Hi reddit! I was Playboy’s Miss April 2012 and then the 2013 Playmate of the Year. I am going to be starring in “Muck: Feast of Saint Patrick” which will begin filming in April. It’s the first movie in a horror trilogy. The middle movie, “Muck” has already been shot and will be releasedSee more at our kickstarter: http://bit.ly/MuckKickstarter



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Wanna go on a date with me? I have a coupon for the Red Lobster.

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Do you know if Playboy has a rubber duck collection? I've seen it in 2003 with a Katie Cleary photoshoot and in 2007 with a Jillian Beyor photoshoot but some of the ducks in the collection make me think they've had it since at least the 90s. What do they do with a massive set of props like that?

Raquel_Pomplun23 karma

I have no idea! Things change all the time!

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Do all Playmates have to bang Hef? I remember reading an article where Kendra Wilkinson insinuated that they do.

Raquel_Pomplun114 karma

No... But then again you can read and interpret the bible and the constitution many ways too....

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Raquel, congrats on making the move to acting. I wish you the best of luck.

Since acting is something that is new to you, what has been the biggest challenge in getting started with your acting career? And if you could act on one TV show, which would it be?

Also, I once instagrammed a picture and you commented on it. That made my day lmao. Thanks for that.


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Aawww you are welcome! I guess the biggest challenge is to be taken seriously, don't forget that I am in the Mecca of acting: Hollywood. Most actors here have been training their whole lives and it's almost offensive to them for me to come and try to make it when I barely started training. However, it's a great challenge and I love that, nothing better that working for your accomplishments. The tv show that I would love to be in is Supernatural :)

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What's your favourite picture of yourself?

Raquel_Pomplun52 karma

My wedding photo with my husband. Best day ever!

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What do you think about the phrase "sliding on through like a kangaroo"?

Raquel_Pomplun15 karma

Well, I don't know that phrase, English is my second language so I still don't know a lot of phrases...

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What's your favorite Pokemon?

Raquel_Pomplun54 karma

Wiggly puff

Sehs25 karma

Wikipedia says you're the first Mexican-American to be Playmate of the Year. Does that feel like a special accomplishment?

Also, what are parties at the mansion like?

Raquel_Pomplun14 karma

I don't see it like an accomplishment but more like a set stone in history, and it feels cool! Mansion parties are amazing!

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How have the men in your life handled what you do?

Raquel_Pomplun24 karma

There's only been one, and that is my husband, Alejandro, and you can ask him, I mean, we are still married if that helps ;)

Boonaki17 karma

What is something no one knows about you?

Raquel_Pomplun24 karma

Most people know everything about me by now.... But somehow people get surprised with the fact that I've been married for almost 5 years.

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How does your husband feel about you being a playmate?

Raquel_Pomplun16 karma

Loves it!

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How does it feel to have one of the most amazing cover photos ever? Iconic. That ass tho.

Raquel_Pomplun10 karma

Pretty EPIC :P

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What's your favorite game to play?

Raquel_Pomplun23 karma

Mario cart

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When you first started doing play boy type modeling, did you find it to be a bit uncomfortable?

Raquel_Pomplun11 karma

I've always been a playmate, no halfsies of typies .... And no, playboy is a very proffecional corporation, it has history, really doesn't hurt to research it ;)

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What's the movie about and what is your role in it?

Raquel_Pomplun16 karma

It's a horror movie and I play one of the supporting actors who may or may not die... :)

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What are your favourite horror movies?

Raquel_Pomplun10 karma

Mmmmm I'm a scary cat! Don't like them as much lol

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Which would you rather save, the rain forrests or the polar bears, and why?

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That is a very hard question, they are both in danger, can I do both?

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What's the strangest experience you've had with a fan?

Raquel_Pomplun16 karma

Staring... Badly ...

Li546 karma

What's one thing you wish people knew about being a Playmate?

Raquel_Pomplun7 karma

It's really not pornographic or has anything to do with it... In that case Michael Angelo and Davinci would have created the same with their muses...

Li546 karma

Can you talk about the process of becoming Playmate of the year? What were the best/worst parts?

Raquel_Pomplun8 karma

There was really nothing bad about becoming playmate of the year, it's between Hugh Hefner and corporate that they decide who playmate of the year is. Then from there it's just photoshoots and lots of appearances and work! Just like miss universe!

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Hi Raquel, big fan of you and happy for all your accomplishments. One thing has me perplexed though. I believe Pomplun is your maiden name, but why is your husband's last name also Pomplun? I could be wrong, lol.

Raquel_Pomplun10 karma

Well, that's simple, he took my name, he liked my name better than his for our family name :) he truly is one of the kind.

Taylor_Satine5 karma

How did you first get discovered or into Playboy, and do you have any tips for girls like me who want to model for Playboy someday? I'm a huge fan thank you!

Raquel_Pomplun11 karma

I submitted my photos online. Best advice is to stay as natural and next girl looking as possible, that whole lip and boob enhanced look was back in 2000

camdoodlebop4 karma

Have you ever seen the movie House Bunny with Anna Farris?

Raquel_Pomplun4 karma

Yes! It's halarious!!!!

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Huge fan of yours, and you definitely represented the Playboy name extremely well during your PMOY time. My question I have for you, on how were you discovered by Playboy since all Playmates have their stories on how they were discovered and achieved the Playmate status, and do you have any regrets or negative things that came about from posing for Playboy? Again, thank you for doing this AMA.

Raquel_Pomplun7 karma

I submitted my photos online! And has been an amazing trip! No regrets nothing negative, I seriously have been blessed.

And thank you for your support!

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2 Part Question:

Which of your relatives is the MOST supportive of your career? Which of your relatives is the LEAST supportive of your career? A little story on each would be great, too. Thanks!

Raquel_Pomplun6 karma

All my relatives are supportive and my biggest fans, seriously no exaggeration.

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Have you ever been to East Los Angeles to eat good Mexican food?

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:) Best of luck to you and your family.

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Hahahahahaha, it was a toll between all of us in the family, not all of us like turkey... Favorite guitarist? Nita Staruss My mom! Muck is a backwoods horror movie with no cgi that it's pretty much a love letter to horror film fans.

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What do you like to do in your spare time ( if you have any)? Video games, movies, books?

Raquel_Pomplun1 karma

SLEEP lol!!!! And to read!

Vespera2 karma

What kind of music do you listen to?

Raquel_Pomplun3 karma

All kinds ... Really

UncleVicVic2 karma

Do you like acting or modeling more?

Raquel_Pomplun1 karma

Both, but just little more on acting

tonythemexican2 karma

I don't like when people say that in order to be playmate of the year or even playmate, you have to sleep with Hugh Hefner. It's ridiculous that some people believe that. What are your thoughts on that?

Raquel_Pomplun4 karma

Same here, it's the most ridiculous thought I've even heard, but again, ignorance can make people say things like that!

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Hi Raquel! Do you think you'll be doing anymore movies after the Muck trilogy?

Raquel_Pomplun3 karma

Oh yes! I have other projects going on too! Follow me on my social media to find out about them! @rpomplun

OpticCostMeMyAccount1 karma

Have you ever met Batman?

Raquel_Pomplun3 karma

No... Maybe one day ....

OpticCostMeMyAccount7 karma

So Bruce Wayne doesn't frequent the playboy mansion?

Raquel_Pomplun2 karma

Hahahahahaha no

bh23911 karma

What kind of horror movie is this? Why are you doing it?

Raquel_Pomplun-2 karma

I got casted for it and it's a horror movie.

Bentumbo1 karma

Whats happens at the playboy mansion that might surprise people?

Raquel_Pomplun4 karma

Mmmm... Pretty much everything is out there, the question should be, what doesn't really happen at the mansion that could surprise people.

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Congrats on the success! What is/was the most charming thing anyone has ever done for you? Good luck in the rest of your career.

Raquel_Pomplun1 karma

To pay attention, seriously, it's the best when people pay attention to little things and remember.

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What would you like for Christmas?

Raquel_Pomplun1 karma

Food and family.

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Who is the most interesting person you have met in your carrier?

Raquel_Pomplun2 karma

My managers Edith and Oscar Torres

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Do you like sports? If so, any teams you follow?

Raquel_Pomplun-5 karma

I like sports,mother sports themselves, I don't follow the teams :)

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Women that pose for Playboy do it primarily to gain notoriety that can lead to bigger things. Pamela Anderson and Carmen Elektra come to mind. Very few playmates have benefitted as much as you have Raquel. What do you attribute your success to? I know being gorgeous helps, but there must be something else. I have the impression that you must be very driven and relentless. Una luchona.

Raquel_Pomplun-3 karma

Luchona y patience ... It's mainly knowing what you what and being patient the right thing comes to those who wait.

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Have you considered acting in Bollywood movies?

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Hahahaha I am not single

mr_sn3-7 karma

If you had to defeat a man with just one hit,what would you do???

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I usually don't think of this hahahahahahahaha song I don't know maybe his man hood???