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Will you go back to your life of "crime" once everything is cleared out?

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That's funny. Reminds me of a joke... I use that term graciously..

"Someone once accused me of stealing an old, rare, valuable stamp, and I philately denied it."

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Are you a dad?

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I am... /r/dadjokes is a favorite....

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What do you think the root cause of this is? Obviously it's not just about people feeding the homeless, but something that is happening on a larger scale all over. We have now turned our backs on our fellow man, and shunned the homeless instead of helping them. I remember reading about the spikes being placed all over in places homeless would sleep so they couldn't lay down.

I also want to thank you for standing up and lending your efforts and voice towards advocating for the homeless. I was once homeless, so it hits home, thank you...

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Great question... Whether it is Children’s Home Society Of Florida or homeless pets or our group there's a beleif that people choose to be homeless.

That assertion mixed with a few and far between need by our governments to appear to protect us will generate more pressure on those who help the least of those.

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did you know the law about feeding the homeless?

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Good question.. The law is a interesting thing.. Without turning this into an election or politics matter, I will say there are more than 125 federal laws, 600 state laws and 15 city ordinances that could be used to cite people who feed the homeless and comes down to interpretation.

As an example: Does the happiness we feel in helping homeless considered payment? If so there's another 350 federal and state laws..

We were not and still are not familiar with all laws governing what we are doing in feeding those in need, but we are certain to follow the HUMAN LAW of compassion and care to our brothers and sisters in need.

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From the Mayor's response:

"Contrary to reports, the City of Fort Lauderdale is not banning groups from feeding the homeless. We have established an outdoor food distribution ordinance to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our community. The ordinance does not prohibit feeding the homeless; it regulates the activity in order to ensure it is carried out in an appropriate, organized, clean and healthy manner.

While the ordinance regulates outdoor food distribution, it also permits indoor food distribution to take place at houses of worship throughout the City. By allowing houses of worship to conduct this activity, the City is actually increasing the number of locations where the homeless can properly receive this service.

At two recent outdoor food distributions, citations were rightly issued for non-compliance with the process enacted to ensure public health and safety. Contrary to what was reported in the media, no one was taken into custody. Had these activities taken place indoors, at a house of worship, they would have been in full compliance with the ordinance."

Care to respond?

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Mayor Jack Seiler is very suave with his responses. He did not detain anyone personally is true. We have had a public debate on the matter and assume the mayor will continue to play fast and loose with terms he uses or the facts.

We have asked for a waiver of the ordinance banning our outdoor feeding but city hall has ignored that request. So for the time being we will operate out of our churches and press for a change to the current ordinance.

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Let me see if I can read between the lines and you tell me if I'm in the right ballpark.

Homeless people are wandering all around and the mayor is trying to clean up the city.

To that end, he restricts where they can be fed to try to contain them.

After all, if they can be fed anywhere, then there's no reason for them to move.

So he says you have to feed them out of churches but while everyone likes how Christ hung around with the dregs of society to show his love, no one really wants to spend time with them, prostitutes notwithstanding.

So instead of churches rushing out to feed the homeless, they don't, because who wants those smelly people around, amirite?

This limits the realistic number of places that homeless can eat while giving theoretical lip-service to the problem.

It will also force a migration of sorts for the homeless to areas where they are less bothersome, decreasing crime, public urination, panhandling and other less-savory aspects of a homeless population in the areas where the money is, i.e., the area that supports the mayor.

I'm just spit-ballin' here, but am I close?

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A few things.

Homeless people were not "Wandering all over", they were going to places and people who provided for them... Think of this as the free market for free food and services. Places that didn't give food unless someone was a baptist or converted to a certain flavor of faith tended to have much less people.

Then someone says hey I got an idea let's put all those people in some place we can watch them and protect them because they need protection..

But wait let's make that the only place.. Then we can limit access, and hours, screen people for warrants, count them for Federal funds, make them bus or walk across down from where they might be working and getting back on their feet if they want to eat.

Shoot they are homeless what do they know...

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I would imagine that someone in this position has a certain amount of anger towards the justice system in general. Do you have anything to say about "the man"?

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Great Question.. This is civil disobedience so "the man" in this case is an elected official and PR suave person named Mayor Jack Seiler. Mayor Seiler has communicated [] that he is the man in this situation but I know that serving man is more important than being the man seeking votes or "damage control".

Even now, we are out until 8pm EST tonight feeding the homeless while he moves forward to make a name for himself. We are retaining civil rights counsel that "marched in Selma" expecting a significant criminal and civil set of cases while we feed those in need.

EDIT: typos

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Do you think these kind of laws are going to start passing to other states? I know some friars in Albuquerque who do a soup kitchen kind of thing and I know they've started having trouble with the police. There are no laws about it yet and they haven't been fined or anything.

asdsa123as26 karma

I can't predict the future but I can tell you the rules are not getting easier to help others.. The Southern Poverty Law Center states "violent targeting of the homeless are rising sharply in America".

While that targeting has previously been by other citizens, it's clear that our government in other ways will look for ways to curb homelessness by making it hard to be homeless and targeting those who help the homeless. I think making homelessness hard hurts everyone and want to help when people are in that position.

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How do you now just throw your hands up and just quit on humanity?

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You can't throw your "hands up" when you have hands out to help another.

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I read about this in the news. Can you explain to me what the ordinance actually prohibits? And what is it's purpose?

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Like many ordinances they be enforced on a case by case basis by the officer. In our case the Mayor has personally sought enforcement without a complaint from the public. So he has issued this press release to "set the record straight" []

The gist of the feedings ordinance is that you have to only feed them inside and only feed homeless if you have bathrooms, showers and other facilities the city can inspect prior. SOURCE:

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I disagree that the mayor has "personally sought enforcement". The majority of residents, like myself, agree with the mayor and the ordinance, however since we are not the ones protesting and fighting, our voices get drowned out. Do you live in Fort Lauderdale? How do you feel about Abbott disregarding the offers from the city to feed the homeless in designated areas like the aquatic complex (very close to the beach where he currently feeds homeless) or Church by the Sea, also very close? This seems like just an act of defiance in an attempt to garner more attention.

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Hi /u/HaroldWang

Just last night another citation was issued. These are "detainable offenses " according to State and Federal law. That said, the 3am debate to shut out public opinion. Mayor Jack Seiler I am sure is a good man representing those who have homes. We are trying to feed those without those basics in life in accordance with Florida Law.

asdsa123as12 karma

Just want to say thank you all for your great questions! Feel free to PM me or add questions here and I'll respond over time.

The city of Fort Lauderdale "official response website is at and Love Thy neighbor feeding group is available at

God Bless You and Keep You.

"Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." -Horace Mann

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Do you have a fund to pay fines and legal defense that people can donate to?

asdsa123as34 karma

We are gearing up for this... We haven't secured counsel yet... Funny thing about Fort Lauderdale is that great older and experienced State, and Federal attorneys and judges have moved here who share our cause.

Now we need one we can call when being handcuffed with food in our hands... Anyone have Saul's number? Walter White isn't serving with us:)

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Call Rogow, this is right up his alley.

asdsa123as8 karma

already done. :)

Southernerd3 karma

You are in the best hands.

asdsa123as11 karma

Yes please share... We got word today that Professor Bruce Rogow will be representing our cause to the local, appellate and supreme court.. I'd be happy to any any questions posted..

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My city has a homeless population that is slightly larger than many of the surrounding communities. The general attitude of the current city council is to do whatever they can to make the homeless go away. This is definitely the kind of city that will try to start passing more laws to make it harder to help the homeless here. Do you have any suggestions of things we can do to help keep these kinds of laws from being enacted?

asdsa123as14 karma

This is a great question.

National groups can help you. I recommend World Homeless Day as solving how we work with those in need needs PR, finance and community education..

There's been a few nationwide changes in this for the positive such as Oprah's Day in the life of a Homeless Veteran and Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy day in the life of the homeless see if you can get this sort of education in your area and try not to reinvent the wheel.

fatcrackbabies5 karma

Have you been in contact with any of the other national homeless advocacy groups to fight against this law? I have been involved with homeless advocacy for the greater part of 15 years and we have faced quite a bit of trouble from the police as well. Most of our work is focused on the education for homeless children but they were of great assistance. Basically, we called backup! Thank you for all you do.

Edit: typo

asdsa123as8 karma

Yes. Briefs are coming in from National and local agencies focusing on civil rights, homelessness and believe it or not, religious groups.

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What was going through your mind on the way to jail?

asdsa123as13 karma

We joked because the first time we wondered what they were serving for the next meal and if we would be able to pass it out.

Something about arresting 3 guys all over the age of 65 had them processing us in about a hour.

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Can you describe what led you to do this?

asdsa123as13 karma

There is a history of giving in this Part of Florida..

How do you defend the indefensible? We are talking about a simple humanitarian gesture of offering a stranger something to eat. Roman Catholic Mayor Jack Seiler asked Archbishop Wenski to bless his city, and then he turns around and rejects one of the basic acts of Christ -- feeding the poor -- I would imagine Bishop Wenski may be weighing in on this issue soon.

seis_cuerdas2 karma

Do you have any plans to challenge the law that makes feeding the homeless illegal?

asdsa123as11 karma

I am not an attorney but I do believe the attorneys involved do wish to set a precedence of this that wont be heard until at a Federal level for years from now. Meanwhile we will service our man where we are at.

asdsa123as1 karma

As an update... Here is the news report showing where I stand now that I have lawyers..

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"He who does not work, neither shall he eat". Stop feeding useless bums you crazy old fart. How are you any better than pigeon feeders?

asdsa123as11 karma

I assume you are referring to the is a biblical aphorism derived from II Thessalonians 3:10 fellow redditor...

The actual Greek translation is "If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat".

I promise you there hasn't been a single person not willing to work in our food lines and service areas.

Northmost1-16 karma

I promise you there hasn't been a single person not willing to work in our food lines and service areas.

Really? Reaaaallllly? Remember lying is a sin even if you believe it is in a good cause.

asdsa123as11 karma

I think you should consider your fellow man... Being homeless is a job.. Finding a place to lay that doesn't involve police, theft, battery.

I'll restate this to say that I've never met a lazy homeless person.

Between serious mental health needs to circumstance of not having proof of identity for work or serious other medical need.

TLDR: Those who can, do work.