Hello, Reddit!

Due to the popularity of my recent comment in AskReddit and numerous PM's of private questions, I've decided to open another AMA.

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I am a 20 year old deaf girl from Michigan. I became "hard of hearing" around the age of 12 due to Bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss. This means that the nerves in my ear that help me hear just decided to up and quit one day. Like a corporate mass-firing. Normally this type of hearing loss is much more gradual, but I contain a gene that makes it a lot easier to lose it.

I primarily speak and use American Sign Language simultaneously as much as possible. I hang with both hearing and deaf people (and date both). I use hearing aids for work and certain social groups, but I still can't understand anyone without reading their lips.

I played several musical instruments in the past: Trumpet, Piano, Drums, Clarinet, and for a week a trombone but my arms are stubby. :/ I still play piano as often as possible. :) I also participated in sports: football, softball, volleyball- You name it, I did it for a least a month.

Today, I am a Deaf Activist that is trying to speak in public schools about deafness: what it means, what questions are ok to ask, and how deaf people go about their daily lives. You would be surprised how many questions I get that make my jaw drop (especially older people who are used to the deaf=disabled and helpless mentality), but I love answering them because... well who else would you ask?

So go ahead! Ask me anything!

Proof I have provided proof several times in past AMA's on this account. Here is a link to my proof, although it is a bit old. http://imgur.com/BvSc3DE If you don't know what this is, this is an Audiogram which measures your hearing. According to the chart (a few years old) I am missing about 75% of my ability to hear correct speech.

Edit: Alright, Reddit! I've hit a window where no one has asked me a question for ten minutes, so I'm going to bed! I will be back up to answer questions by noon. I will answer all of them, so don't be afraid to leave a question! Good Night Reddit! See you tomorrow!

Edit2: I'm back! Ask away! I will answer all of your questions! This AMA will stop at midnight on Sunday. PM me if you have any questions after that. :)

FINAL EDIT: Thank you so much, Reddit! I've have three successful AMAs with you and I'm happy to see I have a fan base! I hope you learned more about the deaf community and how we live. Feel free to PM me if you have more questions, but for now I am done answering questions on this AMA. Thank you for your time!


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ErikThe3 karma

What was your initial reaction when your hearing started to go?

Deaf_Girl_2 karma

I freaked the fuck out! I watched it slowly go away and I still feel helpless to it sometimes. But I do everything I can to show myself that it's just something I have, and that it doesn't influence my life so much that I have to go onto disability and such.

Helmedelaon3 karma

I wanted to ask, is it weird to want to learn sign language because I want to try to understand deaf's world?

Deaf_Girl_6 karma

Not at all! Learning sign language can be easy and fun (until actual fluent grammar, but don't worry about that right now)!

A good movie to watch is Through Deaf Eyes. It thoroughly explains deaf history and important movements in the deaf community: like Gallaudet and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

feverfor-theflavor2 karma

In you bio you say that you didn't lose your hearing until you were 12, what are some things that you miss hearing?

Deaf_Girl_7 karma

Bacon. Waves. My dog.

Oh! And video game music! It's just never the same. :(

RedzaDS1 karma

Why do you play instruments without being able to hear them?

Deaf_Girl_3 karma

To annoy people.

But honestly, I love music! I just feel it a little more than I listen to it. :)

RedzaDS4 karma

Yay! Thanks for answering. :) Don't take my question as any offense. I didn't know that many people would downvote it.

Again sorry if I said anything wrong D:

Deaf_Girl_3 karma

It's ok! I don't mind! I did say Ask Me Anything!

MisterRash0 karma

Do you ever how much your voice has changed over the years?

Deaf_Girl_6 karma

I wouldn't know.

miserable_nerd-4 karma

hang out with deaf and hearing disabled (and date both)

I'm not deaf or have hearing problems. what's the probability that you would date me?

Deaf_Girl_7 karma


I'm in a happy and healthy relationship and we will eventually get married. :)

miserable_nerd2 karma

That sounds wonderful :)

Deaf_Girl_21 karma

Is that a deaf joke?


FccGriffin-5 karma

Would you ever date some who can hear? And is fat?

Deaf_Girl_3 karma

I'm actually in a relationship with a hearing guy right now! So yes! But he's not fat. He's a bit chubby, but comfortably.