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now_its_a_dick_joke54 karma

My buddies girlfriend "cleans houses" too.

Til one day I heard from one of her male clients that she did what you did. Now, I don't know if she fucked her clients, but I told my buddy she's getting half naked and massaging them at least.

Do you fuck the client? (or john, I'm not sure the lingo these days)

soumyeahokay66 karma

Never. I gave hand jobs and that's all. I am sure she is doing at least that.

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soumyeahokay29 karma

I did the massages topless. I did provide happy endings. Anywhere from $100-$200, depending on the demand of the day.

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soumyeahokay20 karma

Literally no difference. On busy days I would charge $200.

I would say the youngest was around 23 and the oldest around 70. Most often individuals would fall between 30 and 50.

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soumyeahokay19 karma

Oddly enough, the clients were always either white or Asian. I wouldn't have cared if they were any other ethnicity, but that is just how it happened to play out.

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soumyeahokay18 karma

We would exchange e-mails at first. If they seemed at all sketchy, I would not respond/stop responding. After a short e-mail exchange, I would ask for their number. My friend or I would call them on a Google voice number to confirm the appointment. We always let the guys know that their address was being given to a friend of ours to ensure our safety. Most guys were cool with that. If they weren't, we wouldn't meet them.

JLesh13-7 karma

I'm just curious why your rate was so low for happy endings, I'm a stripper and do NOT provide happy endings, and I charge on average $500 an hr for topless dances in VIP.

soumyeahokay14 karma

I didn't do an hour of work. Massages end up being around 20 minutes in total. I was also not trained. Plus, that's the going rate. I didn't have to stand in a club where a whole room could see me; I was willing to take a pay cut to have that level of anonymity.

soumyeahokay6 karma

I figured it might! Funny!

dyslexicbunny4 karma

I'm curious about grad school. After having spend a significant time in grad school, a stipend seems to be a common thing among engineering folks. The amount varied between labs and departments. Did you not have a stipend? Or was it not enough?

soumyeahokay4 karma

I stopped doing this shortly after I started grad school. I did it through most of my undergrad.

DemandCommonSense2 karma

What would you say you earned in a week?

soumyeahokay2 karma

On average, ~$400-$500 weekly. We could have earned more, but we both had a lot of other things going on.

PrettyTom1 karma

Why not just take out student loans to support yourself through college?

soumyeahokay1 karma

Why would I have done that when I was able to earn money?

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soumyeahokay10 karma

We are Groot.

wwickeddogg-4 karma

Were you sexually abused as a child?

soumyeahokay25 karma

Nope! I had a great childhood and am actually a successful, well-adjusted adult. Different morals for different folks, my friend.

stalericecrispytreat-13 karma

if we have sex and i don't pay, is it rape or theft?

soumyeahokay12 karma

Well, if I don't consent, it is rape.

AgainWithRestarting1 karma

What if you consent expecting pay and he doesn't pay after?

soumyeahokay1 karma

I never had sex for money.