A little about BSW: This film is inspired by the place I grew up, and the people I grew up with. I co-wrote it with one of my best friends, and we shot it in the summer of 2012 on FILM (16mm). We have an amazing ensemble cast that includes Beck Bennett (SNL), Ryan Eggold (The Blacklist), Reid Scott (Veep), Jessy Hodges (Enlisted), Erin Darke (Kill Your Darlings), Will Brill (Not Fade Away), Britt Lower (Unforgettable), and of course this frighteningly handsome pun wizard. We won a couple awards at last year's Austin Film Festival, ran an insane Kickstarter this Spring, and were just distributed nationally by Tribeca Film TODAY.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/beside-still-waters/id930317566

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2hFXCCaRzk&feature=youtu.be

Joss Whedon Dance Party: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chrislowell/beside-still-waters-a-chris-lowell-film/posts/808764

Fire away!


ALRIGHT YOU GUYS! We've gotta go! Thank you for being so fucking awesome! Take care!

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idkmybffljill80 karma

Hey guys love you both, but my question is for Brett, how do you feel as being labeled Babyface Mcwildcard, and will Ward return to being a good guy character now that his evil beard is gone?

MrChrisLowell66 karma

BRETT: Wait, I thought Chris was the only one who called me that.

MrChrisLowell62 karma

CHRIS: I thought I was the only one who called you that.

prettyroses28 karma

For the record Brett, the subreddit for shield has had many names for you, but this is the most recent. So like it, or else!

MrChrisLowell44 karma

BRETT: I like it! Have we considered the name "Wildface McBaby?" No, that doesn't work. Wildcard McBeardstein

2th53 karma

Greetings from myself and the other mods over at /r/SHIELD. Thank you for posting about your AMA Chris, and Brett, you should totally come over and say hello! Director Coulson has already dropped by before and we would love to hear from the infamous Agent Ward as well!

That being said, can you tell me, in 15 words or less, why anyone should see your film? No BS, just straight from the horses mouth. Give us your best pitch.

MrChrisLowell63 karma

CHRIS: GREAT QUESTION! Okay, I'll go first. Why you should see BSW in 15 words or less: Hemingway's Lost Generation on FILM Meets 2014 with More Nostalgia Than Your First Teddy Bear.

2th29 karma

Gentlemen, you had my curiosity. Now you have my attention.

MrChrisLowell21 karma

idkmybffljill2 karma

How much time did you waste finding that video, when you could've answered more questions!!!

MrChrisLowell7 karma

I don't know what you're talking about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI1WxgFNDo0

MrChrisLowell40 karma

BRETT: Childhood friends realize you can't go back, life is messy, the passage of time hurts

Uso-land46 karma

To Babyface

Will the agents of shield ever have a significant role in any marvel movie? Even if someone just references them for a moment I will be happy.

MrChrisLowell80 karma

BRETT: I would happily deliver coffee to Iron Man. After stealing his suit of course.

MrChrisLowell40 karma

CHRIS: I would happily deliver coffee to Brett to deliver to Iron Man. I would do it wearing the skin of the Hulk. In my mind, it would be like wearing a big green blanket made of veins and Mark Ruffalo's dreams.

idkmybffljill11 karma

I need a drawing, someone get on this ASAP

MrChrisLowell22 karma


subism27 karma

For Brett - At what point did you know you were going to be Hydra and how much background on what was happening in Captain America 2 were you given in advance?

MrChrisLowell35 karma

BRETT: Chris told me during the shooting of BESIDE STILL WATERS.

MrChrisLowell18 karma

CHRIS: I just had a feeling.

nezumipi21 karma

If Grant Ward played whiskey slaps with Agent May, what would the outcome be?

MrChrisLowell53 karma

CHRIS: The outcome would be Agent Pregnancy Scare.

MrChrisLowell28 karma

BRETT: Let's just say Lola wouldn't go un-touched.

josephine_amos120 karma

For Chris Lowell: I loved the Veronica Mars but thought we could have had more Piz time, so I was wondering if there was a second movie would you be interested in doing it? If yes, how wold you like Piz's sory to continue? :-)

MrChrisLowell40 karma

CHRIS: I would do anything with Kristen Bell or Rob Thomas or Ryan Hansen or any of those guys. So, yes, I'd happily play Piz again. But quite frankly, I kinda want Piz to be Hydra. Y'know?

LiliaDalton-Downey18 karma

Brett: Jeph Loeb said that you and Iain have an embarrassing Bromance, is this true?

MrChrisLowell24 karma

BRETT: Unfortunately, yes!

ezriela8611 karma

We all love it. :) Embrace the bromance!

MrChrisLowell27 karma

Who the FUCK is IAIN?! Who is HE?! WHO IS HE?!?!?

MrChrisLowell24 karma

CHRIS: But Brett... I... well, I thought... I thought WE had a Bromance...

MrChrisLowell32 karma

BRETT: Be still My Dear Waters. We'll always have Michigan.

pretty-in-pink17 karma

For Brett: What is the next stage in Ward's facial hair?

MrChrisLowell51 karma

BRETT: Fu Manchu

IceTiger717 karma

For Chris - how long did it take to shoot Beside Still Waters?

For Brett - Your puns are aWARD-winning awesome.I'm so sorry, that was the bad kind of horrible And we all love you over at /r/SHIELD, even though your beard of evil is gone. On AOS, who's winning the prank war so far?

MrChrisLowell18 karma

CHRIS: We shot Beside Still Waters in 3 6-day weeks. For me, it basically felt like Matthew Mcconaughey's storyline in Interstellar, where time became relative and by the end, I was somehow unexplainably making out with Topher Grace.

heartlikeanocean6 karma

Topher Grace: big spoon or little spoon?

MrChrisLowell15 karma

CHRIS: Little spoon that bald boy from the Matrix bends when he's getting jumped in line by Neo.

SrAThrowaway17 karma

Brett - Good Ward or Evil Ward?

MrChrisLowell45 karma

BRETT: Is there no humanitarian Ward category?

MrChrisLowell17 karma

CHRIS: Who the hell is Ward?

MissTiana14 karma

Brett, loved the beard. Please bring it back. Chris, please come back to my television. Question: How can we see the film if we're not in the US? Please let me throw my money at you. P.S. Best $25 I've ever spent Thankyou.

MrChrisLowell15 karma

Right now, BESIDE STILL WATERS is only available in the US and Canada, but we're in the process of securing foreign and DVD rights so you guys can check it out. Thank you for asking! And thank you for $25! Seriously, that's so fucking awesome.

PurpleRo14 karma

Brett - When you auditioned for BSW and saw Piz sitting there, did you immediately turn around and walk out while screaming, "I'm Team Logan"??

MrChrisLowell13 karma

BRETT: I pizzed my pants. But no, I couldn't have: they locked the door.

meg_gilmore14 karma

Brett: What was the most difficult scene to act in the movie?

Chris: What was the most difficult scene to direct in the movie?

MrChrisLowell22 karma

CHRIS: Any scene with Brett.

KendrickLemur13 karma

Hey Brett, I just started watching Agents of SHIELD like a week and a half ago and got caught up pretty quick and Ward is def my favorite character! Especially when the Hydra reveal happened because I like bad guys haha

Anyways, what Marvel movie would you have liked to either be in or been in?

MrChrisLowell39 karma

BRETT: Well, first of all you have really good taste. He's my favorite too. I would love to be in GUARDIANS so I could have an epic choreographed dance with Chris Pratt

funktopus12 karma

Brett, the puns, oh my the puns. You should check out /r/dadjokes.

Also how do you feel about the road this season is going down? Are you enjoying being well a wildcard?

MrChrisLowell16 karma

BRETT: I think there must be a direct download from my brain to this website. I'll see if I can copyright my thoughts.

dontblink12311 karma

My question is for Chris, I love your video with BriTaNick, any plans for more videos or anything else?

MrChrisLowell11 karma

BRETT: I believe Chris is currently trying to stop videos from coming out. I swear I saw him in an infomercial late last night.

MrChrisLowell22 karma


MrChrisLowell6 karma

CHRIS: I love doing videos with those guys. Though I definitely make their lives a living hell when we shoot them. They write these very clever and meticulously structured pieces, and then I show up and just do everything in my power to ruin their lives. Then Brian picks up the pieces, cuts them together, and the outcome is one of the videos I'm in. Every once in awhile, I try and coerce them into doing shows with me. Like making images such as this one: https://twitter.com/mrchrislowell/status/534889207034941440

-screamin-10 karma

On behalf of /u/dorkward as they are at work and unable to make this

For Brett:

Firstly, I have been enjoying 'Agents of SHIELD', so thank you for your work.

Many fans have been very taken with Ward, particularly the Ward-Skye romantic relationship. This is in spite of Ward's proven disloyalty, manipulation, and connection to an international paramilitary Nazi organisation. Fan reaction calls to mind the '#FreeJahar' movement, which insisted Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was 'too beautiful to be a terrorist'. What, if anything, do you think this says about societal permissibility of dangerous and abusive acts by the physically attractive?

The romance between Skye and Ward was instigated while Ward was presenting his undercover persona. Since revealing the act, Ward has continually forced his affections on Skye, threatened her with rape (S01E22), and manipulated her emotions, all while maintaining that he loves her. Do you consider the relationship between Skye and Ward to be abusive?

If we accept Ward's account of his childhood as true, do you believe this explains his current behaviour? More importantly, do you think this excuses it?

For Chris:

Congratulations on your directorial debut. I have been keeping tabs on you since 'Veronica Mars' (I personally think the Piz/Veronica was the healthier relationship).

What makes your film different from other films about old friends reuniting, old flames being rekindled, and learning about life, love, and loss?

All good writing must have an intention. What was your intention when you made this film?

While you drew inspiration from your parent's lake house and high school friends, did your film draw any direct parallels to people you know? Do you think the author has any ethical responsibility when writing, such as when dealing with characters that are based on real people or events?

And finally, for both of you:

Would you rather have a thumb on the back of your neck, or fingernails on your nipples?

(Sorry - I'm aware this is a lot. If you would just answer the first question each I'd be happy.)

MrChrisLowell8 karma

CHRIS: Wow, thanks for such thorough questions. I think what makes our film different from the rest is that Mo (my writing partner) and I weren't trying to make a topical "big chill for the millennial generation." We just wrote about our own personal experience with the loss of a home and family. Our philosophy was that the more personal and specific we wrote, the more authentic and universal the story would become.

MrChrisLowell6 karma

Also, I would definitely opt for the thumb. I can't handle nipple-play. I'm WAY too sensitive.

ben564710 karma

Hi Chris and Brett! Thank you for doing the iAmA. I am HUGE FAN of both of your work.

Chris, I enjoyed you on Enlisted and never missed a single episode and thank you for being an awesome person and actor. My question to you (and Brett, you can answer this too): What advice can you offer to fans that are going through bullying and hard times?

Brett: I enjoy your character on Agents of SHIELD and hands down, Ward is my favorite character. You are the reason why I love the show and you are an awesome person and actor. My question to you is: How do you enjoy working with Iain de Caestecker?

MrChrisLowell16 karma

CHRIS: Oh man, thanks for the kind words. I got bullied a lot in school. I would just try and remind yourself that school is temporary. You'll be out of it soon enough and none of that bullying shit will matter anymore. In my experience, it's the bullies who typically fall most from grace after they graduate, because they suddenly realize they no longer live in a prescribed hierarchy and that no one likes them in the real world because they only know how to be an asshole.

Whoever is bullying you is an insecure idiot and they're probably getting bullied by someone you don't know about. Just keep your chin up. Hang out with anyone who treats you like a human being, whether it's your family or friends online.

LiliaDalton-Downey7 karma

Brett: Was there mourning on set after you shaved, mainly from Chloe?

MrChrisLowell20 karma

BRETT: No, we shot it at night.

pretty-in-pink7 karma

Hey Brett, longtime fan of your character on AoS. I do have to ask:

*What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

*How would you feel if Ian grabbed your sandwich from you and threw it away?

MrChrisLowell14 karma

CHRIS: I've actually seen this happen once before. Brett was eating a BLT and then some little punk snatched it out of his hand and threw it down a drainpipe. Brett remained calm. At first.

He armlocked the little twerp (who's name turned out to be Perry), and drove him to a farm in Guatemala, where Perry survived on weeds and his own fingernail clippings, while growing tomatoes and lettuce.

11 months later, Perry was taken to a bakery, where he learned how to make sourdough, while being beaten repeatedly with a rolling pin, by an Italian mobster named Giuseppe.

Eventually, Perry was brought back to the restaurant, where Brett skinned him alive and used his meat for bacon, in order to make another BLT, which tasted delicious.

(...I may have blacked out just now)

dontblink1236 karma

If you guys could play any Marvel superhero, including ones that are already cast, who would you want to play?

MrChrisLowell18 karma

CHRIS: I always loved Gambit.

BigBrainiac13376 karma

Brett, around my school, and especially drama department you're kind of a legend (you went there). What made you want to audition for your first two productions, what made you want to pursue acting afterward, and what would be some tips for someone looking in to a performing arts career?

MrChrisLowell10 karma

BRETT: A legend? I guess paying my old teachers has worked after all. I tried a million other things when I was in high school and college, but this was the only thing that stuck. I have a lot of feelings.

LiliaDalton-Downey6 karma

Brett: On a scale of 1-10 where would you rate your dorkiness?

MrChrisLowell10 karma


prettyroses6 karma

Hello! My question is, do either of you have any secret talents or skills you are willing to share with us?

MrChrisLowell10 karma

CHRIS: I can tap dance. I'm also a good whistler. And if you close your eyes and take just the right amount of hallucinogenic drugs with earplugs, I do a great Nick Nolte impression.

MrChrisLowell15 karma

BRETT: Special skills: - If I parallel park right on the first try, I act like I meant to do it - I can make a cup of coffee with one hand (thanks Kureig) - I can type at 1,000000 WPM, I go through a lot of keyboards

indigo155 karma

Q for Chris: What was the most challenging thing about writing BSW?

Q for Brett: What initially drew you to BSW?

MrChrisLowell8 karma

BRETT: They cast me!

LiliaDalton-Downey4 karma

For Brett: Was it as awkward filming the scene with you and Tom on the dock as it was for us watching it?

MrChrisLowell13 karma

BRETT: There were cameras there?

lcirelli4 karma

4 Chris: Will there be a soundtrack associated with the film? If so what would be you first choice song?

MrChrisLowell3 karma

I'm really proud of the music in this film. It was one of the most difficult things to assemble. I think the most iconic song in the film is a song called "Oysters" sung by Meshell Ndegeocello. It's friggin' epic.

alliparker173 karma

If you could go back in time, what year/time period would you go to?

MrChrisLowell5 karma

BRETT: 1940s. So I could talk like a gangsters in a film noir.

lostie483 karma

Brett, i'm really curious, have you ever read any Agents of Shield fanfiction or seen any fanart? A lot of it is really good you should take a look :)

MrChrisLowell8 karma

BRETT: I've seen some INCREDIBLE fan art!!! I think it would be fun to have an artist document my real life and make it cool. Like me grocery shopping! Or Changing a flat tire! Or getting jellybeans out of a vending machine!

ezriela863 karma

For you both, were there any problems that came up during the filming of BSW? And for Brett, can you tease us #StandWithWard fans about what is coming up for Grant Ward on Agents of SHIELD? :)

MrChrisLowell5 karma

There were all sorts of things that went wrong. One time we blew the power in the entire region of Northern Michigan. Coincidentally, it was the same night that Brett had to get naked. I'm. Not. Joking.

MrChrisLowell3 karma

BRETT: Other thank working with Chris, the shoot went pretty smoothly.