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white_meat_treat24 karma

Where can I get some of those ballin' ass glasses you rocked on the court?

HGrant5429 karma


HAHAHA I swear they were for safety purposes when I played, but yes they definitely were "ballin". Maybe Ebay?

ShockandSlaw20 karma


HGrant5422 karma


Was so bummed when Seattle lost their team. Such great fans and such a great community. I hope that a team returns to that wonderful city sooner than later!

Yygdrasil19 karma

Hey! What have you been up to since you retired? Do you think you accomplished all your goals so far?

HGrant5439 karma


Staying under the radar. Basketball was such a blessing, however for 17 years it literally was my life. So these days I live a pretty simple life with my friends and family in California. Thanks for the question.

candidateHundred16 karma

Personality wise how would you compare Shaq to MJ?

HGrant5422 karma


Would rate both guys as top 10 players to ever play. Tough to compare players at completely different positions though. They both were so great for the game though, but hated playing against them!

merchos14 karma

What's your favorite memory from your years in the NBA?

HGrant5423 karma


Being blessed enough to win four NBA titles. Was so lucky to get three in a row. Those are years I will never forget. However, the fourth one was amazing too. It was so much later in my career, and although I did not play as integral of a roll I loved every second of it.

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HGrant5421 karma


Great question(s)! Yes I do think there are many more distractions in today;s world of sports than back when I played. However, this comes with the fact that athletes are literally getting thrown millions of dollars many times as teenagers! I do like to think and hope that for the most part athletes are humble and fortunate to be able to play a sport for a living. And I HOPE that they give back every second they have.

ismellliketuna8 karma

What was it like defending against Karl Malone and Shawn Kemp and also trying to get the rebound ?

HGrant5414 karma


Always a battle let me tell you that. However, it was guys like that who really got me going every night and helped me to reach my highest potential!

The_New_FM8 karma

Horace, you were beloved by my family back in the day. I hope you know that everyone in Chicago was a huge fan of you even though Michael and Scottie were the main attraction.

What was your favorite moment with your teammates (practice, game, training camp, etc.)? My personal favorite anecdote is of Cartwright threatening to break Michael's legs if he ever disrespected him ever again.

HGrant547 karma


Thank you so much that really does mean a lot. It was fans like you that gave me the energy and motivation to stay in the league for 17 years. Give your family a big thank you from me. It is hard to pick and choose just one moment. I loved every second I was given and tried to make the most out of every game/practice/locker room shenanigans.

DramDemon7 karma

Who is the GOAT in your opinion? MJ? Kobe? LeBron?

HGrant5418 karma


Probably MJ since he worked me so many times!

daeyeth6 karma

Who did you dislike playing against the most?

HGrant5410 karma


MJ in practice! Worked me so damn hard. Rodman was a hack as well.

SelfDestructionBlues5 karma


HGrant548 karma


I am no coach or GM so I am probably not the best person to ask, however I have immense admiration for Phil Jackson so give it a couple years and I think he will turn that organization around. Injuries do not help either.

thombudsman5 karma

What's your opinion of how you were portrayed in Sega's NBA Jam?

HGrant5416 karma


I had hops man!

Decne14 karma

What was your favourite city to play in, outside of the teams you played on? Who had the best restaurants?

HGrant544 karma


I loved both Chicago and LA so much!

MealOfFood4 karma

Best MJ story nobody has ever heard?

Do you still wear the goggles?

HGrant5410 karma


Can't give away any of those stories MJ might come after me. Goggles are framed and on my mantle no joke!

Ballplayerx974 karma

Hey Horace, how r u? Not a bb question but, do you have any hobbies/weird interests outside of basketball?

HGrant543 karma


No worries! Love to travel, watch younger bball players in my family develop, coach from time to time.

[deleted]3 karma


HGrant543 karma


Me of course. However, Harv still has game!

eazylee3 karma

What advice did you give your nephew Jerami when on his rookie campaign?

HGrant543 karma


Told him to keep a level head, remember how lucky he is to be given these opportunities, and play his game. The rest will all come together.

dawsa3 karma

Did you have any pre game rituals?

HGrant545 karma


Always had to put my left shoe on before the right, since high school.

goobly_goo3 karma

Which players get you excited when you watch the NBA today?

HGrant542 karma


Too many to name! It is great to still see Kobe doing his thing though!

homer-pimpson3 karma

What current player do you think plays most like you did?

HGrant547 karma


So many great players in the league but I would probably say Nikola Pekovic when he is healthy. I love guys that kind of remain under the radar and if you watch his game he is grinder.

Heat31132 karma

What player in todays league impresses you the most?

HGrant543 karma

So many players in today's game have so much raw talent. I really like Kyrie Irving at the guard position. Scary to think what him and Lebron can do together.

Sloan742 karma

What were you feeling like after that block in the 1993 finals?

HGrant544 karma


Moment I will never forget. I always tried to do the little things and help my team in anyway I could. The rings were a bonus!

palberca2 karma

What do you want for Christmas?

HGrant544 karma


Health and Family

Dylinquency2 karma

Which NBA player inspired you the most while you were growing up?

HGrant546 karma


Probably Kareem Abdul Jabbar. I loved the uniqueness of his game as well as his stylish goggles.

NittanyLion152 karma

Horace, who was the hardest player you ever had to guard in your career and why?

HGrant544 karma


Probably Karl Malone. Was so crafty and had so many moves in his repertoire.

KD_All_Day2 karma

What advice would you give to a young basketball player? Maybe a tip of yours that made you so successful?

HGrant543 karma


Start young and work at it everyday!! Listen to your coaches and do not be afraid to make mistakes on the court. Let your game develop and be a team player.

KennyB952 karma

What was the feeling when you won your first championship? What was the feeling when you three-peated. Thanks man huge fan

HGrant542 karma


No bigger adrenaline rush then winning an NBA ring. That first one was absolutely amazing. I was so blessed to that I got one so early in my career and then the two more was so amazing to this day it is still hard to describe the emotions that ran over me during those three amazing years.

tagless12 karma

Were there ever any difficult times in your relationship with your brother during the course of your careers since you franchises saw so much more NBA success?

HGrant545 karma


It was tough to watch my brother not have the same success that I did. However, we are very close and he always supported me to the fullest. Family is everything!!

Tecos012 karma

Hey HG would you Ever consider coaching or be an NBA analyst ?

HGrant543 karma


Have had some people reach out to me and right now I am enjoying my life. 17 years is a long time so these days my focuses lie with my family. However, who knows what the future holds!

Dylinquency2 karma

If you had never pursued a career playing basketball, what career path do you think you would have taken?

HGrant542 karma


Lawyer for sure!

VizualCriminal2 karma

Horace, who was your favorite teammate during your days on the Magic? Also, do you believe the Magic would have won a championship during your time there?

HGrant542 karma


I loved all my teammates when with the Magic! I truly did think we had the pieces to win a ship. Brian Shaw was a hell of a teammate as well and i'm so glad he got his chane to be a head coach!

malcontented2 karma

Hey Horace. I was a huge fan and, unlike most Redditors, am old enough to remember da Bulls before your run with MJ, Scottie, Phil Jackson, etc. always thought you were a huge component of the first threepeat. What are you doing now?

HGrant541 karma


That means a lot! Thanks so much.

emid7601 karma

What is your favorite kind of donut??

HGrant544 karma


Krispy Kremes!

MeLlamoDeadpool1 karma

What was your favorite team to play for?

HGrant542 karma


I mean I loved my 3 ships with Chicago, but loved every opportunity I was given!

worldracer1 karma

Longtime Bulls fan Horace! Any chance we'll see any of your nephews in the NBA soon?

Also, will we ever see short shorts again on the court? They say fashion repeats itself.

HGrant541 karma


I hope so man! Those kids have serious skills and I try to watch them as much as I can. And that would be pretty funny, but probably not!

shakkajon1 karma

What was it like playing on the Lakers team? Do you think Kobe and Shaq were the best 1 2 punch ever?

HGrant543 karma


They were amazing to watch both in games and in practice. Both are such competitors.

im_talking_ace1 karma

How did it feel to be referenced in All About the Benjamin's?

HGrant542 karma


Was awesome!!

too_tall_tony1 karma

Which do you get more excited for: NBA playoffs or March Madness?

HGrant541 karma

Playoffs baby!

frankduxvandamme1 karma

Hey, Horace. What have you been up to since leaving the NBA?

HGrant542 karma


Living a pretty normal life with friends and family out in California. Still love the game though and watch it as much as I can.

Pyronic_Chaos1 karma

What are your thoughts on Dennis Rodman going to and promoting North Korea (specifically, Kim-Jung-Un)?

HGrant549 karma


no comment.

Oax_Mike1 karma

I know you didn't have to deal with this issue all that often during your career....but honestly and truly, how hard to players play once their team has been eliminated from playoff contention?

Is the desire to win and pride strong enough that you can still put in the same effort when a losing season is inevitable?

Honestly, I've been wondering this recently with the NFL season winding down, but I am sure that the theory is paralleled in the NBA.

HGrant542 karma


YES. I can't speak for every player, but in the NBA no one goes out there wanting to lose. Every game is a battle, and honestly not it might come as a shock but not everyone likes each other. I HATED losing and never once went out on the court expecting to lose.

DoYourHomeworkFirst1 karma

Loved your game on the court! You were what I would consider the "dirty work" kind of player that did the little things to help a team succeed. Are you a cigar smoker like MJ? If so, what's your favorite cigar?

HGrant542 karma


Thanks that means a lot. I knew my roll and "rolled" with it. I do enjoy an occasional cigar and have shared a few with MJ just in the last couple years.

justfor1t1 karma

What sport do you enjoy watching besides basketball?

HGrant542 karma


Love football and baseball.

totalacehole1 karma

Did you find it hard to cope with the spotlight/attention of being a professional athlete? How did you handle that mentally?

HGrant543 karma


At first honestly yes. It was a lot to take in between the money, endorsements, fame, etc. However, just like anything you learn overtime how to manage it and how to prioritize. I always tried to maintain a level head and remember how fortunate enough to be able to play basketball for a living.

Dwychwder1 karma

When you were a free agent in like 1994, you visited the Pistons. I was really hoping you'd sign with them, but you signed with the Magic. I was crushed. Why didn't you just come to Detroit so I could be a happy 8th grader with a Horace Grant Pistons jersey?

HGrant541 karma


Sorry man! Just was not in the cards for me at that time.