My short bio: We are /u/Just_Joey, /u/nickgligor and /u/improvobsession. Otherwise known as Local Business! We thought it'd be funny to remake Kanye West's Yeezus where he think he's Santa Claus, AKA Kreezus. We've also written and performed for Fox ADHD, Cartoon Network, Cracked, UCB Comedy, and more. And now we're answering your questions!

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blackwatersunset5 karma

Are you guys big fans of Kanye? What's your favourite album and why is it MDBTF?

ImprovObsession6 karma

I love Ye. MDBTF is my favorite for the fake controversy over the album cover.


How did you get started in what you do?

ImprovObsession10 karma

First off. Blam!
Second. I, Stephen, had been doing comedy videos with friends in high school, and ended up going to film school in Los Angeles. Then after years of trying to find people who liked making funny stuff, I found Upright Citizens Brigade Los Angeles, started taking classes in writing and improv. I wrote and did a lot of improv, and still do. And after slowly getting better I got a few writing jobs, and then we made Kreezus.

nickgligor2 karma

I watched a lot of cartoons. But I started doing comedy "professionally"-ish in 2010 when I moved to Los Angeles. I took a class at UCB as well, met tons of funny people, began checking out live shows and got hooked. I met Joey and Stephen initially through The Miles Stroth Workshop sketch program.

ImprovObsession0 karma

Yes. I also got started watching a lot of cartoons.

Just_Joey1 karma

Don't you piggyback his answer Stephen.

ImprovObsession2 karma

I got started piggybacking. It's a great way to move towards success.

Manate963 karma

Kreezus was awesome, are you thinking of doing more holiday themed remakes of albums or was this a one time deal?

ImprovObsession2 karma

Thanks man. Yeah, i have trouble imagining doing another. It'd have to be a really great idea to get past my bullshit filter. I'm not trying to be the guy who only makes holi-yay parody albums.

dongswanson3 karma

When you inevitably end up on the Khardashians, which one of them will end up ruining your life?

ImprovObsession3 karma

Bruce Jenner.

FreakInThePen3 karma

Any idea if Kanye has heard it?

ImprovObsession3 karma

It would make me very happy if he did. He's been tagged in many twitter posts, so if he's just chilling on the throne, maybe he checked it out.

420_02 karma

Have you thanked our lord and savior for his sacrifice today? Yeezus turned up for your sins. Praise his swaggy name.

ImprovObsession2 karma

I thank Yeezus every day. Few days go by where I don't listen to some Kanye.

LaidbackLook2 karma

Oh MAN !! NEW SLEIGHS! How long did it took you guys to make up these lyrics?

ImprovObsession2 karma

I spent about 8 hours writing New Sleighs, Hold My Eggnog, Milk Trip, Lights on the Trees, and a good chunk of I Am a Claus.
Plus we all got together and revised songs as we wrote the, ever week or so. All told that was probably another 8 hours.

[deleted]2 karma


ImprovObsession3 karma

Wha... what's Milliontraqs...

EDIT: Ok I just figured out Milliontraqs. 1 That's the coolest, I just signed up. and 2. HOLY CRAP are you serious, we're 23? That's too cool

Just_Joey1 karma

Thanks! That's awesome!

nickgligor2 karma

ImprovObsession3 karma

Wait, so did this guy just get deleted for spamming? Were we the victims of spam? Do people not really like this?

benzojamin2 karma

Were there any alt lyrics to, "In a family residence, hurry up with my damn egg nog." on the I am a Clause track?

ImprovObsession2 karma

No, no alts to hurry up with my damn eggnog. That line made the whole concept clear to us. It's Kanye with his ego, but as the nicest jolliest person in the world, Santa Claus.

weezermc782 karma

Dudes, all I want to say is that Kreezus is the happiest surprise of this year. I wasn't expecting much when I first read "Yeezus as a Christmas album", but then within the first notes of the first song, my mind was blown and I was hooked.

I want to ask you, how in the world did you come up with such an absurd concept?

ImprovObsession1 karma

I'm sure we were just laughing about a silly line like, "I am a Claus." Then it just sort of spiraled out of control.

imnotquitedeadyet2 karma

I'm so happy you guys are doing this. That album made my week!

One question is why did you choose our Lord and Saviour, Yeezus, over a different rapper? (Besides the obvious reasons.)

Also, which the fuck one of you sounds exactly like Kanye? Seriously. Because that was impressive.

P.s. That scream in Red Hat Head was fucking hilarious.

ImprovObsession1 karma

The main reason we chose Kanye was 1, we loved him and 2, he's the only rapper where him thinking he's Santa is funny.

RocketeerGuy1 karma

Why exactly did you guys make a Yeezus Christmas parody album?

ImprovObsession6 karma

We just had a silly idea that it'd be funny if Kanye thought of himself as Santa Claus instead of a God. So I am a God became I am a Claus, and then spiraled out of control from there.

Jordasch1 karma

Nick Gligor is the CUTEST boy what color underwear does he wear? And can he send me a lock of hair???

Just_Joey1 karma


ImprovObsession6 karma

/u/Jordasch is my other Reddit account.

rujubee1 karma

All of you are insanely talented. How much sleep did you get during the making of this Christmas classic?

ImprovObsession1 karma

That's very nice, and probably untrue. We're all moderately talented. And extremely foolish for continuing with such a silly idea.
I never get any sleep cause I'm a work-aholic. So most of the time I'm drunk and very busy.
But as for sleep in the process of making this album, I actually did ok. We didn't pull too many long nights on this one.
Also, yes, /u/nickgligor does let me do all the worrying. One could say I'm the mastermind. Or the controlling asshole. Whatever.

RumpleStuartSkin1 karma

How much of your success do you owe to Satan?

ImprovObsession2 karma


EdgarsTeethAreDry1 karma

When did you first start working on the project, and was it a rush to try and get it ready by Christmas or were you sitting on it for a while?

Did you expect a reaction as big as it's gotten?

ImprovObsession3 karma

We actually came up with the idea last December with another sketch group we were in called Dumbshit Mountain. But, we realized there was not near enough time to execute.
Then this year, we were still rushing. We still underestimated how long it would take. Or I should say, Nick and Joey underestimated.

Just_Joey2 karma

Says the guy that only booked us 4 hours worth of studio time.

ImprovObsession2 karma

Says the guy who booked us with four hours worth of FREE studio time.

JayAre311 karma

I can haz job?

ImprovObsession1 karma

I would also like haz job.