I am Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner and former Acting Chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Before moving to Washington, I served 11 years on the Public Service Commission representing the great state of South Carolina. What excites me the most about this position, is the ability to work every day on issues that affect all Americans: from expanding access to broadband, to ensuring reliable telephone and television service. And speaking of tv, I am a huge fan of vintage shows, love to add pecans to my morning yogurt, and if I could get away with it on a regular basis, would consume large scoops of Butterfinger ice cream every night. While I am a bit partial to the colors purple and blue, I remain loyal to Garnet and Black, aka The University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!)

I’m Ready for Reddit, so ask me anything!

Proof: http://imgur.com/DgRXLP3

EDIT: Thank you all for participating in my first AMA. I enjoyed answering your questions and wish I could have answered more.

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x_minus_one3 karma

What are some interesting parts of your job that people wouldn't usually think of?

MClyburnFCC3 karma

Meeting people who have unique experiences such as Marty Cooper, known as the inventor of the cell phone, and Stevie Wonder, the musical genius who advocates on behalf of those with disabilities.

all_over_my_face3 karma

Hello Commissioner, thank you for doing this AMA!

Other than affordability, what factors will make it possible for the under-privileged to surf the Internet?

MClyburnFCC3 karma

We must ensure that schools and libraries have state of the art broadband connectivity. We should also reform the FCC's Lifeline program, which was created in 1985 to ensure affordable telephone service, so that it supports broadband.

4E41451 karma

What do you hope to accomplish as FCC Chairwoman; what do you intend to leave behind as your greatest accomplishment?

MClyburnFCC2 karma

Giving a voice to those previously unheard at the FCC. As an example, ensuring that inmate calling rates are just, reasonable, and fair. A petition asking for relief from egregious rates languished at the FCC for almost ten years before my office pushed it forward, when I served as Acting Chairwoman.