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What did you think about Oakland? The coliseum gets a lot of crap but I love the place and the fans have always been awesome when I visit from Canada.

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Yeah I thought Oakland was actually pretty cool. Coliseum is huge and definitely can tell it is meant for football but was still unique. Will always remember I got my first game ball at the coliseum. We got lucky and got seats right behind the dugout and I think it was your center fielder at the time (Can't remember who) threw it right to me. Awesome moment!

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worst/smelliest stadium?

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Tampa Bay for sure!!

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Thoughts on the Rogers Centre/Skydome? I'm from around TO and can't stand it.

I've knocked 3 other stadiums off my list in Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, and Camden Yards, and even though I'm a Yanks fan, Camden was my favourite. Hoping to do 3 more this summer.

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Yeah was not that big of a fan. I did like the city though! Camden is awesome loved walking behind the outfield! good luck and definitely try and get to as many as you can! Good luck and let me know if you need help with anything.

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Hey, I am finishing the tour over the summer in Arizona! As someone younger than you (sophomore in high school), I am surprised that there are so many people who have done this! I am glad you like Fenway... That's definitely the best one. I may be biased because I'm from Boston. But my question is... Which stadium had the best food? My favorite has to be the new Miami stadium. That food from the Cuban stands was better than everything I've had at a ballpark.

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Thats awesome congrats!! So many stadiums have great food. I loved the food at Wrigley as as well Pitt and Philly. Also some great BBQ stands at Kauffman in KC.

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Who has the best beer/hot dogs?

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What was your experience like in Colorado?

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Colorado was very cool. Like how the stadium is right downtown.

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Thoughts on Detroit?

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Ehh was not a huge fan of the city but liked the park. You guys crushed my Twins that day too which did not help. Fans were definitely die hard fans though.

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Which stadium had the cheapest tickets? I remember when I went to an Astros game in August of like 2012 and we got awesome first base lines seats for 10$ a pop which included a hot dog and drink.

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Tough question because ticket prices can vary game to game depending on the day of the week, opponent, etc. Baseball is nice thought because there are so many games it was not hard to find decently priced tickets at almost every stadium besides maybe NY and Boston. Usually cheapest tickets were at stadiums of teams who were not doing well.

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What was your favorite park to tailgate at? And why was it Miller Park?

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I did not do much tailgating..I was younger and loved going to every game when the gates opened to checkout the stadiums, and try and get balls and autographs during batting practice. Probably have over 50 baseballs from batting practices and games.

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Did you save all the baseballs you got? What's the most you've gotten in a game + batting practice?

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Yes I still have all of them! I actually got 5 in-game baseballs from the game in San Fran. We were sitting right behind the dugout and so when the team came in from playing in the outfield they would throw the ball up and I got 5 of them. I remember Rafiel Furcal threw me like 3 of them it was awesome. However, fans around me were getting upset I was getting all the balls so things got kind of awkward. My dad made me give away two of the balls.

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Any thoughts on Camden Yards?

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Yeah I have mentioned it a couple times in this thread. Loved Camden! Loved walking in that area behind the outfield and the food and stadium were both great! You guys were going through some tough years back then glad your team has seen some recent success.

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You mentioned you like Fenway, what did you think of the park and Boston in general?

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Thought it was awesome. Unfortunately I did not get so see much of the city since we had to be in New York the next day but I LOVED Fenway. Such a cool stadium and so much history.

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What did you think of Cleveland?

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City was completely DEAD! It was not that nice of a day when we were there. Stadium was nice..nothing that unique though. Plus I HATE Kevin Love.

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This is a dream of mine. I want to go through maybe a division a year and also tour the breweries.

What was the average cost per stadium? I know pricing varies by market and whether a team/opponent is competitive or not, but I do want to know generally what to expect. Did you do anything else in the cities you visited, or just stadium and move on?

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It depends on how good of seats you want. My dad and I tried to get fairly good seats but even at most stadium those tickets only run between 20-30$. I would say baseball is definitely the most affordable sport to do such a venture. And yes we usually tried to stay at least 1-2 days in each city if the schedule permitted. Saw and did so many cool things, as well as many national parks and monuments on the way and between cities.

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How long did it take you to complete the trip? Did you have to visit any team twice in order to compensate for a newly built stadium?

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Took about 6 years. Probably averaged 5-6 stadiums per trip. And yes had to visit NY twice which I was fine with. Also got lucky and was able to see the new Miami stadium when I visited a friend at UofMiami.

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Where are you from originally? I met a dad and son traveling to their last stadium at AT&T Park and took their picture for them. They were from Washington DC. That's something I'd love to do one day. Thanks for sharing!

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I am from Minnesota originally and no problem thanks!

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Yes I have a question. Will your dad adopt me? Also, Safeco Field is my second home. Hope you enjoyed it

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Hahah yeah he's a boss. Loved Safeco!! Train is awesome too.

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what was your all around favorite and why was it Great American Ball Park???

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hahah Great American Ball Park was one of the last stadiums I saw. It was such a hot day but had great seats and you guys were playing my Twins in an inter league game. Willingham hit a home run in the ninth and we actually won. Stadium was actually pretty cool and liked how it was right on the riverfront.

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good enough for me, I would absolutely love to do what you did over the course of a summer... i am extremely envious OP, hope it was as awesome as it sounds

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Thanks man it really was. Try and see as many as you can you won't regret it! However, I do understand I was lucky to be able to do it at a young age..not as easy to do as you get older.

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What was your favorite park?

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Probably San Fran or Fenway.

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About how long did it take you to hit each stadium? Was it a few stadiums each year?

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Yeah took about 5 years to complete. Yeah we would usually be gone for about 2 weeks hitting on average 5-6 stadiums per trip.

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Your thoughts on Nationals Park? Did you have a half smoke while there? The running of the Presidents?

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I liked Nationals Park a lot. I even got a ball in batting practice with the "Inaugural Season" stamp on it. Did not have a half smoke and loved the running of the Presidents.

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What are your thoughts on petco park? As a native of san diego Im extremely partial to the park. Why do you think MLB wont have an all star game there?

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I liked Petco Park a lot actually. Stadium was real nice with great skyline. I also enjoyed San Diego and got to go to Belmont Park for a day which was cool. It's tough to get an all star game. We only finally got one hear in MN because of the new stadium. However, I am surprised you did not get one back in 04 when you finally got Petco. MLB must not see San Diego as a favorable market.

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What city are you from?

When did you visit Dodger Stadium?

What did you think about Dodger stadium?

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I am from Minnesota.. Visited Dodger stadium 5-6 years ago but have been back to LA since then. Honestly, it was cool because it is historic and somewhat of a landmark but the stadium was kind of a dump it seemed like. You live in LA?

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Did visiting all the MLB stadiums unlock any achievements? Did you have to fight each stadium's mascot to proceed to the next? What was your favorite national park?

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Haha no I did not but some teams have some very interesting mascots I will say that. Definitely Yellowstone..a bit crowded but so saw so much wildlife!

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My good friend and I (I'm from Philly, him NYC/DC) did 9 games in 9 days in 9 different cities this summer. We loved it. Did cincy scare the hell out of you with the giant fireballs during a strike out? We were sitting right next to them and had no idea they did that.

I agree with your thoughts on Cleveland, that was my least favorite. We're going out to hit up some more next year and I can't wait. Glad you got to do this!

Did you hit up any minor league parks as well?

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Thats awesome and yeah the fireballs kind of caught me off guard at first, but my team got the win on the road so I had the last laugh. Good luck on your journey it truly is something special. No did not see any minor league parks.

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What was you favorite park? and which had the best food?

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I get that question a lot and it is tough one. I would probably say a tie between Fenway and AT&T park in San Fran. Great food at so many stadiums. Some that stuck out were New York (Yankees) Seattle and LA (Dodgers.

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What is your number one memory of the trip?

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Honestly even over seeing all the actual stadiums it was so cool to just see most of America. We drove to every stadium often hitting multiple stadiums per 2 week trip. Loved seeing what makes this country so unique and monuments such as Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, The Rockies, etc. One memory that sticks out is when we were driving up the Beartooth Mountain Range in Montana and we hit a deer and had to drive all the way down with a very messed up front bumper, hood, and barely 1 light..no cell service either in those parts.

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What was the most unique aspect of any of the stadiums you visited that stuck out to you? Such as the green monster in Boston or that crazy thing they got going on in center field in Miami. I also hope you enjoyed your time in Philly. The team sucks, fans are tough, but that just shows the passion our fans have not only for baseball, but all sports here.

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Yeah I did enjoy Philly got to spend some time in the city and got some great food and got to see the Liberty Bell. I completely understand and actually liked that about your fans. Here in Minnesota we are too nice and understanding to all of our underachieving teams. Yeah loved San Fran and the boardwalk behind the outfield, Camden has a great area in the outfield to walk around in. So many unique things at every stadium honestly.

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What did you think of Wrigley Field? Ive been a life long fan but i always wonder what outsiders think

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I thought it was very cool. My sister lives in Chicago so it was awesome to be able to go with her as well. We even got to go on the field after the game. I love the area that it is in and how you can literally watch games from balconies and rooftops is awesome!

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Been seeing you get asked what you thought of various stadiums, so what did you think of Miller Park in Milwaukee?

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I liked Miller Park. Was one of first stadiums I visited since in borders Minnesota. Though the retractable roof was unreal at the time. Also love the slide in left field and can't beat those sausage races.

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That's awesome. I want to do something like that. 2 questions, how much did all that cost? Also, what did you think of Atlanta's stadium?

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Really not sure on total cost since it was done over a many year span. Braves stadium was quite nice however was somewhat disappointed by your fan turnout!

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Thoughts on ATL?

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Location of the stadium was not that great but I did like the stadium a lot!

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How did you like the Big A? (Anaheim for those who are unfamiliar).

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I liked Anaheim. Actually went to 2 games since my Twins were playing. Lost both so that kind of sucked but stadium was great! Aside from the stadium itself a great memory I will never forget was going to ESPN Zone in Anaheim (hope it is still there) and beating Barry Sanders in the pop a shot basketball game. Even signed two autographs for me afterwards!

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I was there during the playoffs a couple years back, and I watched my DBacks play a game at espn zone. it was awesome. the place was full of people from Arizona and the crowd was great. it was almost like being at a game.

what do you think of chase field? I love it personally. I have a lot of memories there.

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Liked Chase field a lot. We actually took a stadium tour before the game so got to see all parts of the stadium. Ate in the restaurant in left field before the game which was awesome..and can't beat that pool!

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What was the best game you saw away from your home park?

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Probably San Fran. Had seats 2 rows behind the dugout, got a couple game balls, and game went into extras. Was a great night and met some great people!

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What did you think of the Phillies Citizen Bank Park?

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Was pretty cool actually but you guys have some tough fans...players started getting booed once you guys got down a few runs.

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Did you actually wait in Shake shack line?

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No I did not.

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Did you get to meet any favorite players??? What a cool adventure!


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Haha thanks! Philly was awesome, but I do remember that you guys had some TOUGH fans when your team got down a few runs.

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Any thoughts on The Ballpark in Arlington (don't care what it's actually called these days)?

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Liked it a lot. Got to see my Twins play the Rangers so that is always fun rooting for your team on the road, loved the area behind the outfield and food was great!

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We actually drove to every single stadium. I know that is by no means cheap, however it is a lot more affordable than flying.

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If you looked at his proof, the stubs are from multiple years. So if you knock out 4 stadiums a year then it has nothing to do with wealth. It's about likes/interests. and it's cheaper to hit 4 stadiums then a couple days of Disneyland or another resort.

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Yeah exactly thanks for noticing that.