Hi guys.

Here for our first reddit AMA.

Official site: http://www.acdc.com/

Our new album Rock or Bust is going to be released on 12/2/14.

We're here with Victoria from reddit assisting us in person today.



EDIT: Well thanks for all the questions and we're looking forward to getting out there and touring for you. (CLIFF)

And thanks for your big support over the years. And get out there and see us when we come and tour! And don't forget our record comes out December 2nd - then you can LEGALLY buy it ! (ANGUS)

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ThrashAddict1487 karma

What is going to happen to Phil? Will he be touring with you on the rock or bust tour? Huge Fan BTW! ROCK ON!!

ACDC_2398 karma

ANGUS: Well...

CLIFF: Phil has to get himself well. That may take some time.

ANGUS: It's a bit of a question now. But the band is committed to going forward, and touring.

dinosaur_jam1206 karma

How do "American thighs" differ from any other countries thighs?

ACDC_1837 karma

ANGUS: Like in the song? How are they different? Well, they just have a look about them. And I guess when the song was written - it's a bit like when you see cheerleaders. They're just very "healthy looking" thighs. We weren't writing about Kentucky Fried drumstick legs.

CLIFF: That's good.

ACDC_1582 karma

CLIFF: What was that airline where they used to wear little cowboy outfits? The hostess would wear hot short shorts. Southwest.

ANGUS: Very impressive to a rock and roll band at the time.

ForceRENDER789 karma

Angus, you are my inspiration for picking up the guitar when I was 12. AC/DC is my all time favourite band. Question: is it true that while you recorded Let There be Rock, your amp caught on fire and some of the buzz from the burning speaker ended up on the final recording? Always thought that was a cool story. Keep on Rockin' boys!

ACDC_1450 karma

ANGUS: Yes, it was on fire and I had to keep playing until the end. Because my brother was in the control room, and yelling out "KEEP GOING!" so i had to keep going until the thing kind of went into meltdown. And on this album, ROCk OR BUST, we had the same thing during the track - one of them, my amp just went on fire. And I didn't even know! I thought it was a cigarette going. But Brendan was shouting out -

CLIFF: Yelling "Yeah!"

ANGUS: Yelling "Ang, you're on fire!"

Groovy_Peppers634 karma

Are y'all familiar with the drinking game called 'thunder' ?

ACDC_712 karma


ANGUS: It sounds interesting.

macgroobs813 karma

Step 1: Play "Thunderstruck" with a circle of friends. Step 2: Alternate turns drinking every time the word "Thunder" is said in the song

ACDC_912 karma

CLIFF: OH alright! That's one up from beer pong, that's good!

ANGUS: Is that something symbolic out of NATIONAL TREASURE, in code or something?

ACDC_3043 karma

ANGUS: So then you would become...THUNDERDRUNK

GibsonSg1968626 karma

@Angus: I've just read you would still possess your very first SG. Why don't you use it anylonger?

ACDC_1103 karma

ANGUS: I do use it! I do use it on the studio, it's on every album. It's my favourite guitar, the first Gibson SG that I owned. Me and that guitar go a LONG way back. Very nice of you to know that.

coyill555 karma

There's a video on YouTube that has received millions of views where you (Angus Young) were heckled by a fan during Bad Boy Boogie at Phoenix AZ 2000. I guess he threw something at you, you called attention to him, indicated he throw something else at you, and after he threw a beer at you, the security held the guy for you as you plucked his nose. (HILARIOUS!) I would love to know if you remember what you said to this fool? Video -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjBOg50EDqw

Also, how do you like your tea? :)

ACDC_649 karma

ANGUS: No, I plucked his nose, there was no security holding him! And how do I like my tea? Without nose hairs in it!

StripForMeAngus533 karma

What was the inspiration for Let Me Put My Love Into You? (It's my fav song ever it's amazing)

ACDC_1967 karma

ANGUS: What was the inspiration for..."Let me put my love into you..."

CLIFF: Think about it.

ANGUS: I suppose it is a little deep.

foeller520 karma

As a huge fan of all your albums, I’m wondering why you don’t play songs from between 1981 (except For Those About To Rock) and 1989 live any longer? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the tracks you have played on the last couple of tours, I just think your 80’s songs deserve more attention.

ACDC_646 karma

ANGUS: Oh yes, I'm sure we could play in person. I think we did at the time?

CLIFF: We played a bunch during that time.

ANGUS: And I guess sometimes when you're touring, you're doing that many dates, you want to get in as many of those classic songs... but we do our best to cover all territories.

Endxsor438 karma

HELLO! I'm a big fan guys. What modern bands do you guys believe you've had an influence on?

ACDC_738 karma

ANGUS: Modern bands? Airbourne, obviously. I think there was a female band here, the Donnas. I heard that they're influenced by us, I know there's a few other ones. Either here or Canada or somewhere, they were called Danko. And Alice Cooper told me yesterday, his band...The Strypes... he said to check the Strypes out. They had an authentic 60's, 70's sound, whatever that is. So we do know some things.

CLIFF: I think that covered it, the ones we know, I know.

ZCatcher378 karma

Is a whole lot of Rosie ever really enough Rosie?

Edit: Thanks! That question was for my dad. Took me to my first ACDC concert when I was 12

ACDC_521 karma

ANGUS: Well, it was Bon who wrote that lyric. And... he thought she was very worthy of a song, yeah. And he seemed to think there was just a lot of her.

StripForMeAngus344 karma

In my literature class we read Macbeth and there was a character named Angus and one named Malcolm, who is the king of Scotland, did you know this? I thought It was funny, I kept imagining you guys as the characters.

ACDC_974 karma

ANGUS: In MacBeth? Oh, I didn't know that. MacBeth is the Shakespeare thing, right? He never contacted us, this Shakespeare character.

dixoncase330 karma

Welcome, gents. Could you share some interesting or funny memories from the early days that the biographers have missed?

Been a fan since the '70's. Thanks for coming.

ACDC_537 karma

ANGUS: Funny? Trying to think... what was funny, my face? haha...

CLIFF: We need Brian for that.

ANGUS: Well probably I remember being in that hotel, an english island, it was in kind of a strange place - all I know is we arrived, there was mist, and even finding the hotel, there was mist, and when you looked outside, it was just mist. That's probably more ghoulish than funny.

CLIFF: It was called the Good Companions hotel, and they managed to make mashed potatoes you could see the pattern on the plate through.

ANGUS: Yeh, they had a chef who was -

CLIFF: There was two people who worked there - we nicked named them "Deathwish 1" and "Deathwish 2."

ACDC_397 karma

ANGUS: They also had a man-eating german shepherd, hehehe!

Syzygy787181 karma

Was that on the Isle of Man?

ACDC_340 karma


ANGUS: Yes, and when we arrived, it was like a Stephen King book, or something. A lot of mist... that's all I remember.

CLIFF: IT was off-season.

ANGUS: When we arrived, I don't even - the guy landing the plane couldn't even see the runway! If he could, he must've been a magician!

mutt_langes_perm314 karma

Angus, would you consider letting Cliff pick part of the set list? (25%?, 50%?) I recently read an old interview with Cliff from the mid 90's, and he has excellent taste! (Live Wire, Gimme A Bullet, Gone Shootin, Down Payment Blues, etc...)

ACDC_400 karma

Both guys laugh

ANGUS: Well...

CLIFF: We all chip in!

ANGUS: And he might go over the 25%, and there's only 75% left - and then there's Brian who wants his 25%! I was usually the last to get the pick, hehe! Everyone else had picked their tracks already, yeah. I just had to turn up and be there!

franrobinson295 karma

Hello angus. Is it true you own a tulip farm?

ACDC_705 karma


To be honest, I don't even know what a tulip farm is? But I'm a flower man, you know. To me, it's a flower. If somebody says "What's the name of that flower," I'd need to get out a flower book, I would think. I don't own a tulip farm.


What am I going to do with a tulip farm?

mchyphy287 karma

Have you guys seen School of Rock? How did you like it?

ACDC_585 karma

ANGUS: Well, if he uses "long way to the top" it must be a good film!

TheShakingHandd285 karma

Angus, are corn flakes still part of the Angus-Diet?

ACDC_363 karma

ANGUS: Yeah!

funkydunkleman258 karma

How does it feel to have your music blasting out of the sound system at nearly every sporting event in the world?

ACDC_299 karma

CLIFF: It's great! It sounds great. Really good.

GVAGUY3248 karma

Angus, as a guitar player, you are a huge influence on me and you are the reason why I have an SG. Do you have any advice for any aspiring guitarists?

ACDC_391 karma

ANGUS: Keep practicing! Because practice makes perfect (I sound like a schoolteacher).

ACDC_377 karma

ANGUS: Somebody once told me when you joined a rock & roll band, what's the first requirement? And he said "you've got to buy a '45 or a '38." (That's a joke)

funky89227 karma

Would you ever want to play a Super Bowl halftime show? Have you been asked in the past? You guys would kill it!

ACDC_477 karma

ANGUS: You mean like AC/DC versus the Pennsylvania Raiders of the Lost Ark? But that's when people get their chili-cheese dogs! There'd be nobody there!

MyRepetitionIsThis224 karma

Most people going to your shows are going to know your catalog of albums inside and out at this point, and I think crowds would go crazy if you guys busted out Rising Power or Shake Your Foundations or other songs along those lines that we all love, but are never played live. Would you consider playing some songs from albums like Flick of the Switch and Fly on the Wall on your upcoming tour?

ACDC_251 karma

ANGUS: Well, yeah, we'll definitely review everything, yes. Yeah. That's right. It is a lot of albums we have, and there's only so many hours in a day, hehe! But we do our best. To cover a lot of this.

darkknightgamer123216 karma

Are either of you into video games?

ACDC_493 karma

CLIFF: Yeah, I do. Call of Duty - I'm rotten at it, cuz I'm slow. Xbox.

ANGUS: What about me? This is going way way back - the only game i can remember was Donkey Kong. Yes, it's like ancient - now it'd be like, pre-dinosaur age, yeah.

YoungStallion27213 karma

Will you have an opening act on the new tour? I remember "the answer" was a great act!!

ACDC_247 karma

CLIFF: Yeah, they were.

ANGUS: definitely.

CLIFF: And yes they were a great act.

Introvertedgenius199 karma

What's your best concert story?

ACDC_523 karma

ANGUS: Best concert story?

CLIFF: Oh god. Cor. Belgian? Arested?

ANGUS: That was quite unique, yes.

CLIFF: We're playing in Belgium in the seventies, yeah, in this little town, but the local cops tried to arrest the entire audience....

ANGUS: It was the capital city, Brussels!

CLIFF: A little town... they tried to arrest the band first, then the audience.

ANGUS: One of the crew - following me, as we were playing, there was a police guy following me, so one of the crew grabbed him, took the gun off him, and then of course he called in the riot squad. So they arrived, and started - they couldn't arrest the band, but they said "Well, we'll arrest the audience!" We even wrote a song about it "Bedlam in Belgium" - it's on "Flick of the Switch."

ACDC_373 karma

ANGUS: And we had to convince them - they impounded all our equipment - "We've got to have all our equipment." In BELGIUM! It could've been '78? And now they're a big noise in Europe - that's where they have all those... parliament, european what-sit-face.

chestney187 karma

Hey guys! Any hints as to when THE GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD might begin their 2015 Rock or Bust tour?

ACDC_412 karma

ANGUS: Ehhh.

CLIFF: Sometime early-ish next year.

ANGUS: More "Ish" than "early."

bsteven48179 karma

How do you feel your music has changed from when you started up to now?

ACDC_339 karma

CLIFF: We're still rock and rollers, haven't changed that much, just new songs.

ANGUS: Yeah, from the beginnin', we played rock music, and we'll keep playing. Some people say only the cover changes on each album, but as Cliff says, we do do new songs.

thebart178 karma

Do you like cats?

ACDC_425 karma

ANGUS: Which one? The one that crawls on the ground or the the thing they call a musical?

CLIFF: I don't like cats, except for my daughter's cat which we had to look after for a while, I got to tolerate that one after a while.

Ri_dawg4164 karma

Hello Angus and Cliff, first off I would like to thank you guys for doing this!! Also I would like to offer my condolences to the Young family and friends for the condition that Malcolm is in. I was deeply saddened to hear the news. I have been a huge fan since the firth grade (I’m 19 now), bought every single album and Angus you were the one who inspired me to start playing guitar! I accidentally bumped into Mark Evans in the Hard Rock Café in Sydney and it was such a surreal experience to meet someone who was part of this great band. I saw you guys play in Vancouver Canada in November of 2008 on the Black Ice tour and it was the best concert ever!

My first question is for Angus, I would like to know what the song writing process looks like for you and Malcolm. Do you guys start to jam together and see what comes out? Do you guys come to each other with different ideas for approval? I’m very interested as I would like to start writing songs myself.

My next question is for Cliff. What are your favorite hobbies and biggest influences as a musician? We know about Brian’s racing cars and that Angus likes to paint. But the media seems to only ask these types of questions to Angus and Brian.

My last question is for both of you. What are your personal favorite songs from the upcoming album?

Again thank you very much for doing this AMA and I’m very excited to hear the new album! The first 1.5 songs sound great! Rock on Guys!

ACDC_199 karma

ANGUS: Yes. Well, in both cases, we've done that - we've actually jammed, sometimes, and out of those jams may have come a good idea, and then in other cases, we did the other process, in which Malcolm had some good ideas and we'd get together and see what we liked. But in AC/DC, there's always been a lot of material we've had over the years that we'v borrowed - even when we're working on something new, we've borrowed something we'd written in the past and never used.

CLIFF: Oh. Well, as I said before, I like shooting, clay pigeon shooting. I like a little bit of fishing.

ANGUS: Caught MANY an alligator!

CLIFF: By the tail. And I tried a little of painting. Yeah. I don't know if it took to me though - I got more paint on me than the canvas. But I enjoyed it.

ANGUS: He's pretty good at body paint! Hehehehe!

sludgepond159 karma

Angus: There are a few older photos of you drinking milk. Is it still your drink of choice?

ACDC_341 karma

ANGUS: Well, I did used to drink a lot of milk, yes. And I don't know why, really, at the time. My body just seemed to say I had to drink that milk. And I used to have gallons of the stuff. Both chocolate - I was a big fan of chocolate milk, when it was first invented, that sounds strange too, but when it first became commercial, I made my own - and I used to drink milk AND eat a lot of chocolate bars. The only one that had a problem with it was my dentist.

StripForMeAngus142 karma

Angus will you marry me?

ACDC_230 karma

ANGUS: I'm already given!

ACDC-RockOrBust127 karma

How have your fans changed throughout time?

ACDC_327 karma

CLIFF: They're bringing their kids now! They're adding!

ANGUS: Growing, yes.

kosciCZ126 karma

Hi guys! How long do you plan to make music? It only gets better with every new album released

ACDC_193 karma

CLIFF: As long as we're all enjoying it.

ANGUS: As long as we've got the passion for it.

CHUBS22198118 karma

To each of you, at what point in your career did you finally think, "I've/we've made it" ?

ACDC_290 karma

CLIFF: When we got our own rooms. Hotel rooms.

ANGUS: Yeah, because when you're younger, you have to bunk up. Hehehe.

headwhop26114 karma

Angus, Ive heard from several sources that your wife makes great espresso. Can you confirm this?

ACDC_192 karma

ANGUS: Espresso? She's... yeah, of course. And she also makes great rice tables.

FMaj7112 karma

Hey Angus, what is your favorite chord?

ACDC_272 karma

ANGUS: A guitar chord? Oh yeah. The chord A. i like the chord A.

thatcreepydude1103 karma

What's your favourite lunch?

ACDC_205 karma

ANGUS: What's our favourite lunch?

CLIFF: I missed it today! Sushi!

ANGUS: And for me... I've got lots of favourite meals... I like an Indonesian - well it's something my wife makes. It's like an Indonesian spicy rice table.

StripForMeAngus102 karma

What are your favorite bands? If you have any

ACDC_246 karma

CLIFF: Oh! Jesus. Damn....covers face The Rolling Stones.

ANGUS: Yeah, like he said, I love the Stones. A lot of great bands. The Who. Lots of good stuff. Bit of Led Zeppelin, I like the Kinks, Small Faces.

SlashedF99 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for doing this Ama, you're the reason I started listen to rock! I hope you're planning to visit sweden for your upcoming tour, because I pretty much have to experience AC/DC live!

What is your alltime funniest memory from backstage before a show?

Thank you for your great music and keep on rocking! \m/

ACDC_189 karma

ANGUS: Backstage before a show?

CLIFF: Lizards? Day on the green? Well, we used to play these shows called "Day on the green" in San Francisco in the 70's, and the promoter was Bill Graham, and he liked to do a nice backstage area for everybody. Burgers and things. And he had a bunch of reptiles.

ANGUS: He called it "The monsters of rock." So there was us, Van Halen...

CLIFF: Aerosmith...

ANGUS: So the backstage area, he had full of very exotic reptiles, like komodo dragons... what did Bon have?

CLIFF: Iguanas... so I still got a picture of Bon with an iguana. There was mainly lizards, from what I remember.

ANGUS: Snakes had to run for the hills!

ichael33398 karma

Hi guys, who's your favorite musician that you listen to all the time? (Apart from yourselves obviously)

ACDC_166 karma

CLIFF: Uhhhhh... there's a bunch of old stuff. Delbert McClinton.

ANGUS: That I like to listen to all the time? Tough choice...let me see. I'm a big fan of Little Richard's. I've always loved his stuff, very exciting.

Lies_About_Upvote87 karma

Hey guys, huge fan here! Couple questions:

  1. Any chance this tour will feature some of your amazing catalogue that hasn’t been played in a while; Powerage, Flick, Fly, Who Made Who, Blow Up Your Video, Ballbreaker, Stiff Upper Lip?

  2. Will “I’m a Rebel“ ever be released?

Thank you for still doing what you do!

ACDC_127 karma


ANGUS: Again? We'll play 'em, but you've got to cheer them! You've got to let us know.


ANGUS: That was an older song by an older brother of mine. it was a help out. So it was really not by us, it was by him actually.y

Ivmann84 karma

Hi angus! Hi cliff! I am so exited y'all are doing this I am a huge fan, Thank you!

Their has been a question my friends and I debate over very often and now has the chance to ask you!

What is your favorite flavor of jello? Also do you prefer cashews or peanuts?

ACDC_201 karma

ANGUS: A HUGE fan? How tall ARE you? hehehe! Is this another one of those crazy people? Jell-O?

CLIFF: Lemon! shrugs

ANGUS: Lime. That would be a green one.

CLIFF: Peanuts.

ANGUS: is that in the Jell-O? eehhhhh... Cashews.

Macfly79 karma

How's your day been?

ACDC_144 karma

ANGUS: It's been great, yes.

CLIFF: Good day.

HolyMatrignomey77 karma

Hey guys, my neighbor Nathan told me that back in your early days, he arranged a concert for you at some Jewish community center in Australia. Do you happen to remember this?

ACDC_127 karma

ANGUS: I've played in one or two of those when I was young, yes. I even remember playing a wedding somewhere, that's right. I don't know what songs we played, but i remember Malcolm playing Zorba the Greek, so it could've been a greek wedding. Of course, none of the rest of us knew it, but Malcolm said "I could do that!"

kreaf77 karma

Would you guys have any tips for bands trying to break through and make a name for themselves nowadays? I am a massive fan and have never gotten bored of listening to your stuff. Can't wait for your tour!

ACDC_116 karma

CLIFF: Just keep going.

fungah76 karma

Would you rather have a pet unicorn or a pet hippogryph?

The unicorn constantly exudes a vibrant stream of rainbows, but it shits three times its body weight every day. The unicorn is very intelligent, and can talk, but all it talks about or wants to do is eat grass. It is also very lazy. It also smells terrible. The unicorn is very high maintenance, and will engage in self harming behaviour if left alone too long. But it is very pretty. You can ride the unicorn while it amble along and eats grass. The unicorn enjoys this.

The hippogryph can fly, and smells pretty good, but is dumb as fuck and cannot be easily trained. The hippogryph likes to play fetch and wrestle. The hippogryph barely ever shits, and requires minimal care, but loves to smash things for fun. The hippogryph loves playing with you but it will eat your face if you try to ride it.

ACDC_129 karma

CLIFF: I'll take the one that flies! The other one craps too much!

ANGUS: I'll take the flying one too.

YohannT74 karma

Hi guys. 23 yo and really big fan here. My question : Would you agree that a biopic about your band be made someday? Do you have a preference for a director, or even for actors who could embody you on the screen?

ACDC_233 karma

ANGUS: it would only be a page thick, wouldn't it?

CLIFF: No idear! No clue, sorry.

ANGUS: You'd want it to be accurate, right. I'd be pretty handsome. Pretty handsome people. You'd need 5 good-looking Brad Pitts... Brad Pitt 1, 2 and so on. And the guy playing me would have to supply his own school suit.

patty_d_2767 karma

Hi! What is your favorite sandwich?

ACDC_204 karma

CLIFF: Ham and cheese. Yeah.

ANGUS: Oh yeah - I don't know how you would say it in Americana. A chip butty sandwich. A french-fries-and-butter sandwich. It's got rock and roll written all over it. If you said to me - "Would you rather have a chip butty or dine with the President, I'd say the chip butty" and he'd probably follow suit.

CumuloNimbus1056 karma

Hey Angus and Cliff! I can’t wait to listen to your new album, and I hope to make it to one of your concerts next year! Are there any songs on "Rock or Bust" that you guys are particularly proud of?

ACDC_113 karma

ANGUS: We're proud of the full eleven, yeah. Course they're all great tracks, that's why they're there! And I'm sure we'll play a lot of the tracks.

CLIFF: The actual title track is just a stormer. All of 'em are great tracks.

ANGUS: Quite a few uptempo ones too - "Baptism by Fire" is a good time. hehehe.

Pe0pleAreStrange55 karma

You guys inspire me and countless other people every day! Thank you for this. What are some of the most memorable places you all have performed at?

ACDC_106 karma

CLIFF: They spring right to mind... Moscow, yeah! When we played Moscow, that was very different. And Nuremberg, was it? Rock in Rio...

ANGUS: We did the first one of that, in the 80s, that was something. We did a big show with the Rolling Stones in Toronto, yeah.

spencerlance44 karma

Do you have any stories about crazy fans?

ACDC_93 karma

ANGUS: About crazy fans? I've got crazy musicians, hehehehe! It's a hard thing to say, you know. I mean, what's the definition of crazy? I've had MANY experiences... have to think...

CLIFF: Can't think of a thing.

ketchup_packets35 karma

hey guys, what are your favorite hot dog toppings?

ACDC_80 karma

CLIFF: Chili-cheese.

ANGUS: Well, I'm not a hot dog eater. Don't ask me why. If I am going to eat one, I'll follow Cliff's line there.

JoshMFBurger10 karma

Hello Angus and Cliff! How are you guys doing today? I'd like to thank you guys for all the good times and great tunes y'all have given us through the years. Without your music, I don't know what I'd be doing with my life right now. It was because of you and your music that I decided to pick up a guitar one day, and it's just been going and going from there! In my opinion, you guys are, and always will be, the best and hardest rocking band in the history of history. Anyway, I'll stop blabbing on and get to my questions now...

  1. When you guys play shows, I can't help but notice all the cues from Angus. How do you guys decide on what cue means what, and how long does it take to get that down?

  2. When you guys go out on tour, you're out on the road for a long time. What do you guys do to pass time when travelling from gig to gig?

  3. Outside of being in a legendary band, what are some of your other hobbies?

  4. How does the process of writing new material generally go for you guys?

  5. What is the funniest thing that has happened onstage to you guys?

Thanks for your time, guys, and once again, thanks for all the awesome tunes! I know that I, and many, many other people, really appreciate the time and passion you guys have put into it. Keep rockin'!

ACDC_12 karma


ANGUS: Cues? Oh geez... I dunno. I've never really had cues. I just follow the music, yeah. But we've got no real, sort of, cues. I think maybe at the end of a song, I might jump up, you know. No, I've got no dance chaps.

CLIFF: But you'll come and do a jump, and that's a cue!

ANGUS: At the end, but it's all musically in time? I work to the music.


CLIFF: Play card games, a bit of reading.

ANGUS: Watch a few movies.


CLIFF: I do a little bit of shootin' and a little bit of fishing.

ANGUS: Well, I don't do any of them, you know? I'd be a lousy shot, lousy fishermen. I guess in my own time, I... don't mind a little bit of painting, if I've got a little bit of space. I paint the house, do a few coats, hehhehe!


ANGUS: Starts with an idea, yeah. You get an idea, and that gives you a spark. Can be anything, a word, a riff, you know... a couple of chords, just the thing to you. I like the way those chords are sequencing together, you know? And with music, it's a blank canvas. There's 12 notes. It's just picking the right ones.

CLIFF: Ang really puts the songs together.


ANGUS: The funniest thing? Oh geez... trying to think...

CLIFF: People - for some reason or another - there was a period of time in America, around the west coast, shoes would come onstage. We would wonder why they were throwing shoes onstage, and then we realized it was the big guy standing next to the smaller guy, throwing HIS shoes up!

ANGUS: Or a lady's! I remember one, there were quite a few high heels. We could've opened up a shoe store.