Earlier this year, Nick Hook and I went on a trip around the world with Red Bull in search for the most exotic sounds on the planet. What resulted was a 26-minute documentary that provides an inside look at how I transform sounds - from raw files to songs. You can watch our experience in the new documentary Searching For Sound!.

Feel free to ask us questions about the doc and our travels, sampling/production questions, or anything else that's on your mind. ASK AWAY!

PROOF: https://twitter.com/nickhook/status/533347984130723841

UPDATE: Hey we hope you had an amazing time. it means a lot for you to take the time to come kick it.. hit us up on this here internet. and check out the doc on Red Bull TV

baauer + nick

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donnie_depression23 karma

What is the most difficult thing about music production to you?

baauerbaauer55 karma

for me its to stop over thinking,... the less i think about what im doin the tighter it ends up being

Makispi20 karma

Did you expect the harlem shake to be as big as it was? And how did you react to how viral it went?

baauerbaauer36 karma

NO it was totally unexpected

Branch_City19 karma

Mr. Baauer, I saw you live at Hard Summer 2014 and it was amazing! What gave you the badass idea to start spinning on top of the tower?

baauerbaauer21 karma

THNAKS it was just a crazy idea... we thought if we can do it why not!

nofear22013 karma

When are you going to release a full album? Any teaser tracks?

baauerbaauer36 karma


lilkhobs12 karma

What was the scariest thing you saw or encountered?

nickhookforever26 karma

when the dudes on the mountain in dubai didnt wanna sign the release form and i thought we were in trouble.. but then we charmed them in their museum and ate some honey and dates and everything was love.

baauerbaauer29 karma

they invited us back to go to the mountain and collect honey

supnice12 karma

Who do you think will have a breakout year in 2015?

baauerbaauer31 karma

nick hook

ThatDudeWithABeard12 karma

First off huge fan. The new ep is awesome. But uh...

Favorite beer? Top 5 albums all time? Any plans for a full length album soon?

And who though up that tower spinning at hard. That was pretty slick thinking

baauerbaauer8 karma

i think lime-a-rita . I drink them as I work on new album

lasiyo9 karma


baauerbaauer10 karma

Keep goin at it.. it can be confusing at first, like learning a new language. dont be afraid to experiment !

many-euphoria8 karma

What's your favorite Internet meme?

baauerbaauer96 karma

the harlem shake

iamfilip8 karma

Are your parents like really cool since your middle name is Bauer?

baauerbaauer7 karma

yea they are cool

kavanrotzien8 karma

Just watched your documentary and now I'm playing with the samples, really sick stuff! Where would you like to gather sounds from in the future?

baauerbaauer10 karma

would really love to go to India... and brazil!

mercforhire7 karma

What plans do you have with the Great White North?! (Canada) ps wake the fuck up

baauerbaauer15 karma

I love cananda

threepex7 karma

Question for both of you What sample pack did you used to make your first popular songs?

baauerbaauer39 karma

for me,... just pulling sounds from other songs... but carefull u can get in trouble lol

Brandinoftw7 karma

dream collab?

baauerbaauer57 karma

Neil degrasse tyson

Psychohosebeast697 karma

Where did the name Baauer come from?

baauerbaauer20 karma


thedang4156 karma

Baauer & Nick Hook: If you could be any animal, what animal would you be?

baauerbaauer15 karma

I think bear

HQxMnbS6 karma

thanks for the free open bar @ the nyc EP release

both: what non dance music albums are u feeling right now?

baauer: what up with that Tell Me VIP? for show play only?

baauerbaauer6 karma

show play only for now heheh

luke_shippey5 karma


nickhookforever18 karma

quality over quantity.. great music is gonna find the right people.. hit my facebook or soundcloud and send me links!

baauerbaauer14 karma


nosire4 karma

Baauer, I notice you like to sample a lot of early 2000's female rap/R&B vocals in your productions. What's a couple of your favorite tracks from that era?

baauerbaauer9 karma

man so many :) but ur right I do love to sample that

vulch4 karma

The songs that were in Redbull Searching for Sound? i.e. Redbulljam, dubaitrans, tokyotemple... Anyway to get those?! Amazing tracks.

Thanks for making awesome music.

baauerbaauer9 karma


lorrinf4 karma

F, Mary, Kill. Diplo, Deadmau5, and Skrillex You have to [email protected]$!! One , Mary one, and Kill one?

Big fan, thanks in advance.

nickhookforever3 karma


baauerbaauer3 karma


myballsurface3 karma

Baauer I'm digging the new EP especially One Touch with AlunaGeorge and Rae Sremmurd. Aboslute banger.

My question: What's your favorite song off your boy RL's new record and when are we going to see another smashing collab like Infinite Daps?

much love.

baauerbaauer7 karma

that one one golden state is so fckin epic!

robinsky13 karma

What was the most exotic sound you found?

baauerbaauer7 karma

I think it was the guys in the mountains of UAE... that was crazy!

rhomas_ormsby3 karma

Baauer - What is your biggest non-musical influence and why?

baauerbaauer11 karma

thats a great question... probably night time

hibaauer2 karma


baauerbaauer3 karma

THX! Its a recording of a camp song somewhere on the internet.........

DJKrucial2 karma

Baauer and Nick,

First off, loved the documentary. Did you record every sound using the Zoom H2n?


baauerbaauer3 karma

some yea, other were recorded by adam the sound guy, his equipment was rlly good

trapandbacon2 karma

What's up man. Before Searching For Sound, did you ever use uncommon things to sample for songs or anything of the sort?

baauerbaauer7 karma

yes! always loved using wierd sounds and transforming them... like a goat screaming

henry14mustafa2 karma

Baauer when are you going to come on tour in England??

baauerbaauer4 karma

been way too fucking long since Ive been so UK.

Weekndr2 karma

Hey guys,

Baauer: I'm a big fan of Alunageorge and so glad you guys got together. What was it like working with them? And please do a collaboration with Disclosure!


It doesn't look like you have a Wikipedia page yet! what's one weird fact you want up there when it does go up?

baauerbaauer6 karma

I just recorded Aluna... shes an a incredible vocalist. I really want to collab with geroge because I really admire his production

bmanning222 karma

Hey Baauer! Saw the documentary and loved every bit of it! After yours and Nick's trip, do you plan to aim more towards only using your own recorded sounds in the future?

baauerbaauer3 karma

yes absolutely. knowing where and who the sounds come from changes the way I use samples completly

NuFvnk2 karma

What would you tell your younger self's if you could about going for your passion that you'd advice some young aspiring producer dude out there that you wish you knew back then?

baauerbaauer3 karma

never stop working and find out makes makes u u and stick to it

TooManyGains1 karma


baauerbaauer5 karma

red rocks is so amazing! I hope to come back soon

freemonsta1 karma

Samples or synths for your 808s, and what do you do to make them more audible?

baauerbaauer3 karma

I say samples :) or nicks real 808

henry14mustafa1 karma

Do you enjoy working with each other?

baauerbaauer2 karma

hell yea

iamfilip1 karma

How do you split a track up into parts in order to remix it?

baauerbaauer1 karma

we recorded all the sounds seperatly then went in and edited them all

yesiamquitesmall1 karma


baauerbaauer6 karma

No i played a show in their hometown but they were too young to get in!!!

ShubhangD1 karma

Hey Baauer! I'm a huuuuge fan of your stuff Swoopin is too bomb.

What advice would you give to a new producer who feels his track is too "empty" and unprofessional? I'm currently 16 and just getting into trap, but some guidance would be great.

baauerbaauer5 karma

THNKS! I thought that too man, just keep goin, make what sounds good to YOU and not what sounds like everything else.. your personal style is what will shine the most