Hi guys. I'm originally from Texas. Moved to California 8 years ago. Since then, I've been lucky enough to have a meteoric rise in the video game space. Besides playing characters like Joel or Jack Mitchell, 2014 saw my return to my first love of music, with my debut album Sitting in the Fire. You can check it out here: http://troybaker.net/ and I look forward to hearing what you think.

Victoria's helping me out today. AMA!


Update: Thank you so much for your support. It's only because of that that I've been able to see a lot of my dreams come true. I hope I can return the favor. Keep playing, keep listening, and keep sharing!

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that_mn_kid1238 karma

What happens when you and Nolan North are in the same room? Does it endanger the game-space-time continuum?

ThatTroyBaker1253 karma

It does. And we apologize for the collapse of the universe.

DamnNoHtml707 karma


Thank you for the countless gruff protagonists in the past. At what point do you think voice actors and actors will start to merge together, if at all? I ask because motion capture in games such as The Last of Us is really starting to blend the two together. I would call you an actor above all else. I would love, someday, for voice actors to be as popular as Clooney or Pitt, so my question is do you think that will happen?

ThatTroyBaker1006 karma

I am standing on my chair, applauding you sir.

That is exactly what I think the goal is. There is no difference between acting with your voice, acting with your face, acting with your body. At the end of the day, it's all acting, and I'm glad you see that.

BrutalRobin687 karma

So after playing Batman, Joker, Two-face and Robin. Have you ever considerd making a batman movie by yourself?

ThatTroyBaker644 karma


Um... never. It's too much fun to work with other people.

chaosgodloki561 karma

What was it like working with Kevin Spacey in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?

ThatTroyBaker1157 karma

He was an absolute prince. Often, when big name celebrities are attached to video games, along with that comes a diva or a huge ego. And that was not the case with Kevin. He came in, he put in the work, he surprised us with several quotes from USUAL SUSPECTS and other movies (much to the joy of every member of the cast & crew) and we had a fun time swapping music, cuz he's a singer, swapping stories and laughing a lot. I was honored to work with him.

JNTHNL494 karma

Where do you buy your socks and how do I keep my sock game strong?

Love your work

ThatTroyBaker508 karma


Just remember that life is too short for boring socks. I love Paul Smith, or Ted Baker socks.

Rarachee356 karma

Hey Troy! If a movie was made about you, and then that movie was made into a video game, who would play the role of Troy Baker? (No, you cannot play yourself in the movie. Benedict Cumberbatch has been confirmed to play you already.)

ThatTroyBaker475 karma

I can neither confirm nor deny the Cumberbatch!


Viggo Mortensen!

ThatTroyBaker430 karma

Or Nolan North!

Take1duke333 karma

What was the hardest role to put your mind into?

Edit: Wording

ThatTroyBaker658 karma

Um... that would be... again, every one of them has its own challenges. There was a lot about Joel that was very hard. And also the Joker, that's a very dark place. You don't want to hang out in that mindspace for very long.

_vargas_457 karma

When you played Joel, did you do a lot of crouching around as a way of getting into character?

ThatTroyBaker504 karma

There was enough crouching, I didn't need it for character preparation.

joaof00286 karma

Hi Troy,how is to be the most desirable man in the universe by both male and female?

ThatTroyBaker676 karma

Um... I'm Ryan Gosling?

Amesstar238 karma

Afternoon Troy, evening for me.

I first just wanted to say thank you to you, Travis, Laura and everyone at Sucker Punch for Infamous Second Son. Not just for the amazing game but, for me on a personal level; I lost my mum suddenly in April and was playing Second Son at the time. If I hadn't had my ps4 and such an immersive game to play to distract me from losing someone I loved as well as a release from caring for my younger brother and Father, I'm scared to think where I would be right now. I'm forever grateful to you, the characters and the story of Fetch, Delsin, Eugene and Reggie.

My question. Do you think video games have the power to change people's mind sets? The Infamous series are, to me, games that show what it's like to be an outcast in the place you call home. Not saying politicians are going to listen to video games but at least in gamers psyches, do you think issues like homosexuality, race, immigration can be tackled in games to try to influence social change? Especially outside of western culture?

Keep doing what your doing. Love the album too :D Take care.

Amy, 20 Essex, UK

ThatTroyBaker350 karma

You are the proof that they can, and that they are. They are doing just that.

And you are a shining example of the fact that these are not just games, but these experiences help us cope, help us comfort, can guide us and teach us as well as just be an escape. But yes, you are proof they can do much greater things than just entertain.

And I think they already are. I see the conversations that were sparked by BIOSHOCK, Infamous, Last of us, that touched on very relevant, serious, grounded issues like homosexuality, loss, racism, nationalism, and the conversations that were had were not over how to defeat this boss or this level but it's what it means to us as people, as a culture. And those are the conversations that spearhead true change.

fede01_8214 karma

Are Baker and North the De Niro and Pacino of voice acting?

ThatTroyBaker291 karma

Yes, but which one am I?

rehmoved195 karma

Hey Troy!

I just wanted to ask, how did you become the new voice actor for Ocelot in MGS5. Did Kojima come to you, or did you audition for it?


ThatTroyBaker270 karma

Chris Zimmerman (who's the performance director) approached me about it, but I had to audition just like everyone else, and thankfully Kojima thought I was right for the role.

yungdicaprio182 karma

What was the first video game console you got as a child?

ThatTroyBaker307 karma

I had an Intellivision. I was probably...5? 6? Somewhere around there. Then it was the Atari 1600, with the wood grain and silver toggles.

jcoll92166 karma

What's it like being a part of Uncharted 4 after being a fan of the series since the first one?

ThatTroyBaker297 karma

I'm pinching myself.

I was a fan of Nolan's before i was a friend, and being able to work with him is a joy & honor. To be able to play his brother is nothing short of a dream come true.

MitchKoobski157 karma

How did Dan Ryckert manage to convince you to record the audio book of Air Force Gator in such dulcet tones?

ThatTroyBaker178 karma

Haha! It was "hey, you wanna come over here and do this?"

jackdaw1715151 karma

I'm a huge fan of yours as well as the MGS series. How is your experience doing the voice of Ocelot? Did you do the mocap of him gun spinning?

You're pretty good.

ThatTroyBaker241 karma

It was split between an actor in Japan doing the body, and me doing the voice and the face.

I LOVED saying that line.

Iced-Z146 karma

What got you into voice acting?

ThatTroyBaker329 karma

A door opened, and I wish I could say it was by design, but it was really by accident. But it certainly wasn't what i was looking for. So if nothing else, that's a wonderful lesson to learn - the path that you think you're on may not be the path you're going to be on, so you have to be open to opportunities as they present themselves. Be open to what is happening, not what you think should happen.

Heat55wade141 karma

If you could pick one older game (to voice a character in) that lacks voice acting, what game would you pick and which character would you be?

ThatTroyBaker444 karma

Pac-Man. I would have an entire sub narrative about why I'm chasing ghosts and why I'm never satiated by glowing white pellets.

Helpmefindsomething119 karma

Hi Troy,

I've been wanting to know the answer to this questions for seconds now,

What is better? Creamy or crunchy peanut butter?

ThatTroyBaker313 karma

Oh dude. Creamy.

TheDekonMan108 karma

Would you consider doing a live show in Sweden sometime? Love your music bro!

ThatTroyBaker171 karma

AB-SO-LUTELY. Stockholm here I come!

doug107 karma

I heard Nolan North does a mean Chirstopher Walken. What's your favorite impersonation that you can pull off?

ThatTroyBaker233 karma

Oh man, I thought i could do Walken until I heard Nolan do it. And you're right, he does the absolute best job. I think my best impersonation is Nolan North doing Christopher Walken.

ChiaraF101 karma

Favourite video game soundtrack? If it's too hard to answer (which it would be for me!) - top 5?

ThatTroyBaker233 karma

Huge fan of JOURNEY. THE LAST OF US score is probably the most incredible score ever. But those 2 would definitely take the cake.

Zeuxon99 karma

What's the strangest fan encounter you've had?

ThatTroyBaker337 karma

Nothing suitable for these innocent eyes to read...

PrebbLord89 karma

What's it like to finally get to be in Uncharted? You're the only thing the series was missing!

ThatTroyBaker153 karma

Oh man, again, dream come true. As a fan, as a gamer, as an actor.

Liquid_Eli76 karma

Hi Troy Baker
Were you born with the talent to manipulate your voice, or did you gain it through practice?

ThatTroyBaker186 karma


ThatTroyBaker134 karma


Domenicoh74 karma

Last of Us is amazing, if you didn't already know :P

So Mr. Baker, what games are you currently playing?

ThatTroyBaker177 karma

Just cracked open FAR CRY 4. I have a huge backlog of games, but I'm still loving playing the online multiplayer for GTA5. But FAR CRY 4 and Lego Batman 3 are on deck!

BallisticGE0RGE74 karma

Do you ever start conversing with your previous characters when you're alone? How much does that worry your therapist?

ThatTroyBaker261 karma

Hahaha. My therapist is grateful for the amount of work i've done, because of the amount of issues to deal with. I would say of all the characters I've done, Joel is the one I find myself thinking about the most... and he's the one I've missed the most. They're not just characters, they're real people to me, as psychotic as it sounds.

jakesdumb70 karma

What do you use in your flawless hair and how do you style it? Thank you.

ThatTroyBaker180 karma

Angel tears and dragonscreams.

Um... it's gotten so long these days, I typically have it pulled back or put into a beanie. I don't know! I just kind of go with whatever's available, really. Butter or blood, I don't know.

blueberryZoot68 karma

Yo! Thank you so much for doing this AMA, I love the shit out of you. Before I ask my question, I just want to tell you that you’re my favourite actor, and I absolutely love The Last of Us. I cannot overstate this, its such an amazing journey. I never truly saw video games as an art form until July 2013. THAT GODDAMN GIRAFFE SCENE. I am in love with the game. I can’t praise it enough. Seriously ugh. Also, your (’s and Ashley’s!) was terrific, terrifying and downright awesome! You can do amazing things with your voice. Also quickly I drew this picture this evening, and thought I may as well post it here. I kinda rushed the clothes a little cuz I realised this AMA was in an hour. Hope you like it :S. http://imgur.com/U4b73hg

Well dammit here’s my question. Are you up for a sequel to The Last of Us, and if so, what do you want it to be about?

Again thanks a bunch for doing this AMA. I love you. Please reply, it would make my year.

Thank you.

Love you.

I’ll go now.

God I feel like such an awkward teenager.

ThatTroyBaker62 karma

Of course I would - I leave that in the hand of Neal (hashtag: 2015Made!)

DudemanReloaded61 karma

1) What music/musicians have you been listening to lately? 2) Ever thought of opening up your own cake shop called "Troy's Bakery"?

ThatTroyBaker96 karma

1) I think going back catalogue, almost always in rotation is Beatles, Jeff Buckley, lot of jazz like Nina Simone... I honestly listen to a lot of classical music, which I know sounds lame, but when I have a chance to listen to music, it's exactly what i need. So typically either jazz or classical that I'm listening to.

2) It was already done in GRAND THEFT AUTO ;)

bgrandis60 karma

Hey Troy!

Will you comeback to a new Tabletop Episode? You and Wil Wheaton are just the best!

ThatTroyBaker80 karma

I would LOVE to. I love Wil, I love that show, I have to defend my title.

straydog198054 karma

Dear Troy,

The gag scene in the Last of Us with the singing in the operating theatre was one of the best things I'd ever seen. Other than that, what's the funniest thing you've done on set?

ThatTroyBaker63 karma

Gosh... wow, these are great questions... let me get back to that one, let me think...

The_Iceman228851 karma

Hi Troy, love your work. Question I have to ask is has Hollywood come calling yet?

ThatTroyBaker138 karma

I mean, to me there's no delineation between TV, film or games. Have I met with TV studios? Yes. Have I met with film studios? Yes. I love working with games. I feel like what games are doing for the entertainment medium as a whole is way more interesting.

deaddoughgirl50 karma

Who's the better singer? You or Ned Luke? :D

ThatTroyBaker84 karma

Ned Luke killed it. I would never go toe-to-toe with him in karaoke again.

videogameclick45 karma

Hello!  First off, I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking some time to be here and answer our questions (It would have been nice if it was December 18th, but I won’t hold that against you .)  But seriously, you have one of the longest résumés when it comes to video game voice acting, and have starred in some of the most critically acclaimed and/or popular games (The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Arkham Origins, etc.)  You’re also an amazing musician.  Needless to say, I’m a huge fan.


                Anyways, here are the questions I’d like to ask.  There’s a lot of them, so I don’t expect you to answer them all.


1.        What game do you get most recognized for? (Like, someone coming up to you randomly and saying:  Oh, you’re that guy from ________)

2.       What character(s) have you played that relates to you the most?

3.       What would you say was the most fun voice to do?

4.       How does one get into the voice acting industry?

5.       Can anyone train to do voice acting, or is there a level of talent you need first?

6.       Are you going to be working on the sequel for a “certain game”?  (cough cough  The Last of Us cough cough)

ThatTroyBaker97 karma

1) I would say it's honestly a tossup between THE LAST OF US, BIOSHOCK and Arkham.

2) Already answered... each for their own reasons.

3) Lego Batman was hilarious. When it comes to being fun - and I'm having a TREMENDOUS amount of fun on Borderlands.

4) One does not simply go into voice acting... again, the door will open for you in whatever manner it chooses to.

5) I would say talent is inherent... skill is learned.

6) I hope so, but I have heard nothing yet.

XGamestar44 karma

Did you name that magnificent beard?

ThatTroyBaker83 karma

Um, not yet but it definitely has taken on a life of its own.

trev0rphilips42 karma

You've played a few villains in your time doing voice acting, what has been the most fun and who would you love to work with that you haven't before and why?

ThatTroyBaker105 karma

I mean, Joker is always going to be a favorite for sure, as far as villains are concerned, but characters like Pagan Min are refreshing to know... that my version of a villain isn't just one note, so I look for more roles like that.

Flashman9737 karma

Hey Troy. I was just wondering if you could voice any superhero/action hero not counting the ones you've already voiced who would it be?

ThatTroyBaker89 karma

I've always wanted to do Daredevil, because that's like one of my favorite superheroes, so I'm excited for the new Netflix series to see how well Charlie Cox does.

lucassmedeiros33 karma

Hello Troy. I'm a big fan of your work. Loved you as Joel and I'm looking forward for seeing you (or should I say hearing you?) in Uncharted 4.

My question is about The Last of Us: is there any aspect of Joel's personality that wasn't on script originally, that you "copied" from yours? If there is, would you mind sharing it with us?

Thanks for doing this AMA.

ThatTroyBaker68 karma

Thank YOU.

We had a lot of freedom to improvise, to put our own fingerprint on these roles. But honestly, it was so well-written that there wasn't much that we had to change or had to evolve from. Most of the characters in the story were born out of conversations about a scene, and once we found out what was at stake in every scene, which goes back to David Milch who was the creator of DEADWOOD, that's what he always focused on - so once you find that, it's what will guide you the rest of the way.

AstrialJam33 karma

When can we expect the release of the audiobook for Air Force Gator by master author Dan Ryckert?

ThatTroyBaker40 karma

Ask Dan!

randommagik627 karma

Any sekrit news about a new bioshock or anything you wanna totally not tell us?

ThatTroyBaker58 karma

Ha! No news. I know nothing.

trev0rphilips26 karma

Hey Troy! Long time Twitter follower of yours before you hit your first 1,000. What is my prize?

Jk, what are your thoughts on the upcoming movie adaption of The Last of Us and who do you think would do a great job?

ThatTroyBaker46 karma

I think that the story transcends any medium, so I am all for the movie. And I trust Neal and the producers implicitly on who fits the character right.

Jecktor22 karma

Have you ever "discovered" a voice you didn't know you could do? Or do you know your range so well you can just hear it in your head and do it.

IE like first time trying to do joker.

ThatTroyBaker36 karma

I never know I can do it until I've done it. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't.

chocolateraw19 karma

At what age and how did you find out you had such a great voice?

ThatTroyBaker81 karma

When someone hired me a second time.

I had like, the highest voice when I was a kid. Everyone thought when I answered the phone I was my mother... it's weird how much life prepares you for the right moment, and then when the right moment happens, you're equipped with the right tools to meet it head-on.

For videogames, when it happened, a friend of mine who was a fellow musician said "We need a guy who has a cool voice to be in our video game. YOU have a cool voice." And that was the first time anyone had ever said that to me. And that was a game called "Brothers in Arms."

And the rest is history.

ajs185018 karma

Kind of a simple question, but what has been your favorite game to voice for?

ThatTroyBaker41 karma

Oh man, I get this question a lot. And it's too hard to pick a favorite. Just because each opportunity gives you, teaches you something unique that makes it your favorite. So every one of them has been my favorite for its own reasons.

eat_the_beans16 karma

Who's your favourite marvel character?

ThatTroyBaker44 karma

Definitely Daredevil! But really, any of Stan Lee's creations are just incredible, and I love how they've evolved over the years.

tbzwolf215 karma

Are you into esports at all?(dota, LoL, starcraft)

ThatTroyBaker59 karma

I greatly respect it. I would lose my life to them, if I got into them, but DoTA, League of Legends, I think it's fantastic that it's become such a prolific sport.

offdachain14 karma

What is one thing you dislike about voice acting that you wish was diffrent?

ThatTroyBaker29 karma

Less emphasis on voice, more emphasis on acting.

Amesstar13 karma

If you could colab with any artist for your next album, who would it be and why?

ThatTroyBaker54 karma

Austin Wintory (who's the composer of Journey) - he and I are talking about collaborating... I'd love to do something with Paul McCartney, because if Kanye can do it, why can't I?

Trebolt2312 karma

What made you decide to make an album in the first place? And why is it so damn good?

ThatTroyBaker41 karma

The short answer is: catharsis. I've been wanting to do this for over 10 years. And thankfully, I've finally been in a position where I've met the right people & was in the right place to do it, and it's the result of a lot of people's hard work, that's why it's so darn good.

karensmatik11 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA, you have amazing talent!!!!!

I wanted to know, is there any way you'd be participating in the soundtrack for Silent Hills if Akira Yamaoka composes for the game?

Also, your voice is just.....amazingness! Thank you for your time!

ThatTroyBaker21 karma

I would play with Akira again, as often as possible, and would love to do more with him in the future!

javoris76711 karma

How did you role as Rhys in Tales From The Borderlands come about, and do you like playing him?

ThatTroyBaker24 karma

Again, the voice or performance director asked if I would be interested in the role, and I let the guys from Tell-Tale hear what i would be like doing Rhys, and I'm having the time of my life.

Liquid_Eli9 karma

Favourite line from any videogame role you've had to do?

ThatTroyBaker31 karma

Because of the context, I would say "I swear."

Mousefang9 karma

I absolutely love Sitting in the Fire. I honestly think it's the best album of 2014. I was wondering, do you have a favorite song off of it? Personally, mine is Apparition.

ThatTroyBaker22 karma

Oh, fantastic! I love it when people tell me what their favorite is. "What we lost in the fire" definitely is one of my personal favorites. Each track has its own story, almost like - it's very synonymous to what's your favorite role, it's hard to pick my favorite song because they've all taught me something.

thesoundarchitect8 karma

Hi Troy Apologies I've never used reddit before but seeing this I had to come on!

What do you see as your next big challenge? You've accomplished so much so far it's there anything that you consider your ultimate or "top" goal?


Sam Hughes UK

ThatTroyBaker17 karma

I don't know. I think I'll know that challenge or goal when I see it.

yungdicaprio7 karma

What do you think about Kanye West? I must know

ThatTroyBaker90 karma

I don't.

17jed7 karma

Have you been asked to join any LEGO games slated for 2015? Maybe some Lego Back to the Future?

ThatTroyBaker12 karma

That would be interesting...

Mr_Discus7 karma

First time in time for an AMA, here goes.

How's Uncharted? Good story? Seen the game?

ThatTroyBaker15 karma

INCREDIBLE story. And I've seen what everyone has seen, and I'm blown away, and as a gamer, I can't wait to play it.

LordEdricStorm4 karma

Do you think you'll do any more work with the superhero genre? Thought you were fantasic as Joker in Origins

Also do you see using more of your musical talents in video games?

ThatTroyBaker16 karma

I hope to, cuz it means I've got a job! But not at the risk of not doing service to the character. If I'm right for the character that's what I want to do.

I would love that to happen!

CheezItPudding4 karma

This AMA is not my demo, never played any of these games ha. But I've always wanted to ask a question on an AMA...so...what do you prefer --- PB&J or Grilled Cheese? Let the down votes begin!

ThatTroyBaker17 karma

Serious, thought provoking question.

Peanut butter and banana.

alliparker173 karma

What inspires you?

ThatTroyBaker15 karma

Gosh, everything from tragedy to triumph, other people to the cast, I mean, everything. I think you can find inspiration in anything. That's the purpose of life, to be inspired by the best & the worst of it.

jack_of_knaves3 karma

Of all voice/motion characters you've done (or a selection of your favorites) which one comes out on top in a Royal Rumble?

Side note: Listening to your album you might like one of my favorite acts, Shayfer James. You share a lot of tonal similarities.

ThatTroyBaker17 karma


StonedWooki33 karma

Hey Troy, I met you and Roger Craig Smith at MCM London 2013 for Arkham Origins release, you're both really awesome people and it was a pleasure to meet you!

  • Out of all the roles you played in video games, which have you connected the most with? Your performances always seem so genuine that I can't help but feel you empathize with a lot of your characters.

  • Will Sitting in the Fire be available for retail purchase in the UK? I prefer to have physical discs, hah.


ThatTroyBaker7 karma

I would say the goal is to ALWAYS be connected to your character, so hopefully I've done that every time.

Yes, the CD is available worldwide and you can get it at TroyBaker.net as a way to get it.

ThatFunnyGuyChase3 karma

What was it like being the joker? And would you ever go back to the roll if offered?

ThatTroyBaker7 karma

Oh, absolutely. Any day of the week and twice on Sunday. It was an honor.

wikitoups2 karma

Hi Troy! Love your voice work that you did for Air force gator! Is that an actually thing that is happening? Or just a joke?

Also who do you think that will be the next Nolan north/Troy baker ( a voice actor that will be overused)?

Thanks for the AMA!

ThatTroyBaker4 karma

A) Thank you! B) it was just a joke but I would love to do the book C) Uh... I want to know who the next next is!

alliparker172 karma

If you could go back in time, what year/time period would you travel to?

ThatTroyBaker13 karma

There'd be 3.

Would definitely have to do medieval, Victorian, and Old West.

pbvalla1 karma

Any plans on making it to PAX East this year? You were sorely missed at the Infinite panel in 2013. You also missed some delicious cupcakes.

ThatTroyBaker3 karma

Ha! I would love to. I'll keep you posted.

ManBat11 karma

Hi Troy! I'd like to know,

Which of the many characters you have voiced has been your favourite?


How do you work on having such an amazing vocal range? It seems you could voice anyone!

ThatTroyBaker4 karma

Gosh, I don't know about that. And I think you learn more by just not being afraid to make a fool of yourself, and trying new things and failing miserably at that.

[deleted]1 karma


ThatTroyBaker2 karma

Just did it. Every New Year's we get a cabin up in the mountains and do just that - absolutely nothing.

digitalAlchemy1 karma

Hey Troy! First off; big fan of your work :D Always good to see you in a title.

My question is thus - I see you on Twitter always posting your socks on a plane, so I guess you like travelling a lot! Is there somewhere you've always wanted to visit? Do you have a favourite destination you've been to already?

Part b; would you ever grace the UK shores with your godly presence again someday? ;D

ThatTroyBaker4 karma

In order:

Love to travel, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Tokyo are two of my favorites, London is my second home.

skyscraperdream1 karma

Least favorite place you eat lunch at more than 1 time per month?

ThatTroyBaker3 karma

Gosh. Hmm. I revisit places because I like them, not because I hate them.