EDIT: Okay guys I think I'm gonna call it! Thanks for all the great questions! And thanks to /u/boobooslasher for creating that YouTube video!

Hey guys, unexpected magic thug / professional magician / world traveller / film major. Ask Me Anything!

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Archon4572038 karma

Did you, in fact, choose the thug life? Or did it choose you?

reubenmoreland2435 karma

I'd say it definitely chose me...

fresh21121528 karma

Can you please do a magic trick on John Cena where you disappear and leave him holding a card that says "you can't see me"?

reubenmoreland1133 karma

haha that would be hilarious!

ROKandHARDPLACE1382 karma

How much do you make?

reubenmoreland4228 karma

im in college, so negative 35k a year

tencandancer607 karma

Do you, in fact, endorse the THUG LIFE?

reubenmoreland789 karma

Within reason haha

plolock586 karma

What's the hardest/worst thing about magic?

reubenmoreland1170 karma

One of the hardest things is to get people to take it seriously at first. "Oh your a magician haha" Once people start to respect it and understand that It's giving me a lot of opportunity to see the world and have some amazing opportunities, it gets a lot better.

RedWingMYW453 karma

I have three cards in my hand: a Queen of Spades, Jason Blake's Rookie Card, and a coupon for $5 dollars off at H&M. What color is my hat?

reubenmoreland739 karma

blue, duh

iFightForUsers348 karma

What are some of your best memories from Tannen's Magic Camp?

reubenmoreland560 karma

The movie really does sum up the vibe of the camp, but one of the most unique things about the camp is how much of a family we were. Many of my best friends are from our days at the camp, and many of them are working full time in the entertainment industry. Magic Camp at the time was almost a factory that pumped out entertainment professionals!

tculpepper328 karma

Ever had a super hard crowd to please? How do you deal with hecklers?

reubenmoreland497 karma

It's all about not allowing to get them to bother you.

boobooslasher327 karma

Hey Reuben, I'm the creator of the Thug Life Magic video. I'm so sorry for blowing up your spot! This is my first video and first post to reddit. I had no idea it would take off like this. I was watching the Magic Camp documentary a few weeks ago and that scene just cracked me up. I thought it would make a great thug life video. Did you plan that moment for the camera or was it just perfect timing? Anyway, I hope you are enjoying all of the attention and it helps to promote your magic!

reubenmoreland209 karma

Haha. Can you put my name and YouTube channel in the description?

reubenmoreland132 karma

Also thanks again for the press!

penguinbro221 karma

How long have you been practicing magic?

reubenmoreland503 karma

I've been interested in it since around 6 years old. Then I turned 12, I started really getting involved in the entertainment industry, performing in local competitions. It really blew up for me in college. After my freshman year, I travelled to England to represent the USA in the world championships of magic, and have had a blast over the last four years traveling the world performing while still being a full time college student!

therebelliousgoat197 karma

What are you studying?

reubenmoreland297 karma

Electronic media / film

Cosmosplayer139 karma

Seriously one of the funniest thug life's I've seen haha how did you get into magic?

reubenmoreland140 karma

I think I saw a magician as a kid and just wanted a new hobby. Turned out to be much more than that!

TheKooPZz130 karma

Did you know the camera was going to be there beforehand or did you see it and set up a trick quickly?

reubenmoreland179 karma

I honestly don't remember. It was so long ago.

JBeeizzle114 karma

What trick took you the longest to learn? How would you suggest someone who is interested in being a magician get started?

reubenmoreland194 karma

Anything that is sleight of hand related was the hardest to learn. Definitely check out Tannen's Magic Camp, or even go to a local magic shop. The community has always been very welcoming to budding young magicians.

Booyahkashah99 karma

Have you ever met NPH?

reubenmoreland195 karma

yes, but I doubt he remembers

Resident_Wizard95 karma

What's the most thug thing you've ever done? Do yo have any pets that travel with you and are part of your act?

reubenmoreland298 karma

I'm a magician that's allergic to rabbits, so I choose to keep it in the hat.

mistermacheath81 karma

Hi! There was a video posted of you doing an (awesome) dice and card trick on Italian TV. Not only does the trick rule, but you look decidedly cheery!

Being that a lot magicians, I guess especially more modern ones, go for stoic/pseudo-mystical deadpan schtick (David Blaine et al)* I thought it was pretty refreshing and fun to watch. Was this a conscious aesthetic decision or are you just a dude happy in your work?

*Not that there's anything wrong with that. And I'm also aware you look like a badass in the Thug Life vid too, obvs.

reubenmoreland105 karma

Thanks for the kind words! It's absolutely a conscious choice. I truly believe that the actual trick is a tiny part of the full performance. I like to have fun while performing and instead of intensifying my actions, I'd rather lighten the mood and allow my audience to relax and have fun watching.

Sleightly-Magical61 karma

Hey man,

Erik Casey here, no question, just wanted to say hey. Hope all is well in the thug world. You're killing it. What's the next convention you're hitting up?

reubenmoreland53 karma

Hey bud! Not sure yet

badwhiskey6335 karma

Dai Vernon or Criss Angel?

reubenmoreland65 karma

totally different people haha

IrishGhost33 karma

What was the push that got you to start really taking magic seriously?

reubenmoreland59 karma

I competed at the world teen championships of magic when I was 15 in Las Vegas, and a lot of my idols were there sitting in the audience. It was pretty surreal for me, but that's definitely when I saw this more as a career than a hobby.

IchTanze30 karma

What's a good first trick to learn?

reubenmoreland54 karma

My first tricks were the magic coloring book and the zig-zag pencil

Frubens29 karma

Why'd you change your hair? Any chance you'll bring back that glorious 'do?

reubenmoreland32 karma

probably not haha

ErikThe22 karma

What's the most important trait a magician can have?

reubenmoreland43 karma

Understanding that is 10% about the actual trick. The rest is about persona and entertainment value

NewdAccount21 karma

Have you ever been to the famously exclusive Magic Castle? I've been there a few times.

reubenmoreland35 karma

Yeah! I performed there last April. What an awesome experience!

SoYppah21 karma

Who do you look up to in your career?

reubenmoreland40 karma

Anyone who has been able to do what they love instead of selling out to make money.

Aloooon21 karma

How much magic does one need to learn before the thug life chooses them?

reubenmoreland45 karma

Apparently 8 years worth

beelzeflub7 karma

What's your favorite movie?

reubenmoreland32 karma

This year, Boyhood

TheMagicOfFriendship6 karma

What made you want to become a film major?

reubenmoreland13 karma

I love the entertainment industry, and I've always had a passion for movies. Both my parents were very involved in the entertainment industry growing up.

stopdropanddrumroll5 karma

Where is the best place in the world that you have visited?

reubenmoreland14 karma

That's a tough one. Croatia is beautiful, Budapest is so alive, but I personally loved going to Asia. Either South Korea or China.

g_kesavahraj5 karma

What's your favourite flavour of ice cream?

reubenmoreland21 karma

Mint chocolate chip

memeship10 karma

Given that you go to UC, I hope you're talking about Graeter's. Otherwise you're doing it wrong.

reubenmoreland12 karma

Yes I am!

Kimo1344 karma

How did you begin your career?

reubenmoreland10 karma

A combination of meeting the right people and getting really lucky with some awesome opportunities.

Nickyjtjr4 karma

You're a film major? What do you shoot on?

reubenmoreland6 karma

Quite a few types of cameras. Only digital so far unfortunately. I haven't has the opportunity to shoot on film.

Awwhitney603 karma

What is the best magic movie?

Also, any advice to the childrens on the thug life?

reubenmoreland4 karma

I'm a big fan of the prestige.

Imploder2 karma

Tell us about that scene. How far in advance did you plan that trick? Was it spur of the moment, or something you had been planning for the camera?

reubenmoreland4 karma

Not sure haha. I was a silly kid

dan78991 karma

is your name Reuben Moreland?

reubenmoreland2 karma