I review things. I explain things. I talk about things. Anything with an on button is game. You can check out what I do here: http://youtube.com/MKBHD

I’m also a business student & Ultimate frisbee player.

My Nexus 6 review just went live, and I answered a LOT of questions over on r/Android.

Here I'll answer questions about YouTube, tech, or anything else!

I’ll try to be here all day. Because Reddit is more important than class... right?

https://twitter.com/MKBHD/status/534721392487727104 <- Proof

Update: That... was a LOT of questions. I answered a few hundred today - hope it was fun! See you around the internet.

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Sarcastic_Wannabe2066 karma

Hello Marques, really fond of your work. From your twitter account, “Fun fact: I've never accepted money to alter any video I've ever made in any way.”.

Can you name some companies that did offer you money? Is that common?

Marques-Brownlee4559 karma

I won't name any, but yeah it happens all the time. Check out almost any other channel doing videos consistently. There's always sponsorships, interruptions, ad-reads, etc.

I don't do those because I'm not a fan of watching them. My #1 goal is to make videos that I'd want to watch.

kassianson1730 karma

Hey Marques, I'm always wondering if you're kind of a celebrity at your university. And has your fame ever helped you to pick up a girl?

Marques-Brownlee3070 karma

Nope haha. Internet notoriety doesn't get essays done either :/

luke-b941436 karma

This may be a stupid question, but how do you get all the gadgets which you review? Do you buy them or are they sent out to you? I've never understood how it works. Your videos are great by the way!

Marques-Brownlee1889 karma

Most of the devices that show up on video are purchased by me. Occasionally that's not realistic (or possible)... looking at you, Nexus 6... so manufacturers reach out and offer to send devices to get them on video.

SwampFoxer1257 karma

Are you able to support yourself and actually make a living off of your YouTube videos?

Marques-Brownlee2098 karma

Yep. Which is awesome and blows my mind constantly. As a student, though, I don't have a lot of expenses. I buy food. I play a sport. But that's about it.

_darknight1215 karma

Hey Marques, is there a Miss. MKBHD?

Marques-Brownlee2970 karma

My camera?

mrmrkester1362 karma

She's a beauty.

Marques-Brownlee2469 karma

She's blushing.

jwhatts1183 karma

Hey man, love your videos. You continue to be one of the more unbiased reviewers out there today, and countless people thank you for it.

I have a couple questions, feel free to answer any/all:

  • Where do you see the mobile computing world moving in the next 2-3 years? We all know how prevalent smartphones are in today's culture, but seeing projects like the Sharp Aquos Crystal, Yotaphone 2, and Ubuntu Edge get me excited about overall phone design, innovation, and the prospect of mobile and desktop computing in one device. Any ideas on what the more immediate future might hold?

  • The move to higher-res displays seem to have divided the tech community. Some argue that the negatives (specifically the hit to battery life) greatly outweigh the positives. Another argument is that they're pointless on anything smaller than a ~5.7ish" screen (which is considered a large phone). What do you think? Are 2K/4K screens worth it?

  • I would argue that the introduction of the Moto G and the Moto E have done wonders for Android adoption (at least in the US). These are great phones, especially considering the price. Where would you like to see Moto headed next, especially considering the transfer in ownership to Lenovo?

  • With the recent releases of both Android 5.0 and iOS 8, what's the one thing that Google still needs to introduce into Android to really "stick it" to iOS, and vice-versa?

Thanks again for the AMA, and keep doing what you're doing!

/r/android says hi!

Marques-Brownlee1230 karma

Glad you've enjoyed the videos!

  • Mobile has been making phones bigger and bigger over the past few years, and I think in the next 2-3 years that finally halts. Phones can't get much bigger. We say this every year, but... for real this time.

  • We see a similar polarization every time a new standard comes around in tech. I don't think this one is any different - we didn't "need" 1080p displays in phones 2 years ago, and we certainly don't "need" QHD displays in phones now. But they're still better, and past this first generation of devices, I think it'll be worth it.

  • Yep, Moto G and Moto E are some of Moto's best selling phones ever. I don't want to speak for their future, but they're kinda killing it right now and I hope they don't lose their swagger.

  • Android: I want to see another graphics focus. Project Butter v2. iOS: I want to see widget on my homescreen. Is that too much to ask?

wondrland1140 karma

Have you ever been approached by Honey Nut Cheerios to advertise for them?

Marques-Brownlee2455 karma

I wish. I actually approached General Mills last year just to give them a heads up about what was happening, and got a generic canned response.

"Thanks for using our products"


EiW1N2834 karma


Edit: Thanks for the gold

Marques-Brownlee557 karma

Oh my god hahaha

thy_hax_art_op1088 karma

Do you safely remove your USB devices?

Marques-Brownlee1228 karma

Every time, actually.

ScottWPilgrim892 karma

I'm deeply curious, what are your thoughts on Linus Tech Tips?

Marques-Brownlee1634 karma

Linus is the man. Met him at CES last year and we've been in touch since. He cranks out videos like no tomorrow, which is awesome.

He's the only one that makes me honestly consider the merits of having a crew or partner working alongside to make videos.

lloganwebb829 karma

Hey, Marques! I’m a huge fan of your videos, you’ve definetly got some of the best tech reviews out there. Every product I’ve purchased after one of your reviews has more than lived up to expectation, so thanks for that.

I’m curious to know what your plans or expectations are once you graduate college. With your current position you no doubt have a few more open doors than most college grads, so I guess this is kind of a “Where do you see yourself in five years?” question. On a related note, what is the state of MKBHD in five years? Will it always be just you, or will you expand?

Marques-Brownlee1062 karma

That's awesome! Graduating will only open up more time for me to make videos & talk tech. I have 3 papers due in the next week, and I'm not even close to done with any of them.

I get asked a lot if I'll "expand" or bring in more people, and that's a tricky thing to change. I enjoy doing everything now, but there's a pretty good chance I won't be able to keep up with everything I want to cover forever.

twisterghost635 karma

Do you plan to stick with mainly phones and accessories or do you have any other fields you'd like to get into?

Marques-Brownlee1253 karma

Anything with an on button is game.

BIGpimpSPENDcheese1377 karma

This comment has been overwritten by a script as I have abandoned my Reddit account and moved on to Voat.co.

If you would like to do the same, add the browser extension TamperMonkey for Chrome (or GreaseMonkey for Firefox) and add this open source script.

Then simply click on your username on Reddit, go to the comments tab, and hit the new OVERWRITE button at the top.

Marques-Brownlee1627 karma

Heck yes.

Build quality: C+ Feel in the hand: A Button layout: B Ecosystem: A

Overall: B+ would recommend.

manu3893594 karma

Hey man,

I've played against you numerous times, most recently at High Tide. What's your favorite college/club tournament to attend?

Marques-Brownlee559 karma

Sick! I hope it was fun ha. High Tide is almost always my favorite tournament. DIII Nationals has also been awesome each year I've gone.

antrock548 karma

What car are you driving now and when are you going to get a Tesla?

Marques-Brownlee916 karma

Red Toyota. Red Tesla: In the works.

BIGpimpSPENDcheese875 karma

This comment has been overwritten by a script as I have abandoned my Reddit account and moved on to Voat.co.

If you would like to do the same, add the browser extension TamperMonkey for Chrome (or GreaseMonkey for Firefox) and add this open source script.

Then simply click on your username on Reddit, go to the comments tab, and hit the new OVERWRITE button at the top.

Marques-Brownlee926 karma

I would if I drive daily.

Coenn531 karma

Hi Marques!

You started out reviewing things you happened to have or you bought for yourself. How and when did you decide to buy something just (or especially) to review it? How did your parents react to that, assuming you were still pretty young?

Marques-Brownlee797 karma

The thing is - I didn't start out going out of my way to buy things to review. I bought things that I was going to use anyway, then decided to do a review on them after the fact.

It started with a laptop that I bought. I bought it for myself for school, then made about 40 videos on it!

SolarAquarion283 karma

What computer do you use now?

Marques-Brownlee753 karma

PM_ME_A_NEW_PHONE493 karma


You shoot your vidoes in 4K these days.

  • How big is one of these on average (size-wise)?
  • How long does it take you to upload one?


Marques-Brownlee892 karma

I'm actually shooting in 6K, but yeah finishing in 4K means much larger video files. 6K raw at 8:1 compression from the RED Epic Dragon comes out to about 20MB per frame.

My Nexus 6 review, rendered out was just 8GB though.

ClutchExperience71 karma

Holy shit. How long did it take to upload and process the whole video? And also time it took to render lol

Marques-Brownlee126 karma

Processing takes waaaaay longer than uploading ha.

Rendering can take 2-4 hours, depending on what VFX / plugins look like for that project.

BlackMartian478 karma

You tweeted that you got an email from the Beats by Dre people after the video you made about their headphones.

Are you allowed to talk about the conversation you had? Pleasant? Unpleasant? Informative? Propaganda-like?

Marques-Brownlee567 karma

It's been radio silence since that tweet haha

emansih474 karma

Hey, how's your hand? is it better now? does it affect the way you make videos?

anyway, what's your initial impression of the Nokia N1, would you be doing a video about it?

Love your videos!

Marques-Brownlee659 karma

The hand is healing fast! It no longer affects making videos (thank gawd I don't have to edit lefty anymore) but I'm still strengthening and doing physical therapy every week.

Nokia N1 looks ... interesting. I'll definitely try to get my hands on it.

jimocar459 karma

How much do you think your whole setup (cameras, software, phones, etc.) is worth alltogether?

Marques-Brownlee514 karma

Oh geez I probably couldn't put a value on it. You can try to tally it if you want? :o


YouFuckingLurker1193 karma

Here's my attempt:

4-Bank of Lights (Fluorescent) x2: $500
Canon C100.......................: $4,375
Panasonic GH4....................: $1,999
13-inch Retina Macbook Pro.......: $1,899
Epson Artisan 730 Printer........: $375
Nexus 10 Tablet..................: $349
Sony RX100 Camera................: $410
Manfroto Monopod.................: $75
Manfroto 504HD with Tripod.......: $750
Manfroto 502HD x2................: $380
iFootage Shark Slider............: $730
RED Scarlett.....................: $14,000
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 x2............: $1,600
Anton Bauer Battery Pack x2......: $700
Canon 17-55mm F2.8...............: $880
Canon Tokina 11-16mm.............: $500
Canon 70-200mm F2.8..............: $1,430
Philips Hue LED x6...............: $180
BlueLounge SUMO..................: $18
Various Phones x9................: $5,400
Hi-hat Tripod....................: $280
iPad Mini 128GB..................: $660
Nexus 5 Wireless Charger.........: $50
Fuji X100S.......................: $1,200
Colorware Apple Keyboard.........: $175
Magic Trackpad...................: $75
Logitech Performance MX..........: $100
Perixx Mousepad..................: $12
OFC Express Stands...............: $100
Asus PQ321Q x2...................: $3,000
iKey-Audio M505V2 x2.............: $330
FocusRight Scarlett 2i2..........: $160
Audio-Technica ATH-M50...........: $180
Sennheiser MKH416................: $1,000
Zoom H4N.........................: $200
Mac Pro..........................: $8,099
BlueLounge Cable Box x3..........: $90
Various Battery Chargers.........: $100
Total............................: $52,361
Range (+-5% to account for error): $50,000-$55,262

Marques-Brownlee779 karma

I'm shooting with the RED Epic Dragon (CF) - upgraded from the Scarlet a few weeks ago. Either way, this chart is insane haha.

goose933433 karma

What class are you answering these questions in right now?

Marques-Brownlee850 karma

Corporate Finance

DrumNTech411 karma

Hey Marques! Long time fan. I was always curious, what are you planning to do with your degree after you gradute? Are you just going to continue making youtube videos and keep the degree on the side just in case?

P.S I've been uncontrollably saying "dope" ever since your collab video.

Marques-Brownlee794 karma

I don't have any plans with my degree when I graduate, but I know it's something I'll be glad to have in my back pocket. So yeah, more videos. But now with a degree. So dope.

Lord_Kitty410 karma

Hey, what does the "K" in MKBHD stands for? :D

Marques-Brownlee640 karma

My middle name :P

adobongkamote368 karma

Hey Marques, love your channel.

Just 2 questions: What is the phone you're currently using as your daily driver and what's your all time favorite phone?

Thanks for doing this AMA and keep up the great work.

Marques-Brownlee656 karma

My "daily driver" is different every week, so not sure if it counts. I have a Nexus 6 in my right pocket and a Droid Turbo (review incoming) in my left.

I was asked for my favorite phone of ALL TIME the other day, and I went with the original Moto DROID. Something about its timing, with the ad campaign and the new OS... Exciting stuff! I'll never forget that unboxing.

mech2h352 karma

What is your favourite keyboard?

Marques-Brownlee617 karma

Don't hurt me for this. I love my Apple keyboard. It's actually a Colorware model, so it's jet black with white letters.

I've tried mechanical keyboards (red and brown switches) but never stayed more than a few months. I just type (essays) way faster on the chicklet keys with barely any travel. Plus it's super compact and I can move it off the desk when I need to shoot a video there.

Jimrussle210 karma

Have you tried topre switches?

Marques-Brownlee259 karma

Nope. Should I?

c3vzn321 karma

Does your family understand the magnitude of your success/popularity? How do they feel about it and are they as passionate about tech as you?

Marques-Brownlee473 karma

Yep, and they're awesome and supportive of every step.

Kn1ghtHarvey310 karma

What is the video you are most proud of?

Marques-Brownlee465 karma

Ooh, tough call. There are a few special ones, but I think the relatively "not-so-special" RX100 MKIII review (http://youtu.be/9HtGhNUtW-E) is tops because it's the first video I shot with my current camera, and I got a lot of interesting shots, and I think it unlocked a lot of creative stuff that I've been trying in videos since.

In terms of pure visuals? iPhone 6 Plus Review: http://youtu.be/Wwp9eaVVW_8

Kermitnirmit199 karma

Your perfect phone video looked cool!

Marques-Brownlee355 karma

That was a lot of fun! Props to The Verge for the awesome animation work that really made the whole video. I'll be doing more stuff like that (I suck at animation) with them when we get the chance.

Superman_10128 karma

Would camera did you use before your C 100?

Marques-Brownlee72 karma

Canon's 5D MKIII Canon 60D Canon t2i Sanyo Xacti CG10 HP Pavilion dv7t webcam

Awesomenimity308 karma

Do you ever root your phones, and what is the reasoning behind your decision?

Marques-Brownlee610 karma

I stopped rooting phones about a year ago, because all the things I'd root for are now included in these Android devices. Higher clock speeds, data backup, etc.

werty735289 karma

Hey Marques! What was the weirdest fan encounter you've had?

Marques-Brownlee803 karma

Alright so I went to an ultimate tournament with my college team a couple of weeks ago in another state. We're having a team dinner at some random diner we found, and I'm checking Twitter as we wait for our food.

I see a tweet that says something like "Oh, I didn't know you were on this campus. Cool." from a name I don't recognize. I assume it's someone who saw me while we were playing Ultimate. Neat. I reply that he should've said hi.

I get a reply minutes later - "didn't want to disturb you, seems like you're with a big group"

Wait what? Now? Right now? Did this person just see me?

Long story short, 5 minutes later I'm shaking hands with this dude in the diner because he saw us walking in. Not even a weird encounter, just a weird way for it to happen haha

jrl1985281 karma


Marques-Brownlee583 karma

Make better videos. Short and sweet.

Mlutes250 karma

What do you usually keep in your backpack?

Marques-Brownlee425 karma

My laptop, 1 5-subject notebook, a couple folders and my Jaybird Bluebuds.

Premium-Plus248 karma

Hey Marques! Any particular reason you didn't review the Xperia Z3?

Marques-Brownlee358 karma

Working with the Xperia Z3 at the moment. I mentioned before, but there are about 12 videos I could upload RIGHT NOW and be on time. That's one of them. Working on a bunch of stuff for the end of this year!

Brotles234 karma

What is your typical workout for Ultimate Frisbee? I am in amateur and looking to get better!

Marques-Brownlee405 karma

Legs legs legs. Leg speed. Foot speed. Cutting drills. Running laps. Squats, lunges. Vertical. Repeat.

friardon233 karma

You seem so non-biased. So, which is it, iOS, Android, or Windows Phone?

Marques-Brownlee762 karma

If I can only pick one, it's stock Android 5.0.

IMUSEI232 karma

Today you teased us with an awesome MKBHD logo shirt. Will you be selling any merchandise or apparel? When can we buy one?

Marques-Brownlee547 karma

Yep by the end of 2014, a bunch of new stuff like that will be revealed. Including a site. Big things coming.

jwyche008230 karma

Have you ever met Matias in real life?

Edit: Senpai noticed me!

Marques-Brownlee328 karma

Nope, but he seems like a pretty chill guy. Dat wardrobe doe.

WeBurnTheTruck226 karma

Any tech product you would love to review, but is too expensive or pointles?

Marques-Brownlee595 karma


samsheffer221 karma

What is your favorite spread to put on bread?

Marques-Brownlee488 karma


GrowlinKris214 karma

Hey Marques!

What do you think about the Z3 compact? I kind of want to get a decent phone that'll fit in my pocket, but is a decent phone. Should I keep on looking for something in the Sony line or is there anything better available from LG/Samsung/ etc?

Marques-Brownlee341 karma

Z3 Compact is definitely the best compact phone of 2014. I've had one for more than a month, but there are so many videos I could upload RIGHT NOW and be on time with. That review is one of them. I'll be sharing my thoughts on it more soon!

Corn_is_great213 karma

So what's up with the cheerios?

skyflyer747547 karma




Marques-Brownlee916 karma


ImDemise251 karma

MKBHD Reveals The Mystery of The Cheerios!: http://youtu.be/Vp8a7OMsZ6Y

It has something to do with his camera when he first started.

Marques-Brownlee242 karma

Beat me to it haha. I guess it qualifies as an "inside joke" at this point :]

LikesFemales183 karma

Ever been addicted to a game? Also LOVE your videos man. Keep up the fantastic work. (This is the first time I'm early in an AMA omg)

Marques-Brownlee473 karma

I am absolutely addicted to NBA 2K15.

db_inc179 karma

Hey dude, dbrand here. Been intrigued by your MKBHD site for a while. Surely you can't reveal too much, so we'll keep it to something you might be able to leak.

As you imagine it right now, what would the navigation bar items be titled? Just trying to get an idea of the content types.

if you can't say, it's cool. you're still a monster.

Marques-Brownlee156 karma

Home. Videos. Contact. Other mystery tabs.

Can't reveal too much ;)

mantiss176 karma

Thanks for your great work. How will you maintain your sincerity and journalistic integrity as your popularity explodes? Have you given any thought to signing an ethics pledge?

Marques-Brownlee303 karma

I'll say "same way I have since the beginning." I talk about things from the perspective of the consumer - mostly because that's what I am. A guy going out and buying things and sharing that experience with the viewer. Nothing should change that, but if it ever does, I'll absolutely make it known.

gride9000173 karma

I mostly just wanted to say thank you for the honesty, thoughtfulness and integrity.

No tech questions, it what is you long term plan? Do you see yourself doing reviews at 40? will you design tech?

Also what are you going to do with you business degree?

Marques-Brownlee252 karma

No problem! If I still like making reviews when I'm 40... hell yes. I've had thoughts about designing tech, but 2 things:

  1. Design is hard. I can't draw.
  2. Actually producing that tech is expensive. It's a whole 'nother ballgame.

The "Dream smartphone" stuff and concepts like that are the closest I've come to designing tech. Stuff like that is fun.

jaouharim158 karma

Do you still recommend the Nexus 5? And in your opinion, what's the closest phone to a Dream Smartphone?

Marques-Brownlee314 karma

Nexus 5 is an absolute steal right now.

duchovny116 karma

How is this getting more attention than most celebrities?

Marques-Brownlee379 karma


bobthedroid98 karma

Hey Marques! Huge fan of your videos.

How did the unmistakable "Hey whatisup guys" intro become a thing?

Marques-Brownlee129 karma

Slow evolution, actually. I started by trying to have something to say near the beginning of every video that reminded people that I'd done other videos.

So it started with something much longer like "Hey what's up guys, Marques Brownlee here back with another HD video"

That shortened over time :]

Akiilidor98 karma

Do you have bae??

Marques-Brownlee214 karma

My camera counts, right?

LJnotions97 karma

What's preventing you from buying a Tesla? Affordability?

Marques-Brownlee294 karma

A place to charge it.

k55v79 karma

Is OVERWERK your favorite producer? :)

Marques-Brownlee195 karma

Top 5 for sure. In no particular order:

Wolfgang Gartner Daft Punk OVERWERK Deadmau5

mohakjain9272 karma

Hey MKBHD, You are certainly well connected in the tech world; What are some of the future innovations that we could expect from the smartphone industry apart from the obvious slimmer and larger phones. And, do you think modular phones will take off?

Marques-Brownlee178 karma

A huge part of me hopes it's battery technology. Phones can stop getting so thin, thanks :]

I'm super pumped for modular smartphones and everything Project Ara is doing. Modular anything makes me excited.

MrIceCap69 karma

Smart watches. Are they worth it right now, and which one is best?

Marques-Brownlee173 karma

Video upcoming on exactly that :]

Brotles68 karma

Hey Marques, what's the biggest reason you prefer android over iOS?

Marques-Brownlee187 karma

Google service integration; Customizable UI

Pumamonster66 karma

Where can we get the MKBHD accessories ? (Shirt)

Marques-Brownlee96 karma

Soon! Before the end of 2014.

RebelNutt1864 karma

Hey Marques!

Love your videos.

Was wondering, what's your favorite disc to throw?

Marques-Brownlee111 karma

Ultrastar. Classic. Never quite got used to the Innova, but I'm working on it.

WL15163 karma

If you had to choose only one, would you choose doing tech reviews or Ultimate Frisbee?

Marques-Brownlee235 karma

Nope. lol

ReplyYouDidntExpect62 karma

Any reason why you seem to prefer mac over PC?

Marques-Brownlee104 karma

Mostly UI preference at this point. I switched to see what it was like (while building a Hackintosh for a video project) and have gotten used to OSX since then.

ShockerPopper59 karma

Do you have any plans if the YouTube career ends?

Marques-Brownlee176 karma

The day YouTube ends is the day I start uploading my videos to... whatever is the next best thing. Vimeo?

LinkFixerBot58 karma

Do you purchase all the hardware you review?
What was the most disappointing gadget / piece of tech you have ever bought?

I know you are graduating in business. Have you heard of dogecoins? What is you opinion on digital currencies and it's promises for the tech world?

Marques-Brownlee91 karma

Almost all of it is purchased by me, yeah.

Most disappointing piece of tech I've ever bought? Geez. I don't remember any because I've blocked them all out of my mind haha.

I've heard of dogecoins and bitcoins and all these other virtual currencies. I haven't had a reason to use any of them yet, but I'm all ears.

schneby57 karma

Could you explain more about your video setup? What type of camera do you use? What software do you use for editing? Is it just you shooting or do you have help?

Marques-Brownlee123 karma

I'm shooting with a RED Epic Dragon (CF) and 90% of the time I'm rocking the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8. That glass is one of my favorite pieces of tech in a long time.

I edit with the Adobe suite - Premiere for most of the editing & coloring, and After Effects once in a while for some motion tracking or vfx.

I'm the camera man, lighting, set design... everything :]

wearaberry36 karma

Hey MKBHD! Love your videos, I hope your success continues to skyrocket!

If YouTube didnt catch on for you, what would you be doing after school?

Marques-Brownlee48 karma

That's a tough question! I was thinking about it recently and I honestly have no idea. I watch so much YouTube that I can't imagine NOT making videos.

epicvictory33 karma

Hey man. I remember seeing you first time when Lamarr Wilson had you on a google hangout with him. Seeing your channel that time, I would never have known you'd grow this big. But here you are, and I'm a fan. Making reviews and constantly trying to update yourself about the latest in tech, do you ever feel its getting monotonous? I remember a video in which Jonathan from TechnoBuffalo spoke about how things have started getting monotonous and its only human to feel that way. Secondly, do you plan to expand MKBHD to a company of sorts (Again, like TechnoBuffalo)? Thankyou for your videos and keep it up.

Marques-Brownlee52 karma

As long as tech continues to change, it keeps my interest. I think making tech videos can get monotonous if you keep making the same video over and over again. Gotta mix it up!

seitgeist31 karma

Do you also have normal shirts and not just athletic T-shirts?

Marques-Brownlee58 karma

Yeah, but I play ultimate way more often than I just sit around. So only a few haha


Hey Marques.

I have a few questions.

  1. What degree are you currently on your way to receiving?
  2. Why that degree?
  3. What was for breakfast?
  4. How do you like your streak? It better not be well done.

Marques-Brownlee23 karma

1: BS.

2: I'm interested in business! Concentrations in marketing and information systems for kicks.

3: 6 waffles.

4: Medium

ElitePenisCrusher19 karma

Hey Marques! I love your work. I have a couple of questions for you:

  • What do you think of OnePlus as a company now? I would also like your thoughts on the One vs. The Nexus 6.
  • What do you do with all those phones you review after you stop using them?

Thanks for all your awesome videos! Have a nice day.

Marques-Brownlee35 karma

Love the OnePlus One as a phone. Hate OnePlus as a company, unfortunately. Almost makes me hesitant to recommend the phone, but it's so damn good.

I'll either sell or give away phones/devices that I don't want to hold onto anymore.

Ethaneo15 karma

What do you think of the newly announced Nokia N1 tablet?

Edit: MKBHD answered this question here.

Nokia N1 looks ... interesting. I'll definitely try to get my hands on it.

Marques-Brownlee34 karma

Interesting, to say the least. I want to get my hands on it and see what it's all about.