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Hi Reddit!

Here is my Proof

Yes, my breasts are natural.
Yes, I’m that girl you saw fucking in the university library.
FYI, I love organic nitrate-free bacon, but I still love all the other bacons.

I’ve been asked a few times to do an AMA but I wanted to wait until after I’d done anal on film to avoid all the “When are you doing anal?” questions. So let’s focus on when I’m doing my first gangbang …

A little about me:
*I started porn while I was still in high school, just after my 18th birthday, in 2003.
*Now I run my own porn production company: AGW Entertainment.
*Fleshlight just made replicas of my pussy and arsehole that you can take home and fuck.
*I ran as a political candidate for the Australian Sex Party in the 2010 Victorian State Election for the seat of Richmond.
*I appeared in the Australian TV comedy series, PIZZA, as Bobo’s fiancée.
*I do group and 1-on-1 webcam shows every week in which I chat and masturbate with fans.

Plug time: If you like supporting women in porn please consider joining my website: angelawhite.com. I just released ANGELA, my first DVD produced by my own production company AGW Entertainment. It showcases my first anal, first interracial, first double penetration and an all-anal threesome. You can see the TRAILER here, and be totally awesome and buy the DVD from here. Or take my pussy and arsehole home.


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alamarco46 karma

People might not know, but you are very well educated. What did you study? What's your favourite book that you've read (doesn't have to be educational)? Any books you would recommend fans to read?

AngelaWhiteXXX51 karma

I did a BA (Hons) in Gender Studies at the University of Melbourne and studied gender politics, sociology and anthropology at the Institute of Political Science in Paris, France. Gender Trouble by Judith Butler blew my I.Q. and will always be one of my favourite books. I also love anything by Elizabeth Grosz, Michel Foucault and Linda Williams. In terms of recommendations for fans, The Porn Report by Alan McKee, Catharine Lumby and Kath Albury is a well-balanced look at pornography in Australia and clears up many myths surrounding the industry.

alamarco13 karma

Incredible! You have quite the background! If I can count properly, that's 4 topics at 2 schools. That's a lot of work and time.

Thanks for recommending a book! I'm going to give The Porn Report an order. Looking for something to read and the book sounds quite interesting.

AngelaWhiteXXX15 karma

I also studied French at the University of Melbourne but I ended up dropping it as a minor to focus on Gender Studies.
I hope you enjoy The Porn Report!

robinsky138 karma

What made you decide to get into porn?

AngelaWhiteXXX124 karma

The moment I first saw pornography I wanted to be a part of it. Growing up, I had been chastised for my sexuality. I was teased in high school for being both a slut and a lesbian; so at one and the same time I was accused of fucking too many men and not enough. My sexual appetite intimidated my partners and I had a hard time trying to fit myself into the monogamous blueprint. By the time I was 14, I was already voluptuous so I also felt that my body didn’t fit with the beauty standards I was confronted with in the mainstream media. When I discovered pornography at the same age, I saw a celebration of diverse bodies, pleasures and desires. I saw a space in which I could explore my sexuality with multiple partners of any gender with peers that would support and encourage me. The industry may not have turned out to be the utopia I imagined it to be in my teens, it is a capitalist enterprise after all. But my personal experience within pornography has been incredibly positive in terms of both my sexual development and my body image.

Ianoods26 karma

How does a guy get on your no-list?

AngelaWhiteXXX41 karma

Be disrespectful or boring.

Ianoods25 karma

How many guys will be in your first gangbang?

AngelaWhiteXXX31 karma

5 or more

PipesPepp23 karma

So this might be a little weird to say, but anyway, I wanted to take the chance to say it to you. Also it's ten days past your AMA, so you probably won't notice the message, but still.

I grew up as a very shy and dorky tomboy in the Northern Territory, tiny little town where everyone knew everyone, and in a very conservative Christian family. Sex was totally taboo when I was growing up. And when I say conservative I mean conservative, 'period' was a dirty word in our house. I had a really rough and awkward puberty and got really confused and self-conscious about it, but never spoke to anyone because it was so taboo. I knew I wasn't straight, but I didn't think I was gay either. I thought I might be asexual, but still got horny. I wanted something but didn't know what it was and it made me really confused and anxious.

When I was about 14, 15 my family got an internet connection for the first time and I got kind of hooked on it, being a dorky bookworm and all. I started staying up at night to use it, and looking up pornos and sex guides -- more because I wanted to be able to brag about adult/edgy stuff that I had seen than out of real interest in watching porn. It seemed funnier to me more than sexy, the weird dialogue and gigantic penises impossibly disappearing into the women. But I found a video of you fooling around outside with Chloe B and immediately felt like I'd slipped into a really warm bath, you know the feeling, where your skin raises 5 degrees in temperature instantly? I think it was the first time I'd genuinely been turned on by something, and watching it was the first time I'd ever masturbated to or about something or some fantasy in particular and not just for the physical feeling. It was a huuuge relief to finally find what it was that I wanted and that I was sexual after all, even if I still had anxiety and issues over being gay in an environment like that (I love my parents but they definitely made it hard). I'd seen women kissing before and even lesbian pornos before but none of them really did it for me. Turns out they just weren't my type, I guess?

So I figured out I was gay thanks to you, pretty much directly. It was still 5 years or something like that before I moved away and started having an actual sex life and relationships, but finding Abby Winters and lesbian-lesbian porn really took a load off my mind and made it so much easier to figure out who I was (not to mention reduce my sexual frustration) and what it was I wanted. I can't imagine what my later teen years would have been like otherwise.

I just wanted to thank you for being an influence like that and for being kickass about sex-positive feminism, the positive side of porn and more open sexuality, etc. It's probably really weird to get a message that basically says "Yeah I was watching porn of you when I was a kid and wanked to you literally 300 times" (probably not an exaggeration if I'm being honest) but it was a big deal for me so I wanted to actually thank you for it. I still watch your videos and have a sentimental crush on you, haha.

AngelaWhiteXXX16 karma

Thank you for taking the time to write to me. Thank you for sharing your story. And thank you for your honesty.
I got shivers down my spine when you described your reaction as like getting into a warm bath. While I initially entered the industry for my own personal growth, when I am able to have a positive impact on others it makes my life's work take on a whole new meaning. It makes everything I do worthwhile.
It must have been quite challenging to grow up in that environment while attempting to find yourself. I hope that you are now able wear your emotional battle scars with pride. Do you mind if I share this story with Chloe B? We are due for a dinner date and I think it will make her feel as warm and fuzzy as it did me.

Samue1120 karma


AngelaWhiteXXX27 karma

I was motivated to run for the seat of Richmond when I found out that Kathleen Maltzahn, the candidate for the Greens Party, was planning on criminalizing the sex industry and banning brothels if she won the seat. I advocated for the decriminalization of all aspects of the sex industry since criminal legislation pushes sex work underground making it unsafe for workers but also for clients. It was very disappointing to see the Greens Party run Maltzahn, because they generally have good policies when it comes to issues of sex and gender. My main objective was to make sure Maltzahn did not win the seat and to this end my campaign was a success. Unfortunately, the Greens are running her again this year, SMH.

AngelaWhiteXXX20 karma

Independent woman here, so can buy my own ice cream. You're going to have to do better than that. Plus, I hate dating.

I prefer scenes where the people fucking are comfortable enough to truly let go and have an intimate connection with each other. So if my on-screen lover is into kink then I'm going to prefer playing with them in that way to get them off.

AliKatt198119 karma

What are some of your favourite things to do to relax after a long day of shooting porn? How do you relax after editing scenes?

AngelaWhiteXXX29 karma

My number one way to relax is to have sex, every time!

Pedantic_Pat17 karma

Ms White, what is your opinion on Sex Education in schools? Thanks for the AMA and the other stuff you've done, which as a teacher I do not admit to watching or enjoying at all.......

AngelaWhiteXXX33 karma

Most sex education programs are sex-negative, even those that do not advocate for abstinence. It can’t help young adults to only teach them a skewed perspective about how ‘scary’ sex can be. Most sex education programs lack any explanation about the ways in which sex can be pleasurable, life affirming and create lasting bonds. I think sex education also needs to start a lot younger, while obviously remaining age-appropriate. Why are we teaching young adults about sex after some of them will have already started having it? And if people are gaining access to pornography at a younger age, despite efforts by parents and porn companies alike, then we need to provide young adults with the tools to interpret and understand the sexual landscape.

RoccoBruno17 karma

Is Phoenix Marie aka P Marizzle the best? She is fun. You guys good buddies?

AngelaWhiteXXX23 karma

Phoenix is amazing! But you already knew that. Yes, she’s a lot of fun and we are good friends. I know all her secrets. Even some secrets she doesn’t know that I know. Come at me Phoenix! ;-)

AnotherCuriousHuman16 karma

What is your worst memory during your career?

AngelaWhiteXXX41 karma

This is a tough one to answer because often my 'worst' experiences are the ones in which I've learnt the most. I'm therefore grateful for them in hindsight. I would have to say that the moment I realised that pornography was a 'business' really upset and affected me. When I entered the industry in 2003, I had a very utopian (and clearly naïve) understanding of what pornography was like. I thought that everyone saw the industry as a space to express and explore their sexuality and that we were a big family (possibly a bad choice of words) working towards the same objective: portraying sexuality as a healthy part of human life and promoting the message that nobody should be ashamed about their sexuality or desires. I was in the industry for 4 blissful years before this view of this utopian world was shattered. It was a simple thing really, I found out that all performers got paid a different amount; in other words, that some people were ‘valued’ more than others. I didn’t feel that what I did on camera was ‘work’ and always felt the money was a gift or helpful gesture for sharing myself with the world. I never negotiated my payment because that never seemed to be the point. And business being business of course I was being paid less. To their credit the company in question ended up paying me more when I confronted them. But the damage was done, I lost my innocence.

VanillaCreamGuy16 karma

Now that you've finally done anal, are there any more kinky boundaries you'd like to cross in future videos? Will we see Angela's First Gangbang, Angela's First Fisting, Angela's First Domination, Angela's First Gloryhole?

AngelaWhiteXXX22 karma

I guess you missed the anal fisting... I love exploring my sexuality so I definitely want to continue to pursue more 'firsts'. All of the above!

YakshaNZ13 karma

How do they make the fleshlight shaped like you?

AngelaWhiteXXX15 karma

They mould it directly from my bits.

m0rph3r10 karma

For those curious, this is the process.

AngelaWhiteXXX21 karma

There are also some pics on my blog. It actually felt really nice...

Morrinn313 karma

Is your company based in Australia? Can you describe the difference between the porn industry in the US and Oz?

Also, what's the deal with Tony Abbott?

AngelaWhiteXXX15 karma

No, my company is based in the Netherlands. There are many differences between the US and Oz industries both in terms their respective laws and shooting styles. The Australian industry is more underground and grass roots than in the United States. The reason my company is based in the Netherlands is because the laws in Australia are too strict when it comes to the production and distribution of adult content. Despite this, Australia has been very successful in promoting and shooting amateur and niche content, particularly alternative and feminist visions of sexuality.

I didn't vote for that guy so I'm asking the same question.

gloubenterder13 karma

Hi there!

I apologize if this is too personal a question, and you are of course welcome to ignore it if it is, but I'm curious about some of the social aspects of working with porn, which is still kind of taboo in everyday conversation.

Specifically: When meeting new people, one of the questions that always gets asked is "So what do you do for a living?"

Do you usually feel comfortable being upfront about your career among people you've only just met? If not, how do you deal with it?

AngelaWhiteXXX26 karma

This is a tough one for me. From the beginning of my career I never wanted to lie about being involved in the industry. This is one of the major reasons I chose to use my real name as my performer name. It was a political move; I didn’t want to hide behind an alias because I am proud of what I do. Despite this I have lied for convenience about my occupation because sometimes you just want to get your groceries without having to defend your career choice. But my New Year’s Resolution for 2012 was to always be honest when asked this question because I felt like I was copping out. Every time I’m honest about it I actually have the opportunity to educate people about the fact that men and women in the sex industry are just ‘normal’ people, and most do not fit the stereotypes and myths that surround the industry. I’m not perfect though, I’ll admit that while I have lied less since the beginning of 2012 I have still felt the need to lie on a number of occasions: when I feel unsafe or when I’m in an environment where I really just need to be left alone. Still striving for my original goal though!

gloubenterder6 karma

Wow, thanks for a very informative and interesting answer!

I can only imagine how exhausting it must be to have to deal with people's reactions every time work comes up; understandable that you sometimes leave it out for convenience, but very unfortunate that there is that need.

Best of luck to you in approaching that goal!

AngelaWhiteXXX11 karma

Exhausting is the right word! But it is also rewarding when I can make a difference in someone's preconceived notion about what it means to be a sex worker.

Giist12 karma

Have you ever had an awkward moment where someone recognised you, but couldn't remember where from, or couldn't mention why? Ever been in the checkout at the shops with a guy who blushes and makes you realise "Yup, this guy has been wanking to me?" Seems like it must happen, is it funny or cringeworthy?

AngelaWhiteXXX16 karma

Yes, this happens quite a lot. The only time it makes me cringe is when someone knows what I do but they pretend that they don’t just so that they can ask me: “So what do you do for a living?”. This combined with the creepy eyebrow raise makes me dry every time.

OzDan197712 karma

I loved the ANGELA DVD. Have you ever done a creampie on film or would you ever consider it?

AngelaWhiteXXX28 karma

I have not done any creampies yet, real or fake. Having someone cum inside me is an incredibly intimate experience for me. Watching someone lose control and give me a part of themselves is heaven to me. If/when I do it on camera it's probably going to be with someone I really care about.

alamarco10 karma

You used to work for companies like THE SCORE GROUP, now you have your own company and are in control. What can you say are the biggest differences between working for companies and having your own?

AngelaWhiteXXX12 karma

Owning my own company means waaaaay more paperwork and a lot more stress to begin with. But it also gives me complete control over every aspect of shooting. I have creative control over everything from costuming, makeup and location to who I fuck. This allows me to express my sexuality on my own terms.

AliKatt198112 karma

As a subscriber to your site I want to say I love how you have expressed your sexuality. I enjoy seeing how you are with your partners and how each scene is different and more than just sucking and fucking.

AngelaWhiteXXX9 karma

Thank you for the awesome feedback and thank you for supporting me on my sexual journey!

mr_trickshot10 karma


AngelaWhiteXXX7 karma

Thank you!
I actually really like In The Crack. They alway choose fantastic locations and gorgeous models. In terms of shooting for other companies, my stance is still 'maybe' in the future. At the moment, my focus is squarely on my own site.

alamarco7 karma

Your company is extremely successful. You limited yourself to only produce content for your website, which I believe plays a part in your websites success. Would you recommend other stars to do the same? What advice would you give up and coming stars?

AngelaWhiteXXX11 karma

My number one recommendation to anyone who wants to become a performer is to only ever do things that make you feel nourished, valued and content. Working with other companies works perfectly for some performers so I wouldn’t necessarily only advise shooting for themselves. It really depends on the person.

wolftime7 karma

What's one common misconception about the porn industry that you'd like to clear up?

AngelaWhiteXXX12 karma

There are 3 major misconceptions:
1. That all performers are forced into the industry
2. That all performers are abused within the industry
3. That all performers have a drug dependency.

finallyransub176 karma

Has working in the pornography industry made you lose the emotional aspect of sex?

AngelaWhiteXXX10 karma

Fuck no! That is what makes sex so intense for me. The physical connection is nothing without the emotional connection.

Explore_Uranus5 karma

What is the smallest penis that you would get real pleasure from?

AngelaWhiteXXX19 karma

Pretty small I would imagine. I can get off tribbing on a clitoris so if your cock is as big as a clit then we can probably make something work.

terribly_uncreative5 karma

Hey Angela! I'll keep this short and to the point. Is there any way to get a signed fleshlight?

AngelaWhiteXXX12 karma

I'm running a competition for members of my site to win a signed Fleshlight and signed copy of ANGELA at the moment. I don't know where you're based, but I will be attending the AEE/AVN convention in Vegas in January. You can bring your (clean) Fleshlight for me to sign.

Ianoods5 karma

Since you have your own production company, will you sign other pornstars to exclusive contracts? How do exclusive contracts work?

AngelaWhiteXXX4 karma

Never say never but I can't see that happening in the near future. Exclusive contracts differ depending on the company and negotiations (and often there will be a non-disclosure agreement signed). Basically, a model will agree to remain exclusive to a company or site (i.e. will only shoot for that company of site) for a period of time for compensation. There can also be exclusive contracts for certain acts, where a model will agree to do her 'first anal' with a company for a certain amount of money and also agrees not to shoot anal with another company for a number of months or years.

Kylejames1825 karma

last question? would you ever have sex with a fan? ( just asking out of curiosity) i have heard or read some stars do it.

AngelaWhiteXXX15 karma

Everyone is a fan once I've fucked them ;-)

Kylejames1828 karma

So you're saying you would? haha

AngelaWhiteXXX9 karma

Well, I have fucked 3 people who were fans before we fucked. The rest became fans.

Kylejames1825 karma

Who's the one Porn star you been dying to work boy and girl? Keep up the great work!

AngelaWhiteXXX12 karma

Remy LaCroix and Rocco Siffredi

FMDoom15 karma

Hi recently became a fan of you :)

Just wondering, wouldn't your first interracial scene be with Keni Styles?

AngelaWhiteXXX13 karma

Yes and no. If you want to get technical, I had already done GG interracial years before I shot with Keni Styles. I've mentioned this to many fans but it seems that the majority of porn consumers associate 'interracial' with 'BBC' (and the darker the better, apparently). In my interview segment before the scene with Lexington Steele I discuss how making a big deal about 'interracial' scenes just perpetuates stereotypes and even racism. I'd rather make a big deal about the fact that I'm fucking the legendary Lexington Steele, the man, rather than fucking a 'black guy'. For this reason, I considered not even advertising that I had done 'interracial'. But, I'm also working within paradigms that already exist. I realised that if I wanted to get my message across about 'interracial' scenes perpetuating stereotypes I needed to actually get the fans of interracial to find the scene and watch it. Catch-22.

Tilaurin4 karma

You're very chatty on twitter, and an absolute delight to have met in person, outside of shows like Sexpo do you ever do anything with/for fans in person? Workshops, lectures, dinners maybe?

AngelaWhiteXXX3 karma

I'm hoping to do some store signings soon. I will definitely announce any other appearances via Twitter and on /r/AngelaWhite

JONES400000004 karma

Are you kink-positive/supporting of fetishes? What's the most surprising or unusual thing that turns you on?

AngelaWhiteXXX9 karma

Of course! One of the awesome things about webcamming is that I have been exposed to a lot of fantasies and fetishes that I didn't know existed. It's always exciting to learn something new and then discover you are also turned on by it. But it is so difficult to answer what the most unusual thing is that turns me on because these fantasies are so everyday to me.

ElfMage834 karma

Who is your favorite person to work with, both behind and in front of the camera? Also, what inspired you to make a video in a library? Finally, what's so special about Vegemite?

AngelaWhiteXXX10 karma

I don’t like to play favourites because I feel that I have a unique connection with everyone I fuck. It’s like comparing apples with oranges.

The library scene was a spur of the moment thing with my lover at the time. I’m a sapiosexual and since libraries are full of knowledge they tend to be a place I get turned on. Actually, I’m turned on just thinking about libraries right now. Don’t judge me.

Vegemite gives Australians an excuse to eat toast dripping in butter. Or maybe just me...

cockneythug13 karma

Did you enjoy your scenes with Milena Velba? Those scenes get me so worked up. I wish I could have been there with you two but I will always have the images. Did you enjoy working that or was it weird? You honestly did amazing and looked really into it

AngelaWhiteXXX2 karma

Milena is awesome fun! Yes, I loved playing with her, I'm glad you enjoyed our pairing.

Giist3 karma

What do you think of porn sites like Make Love Not Porn that show 'average'/'real-world' sex, with the associated foreplay, lube, sometimes premature ejaculation, smaller penis sizes, etc? Would you ever do this on your website or do you prefer the more glamourous/"pro" style?

AngelaWhiteXXX15 karma

I’m pretty ambivalent about ‘Make Love Not Porn’. Despite stating the site is not about ‘judgement’, the title Ms. Gallop chose does judge pornography, unfairly in my opinion given the diversity of pornograhieS and the proliferation of alternative, feminist and niche genres. Even mainstream pornography can be sex-positive and transgress negative gender stereotypes. While Gallop claims the site isn’t anti-porn, I feel that by calling it ‘Make Love Not Porn’ the site perpetuates the tired porn vs. erotica debate. This debate usually ends with pornography being demonised while erotica is held up as the morally superior way to get your kicks. Often the only difference between these two constructs is the lighting or the angle. Now the debate seems to have shifted to ‘professional’ porn vs. ‘amateur’ porn, where professional porn is seen as fake and degrading, and amateur porn is held up as authentic, empowering and ethical. This just leads down a slippery slope where we start distinguishing between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sex; the kinds of sex we ‘should’ be having compared to the kind of sex we probably are having. Also, it is naïve to think that a camera doesn’t change the dynamic between a ‘real life’ couple even when they try to forget that it’s there.

Also, I don’t feel like my professional shoots are not ‘real-world’ sex. I don’t want to talk semantics all night but it also bothers me when people refer to the offline world as ‘real life’… THIS IS REAL LIFE. It may be virtual but that doesn’t make it ‘fake’. Ok, it seems I do want to talk semantics all night…

But in terms of scenes that are less heavily produced, I actually have scenes like that on my site already. Once a month I upload a ‘candid’ scene. These are shot on a handycam without professional makeup, lighting or production crew. These have been shot with other porn performers but also with my off-screen lovers. But I don’t want to differentiate these scenes as ‘not porn’ because I don’t want to get mired in that tired porn/erotica, professional/amateur binary. It’s all smut. And if we make too much of a fuss about the differences then we create a hierarchy of fantasies and representations that can make people feel ashamed about their desires.

pantyplaythrowaway3 karma

Because I'm logged on with my filthy throwaway... First, you are beautiful and I love that you are so open and honest about who you are. Second, what panties are you wearing?

AngelaWhiteXXX7 karma

Thank you, and I'm not wearing any panties.

B5B0N352 karma

Weirdest position you've done?

AngelaWhiteXXX16 karma

I've had most of my foot inside a butthole. Less of a position, more of an act.

chops52 karma

Holy Dang! I normally dont post a lot but I have to say you have been one of my favorite models in the industry and I have always liked your shoots ( good god the one with you and Chloe B in the barn just... mmmmmMMMMmmmmm) any way, my question would be how far do you see yourself progressing in this industry? Any ultimate goals or types of shoots / adult film genres that you want to do/try? And random silly question: do you prefer pancakes or waffles. Thanks for doing the AMA and stay sexy lady.

AngelaWhiteXXX3 karma

This is a sexual journey for me and I plan on doing a lot more in the coming months/years. I have a lot of goals that I’m working towards achieving. Some are short term, like simply filming some more niche content: more foot fetish scenes, maybe some pegging, and a trip to Japan to shoot a bukake. Others are more long term, like going back to University to complete my PhD.
I hate having to choose between my children. Bacon goes so well with both pancakes and waffles. But let’s be completely honest… waffles are far superior to pancakes.

TwinTTowers2 karma

Hi Angela I work in Musical theatre Australia and know how it can become about just making money. What would be the moment that would make you think fuck this I am out ?

AngelaWhiteXXX8 karma

As soon as it stopped making me happy. That may sound a bit drastic since many people do work that doesn't make them 'happy'. But sex is an important way that I connect with people and I never want it to turn into a chore. Plus, I think it would be the beginning of the end of my career anyway. Most porn consumers want to see men and women enjoying themselves, and the vast majority of the time you can tell when someone isn't having fun.

Thatguyjoshwon1 karma

Hey Angela, what can your fans expect from you in the future?

AngelaWhiteXXX0 karma

I can't give away all of my secrets ;-)
Let's just say they will see a lot more of me exploring my sexuality, pushing my boundaries and enjoying great sex.

MisterOBear1 karma

What kind of porn gets you off, other then your own?

AngelaWhiteXXX4 karma

I watch quite a bit of porn but it's more often out of intrigue than a desire to get off.

squeezecheese0 karma

how do you you feel when a guy has a foot fetish? kinky? creepy?

AngelaWhiteXXX5 karma

I feel like I've found a kindred spirit.

VisionRR-2 karma

How does your boyfriend/husband react to you doing porn? Do you think you will ever leave this entertainment business, when you have kids for example?

AngelaWhiteXXX18 karma

There are a number of assumptions in this question:
1. That I am heterosexual
2. That I would ever consider getting married.
3. That I would ever want to have children.