my 11th pro boxing fight I broke my hand in the 2nd round. I fought on for 2 more rounds, eventually stopping my opponent in the 4th round. I had surgery to repair the fractures and took about 6 months recovery.

icameforthecookies2 karma

What is your favorite Chuck Norris joke?

ChrisAlgieri34 karma

Chuck Norris tears can cure cancer, but Chuck Norris has never cried

Badcakes2 karma

What was it like fighting out of China? It seems like that venue will be growing in popularity for years to come, so I'm curious what fighters will like an dislike about it.

ChrisAlgieri4 karma

the Venetian is beautiful and it is a great venue. The fan support is incredible. It is a hell of a trip and difficult for a fighter to make the transition coming from this side of the world.

AvrilApril2 karma

Hello Chris,

If you were ask to fight Pacquiao again for a Rematch, would you do it again? Thank you and Happy 2015!

ChrisAlgieri7 karma

Absolutely! I actually want to fight Pacq again in the future. I of course need to win some meaningful fights in the meantime to earn the rematch but I would certainly like another crack

geno1491 karma

Hey Chris,

Two unrelated questions:

  • What are your thoughts on the Jon Jones cocaine fiasco?
  • What's your supplement regimen like?

Thanks for doing this AMA bro!

ChrisAlgieri8 karma

I did not hear about the Jon Jones situation... -whey protein isolate, creatine monohydrate, glutamine, fish oils, multivitamin, vit C and Vitargo