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Do you have an Instagram? If so username? I'm sure your pics are amazing.

seagrave2323 karma

nope, I don't have an instagram oddly enough

US_Ranger3 karma

Is there a gym on the camp? Weights? Cardio? All that stuff? I imagine people would lose their mind if they couldn't exercise.

seagrave234 karma

iWe have weights room, yoga room, and cardio room we even have the first crossfit on this continent everyday at 4pm. It's what's keeping me sane right now...

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seagrave2362 karma

why not?

brutustheoctopus2 karma

Is there any alcohol? Do you let go of steam by drinking?

seagrave233 karma

I don't drink, but we have tons of alcohol here

BrofessionalZig0 karma

Is it cold?

seagrave237 karma



Did you have sex with any penguins?

seagrave233 karma

federal crime to come into contact with any wildlife down here


There's a government down there?

seagrave231 karma

we have a US marshal

answeReddit-12 karma

Is antarctica the one near the north pole or the south pole? I know I could google this but since you already know the answer I figure I'd just ask you. Plus if you answer me other people coming late to the thread won't have to look it up.

seagrave234 karma

antarctica is where santa lives