Hey guys.

Here to take your questions.

By the way, I've designed a limited edition fan shirt/sweatshirt for you guys, available at https://represent.com/norman. A portion of proceeds goes to The Felix Organization, to help enrich the lives of children growing up in the foster care system. I hope you like it.

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Norman_Reedus3347 karma

ok everyone im outta here . thank you for the cool questions HAPPY HOLIDAY EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!

kidriffey2273 karma

When you signed on to play Daryl Dixon, did you think that the character would still be alive four years later?

Norman_Reedus2812 karma

i didn't to be honest. it was such a well written script i just wanted to be involved in any way possible for however long they would have me around

AzBrah1998 karma

Hey Norman, big fan!

If the zombie apocalypse was to happen right this second, and the object you see first when you turn to the left is your only weapon. What is it and how fucked are you?

Norman_Reedus3550 karma

its my cat staring at me licking his paws and i am totally screwed

paulvpool1109 karma

Most people here would have a cat as their first choice

ghostbackwards369 karma

Not me. I have a fake plant next to me as am at the mall and had to take a seat since I was alerted of this ama.

DoNotSexToThis1209 karma

All I have is a piece of coral.

Norman_Reedus1930 karma

ha your totally screwed

violetgilbert1862 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you miss Emily?

Norman_Reedus3084 karma


jennyaggio1717 karma

Hi Norman, since I know you love the game, I was wondering...what level are you on in candy crush? :)

Norman_Reedus2766 karma

246 i think . i hate that level

NicoleLiane3254 karma

My mom said to tell you she's on level 785.

"Suck it." -- my mom

Norman_Reedus4073 karma

oh thats just not cool mom

ismellliketuna1679 karma

Talk about Silent Hills, what's the experience like and how did Kojima and Del Toro approach you for it?

Norman_Reedus2034 karma

im super excited to be a part of that . both those guys are geniuses at what they do . we haven't shot the heavy stuff yet. kojima approached me right after guillermo did

TiffyD_8971413 karma

Is Andy Lincoln's beard still living in your fridge? If so, what on earth do you plan on doing with it?!? Christmas gift? Some strange experiment? Ha.

PS - You are so amazing to us fans! Thank you for being so genuine. Much love!

Norman_Reedus2330 karma

you are amazing! and yes i still got that bag o beard in the fridge. im going to clone him multiple times over and send and army of andys out in to the world

mrsbass791237 karma

Morning Norman, thank you for doing this AMA, big fan. My question for you is are you able to tell us if Boondock Saints III is happening in the near future?

Also, do you believe it could be possible to have Sean Patrick Flannery on The Walking Dead? Even if just a cameo it woukd be greabt to see the two of you together again on screen.

Norman_Reedus1766 karma

hey good morning . yeah its on. in the works , happening. sean would be great on the show he's a real life ninja

jennyaggio1068 karma

if you had to choose, would you rather have an unlimited supply of chocolate or a million cats?

Norman_Reedus1870 karma

geez can i have both

Loke11041065 karma

How often do you use the crossbow outside the set?

Norman_Reedus1955 karma

very little really . i have a compound bow in georgia i play with quite a bit . there are arrows stuck in all the trees in my backyard

NickAmato929 karma

What Breaking Bad character do you think would be good in TWD?

Norman_Reedus1604 karma

skylar would be good . level head thinks on her feet. they all would be good !

aloneinlove826 karma

Was there ever a chance of a romance between you and Beth working out?

Norman_Reedus1550 karma

there was definitely a taste of it in the air

TigersFan01713 karma

Hi Norman! Thanks for doing this AMA!

My question is... What is your personal favorite episode of The Walking Dead, and why? :)

Norman_Reedus1256 karma

oh man i like a bunch of them . i really think the episode with chad and melissa was super well written and acted and directed and was awesome.

TehBrandon711 karma

What's the normal routine when somebody gets killed off in The Walking Dead?

Norman_Reedus1546 karma

selfies , hugs, shots . we all kinda love each other . for real

LieslV687 karma

As a fellow photographer I really admire your work. Do you only shoot digital? Also your thoughts on digital vs film?

Norman_Reedus861 karma

i like them both . the book has a both .

lolzergrush604 karma

Welcome to reddit!

According to your wiki page that you have a titanium eye socket. Let's say a defense contractor offers to "upgrade" your eye socket with an experimental new technology, no strings attached. Assume you can control it completely and conceal it at will with no maintenance issues. Which of these would you pick and why?

  • Ocular laser pointer.

  • Infrared vision.

  • Night vision.

  • Undetectable camera with 5 TB internal SSD implanted in your skull.

  • X-ray vision.

  • Projector that can display 3-D holographic images of miniature K-pop girls dancing on any flat surface.

  • Bio-electrical USB outlet (burns 100 calories to charge a typical cellphone).

  • Hand sanitizer dispenser.

Or is there some great idea I'm missing?

Norman_Reedus824 karma

oh i love this question. laser pointer, lame . infrared. ah who needs it. night vision maybe camera who cares. X-ray vision hmmmm maybes us b outlet ha . no . hand sanitizer probably . um yeah like a million . like tornado maker !

sgntpepper03513 karma

Hey Norman! I predict most of your questions to be about The Walking Dead (in which Daryl is one of my all-time favorite TV characters), so I’ll try something else.

What was it like watching yourself explode to bits onscreen in Blade II?

And, thank you for your work for the Felix Foundation. I work with a lot of children in the foster care system, and I know how much even a little bit can help. :)

Norman_Reedus642 karma

hey felix is a good group . very cool people doing very cool things . blowing up was weird. i stood under the ground looking up at the set thru plexi glass floors then boom . and and ear would land at my feet. i think i kept a finger

murphdixon512 karma

Hi Norman! I was at wizard world Chicago in 2013 and saw you silly string the fans, and I saw you in Milwaukee wi feb. 16 2013, you guys surprised us in the back alley when you jumped back out of your ride to the airport and signed autographs for us. Do you make it a point to prank/ mess with the fans at each event??!!! Thanks! Steve

Norman_Reedus898 karma

hey steve . not a point really but if ive got a can of that your all gonna get wet

docjohnholliday491 karma

What does Norman Reedus want for Christmas?

Norman_Reedus1922 karma

hmmm let me think . movie marathon in bed with a mountain of chocolate in a panda bear onesie

TdotBlaze464 karma

Hey Norman!! What was your favorite moment filming Boondock Saints?

Norman_Reedus1028 karma

courtroom scene and toilet . and blowing up that cat

FailedtoLoadUsername432 karma

Hey Norman! How well do you think you would do in a real apocalypse situation and do you think about what you'd do in daryls situations?

Norman_Reedus1368 karma

i would run . the way my cat runs when i duct tape things

OliveIsABoss426 karma

Hello! I'm a huge fan! What has been your favorite episode to work on so far?

Norman_Reedus1327 karma

hey . favorite episode. oh man there are a lot . i liked stabbing my brother in the face. and falling off that bridge with mel. sitting by the edge of the road against the car talking to rick the morning after he chewed that dudes neck out was one of my favorite scenes to be in

trentjoseph383 karma

Will there be any more devastating moments on the walking dead season 5?

Norman_Reedus943 karma

hey man . well duh. theres some crazy stuff coming . like crazy crazy

SuperSmith_190 karma

How crazy?

10chan318 karma

Two crazies.

Norman_Reedus1674 karma

like like . like 74 crazies

polarlights363 karma

Hi Norman. Would you rather fight 100 squirrel-sized walkers or eat one walker-sized squirrel?

Norman_Reedus1451 karma

hahhahah . i think fight tiny zombies. that would be so fun think of the tiny little ear necklaces i could make

heatherkipp345 karma

What's your favorite part of being Daryl Dixon?

Norman_Reedus664 karma

the people i work with are my favorite part all of them

habs0830313 karma

Hi Norman. Love your work! If a zombie apocalypse really happened and you could only save Andrew Lincoln or Sean Patrick Flanery who would it be?

Norman_Reedus729 karma

ha oh man . i think those two would have to save me

ChinChompaa261 karma

Hey Norman!! How do you think Daryl will act in the other half of season 5 with beth gone?

Norman_Reedus586 karma

i think that was pretty devastating for the whole group daryl included. its kind of like real life you always think you have more time with people

love_lorne257 karma

Hi Norman, I want to say the work that you've done on the show is awesome, and thank you for everything that you've put into the character of Daryl Dixon. Your fans really appreciate the effort it takes. My question is, what do you think Daryl's new mode of transportation should be?

Norman_Reedus449 karma

hmm good question . and thank you . how about a ferrari ?

Alatarial222 karma

Hi Norman! What is your favorite holiday/new year tradition?


Unrelated – I attended Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta and was impressed with how you handled the crowds, stayed late, and even missed breaks to reach every fan in your line. Thank you. I went with my mom; Daryl is her favorite Walking Dead character and she was so happy with the experience.

Norman_Reedus373 karma

oh cool . tell mom i say hi . i try to get thru to the end. i have fun at those

Misstrixieism211 karma

Did u ad lib the dog painting line?

Norman_Reedus361 karma

no ha . it was written . i did kinda look like that tho huh

Norman_Reedus438 karma

not the ad lib part . the dog butt part

CorentinT202 karma

Hiiiiiiii Norman! If you weren't Daryl on TWD, what character would you like to be? I'm a very big fan!

Norman_Reedus983 karma

hmm . um man . maybe steven for obvious reasons . or maybe rick . maybe judith . i could just eat and poop and sleep thru it

Frajer200 karma

Why do you think The Boondock Saints has become a cult classic?

Norman_Reedus361 karma

its got a lot of heart that film its a fun mix of over the top and coming right at you . id still be a fan even if i wasn't in it

Lovmax200 karma

Thanks for connecting with your fans. Have you ever gotten a little nervous or scared by a fan? Merry Christmas

Norman_Reedus350 karma

hey merry xmas. um yep . not often tho

erintighe168 karma

hi norman!! I wanted to ask do you think daryl would mourn the death of Rick more than Merle?

Norman_Reedus277 karma

i think that would really be a sad day . on both accounts

KarenDBranch161 karma

Hi Norman, how would you like to be remembered?

Norman_Reedus457 karma

m to the i n the g u s

Twdfamilyy150 karma

Saddest episode to ever film of TWD? Love you, and hope you're having a great day :)

Norman_Reedus405 karma

mid season finale this year

tinyalien145 karma

Do you stay in contact with Michael Rooker? Any other people who are no longer on TWD?

Norman_Reedus276 karma

yeah man i see him all the time . as well as scott and jon we are all still close

bigbootbot5000142 karma

Hey Norman, Who was the hardest to see go after they were killed off on TWD?

Norman_Reedus264 karma

oh man . they are all hard. every single one of em .

1__3140 karma


Norman_Reedus452 karma

i do . in my face x

Redstiletto99139 karma

Hi Norman! Big fan here! Can you tell us about the design on your shirt?

Norman_Reedus268 karma

hey there . yeah sure. there are three i wanna do and there is a them behind them . its like a mini secret between us which i thought would be more interesting .each will go to a different charity if they sell well. the next would go to a womens charity. the next animals

Amychristinecollins128 karma

Hey Norman! Finally found it :) What is your favorite Christmas flick?

Norman_Reedus626 karma


zealofx127 karma

Hey Norman! I love The Walking Dead and I would really love to meet you someday at a SDCC, but i was wondering how you prepare for meeting that many people at once? It sounds very stressful to me!

Norman_Reedus285 karma

no its fun . a lot of coffee and sunglasses i know i look like a crazy person but it kinda helps

MrKdidster123 karma

If merle was still around, do you think he would have become friendly with everyone or would he still be pissing everyone off and calling them all pussies?

Norman_Reedus238 karma

i think he woulda gone back and forth a bit . still giving everyone a hard time in the process

Upsgirl88119 karma

Hi Norman,

With the group obviously struggling with losing Beth do you think it will strengthen or threaten Daryl's bonds with other group members? Particularly Carol and Rick.

Norman_Reedus290 karma

im guessing strengthen . i couldnt shoot that lady fast enough. we all felt that way

reedus82112 karma

So what's next for norman after Twd any horror movies in your future?

Norman_Reedus206 karma

theres a film called AIR coming out as well as one called TRIPLE NINE . both really cool . horror i dont know im guessing yeah at some point

Yeseniasssss94 karma

Norman first of all I love you, and my question is: Since your presence at conventions gets crazier and the lines get longer every year, do you think you'd ever stop attending these conventions?

Norman_Reedus213 karma

i hope not . i think they are really fun. ive had to cancel every once in a while but that was because of work schedules only. i like them and i like meeting everyone and seeing the art they make and the costumes etc. really fun for me

madbadsnake86 karma

Do you play games? if so, what are your top 3! :D

Norman_Reedus302 karma

mingus got me in to call of duty but i am really bad at it . i would smash the controller . with a hammer . mingus would laugh at me and then id have to go get more . it was kind of the ritual. he thought that was funny.

jsage2185 karma

Your birthday is coming up soon! How will you be celebrating? Also I love the shirt for represent and ordered one can't wait to wear you :)

Norman_Reedus329 karma

aw ha thank you . my birthday, im gonna sleep for like 13 hours . then eat whole cake.

KittyMercado8677 karma

Hey Norman! I love you. What is your favorite thing to eat? Do you cook?

Norman_Reedus214 karma

i can kinda cook but not really. i went thru a wonton soup faze with the paste etc. from scratch but thats just kinda sad that thats what im thinking of . i got a juicer now i smash up everything in there . thats kinda fun

Dizzyd125076 karma

Hey Norman, Is there a reason you use a bit of religious imagery in some of your work? Or is it just a coincidence?

Norman_Reedus142 karma

i dont set out to make something look religious on purpose but i see it there sometimes

SavedByLovato57 karma

Afternoon Norman!! What's the best part of living in NYC?

Norman_Reedus185 karma

theres so much to do here . all the time . so many different people from all over . and dumplings i like dumplings

kellysparrow54 karma

Hi, Norman! I think the level of appreciation you show your fans is amazing and you seem like such a great person to meet! Is there any chance you might come to Europe in 2015?

ps. totally getting that fan shirt you designed!

Love from the Netherlands, Kelly

Norman_Reedus106 karma

hey kelly . i would guarantee it in 2015 i love europe and ive never been to the netherlands thanks for getting that shirt xx

citrusysecrets46 karma

Hey norman thanks so much for doing an AMA I'm a huge fan! My question is what was your favorite and least favorite episodes of the walking dead to film?

Norman_Reedus74 karma

oh man . least favorite ones are sometimes my most favorite ones too

confusinglyamusing24 karma

Hey Norman! I think you're a brilliant actor and I'm a huge fan of your work. I'm very happy your character was created on TWD. How do you feel about your character's development throughout the series? What do you think about a possible love story between Carol and Daryl? Do you see that happening, or is this more of a special friendship? Thank you for doing this!

Also wanted to add that I've met you once and you're an incredibly nice guy. And you smell good. (I hope that comment wasn't too creepy)

Norman_Reedus54 karma

ha i do? cool. i like where daryls going i really do . its interesting . the ups and downs the back and forths . love story i dunno never say never .carol and daryl are pretty close and respect each other and have each others backs.

drivebyla18 karma

Hi Norman, I'm a super fangirl of yours, thank you for taking the time to do an AMA.

We know that Daryl is an amazing hunter, I mean king of the squirrel bodies and all, but have you ever gone hunting? Also, have you ever tried squirrel before becoming a vegetarian?

Norman_Reedus48 karma

ha squirrel bodies. ive never tried squirrel and ive shot a lot of weapons but ive never shot anything with eyeballs

TheKhaleesi7 karma


Thank you for the amazing job you've done with Daryl Dixon. You've really turned this angry, troubled character into a fleshed-out, believable human being. Bravo!

For my questions:

  1. You're really involved with your fanbase (thank you!). What is the weirdest/best/worst interaction with a fan you've ever experienced?

  2. Does having such a rabid fanbase interfere with your daily life?

  3. Favorite book?

And if you ever come to Colorado Springs, give me a shout. I'll show you around this gorgeous town!

Thanks for all you do, Ashe

Norman_Reedus21 karma

hey as he. hug right back at you . thank you . theres been a few pretty weird ones but they weren't really bad weird. more like fun weird. my daily life um i guess so sometimes . mingus keeps getting kicked off social media because there are so many fake hims. which is annoying and i feel kinda bad about . he's a really smart kid . but things like that yeah

Ellisj986 karma

Hi Where do you keep getting your arrows from?

Norman_Reedus43 karma

i yank em outta foreheads . we show it all the time.

flyingbear1225 karma

Hi Norman! I'm a huge fan of all your work. Out of everything you've done, which film/show are you most proud of?

Norman_Reedus23 karma

hey thank you . walking dead . boondock and six ways to sunday

YesiamJezus4 karma

Sup Norman,

I think it's really incredible that celebrities like yourself go for things like AMA's and stuff. My question is, if you weren't to become an actor or you had no motivation to do so, what do you think you would have achieved and become instead?

Norman_Reedus17 karma

hm i dont know . ive always done stuff other than acting . id probably still be doing those things . im gonna direct a video for the bots soon. (if you dont know them you should look them up . amazing)

shyles254 karma

Hey Norman, hows it going?

The real life zombie apocalypse is tomorrow, what do you do today?

Also have a Merry Xmas and google spiked santa strawberries* and make them.

Norman_Reedus11 karma

on xmas? i fly to japan at night. spiked santa? ok

TessaH852 karma

Hi Norman! Wondering whether AMC/TWD as ever considered paying a visit to South Africa? X

Norman_Reedus10 karma

i would love to go there . im not sure tho but that would be amazing