Hi Reddit, I hear that you love rhinos! We’ve just received a new 12 week old white rhino that was found lying in her mom’s blood with an injured leg, and completely covered in ticks and abscesses.

Pic 1: http://imgur.com/1eJDBzP

Pic 2: http://imgur.com/5ciORPs (NSFW)

Pic 3: http://imgur.com/IDP36qi

Please help us save her from this terrible ordeal by spreading awareness of our cause, which can help to raise the necessary funds needed to keep her healthy and safe. If you can help us raise enough funds, we will name her Reddit as a thank you for saving her life!

Donations: http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/help-us-save-africa-s-wildlife/279029

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We’re currently caring for a number of Rhinos, all of which lost their mothers to poaching. At present, 3 rhinos are being killed every day in South Africa, with over 1000 killed this year alone. This figure is continuously growing, with 1004 Rhinos killed last year, 668 in 2012, 448 in 2011, and 333 in 2010.

Please help us save these animals and feel free to ask me anything!

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Care_for_Wild_Africa15 karma

yes, this is eMMa. she is an amazing animal and still loves the couch

dutchkimble10 karma

If one was to bump into a lone male rhino in the wild what is the best way to behave?

Are tech tools like GPS or RFID used to protect them in the fight against poacher bastards?

Care_for_Wild_Africa13 karma

I would say no sudden movements because their eyesight is bad. They can smell very good. So try and not move to fast and go stand stand down wind from him. We microchip them, tag them and sometimes collar them.

lime-throwaway9 karma

Are we past the tipping point with rhinos? Is it possible to bring back the species to thriving numbers in the wild?

Care_for_Wild_Africa16 karma

I really think if we stand together and fight this war as a unit we will win! Let's save as many rhinos as we can, ONE RHINO AT A TIME! Ian Player did it, so let carry on his life's work.

Ignanio8 karma

What is one misconception about rhinos/poaching/ivory that you would love to dispel or shed some light on?

Care_for_Wild_Africa16 karma

Lets deal with rhino and rhino horn first and then elephants and ivory. Not the same thing at all. The big misconception is that rhino horn has a curative effect. There is no medicinal or aphrodisiac effect at all. If this could be truly understood there could be no further poaching. The misconception about ivory is it is beautiful to wear. Anyone who wears ivory when they understand how cruelly the animals are killed is plainly stated, ugly. And that is just the truth, they are not cool...

Dizzy_Lizzie117 karma

How is Didi doing? She was being cared for at Care for Wild when I was volunteering there in June 2012. Her mom was killed by an elephant.

Care_for_Wild_Africa9 karma

Happy to report that Didi has was released a while back

BunduBasher7 karma

What are your thoughts on legalizing the Rhino horn trade? From what i hear there is huge stock piles of horns locked away in South Africa. Would flooding the market make a difference or only cause more damage?


Care_for_Wild_Africa17 karma

I say yes. the trade should be legalized. It can make a huge difference if they can farm with the horns. It will increase the value of the rhino while it is alive. It is worth more dead than alive at the moment. The question is not the stockpile but control and management. It must be a controlled legal supply to the market, cutting out the crime syndicates who presently control the market and the price. Commercializing of the trade will result in large amounts of private capital into rhino.

Jengis_Roundstone7 karma

What was the most "human" behavior you have observed from a Rhino?

Care_for_Wild_Africa17 karma

Nightmares. Such love and recognition, compassion, playfulness Incredibly emotional animals

BunduBasher6 karma

This is amazing. Please keep up the awesome work!

My questions: *how long have you been rehabilitating these Rhino's? *How does one get involved?

Care_for_Wild_Africa12 karma

All my life. But, intensively over the last 16 years. You can always come volunteer at the centre! Please contact African Conservation Experience. www.conservationafrica.net

Mugabe_is_Dead5 karma

What would you say to a poacher if you ever came face to face with a poacher?

Care_for_Wild_Africa7 karma

My aim would be to turn his thinking around ......but i will have to pray for a lot of patience. I will ask him if he will enjoy someone killing his mom or his child brutally in front of him. Cruelty always return he they need to know it...

kayoss9224 karma

Is there any way I can help if I can't afford to donate?

Care_for_Wild_Africa9 karma

You can still like and share our Facebook page! That would be greatly appreciated.. Plus, you can always come volunteer at the centre! Please contact African Conservation Experience. www.conservationafrica.net

FoieyMcfoie4 karma

Are you aware of /r/babyrhinogifs?

Care_for_Wild_Africa3 karma

I will definitely check it out. Thank you

Jose_Padillez3 karma

How often are the poachers caught and what are the penalties?

Care_for_Wild_Africa11 karma

It is difficult to say. It sounds like there is more arrests at the moment. There is a case where the poacher got a sentence of 25 years in jail last week in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.

gerpol3 karma

Are rhinos your favorite animals?

Care_for_Wild_Africa3 karma

Yes! Rhinos are my favorite animals but i also love giraffes and kudu antelopes.

gerpol3 karma

What is the most astonishing fact about rhinos that probably most people not know about?

Care_for_Wild_Africa10 karma

They have beautifully huge bellybuttons, and they can smile with their eyes. I just love them

tracer-bullitt3 karma

Will these rhinos ever get released back into the wild?

Care_for_Wild_Africa6 karma

This is absolutely the plan. We want them to roam freely and breed successfully. We want to make sure that we can save the species.

seedpod023 karma

Your love for rhinos really comes across. Thanks for the work you are doing :)

How old must rescued rhino be before they can be released into the wild?

Care_for_Wild_Africa3 karma

Thank you so much. They are weaned at 18 months and then the process started. They love grazing short grass and they love mud baths. They also enjoy relaxing underneath shady trees. We introduce them first into small camps then bigger camps and then open areas where there is little to no human interaction so that they can breed.

thedogballs3 karma

How much does a rhino typically weigh? I'm asking for a friend

Care_for_Wild_Africa4 karma

Birth weight typically 60 kg and a big male rhino about 2 tons. Heavy amazing creatures

SuramKale3 karma

What's your cutest baby rhino story?

Care_for_Wild_Africa11 karma

There are so many. But one of them is Lunar trying to hide me under the bedding (grass) so that Storm(rhino) can't see me. And at the end she did not succeed and decided to stand over me...very interesting

Blackboxmyass3 karma

What can be done in the east to stop the consumption of rhino horns?

Care_for_Wild_Africa7 karma

To educate them as much as possible. To make them aware that rhinos die unnecessary in the most painful way and then the babies are left alone to die in the bush. Rhino Horn cannot cure anything...it is 4 times more expensive than heroin and accomplishes nothing. Could any intelligent human be involved if they knew this was the case. These animals sometimes cry out for help...And what will our world be like without this iconic animal

charina912 karma

What's your favorite "save" that you've made?

Care_for_Wild_Africa6 karma

Thank you for the question. It is difficult to say. But I must say to be able to fly in a Huey (Bell UH1 helicopter) and as we were landing the rhino started waking up. Then there is the baby black rhino who stopped breathing 7 times and we are happy to say he is doing excellent. Then Manji with the huge laceration on his head above the eye where the poachers hit him with a panga (machete)....

Crazy_D-ude-2 karma

Which is your favorite Pokémon? Please Answer

Care_for_Wild_Africa3 karma

I will have to ask my son. The rhinos is keeping me so busy