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Redwinevino1071 karma

Hello David and thank you for doing the AMA

Do you think love can bloom even on a battlefield?

RealDavidHayter2190 karma

The bigger issue is when love blooms on your genitals.

StuBenedict966 karma

Are you currently in a box, Y/N?

RealDavidHayter1937 karma


(I just… feel more comfortable in here.)

illmuri944 karma

Metal Gear?

RealDavidHayter1792 karma

… Metal Gear!?

34_59_20__106_36_52924 karma

What is your single favourite line from the entire metal gear solid series?

RealDavidHayter2252 karma


wbworth813 karma

Does it get annoying people asking you to do the Snake voice in public and which Metal Gear game is your favorite?

RealDavidHayter2120 karma

Never gets annoying. It's a great gift to be able to make people happy by using the Snake voice. I think Metal Gear 3 is my favorite.

Snake -Eaterrrr!

PrinceHabib72760 karma

Hey David, big fan of your work in the Metal Gear Solid games. Do you ever break out the Snake voice in public to see who reacts?

RealDavidHayter1838 karma

Occisionally, I'll grumble near someone wearing a MGS shirt.

JaredIsAmped585 karma

Any writing tips for up and comers?

RealDavidHayter1163 karma

Get out.

whatfingwhat1650 karma

Hayter's gotta hate...

ultrachronic442 karma

How long were you waiting to use this one?

RealDavidHayter854 karma

… All my life.

Lonjaloie580 karma

How did you find out you landed the role of Snake for Metal Gear Solid, and how did you feel after finding out?

P.S. I adore your work, you rock!

RealDavidHayter1213 karma

I auditioned for the job, and a few days later, I got a call from my very dear friend Jennifer Hale, who said, "Guess who's going to make some money?" And I said, "Is it me!?"

I was sitting outside on the patio, as the Counting Crows were recording their third album, "This Desert Life" at the time.

I'll never forget it.

KataWolf562 karma

If you could voice any character in gaming/cartoon/whatever history, who would you pick?

RealDavidHayter1111 karma

Batman, and to a lesser extent -- Bruce Wayne.

Playing Wolverine would be kind of nostalgic as well.

hype_corgi202 karma

Dude, when Kevin Conroy retires I would totally do a letter writing campaign to get you as Batman.

Unless we invent technology to perfect an AI mimicking Kevin Conroy's voice. Then you're fucked. Sorry, but nobody can out-Batman Batman.

Unless you're on Boy Meets World. Then you might have a chance.

RealDavidHayter215 karma

Conroy: Agreed.

Chapmenez506 karma

I loved Watchmen and the first two X-men movies. Any chance of you writing more superhero movies in the future?

RealDavidHayter776 karma

I am in discussions on that now.

SLUT_MUFFIN498 karma

Hi David!

I was wondering if you could share any of your favourite moments from meeting Mr. Kojima? We fans have all heard of his crazy antics from his staff and I'm curious as to whether you have any experiences of your own?

RealDavidHayter876 karma

Kojima-San was always pretty subdued whenever we met. But he did seem excited about showing me the upcoming technology for whatever game we were working on at the time.

PaddyBatman398 karma

Why'd you keep us waiting huh?! ;)

RealDavidHayter785 karma

F'n Patriots...

ElixDaKat361 karma

Hey David,

Did you ever get to keep anything cool from doing Guyver 2?

RealDavidHayter420 karma

I have a Japanese release poster, given to me by Steve Wang, which is pretty cool.

sunny4857341 karma

So, who is David Hayer? Accomplished actor; screen writer; voice of a generation; citizen of the world; ripped from the comfortable childhood in Canada; thrown into the turbulent waters of adolescence in Kobe, Japan. How did you stay afloat?

“Let your dreams drive you.” A message of hope to today’s young people from David Hayter.

RealDavidHayter615 karma

I really, never actually said that.

jeperty340 karma

Hows life?

RealDavidHayter511 karma


Lebowski1891324 karma

Were you surprised when Konami decided to use another actor for the voice of Snake in the upcoming games of Metal Gear? How did it make you feel during the moment you got the news?

I can only speak for myself and many others that were extremely upset. Your work in Peace Walker is spot on! You made that character come alive, you gave him humour and the extra noises and pauses made it so perfect! Im so sad to see that your not part of the upcoming games!

RealDavidHayter568 karma

Thanks lebowski.

Honestly? I wasn't overly thrilled.

AuRevoirShoshannah324 karma

Hi David! Thank you for offering your time for this.

What voice preparation techniques do you implement prior to a day in a recording studio?

RealDavidHayter617 karma

I do a lot of humming, singing Green Day, and growling way down deep in my throat.

jitsux256 karma

Hi David,

  1. If you had to change a character's fate in any of MGS games, who would you choose and how?
  2. Your voice for Snake obviously changed through the years. From MGS1 where it came off natural to the eventual gravel that became noticeable in MGS3 and MGS4 where it was understandable. How do you explain that change?

RealDavidHayter777 karma

  1. I would have had Solid shoot himself in the cemetery.

  2. Accelerated aging.

wristrockets255 karma

I'd like to hear how you feel about Kiefer Sutherland playing Snake for MGS5. Were you approached at all about the project? Did you turn it down?

RealDavidHayter404 karma

I did not, no.

That_Mad_Hatter222 karma

Hey David thanks for doing the AMA, just wanted to say thanks for some of the work you've done over the years. I started playing metal gear when I was around 4 so I think I can say I'm a life long fan so I just felt I really needed to say thank you for all the work you did over the years.

Anyway my question for you is what do you think was the funniest line you ever had to say when doing Snake?

RealDavidHayter596 karma

"By… Farting."

Super Smash Brothers

brandonjslippingaway220 karma

Hi David! Firstly I’d just like to say that I’m a huge Metal Gear fan, and want to thank you for being the voice to much of my childhood. The nostalgia and memories you bring back as Snake has probably been greater than any movie or TV show I could name.

But my question is this; do you have any advice in reconciling your career ambitions and your hobbies? Can you make them cross over? What kind of attitude should a person have to make their dreams a reality?

RealDavidHayter457 karma

Let your dreams drive you.

(I never actually said that.)

Ambitionlessness207 karma

Do you put on the snake voice to moisten the ladies?

RealDavidHayter507 karma

That's a phrase that will haunt my dreams.

I just picture living, female towelettes.

sirscotchington170 karma

In my head, I like to think you and Quinton Flynn are best buddies and hang out all the time. Is this true? And are you friends with anyone in the Metal Gear cast?

RealDavidHayter406 karma

I just had drinks with Quentin the other day -- He came to a WOLVES screening in LA. I am very close to Jennifer Hale, Mei Ling, Debi Mae West and Paul Eiding. And Otacon.

ZeiglerJaguar317 karma

I'm imagining that you just all call Christopher Randolph "Otacon" no matter what.

RealDavidHayter570 karma

That is absolutely true.

Shalashaska315206 karma

Have you ever high fived Otocon in real life and then hugged it out?

RealDavidHayter338 karma

Many times.

moon_batman159 karma

I read once that you played all the metal gear games, is this true and if so will you be playing these last two?

RealDavidHayter551 karma

I have played all the Metal Gear games, yes.

I am not familiar with these "last two" to which you mysteriously refer.

phaseMonkey156 karma

Will you be a voice in Fallout 4? Half-Life 3? Elder Scrolls VI? Grand Theft Auto VI - Detroit?

RealDavidHayter327 karma

All they need to do is ask.

anidubey2311144 karma

David? Davidddd? Davidddddddddddddddddddddddd........?

RealDavidHayter265 karma

What? Wahtttt? Whaaaaaaaattttttttttt….!?

Tasty_lake140 karma

Personally I'm interested as to what got you into acting. Was it a family member, an experience?

EDIT: Holy smokes! This is likely the most liked comment I've received in quite a while.

RealDavidHayter273 karma

My mother used to do community theatre, and she suggested I try out for a play when I was nine. After that, I was hooked.

Snakeoilsage140 karma

Do we have you to blame for the unintentionally hilarious "toads hit by lightning" quip?

RealDavidHayter295 karma

First of all, I like that line. And it is intentionally hilarious. It was written by Joss Whedon, who also wrote the best line in the film "You're a dick." But it was my responsibility to cut or leave it, it so I suppose I can take the "blame".

But HAVE you ever seen a toad get hit by lightning?

As true today as it was when it was written.

aj81134 karma

That was Joss Whedon.

He explains his thinking behind it and why he thinks it didn't work in the film here

"O: It's funny that the only lines I really remember from that movie are that one and Storm's toad comment.

JW: Okay, which was also mine, and that's the interesting thing. Everybody remembers that as the worst line ever written, but the thing about that is, it was supposed to be delivered as completely offhand. [Adopts casual, bored tone.] "You know what happens when a toad gets hit by lightning?" Then, after he gets electrocuted, "Ahhh, pretty much the same thing that happens to anything else." But Halle Berry said it like she was Desdemona. [Strident, ringing voice.] "The same thing that happens to everything eeelse!" That's the thing that makes you go crazy. At least "You're a dick" got delivered right. The worst thing about these things is that, when the actors say it wrong, it makes the writer look stupid. People assume that the line... I listened to half the dialogue in Alien 4, and I'm like, "That's idiotic," because of the way it was said. And nobody knows that. Nobody ever gets that. They say, "That was a stupid script," which is the worst pain in the world. I have a great long boring story about that, but I can tell you the very short version. In Alien 4, the director changed something so that it didn't make any sense. He wanted someone to go and get a gun and get killed by the alien, so I wrote that in and tried to make it work, but he directed it in a way that it made no sense whatsoever. And I was sitting there in the editing room, trying to come up with looplines to explain what's going on, to make the scene make sense, and I asked the director, "Can you just explain to me why he's doing this? Why is he going for this gun?" And the editor, who was French, turned to me and said, with a little leer on his face, [adopts gravelly, smarmy, French-accented voice] "Because eet's een the screept." And I actually went and dented the bathroom stall with my puddly little fist. I have never been angrier. But it's the classic, "When something goes wrong, you assume the writer's a dork." And that's painful."

RealDavidHayter50 karma

I agree with JW's sentiments exactly. Although, I thought Halle delivered it fine.

Mr-Shmee136 karma

Hi David, thanks for doing this AMA

As a player, What is your favorite Metal Gear Solid moment?

And who is your favorite Boss Battle?


(don't keep us waiting)

RealDavidHayter393 karma

I loved The End sniper battle in Snake eater.

SNOTcorn134 karma

Is it true that you used your Guyver character's name as a pseudonym on some copies of MGS? Also when will you be starring in a sequel to the Guyver?

RealDavidHayter214 karma

The pseudonym Sean Barker -- my character in The Guyver was used for a number of vo jobs I did in the past.

As for another Guyver, I have talked with Steve Wagn about it, but it's up to the rights holders to make it happen.

I'll jump off that cliff when I come to it.

RenegadeTwister110 karma

"Sean Barker" rearranged is "Snake Bearr". Coincidence!?

RealDavidHayter240 karma

How about 'Snake Barer?'

NewAgeNeoHipster120 karma

Hi David!

Big fan here. Any chance you'll be doing more voice acting for shows or other game series in the near future?

I know you're involved with République but I was wondering for larger scale games.

Thanks for doing this AMA!

RealDavidHayter394 karma

I have The Long Dark coming up, and I amy, or may not, have just done some top-secret work on Marvel Universe.


(Don't tell anyone.)

ravelle116 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA, David! Currently playing my way through all the Metal Gear games and loving it.

How many times do you get asked to say "METAL GEAR?!" or any other one liner from the games.

RealDavidHayter291 karma

More than I am able to count.

(which is up to 37.)

CaptHayes109 karma

Hey David, huge fan. How is your favorite villain from MGS?

RealDavidHayter451 karma

I'm pretty sure he's dead now.

Tiger-Striped-Kat107 karma

Mr. Hayter, this is one of my most anticipated AMAs ever, and I hope you get a chance to read this. FYI, Solid/Naked Snake are my favorite video game characters and I love the voice you've given them so, so much. My first MG was MGS2 on the HD collection (Sorry, I'm barely 20) and you were awesome. I will be reading as many replies on this AMA as possible.

I saw Wolves, and while it's not my type of movie it was a good watch-through. I had to look it up afterward because I wasn't sure, but Jennifer Hale as the mother was a great surprise. I liked Wild Joe at first... I remember a couple of laughs I had when Gail(?) says something like "I can barely grow my sideburns anymore. Seriously, it's just a little fuzz." and after Angel spends the night with Cayden and Tollerman sees if they can get her a shirt.

Now I'm recovering from surgery and I have another one tomorrow. I bought MGS1 the other day when I'd heard you'd be doing an AMA and yes, I will finally be playing it while I get better.

  • Surely you've been asked this some time before, but who are your inspirations?
  • I don't know how much you read, but do you have any book recommendations?

I hope eventually to get the chance to thank you in person for all of the enjoyment you've provided me, maybe by then I'll have gotten my MGS1 Big Boss Rank or I'll have beaten MGS3 on E.E. Looking forward to what you have in store for us in the future, and certainly your tweets. With love, gratitude, and respect—one of your fans

RealDavidHayter255 karma

Hey Tiger,

So sorry you have to go into surgery, hang in there.

My inspirations are many -- Kubrick, Harrison Ford, Spielberg, Stephen King, Mozart.

I read all the time -- I am reading Game Of Thrones right now (Holy crap it's good.) My favorite Stephen King is The Stand. Most incredibly well written book I think I've ever read was "Lolita". Spectacular.


hih894yri106 karma

How do you feel about CGI?

RealDavidHayter306 karma

Very effective for backgrounds, metal, stone, etc…

For living beings, much trickier.

szdlkjfdlkjlkf105 karma

Did you ever get a chance to play Metal Gear Online?

RealDavidHayter442 karma

I dont' play anything online, as I find myself yelling at twelve-year olds.

thelonebamf105 karma

Thanks so much for doing this AMA! I've been excited about it since I heard the announcement last week.

I mostly just wanted to say thank you for all your work over the years. Your animation VA credits read like a list of my favorite things;'They Were Eleven' is such a unique little piece of anime history and Spiderman was my jam growing up. I am a huge fan of the X-Men films and talk about those movies often as the "turning point" when superhero movies started to become cool again. I was quite the giddy fangirl when X-2 came out and I finally got to see Nightcrawler on the big screen.

Took me a while to narrow down my question from superpowers and all the places love can bloom- but Il'l bring it back to X-Men and ask which characters were the most challenging (or most fun) to write during your time on those projects?

RealDavidHayter310 karma

Well, Nightcrawler required me to translate lines into German, so that was fun. I guess Wolverine is obviously the most kick-ass to write, but getting to write dialogue that is then spoken by Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan is a gift beyond rubies.

JustAStranger_103 karma

Do you find yourself critiquing your own voice when you play the MGS games?

RealDavidHayter258 karma

Oh yes. Very much.

There are times when I love it, or I hit something in just the right, most unique way, and others where I'm like, "How could they use that take? That suuuuucked."

yodaniz100 karma

David, Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, I am a huge fan and am glad you did Metal Gear. My question is: If you could continue doing Metal Gears, but at the cost of your movies, would you?

RealDavidHayter252 karma

I do love doing Metal Gear, but making movies is my lifelong dream. So, no.

Beef___Supreme96 karma

How much creative input did you have when voicing snake in the metal gear solid games? Did you just show up and voice pre-written lines, or did they want you to shape his personality a little bit?

RealDavidHayter193 karma

I have no input over the dialogue, but the personality is my department.

maidenrulz84 karma

thank you for all your hard work and doing this AMA. my question, is there any chance you can sign my MGS2 poster? it is my favorite game from the series. thank you LIQUIIDDD!!!!!!

RealDavidHayter125 karma


FraydNot75 karma

Hey David, giant fan of your work.

Do you think Snake would win in a cook off with Jason Bourne? What do you he'd make?

RealDavidHayter254 karma


He would most likely dine on a tree frog.

BrieAndGrape73 karma

What would have to happen to get you to appear on Metal Gear Scanlon? (From

RealDavidHayter69 karma


I would need to know what that is.

ZeiglerJaguar52 karma

A guy at Giant Bomb is playing the series from scratch, having never experienced it before, and filming the whole thing. His buddy, who loves the games, is along for the ride as assistance. They just hit MGS2, the series is super popular, and they have mentioned that they'd love to have you as a guest. :-)

RealDavidHayter80 karma

Oh, then they'd just need to contact me. Possibly by Twitter.

Jaebeommie71 karma

Hi David! What's your favorite food?

RealDavidHayter212 karma

All Japanese food. Particularly ramen.

Mr_Funkmaster55 karma

Hi David, thanks for doing this AMA! I discovered Guyver and MGS in the same year, and when I found out you're also a screenwriter it blew my mind. Thank you for being a part of my favorite franchises and just being an awesome person!

My question is this: did you ever have a really terrible job that you had to take while trying to make it in the entertainment industry? If so, what was it, and what did you learn from it?

RealDavidHayter150 karma

My first job in Hollywood was working as a bar-back in the valley. I had to clean toilets, cut limes (not in that order, hopefully) and help expedite drinks. It taught me humility and how to handle a rush of drunken maniacs. Very handy in Hollywood.

Pimping_NZ50 karma

Hey David big fan.

My question is through out all your movies and performances has there been something that made you super uncomfortable in doing? Something like a scene or stunt?

RealDavidHayter125 karma

In Guyver, for the scene where the armor is attaching itself to me -- I had to stand for about three hours in the freezing cold in my underwear, coated in sticky alien goo, as they pulled the pieces off of me, and then reversed the film. That pretty much sucked.


How much would I have to pay you to sit over my shoulder and read Big Boss's lines when MGS V comes out?

RealDavidHayter73 karma

A truly ugly amount.

Frajer43 karma

do you feel like you have a responsibility to the source material?

RealDavidHayter99 karma

Absolutely. if the piece doesn't feel like the source material, then you've failed imo.

SirRossington38 karma

I thought you were fantastic in The Castle of Cagliostro. Would you voice Lupin again if given the chance?

(Also huge MGS fan, but I'm sure all the good questions for that one are taken. :) )

RealDavidHayter85 karma

I would love to voice LUPIN again, and it would be particularly nice if Miyazaki-San would come out of retirement to direct it for me.

Please call him.

s3kcboy37 karma

What have you had for breakfast?

RealDavidHayter124 karma


(I'm doing a damn AMA.)

geecko34 karma

Hi David!

The Metal Gear Solid franchise owes you a lot for what you've brought to the character. My question is: other than voice acting, did you ever make suggestions to Hideo Kojima regarding the storyline?

I ask because you're also a screenwriter and a huge MGS fan.

Bonus question: have you ever been to Belgium?

RealDavidHayter71 karma

I did not discuss the Metal Gear story with Kojima, no.

But I have been to Belgium. Quite beautiful.

we_are_diamond_dogs27 karma

Hello Mr. Hayter, and thanks a lot for doing this AmA! I'm a massive fan of the metal gear series, so I've been eagerly waiting for this!

I've always wondered, which codec conversation is your favorite? There's so many of them in the games that I'm not sure if I've even heard them all, but I think my favorite is the one between SIGINT and snake about the cardboard box... I think it's hilarious.

P.S. I think /r/metalgearsolid would be really excited if you popped in for a visit :)

RealDavidHayter57 karma

I love all the movie stuff with Paramedic. Among others.

Ek70R21 karma

Hey David Hayter Im a big fan of yours!!! thanks for coming here at reddit!

whats your favorite Metal Gear Solid game? have you ever thought of taking the role of Snake in the case of a posible life action movie? not only as snake voice but AS AN ACTOR! thanks!. :)

RealDavidHayter46 karma

if you're offering?

Then sure.

Rasen2219 karma

A performance of yours I really loved yet many people seem to look over was your work as Bernie from the English Dub of Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket. There's a point in the final episode where that character gives a speech on the dangers of vilifying sides of a conflict that really hit me deep. Any memories or stories you have of recording this role that you could share?

Thanks a lot for all your work, you're an amazing dude :)

RealDavidHayter22 karma

Thanks Rasen,

Yeah, I loved that GUNDAM piece, the final speech is very sad. I don't recall any specific stories, but the whole thing still chokes me up.

yummymoon14 karma

As you might know Kojima a bit better than us; answer "Possible" or "Impossible" to the possibility of this hypothesis:

Kojima still uses David Hayter as a voice actor in MGSV:PP but keeps it as a secret weapon against his fans in his little game he loves to play with them, and to keep it a secret Kojima made D.Hayter sign a contract to keep his work with Kojima Productions in TOTAL silence. (Hypothetically(!) Possible or impossible? )

I really hope you will work with Kojima in future.

RealDavidHayter31 karma

Anything is possible, I suppose. But nobody's made me sign anything.

BReeves8 karma

Good afternoon, David. I hope that you are doing well. So, do you prefer Coca-Cola of Pepsi?

RealDavidHayter42 karma

I prefer water, or malted battery acid, to either of those beverages.

MikaojNergom6 karma

Did Colonel Campbell bribe you into doing this AMA?

RealDavidHayter18 karma

Damn you, Campbell!!!

seismicor6 karma

Hi. What other videogame characters were you asked to voice?

RealDavidHayter27 karma

If I was asked to voice it, I probably voiced it.

UltraApplesauce5 karma

I never make it to these AMAs on time so I thought this was fake when I hardly saw any upvotes. Turns out I was just finally on time!

But not I don't know what to say, so I guess I'll just tell you how awesome your voice acting is in MGS! Right on man!

Ever consider a mullet in real life? They're making a come back.

RealDavidHayter21 karma

I think my hair in college may have reached mullet-levels back in the day.

(no pics, so it didn't happen.)

dontcallmerob5 karma

David, would you ever consider playing multiplayer online (game of your choice) and just narrate down the microphone in the voice of Solid Snake? Would you consider posting the results for us all to enjoy?

RealDavidHayter21 karma

I think that sounds like something I would be eager not to do.

Guyver02 karma

Hey David!

I was just wondering how you got involved with Guyver? What attached you to it? What research you did? That kinda stuff.


RealDavidHayter5 karma

I auditioned for Guyver in a weird little soundstage in Van Nuys. My research consisted of going to Europe and telling a number of girls that I was about to star in a movie. Worked out great.

sullivansmith2 karma

Hi David,

Thanks for coming by to talk to us today! I have two questions which should be too in-depth. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  1. Most people flocking to this AMA know of your work in the Metal Gear Solid games as well as your screenwriting work. What is one project in either writing or acting (or one of each if you have time) that you're especially proud of that we may not be as familiar with?

  2. In the TV segments right at the very start of MGS4, you're shown doing a talk show interview while wearing the Solid Eye eyepatch. Where did the idea of having you film that come from?

Thanks again so much!

RealDavidHayter4 karma

  1. My favorite piece that not many people know, is playing Lupin in Miyazaki's CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO. It never had my real name on it before. BUT, it's coming out soon on Blu-Ray with my credit put back in!

wishihadaps41 karma

Is it impossible to get into the film industry? I'm going to start writing my ever film script after reading a screenwriting book you recommended me. I want to get into the industry in some way either as an actor or writer or producer. Also love your voice acting work and are you voicing anynew games/shows?

CONGRATS ON WOLVES! (bring it to Netflix)

RealDavidHayter5 karma

NOTHING is impossible. In fact, many, many people make great livings in all aspects of the industry. Come on down, you'll find it quite the interesting challenge.

oprendo1 karma

so, obviously you voiced video game characters and have written movies but have you ever considered writing a video game?

RealDavidHayter3 karma

I have, and I am looking at some video game creation, but every aspect of the business takes some time to get into properly.

JackandCalumon1 karma

Heya David. Long time fan of your work, both your throaty stealth adventures in MGS and your writing in X-men and Watchmen.

I was wondering if Wolves might get a public release so that people can see it soon? Been looking forward to seeing you as a director.

RealDavidHayter3 karma


WOLVES is out on Premium VOD now --and it comes out in selected theaters this Friday! (very excited.)

I will be at a screening of it at the AMC Burbank this Friday night. Tweet to come.

Paul4Richardson1 karma

I heard you say something about a gaming studio that you were forming Dark Hero Studios and I just wondered what exactly it is that you have planned and why?

Would you come to Scotland next September for MCM Expo?

If yes I'll contact the people and plead for them to notice the massive chance they are missing out on!

Thanks for being an awesome guy. Please stop thrashing me at WWF.

RealDavidHayter5 karma

  1. I created Dark Hero to produce tv films and games, all are in various stages of progress.

  2. I would come to Scotland right now given the chance. My entire genetic code is UK based.

  3. Never.

ClrLine1 karma

Of all the movies you've directed or had a hand in making, which did you enjoy the most? (Look a non-MGS related question!)

RealDavidHayter4 karma

I love whatever movie I'm working on at the moment the best.