I have been an oil painter for 40 years. In that time period, I have traveled the world for inspiration in many of my pieces. To name a few, I have been to such places as Antarctica, Easter Island, and Seychelles.

I am currently working on multiple Star Wars oil paintings for LucasArts (top secret ;).

You can see one of my previous pieces here: http://i.imgur.com/AvOum2F.jpg (This was after a trip to Antarctica)

My Proof: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/wars-121098-star-wassmann.html

Photo: http://i.imgur.com/0plmOjW.jpg


(Note: Cliff is entirely new to Reddit, I have been trying to get him on it for a while. So if it takes us a bit to respond, don't worry we will do our best!)

Edit: Let me know what types of Star Wars imagery you'd like to see as a painting please. Trying to decide what to do next.

Edit: Ok, done for now but happy to come back if more questions.

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BluesClues48949 karma

Were you a fan of Star Wars growing up?

ApproachingStorm9 karma

I saw it opening day on a whim. Thought it was a stupid title but had nothing to do. After 5 minutes I was hooked. Still have the free stuff they gave out that day.

stubz998 karma

Speaking of free stuff, do you ever get any free cool stuff from LucasArts?

ApproachingStorm13 karma

I get passes to comic con!

BluesClues48945 karma

Cool, what did you think of the last star wars movies from the early 2000s

ApproachingStorm4 karma

I liked them better then most people. I like CGI.

ApproachingStorm4 karma

And digital projection is awesome.

ApproachingStorm8 karma

Ok, times up for me. Thanks! Hope you enjoyed it?

underpressure2217 karma

Do you ever get the opportunity to design new characters, or do you stick with already created... creations?

Also, how closely do you follow Ralph McQuarrie's drawings/pictures when designing your own works?

How does one get into oil painting? Let's say I wanted a portrait of me in full Edwardian military regalia. How much would that cost on average and what would I look/ask for?


ApproachingStorm10 karma

I'm doing reverse conceptual art right now. I create images that could have been in the movies but were not. I'm licensed by the fine art division so they sell the prints and originals. Some people think my work looks like McQuarrie's but that is not intentional. There are a lot of good portrait painters online that could do what you are asking but it's not my thing. If I do a commission it has to be a landscape or something similar. Thanks!

AlliedMasterKompewda7 karma

Awesome paintings, have you done/seen anything for the upcoming film? Also Endor is my favorite planet I think you should draw up some ewoks breaking into the empires walkers and fucking shit up

ApproachingStorm6 karma

No, I'm not in the loop on that unfortunately.

kingkruiser20146 karma

2 questions:

  1. What color light-saber would you have?

  2. Do you have a website where I can see more of your work?

ApproachingStorm7 karma

Ultraviolet would be nice.... My main site is http://artseek.com

Stands_on-216 karma

It seems like every landscape has been used in the films; snow, swamp, desert, forest, etc. Is there an outdoor setting you would love to paint for Star Wars that hasn't been used yet?

ApproachingStorm7 karma

You're right. It's time for more exotic places. Titan with it's methane seas would be interesting.

Waddles774 karma

Ever tried your hand at drawing Ahsoka?

ApproachingStorm4 karma

No, I don't do much figurative. Mostly the landscapes and machines

NorbitGorbit3 karma

What is the vetting process like for doing star wars paintings -- is there a checker for accuracy?

BluesClues48941 karma

He said time is up

ApproachingStorm2 karma

Back for a few mins. They found me at ArtExpo in New York. I had a show of my Antarctica work and they liked it. Thought I could paint Hoth. I was happy to help!

Tobar2 karma

I notice you kept saying Lucasarts. So does that mean you're working for the games division and not Lucasfilm?

ApproachingStorm1 karma

Actually it is Acme Archives, they are an art licensing company. Lucasfilm is just one of the properties they work with. Edit: sorry I get them mixed up.

Hi_im_ian2 karma

Where can one buy work from you?

ApproachingStorm1 karma

My main website is http://artseek.com It does not have the stars wars work on it but all my other work is there. The Approaching Storm print is sold out but I have a few artist proofs left I can sell. Please email me via my website if you are interested. I also have some original star wars paintings that are going to be on exhibit at the Winter Sawdust Festival in December. What doesn't sell there I can make available online. Thanks!

maccaroon2 karma

Wait, hang on, I thought Disney shut down lucasarts after they bought lucasfilm...?

ApproachingStorm2 karma

I do work for an art licensing company. They have rights to all the studios, so what ever changes happen to Lucasarts I don't think it matters. Before the sale to disney I was told what ever I did had to be approved by Lucasarts. Not sure how it is now. I could paint other movie stuff also but I like to keep focused.

CaptainBane2 karma

Friend I work with worked on the set doing painting or something for Star Wars. You might have know him. He was telling me the producers gave out loads of fake story lines to throw off the fans. Is this true?

ApproachingStorm3 karma

I'm sure. I stopped reading all that stuff. I just hope they don't kill it with over saturation.

Crjpilot11 karma

Why don't you convince Lucas to not build that horrible monstrosity of a "museum" in my beautiful city. It looks awful. Plus a museum for a fantasy movie? WTF.

ApproachingStorm2 karma

Where is it?