It all started with cat name Jackson, who developed macular degeneration and couldn't find his litter box. We were able to extend this quality of life by putting together whole bunch of grasses that cat particularly enjoy. During the R&D we have also learned that “Non-use of the litter box is the number one behavioral reason why cats are abandoned or abused,” “We believe that we have successfully created a product that will reduce the amount of pets being abandoned, abused and euthanized”

Litter Getter in an all-natural herb and plant mixture, Litter Getter is designed to bring problem cats back to the litter box and assist older cats and help with litter training for kittens.

Our blend influence's the felines natural instincts. Cats are attracted by scent, making Litter Getter™ a great option for all cats. Litter Getter™ clumps right in with any brand of clumping litter while reducing unpleasant litter box odor making the litter box experience pleasurable.

It's cheaper to prevent litter box issues then to deal with them.

How it works:

We are on the mission to prevent cats ending up in shelters due to litter box issues.


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sterlingthecatdoesit3 karma

Is the LitterGetter only supposed to attract cats to the litterbox? Or does it also refresh the litter.

How is this product different than Cat Attract litter and additive, which I just got for my cat. He likes that texture better, but despises any messes in his box.

Even with daily cleanings, he won't go in his litterbox without it being completely clean. Could the LitterGetter help him?

hadtomakeonetopost4 karma

It also refreshes the litter. Funny you asked, cat attract is our old formula. Our new formula only goes into litter getter.

I would suggest trying litter getter.

Iamjasw3 karma

What is your opinion on covered litter boxes. Like the omega paw box? I clean mine everyday, but people say not to use a covered box.

hadtomakeonetopost6 karma

Im glad to hear that you clean yours everyday, otherwise the smell may get overwhelming. However, those types of litter boxes provide privacy that many cats enjoy. I would make sure that your cat doesn't overgrow the litter box. My two cents...

slave_to_sound3 karma

My cat hasn't popped in her box for her 4 years of existence. She poops right next to it on linoleum! She even "buries" it. Do you think this product would help persuade her to use the box? (Yes the box is clean. And she does urinate in the box.)

hadtomakeonetopost1 karma

Our products has helped cats that were doing their business outside of the litter box, however, each case is different. i would suggested to try our product.

sciamatic1 karma

Get in contact with the CatGenie folks? I use a CatGenie now -- it's fabulous. One of my cats is still not using it though, and I'm sure maybe a spray type version that can be used on their washable granules would be great.

hadtomakeonetopost2 karma

It would make sense for Cat Genie to include our product to insure that cats will adopt to it faster..... thanks, i will try to reach out.

Frankzulla1 karma

What sort of legal hurdles did you need to overcome? Do you sell online as well or direct to retailers? How did you manage to get in with them?

Thank you for your time!

hadtomakeonetopost2 karma

As a start up we realized early that we've developed a new category in pet care and with limited resources we had find different way to introduces our product to the market. We had to find companies that already had shelf space in major retailers and convince them to take on the product as part of their line up of other products under their brand. In other words, we basically sell the formula in bulk and they make all the mula...... Now, we launched our own brand to sell directly to consumers.

Frankzulla1 karma

How are direct sales going for you so far? Thanks for the excellent response! I'm working as a consultant for an up and coming manufacturer of pet goods, primarily helping with ecommerce and marketing but with several other roles as well. Your AMA is most fortuitously timed!

hadtomakeonetopost2 karma

Could you tell me more about your ecom marketing strategy?

We are trying to grow organically (Content, pictures, videos and back link) so it will take abit more time for us to get where we want to be. We take a bit of different approach when it comes to sales and growth. Our goal is to be able to help millions of cats from ending up in shelters due to litter box issues and it starts with one cat at a time.

littlesoubrette1 karma

My cat has had problems with constipation. In the past this has led to behavioral problems with not using his litter box. I changed his diet and found ways to keep him better hydrated, so the constipation isn't a problem anymore, but he sometimes still struggles to find his litter box (just remnant behavioral urges from before). I've tried every solution imaginable and 9/10 times it's not a problem, but every once in a while he falls back to old habits. Now, I really like the litter I have- natural wood pellets, and he far prefers it over gravel type litter. Would mixing a small amount of your litter in with mine help him find his box better? I don't want to totally change litter on him, but sometimes I think he needs a little extra help. Would adding a new litter bother an already picky cat? Are the benefits of your litter going to outweigh any dislike of gravel my cat has? I'm super excited about your product and would love to try it if it'll work for me!

hadtomakeonetopost1 karma

Litter Getter formula replicates an outdoor environment that cats particularly enjoy. It's easier to prevent then to deal with the issues.
Litter Getter is litter additive and add to your current litter. How to Use Litter Getter: