This has been a lot of fun. I hope to get back to you guys soon (hopefully with all the beautiful drawings you requested). Thank you for all your kind words of support and encouragement.

My short bio: I've been in the army for just over a year now. I'm a 12B, Combat Engineer, currently stationed at Ft Campbell KY. I'm 25 and I've been drawing for as long as can remember. Im issuing myself a challenge to draw as many caricatures as a can in the span of 30 days. I started off choosing random people to draw and then I started taking requests. I don't charge people for my drawings. I just do it for the fun of it.

***EDIT: my challenge involve's uploading my drawings to my fb, ig page or imgur. If you dont like me to upload your portraits please let me know, so i can simply send it to you.

My Proof: Me at work: And my art work:

**EDIT: You've all been really amazing! I just wish i could draw every single one of you. I seen some crazy pictures I just cant wait to sketch out. You dont have to do it, but you can follow me on instagram @special_jack. You can also send me your requests there. I may not be able to draw everyone but keep sending them anyway, my challenge is to draw RANDOM people. So, you never know if i might draw you next. Thank you!

***UPDATE: Heres an update of some of the requests I've done so far.

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sammccarty383 karma

Soldier don't lose your bearings, I challenge you to draw you chain up to HNIC CnC Obama. Making each one have a more patriotic background

You down private?

Edit: loose lose

jmoll101479 karma

That's a good solid HOOOAH!!!

T-rexTea168 karma

I've regretted not having my caricature done the last time I had a chance. Do you think you can give it a know, for practice's sake?

edit: OP delivered, spectacularly.

jmoll101131 karma

Your face looks awesome! I'll take a crack at it!

T-rexTea250 karma

Awesome face. That's going on my next resume.

jmoll101121 karma BIG BOLD LETTERS, my friend.

jmoll10113 karma

Here, attach this, Just incase they're not convinced.

tail_wheel76 karma


jmoll10123 karma

Semper Fi?


Samjogo75 karma

I think once you see me, you'll find it impossible to resist putting my beauty to paper. I mean, really, have you you ever gazed upon a fairer countenance?

jmoll10150 karma

im fighting the urge right now, and its winning.

imnotquitedeadyet66 karma

I know you probably won't see this, but could you draw this for me?

This was shortly after I'd had a fight with the ground, so that's why I have the injured face, haha.

Also, thank you for doing what you do!

jmoll10140 karma

That's quite unfortunate. I hope you're doing alright. This photo looks hella funny though. lol

FunkPigeon38 karma

Hey, thanks a lot for doing this! It's a great idea. What is a pleasant surprise about being in the army that you never expected? I'd like to make a trade if you're interested. Below is an example of my style, which is not very realistic, as well as a picture of me and my dog.

jmoll10124 karma

your style's very unique and interesting. i like it.

Dotrue27 karma

What was your inspiration to start drawing? Impressive work by the way.

jmoll10131 karma

Thanks. I really wanted to share my art work to others. I figured I had this gift and it would just be selfish for me not to share it to the world, or at to a few people. This is just my own little way of doing it.

jmoll10120 karma

You've sent me so many amazing photos. I'm looking forward to drawing every single one of them. I just hope I can get through every single one of them before my challenge ends. Maybe then, Ill still be drawing in which case, i really don't mind. I would be happy to answer more of your questions if you have any. Thank you all for your support.

Awesome_Otter18 karma


jmoll10133 karma

As of right now, Im not taking any paid projects. One of the rules for my challenge is I have to give the drawings for free. If you want I could get back to you after 30 days and give you a quote.

Awesome_Otter14 karma


jmoll10117 karma

sweet. get back to me in about a month and we'll work something out.

superpowers8718 karma

Where are you at campbell? Im in 3rd brigade

jmoll10125 karma

Im in 1st brigade.

odah14 karma

101st hooah

jmoll10122 karma

Air Assault!

the_middle_line9 karma

Balls of the Eagle? Also, can I get a portrait?? Your work is awesome

jmoll10110 karma

Sapper Eagle. And yes you can!

Brick_wall_the_13 karma

Did you ever consider doing something other then serving ?

jmoll10151 karma

Oh, yes. In a few months I'll be taking college classes again to finish my undergrad in Graphic Design with a minor in business.

jbaker73266 karma

Hey man, CLEPS/DSST are your friend! I don't know what your level of college is but they saved me a ton of time and money. All done through the ed center and updated to your JST. 2ez

jmoll1012 karma

Thanks for the tip!

kelleyv2313 karma


jmoll10117 karma

I took a few drawing and illustration classes at a community college which really sparked my interest to persue art. From there I pretty much just taught myself through books, online content and lots of practice.

kelleyv239 karma


jmoll1016 karma

Thank you

Hoteyez12 karma

You ever tried /r/redditgetsdrawn ? I'm pretty sure you can accomplish your goals there faster :)

jmoll1018 karma

No, I havent. Thanks.

jessicaho6567 karma

Can you draw my dog, Bear? :)

I would also love to have the drawing! How can I arrange to have it sent to me? :)

jmoll1012 karma

Here you go. I hope you like it. I really enjoyed doing this.

blaZken7 karma

I havent seen my brother in 2 years (I'm studying abroad), can you do this pic please? It's from my family photo-shoot 2 years ago. I really appreciate it and thank you for your service.

jmoll1012 karma

Here you go, man. Hope you get to see your family again soon.

independentsince17765 karma

Do you ever go like "that's me!" when the commercial about the private who joined the Army to become a graphic artist comes on?


jmoll1016 karma

Thats actually the 1st time i saw that commercial. really cracked me up. lol

Brick_wall_the_4 karma draw this scene ? My girlfriend would LOVE it.

jmoll1015 karma

never really drawn a "scene" in caricature... but i can try.

MedicMalfunction3 karma

First of all thank you for your service!

Do you only draw or do you enjoy making other kinds of art as well?

Also I'm going to attach a picture if you're willing to take a crack at it, if not I think I'll live!

jmoll10110 karma

Your welcome. I do other stuff besides caricature like pin-up illustration and calligraphy among other things. But, whenever I see selfies on my facebook wall (or everywhere, really), all I think about is how ridiculous some of them look and caricatures simply come to mind. And they're really fun to do.

I'll definitely give it a shot!

MedicMalfunction5 karma

Thanks! How difficult is calligraphy compared to other kinds of art?

jmoll1017 karma

I wouldn't say it's difficult. it's pretty easy to get into. And it's a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

MaryJanePotson3 karma

will you draw me and my dog as jon snow and ghost?!

i'm a petite curly haired brunette and she's a tiny version of ghost, people are always comparing us and i've always thought it'd be hilarious

also, can i send you a holiday card?

jmoll1017 karma

Sure, but then i'd have to draw you a beard. lol I would appreciate a holiday card. Send me a picture and i'll see what i can do.

MaryJanePotson3 karma

I've always wanted a beard... they look so warm :3

jmoll1015 karma

right? lol

icopywhatiwant2 karma


jmoll1019 karma

Its all relative, really. I hate it less and less everyday, or maybe im just running out of fucks to give. not sure which one.

Waterlol12 karma

Are you still taking requests? And if so how would I send you the picture?

jmoll1012 karma

You can upload it to imgur and send me a link to it. i think that'd be easier.

qpidough2 karma

Filipino ka ba, sir?

jmoll1012 karma

o po

savna2 karma

Hi there! thanks for your service and you have a good hand for drawing. Best caricatures I've seen by far. I have a few random questions and a request if you'd like.

1) what's your favorite movie(s)? 2) if your bored, what do you find yourself doing besides drawing? 3) what's your zodiac sign? 4) if you could have an exotic pet, what would it be?

(Request: I'm a Longboarder chick and this is me at the park with my "skate face" on shredding some hills. )

jmoll1012 karma

1) Right now, i'd say Good Will Hunting but Interstellar really blew me away, though. 2) I like to play basketball and just hangout with friends, Im a pretty laid back kind of guy. 3) Im a Libra. 4) Im not good with keeping pets, but panda sounds like it'd be fun to have around.

onesimpleclik2 karma


jmoll1014 karma

You're always more interesting than you think. Send it!

Alexa-the-hexa2 karma

Hey! How do you like kentucky? And what made you do this challenge? It's pretty cool!

I'm in Kentucky! Draw me and my boyfriend! I'll print it and give it to him for Christmas' that' be sweet! Have a happy holiday season! Hope you like bipolar KY weather and you better be a UK fan!(: So my question is... Are you a UK fan?

jmoll1016 karma

Not really, sorry. thats a nice picture though

TheGirlWhoTraveled2 karma

Am I too late to request a drawing? This is me and my pup Peanut. Thanks for all you do!

jmoll1012 karma

Here you go!

LiquidCherry2 karma

A few questions.

Coffee or tea?

Crunchy or soggy (or both)?

Cats or dogs?

Ink or graphite?

Tattoos or piercings?

Lastly, butt or boobs?

Thanks in advance.

jmoll1017 karma

coffe. crunchy. both, depending on my mood that day. piercings. i love boobies, but really more of an ass man.

Strormageddon2 karma

My suggestion: Draw Sergeant Johnson (Halo). :)

I think these are great! I remember doing a thing in art class where we picked each individual thing- a body piece, arms, accessories, and a head- and then traced them to make our own little drawings like these. Even that took me forever. How long does it take you to do one of these drawings, and when you're modeling it off of someone, do you need them there or to remain still, or is it just kind of a thing where you look at them and know what you're drawing from that?

jmoll1013 karma

I usually have them send me pictures. i used to do this thing where I would go to like a park or some place public and just draw random people in secret. sounds really creepy but nobody ever notices. but that was a long time ago, though.

Marquetan2 karma

Will you draw me?

jmoll1016 karma

Sure, I'm still taking requests right now. Just send me a picture.

Lupo_Bi-Wan_Kenobi2 karma

I've always wanted to do caricature drawings. I like your style a lot, it's very inspiring. Here's a couple pics of me. How do you feel about massive beards?

jmoll1012 karma

i love beards. yours looks insanely awesome!

UmamiSalami2 karma

Hello, combat engineer! If you have any time, would you draw me? I would be very happy if you did!

jmoll1015 karma

Yes, Maam!

UmamiSalami7 karma

Thanks a lot! I, uh, I'm a guy though.

jmoll1015 karma


supafly2081 karma

This would be so cool!

Could you do this one?! The story behind it is that I'm super short. My wife was wearing heels in this shot. I was on the tip of my toes and she was squatting down.

Could you make one where she is towering over me in a comical way? We always joke about our heights.

Even if you don't get to mine, thank you for doing this!

More face. Ignore lady on right.

jmoll1012 karma

I know my challenge has been over for quite some time now, but I really wanted to draw this one. And I'm glad I did. Here you go. I had a lot of fun doing this. I hope you like it.

Covenisberg1 karma

i notice you have a blasting cap in your hand, are you an engineer?

jmoll1012 karma

Yes, im a 12B.

Covenisberg1 karma

yeah on further look at ur pic i saw the E on ur kevlar, i was a 1371 in the marine corps, engineers lead the way.

jmoll1012 karma

semper fi!

xXminilex1 karma

Can you draw a reenactment of your favorite moment in your career?

jmoll1011 karma

you know, i never thought about that. i'll definitely consider it. thanks.

xXminilex1 karma

If you don't mind me asking, what would that moment be?

jmoll1012 karma

there's a few that comes to mind. Graduating with honors in basic is one of them.

Aelwhin1 karma

Thank you for your service! Also, I am really digging your style! What was the most difficult caricature you've had to draw so far?

jmoll1011 karma

that's a good question. Each person's face presented different challenges but its also the most fun part of the drawing. For every single one of my drawings, capturing likeness is perhaps the most difficult thing. you cant see it here since I haven't uploaded the original photos (which i should probably start doing).

glitzyjan1 karma

Hi and thank you for your service. How did this challenge come about?

jmoll1013 karma

Its my honor to serve. This is something ive never done before. I've always been conscious about my drawings and sharing them to people for fear of negative feedback. This is just my way of overcoming that fear and doing nice things for people at the same time which i thought would be appropriate since its the holidays.

glitzyjan1 karma

Your work is amazing. You should be very proud of it. I hope you have a very safe and happy holiday.

jmoll1012 karma

Thank you.


Your caricatures are very nice. I've been having trouble finding a gift for my mother, and I was wondering if you could do a caricature of her. Can I email it to you though? I don't think she would like having a straight up picture of herself up on the Internet.


P.S. you wouldn't need to mail it to me, just a picture would be fine.

jmoll1010 karma

I'm taking requests but I can't really give a specific date as to when I can finish it since I'm still backed up right now. But do send me that photo though, i'll try to get to it as soon as i can.

Doctorwhat131 karma

Have you ever done a caricature of yourself? What about someone in your chain of command? Also, I've been debating between going 11B or 12B lately. Would you recommend it?

jmoll1011 karma

yes, ive done a few caricatures of myself. not in my chain of command. i would advise you to do your research. i cant speak for infantry but if youre gonna go 12b, theres gonna be some math involved if thats a factor for you.

spider_84-18 karma

Have you ever drawn one of a person you are about to shoot?

jmoll1016 karma

No. I hope I never have to... That would be horrible.