Hey guys, I'm Johnny Mundo. I've spent 10 years of my life traveling around the world in bedazzled tights, and now I'm here to answer your questions!

Here's an exclusive sneak peek of tonight's episode of LUCHA UNDERGROUND, which airs at 8 PM ET / PST in which I team up with Prince Puma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kCF0JJAS-o&feature=youtu.be



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ColorfulCrayons115 karma

What the hell did "We're gonna eat your lunch!" on your shirts mean?

JohnnyMundo174 karma

okay… so… I took Tae Kwon Do for a few months as a kid & the instructor was this bad ass (he seemed bad ass, but then I was only 8) who would sit around after class and talk about his former tournament fights to the kids… his favorite way to say he was kicking ass was "Man, lemme tell you, I was EATING THIS GUYS LUNCH…"

"… so this was the semi final match, I slipped a round, got inside and BOOM! bam! bam! BOOM! I was EATING THIS DUDES LUNCH when out of now where he threw a hook kick! Bam! caught me in the temple, I was out… man… I would killed the guy in the finals too…"

most of his stories after class to small groups of children went something like that… that phrase made me laugh ever since-

WWE Merch people, & Stephanie all said the phrase was stupid and would never sell, they thought the moneys on the shirt were too weird- All that made me want the damn shirt made ever more so I insisted! … I love that shirt… but no one else did... Lol

rasslingrob74 karma

Would you ever consider returning to the WWE?

JohnnyMundo133 karma

indubitably! I'm really happy with Lucha Underground now though, I think it's a great forum for me to perform in my hometown -LA!, with great talent & great peeps

JohnnyMundo59 karma

Here's an exclusive sneak peek of tonight's episode of LUCHA UNDERGROUND, which airs at 8 PM ET / PST in which I team up with Prince Puma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kCF0JJAS-o&feature=youtu.be

show starts in 5 minutes on El Rey!

Zalaiya22 karma

How's Lucha Underground going? Saw the first episode this week and you were awesome, man. Great hour of wrestling

JohnnyMundo56 karma

Johnny Mundo is rockin' people's worlds!! haha… Lucha Underground is going great! A new episode starts in 20 minutes! It airs on the El Rey Network-


dp51741 karma

If Morrison ever returns to WWE, even as a surprise entrant in this years rumble, I might have my biggest mark out moment ever to date

JohnnyMundo103 karma

Rumble was one of my favorite PPV's as a kid! If I go back I'll have to think of a way to top the parkour spot in 2011

kakashi15046 karma

You'll have to compete with Kofi for the best crazy spot like that, I'd love to see that!

JohnnyMundo81 karma

I'd love it too! I look forward to Kofi's creativity & craziness every rumble-

I got some ideas that haven't be done before though!

dp51716 karma

You and kofi must battle for elimination supremacy

JohnnyMundo66 karma

If Kofi read this he'd say" "Chall-ANGE!" challenge with a french accent… he says that a lot- lol

Mijinion37 karma

JR moment in the making:


JohnnyMundo33 karma


TheMightyCaige27 karma

Too bad we'd just get the typical Michael Cole "OH MY GOODNESS!"

JohnnyMundo79 karma

JR: BAWH GAWD! Joey Styles: OH MY GOD! Michael Cole: OH MY GOODNESS!


50ShadesofYay71 karma

Hey John, I love your work and have been a fan of yours since 2007. I have a few questions:

  1. How much notice were you given at Vengeance '07 that you'd be replacing Benoit against CM Punk and what was your initial reaction to finding out you'd be winning the ECW championship?

  2. Who's idea was it to transition from Johnny Nitro to John Morrison?

  3. Any funny road stories from your MNM days?

JohnnyMundo126 karma

  1. Vince never liked the name "Johnny Nitro" he asked me a few times to switch names, I liked Nitro & didn't want to switch but ultimately it was his decision. I made a list of names that I'd like to switch to & he picked John Morrison a few hours before the show- I really enjoyed the John Morrison character and am a big fan of the Doors

Brian1zvx95 karma

Vince didn't like Nitro. I wonder why.

JohnnyMundo192 karma

Vince: "If you want to be a star, you need a real name… a good name" … c'maaaannn… just admit it reminded you of WCW- haha

50ShadesofYay15 karma

You should watch Deliver us from Evil then if you're a fan of the Doors! Their musics featured all throughout that film

JohnnyMundo41 karma

awesome- I'd love to get some Doors music in Boone: The Bounty Hunter, or one of the movies I'm working on, but those right are expensive!! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3229488/?ref_=nv_sr_1

JohnnyMundo86 karma

50ShadesofYay! thanks- 1. almost none. Benoit no showed & the only heels from the ECW roster at Vengence, not working were me & Kevin Thorn. They told me might wrestle a few hours before the PPV started, then about an hour before that I was definitely going to wrestle.

JohnnyMundo79 karma

  1. TONS! Joey, Melina, & I traveled together- We'd rib each other all the time… one time Joey knocked on our Hotel Room at 3am and meant to throw a bucket of water on me, but I melina was the one that answered the door and she got drenched- haha… We got him back a few nights later, then we got carried away with the bucket of water hotel room rib-

… we never thought to put ice in the bucket though...

JohnnyMundo58 karma

Thank you all!

JohnTourage #JoMoSapiens #LuchaUniverse

catch you down the line-


matlockga50 karma

Can you still grate cheese on your abs?

JohnnyMundo73 karma


dj2231945 karma

Hello John, what's it like wrestling with a language barrier between you and a foreign wrestler? How do you call it?

JohnnyMundo84 karma

It's interesting! some of the luchadors in Lucha Underground don't speak english… calling matches is like playing a surreal game of charades- lol

Mijinion42 karma

Hi John! Appreciate you doing this AMA, can't wait to see you wrestle even more in Lucha Underground!

Now, my biggest question is about your former partner, Mercury. There's been a lot of talk recently on how he's been excelling as a Producer with the WWE. It's wonderful to see how he's doing so much better now, than he was a couple of years ago. Many others have stated that Mercury has a brilliant mind as well. Has Mercury ever had a lot of input over certain spots or actions, when you worked with him in your MNM stable?

Also, do you talk to him these days, or do you have any relationship to the guy at all, outside of working with him as your partner?

JohnnyMundo54 karma

Absolutely! When we worked as MNM Mercury always had great input & ideas! Teaming with him & Melina is how I learned tag team psychology so well-

Mercury has been a student of the business his whole life- It showed when we were with MNM, & it makes sense that he's doing so well behind the scenes now-

JohnnyMundo41 karma

LUCHA UNDERGROUND is on! I really enjoyed answering you're questions! thank you all for being part of this AMA! I want to do another one now! if I didn't get to your question, ask me again next time... I'll carve out more time to get to everyone!

Be sure to follow me on twitter: @TheRealMorrison let me know what you think of tonights episode of Lucha Underground!

LuchaUnderground #JohnnyMundo


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Sauvignon_Arcenciel39 karma

What's the most difficult thing you've found about cutting a promo in front of an audience?

To follow up, which is easier for you to play: the heel or the face?

JohnnyMundo164 karma

knowing who you are as a performer.

How does the crowd see you? How do you see yourself? after you've answered those questions, the way you communicate needs to be built and refined-

I like cutting promos as a heel, and wrestling like a face- but I also love that in wrestling you're character can evolve… should evolve… ahem! (Cena?)

JohnnyMundo166 karma

just saying as a fan, I'd love to see him turn heel-

tcs335 karma

John, who came up with the idea for your Royal Rumble spot in 2011? Do you think Kofi will ever manage to top it?

JohnnyMundo105 karma



Mr_Hendrix26 karma

What about Lucha Underground convinced you to come back to wrestling, and specifically with them?

JohnnyMundo72 karma

Lucha Underground is a combo of Lucha (which is bad ass) Gritty Action Films (again, bad ass) & American Style Pro Wrestling (bad ass) a trifecta of badassery! Couldn't say no to it

genericname1124 karma

Who designs the wrestlers' attire? I was always entertained by your shire horse pants.

JohnnyMundo52 karma

Clydesdale horse pants :)

gamervd23 karma

How much script was impromptu between you and the Miz on the dirt sheets? Still some of the funniest videos I have EVER seen, especially when you played Stevie Richards with 11 neck surgeries!! lol

Can I teach you how to drum (5 free lessons) if you let me lift weights with you once? Here's a link to a group I led and drummed with, playing an exercise I wrote inspired by you named "MORRIspree".... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI9QBxxbT8o

JohnnyMundo48 karma

Thanks gamervd! Miz & I passed the time on all the long drives between WWE house shows by coming up with funny things to say about the other wrestlers on the roster… goofy catchphrases, songs… stuff that we thought was funny… we'd try to remember all our jokes, then we'd get into the pre tapes room before RAW record the Dirt Sheet episodes- a lot was improv on the fly

JohnnyMundo27 karma

Everything I know about lifting I put into my fitness program: www.OutOfYourMindFitness.com It's a virtual functional personal trainer- I'm not a great drummer, but I played in college on live public access TV show for a while- haha

ParryKyle22 karma

Do you talk to Matt Cappotelli? How's he doing?

JohnnyMundo47 karma

Yeah! Still talk to Matt, he's the best- He's in Louisville teaching at OVW & managing a few gyms. One of the most positive people I've ever encountered in my life.

JasonGryphon16 karma

What comic book character would you like to play on the big screen?

JohnnyMundo60 karma

Casey Jones!

ajleeispurty15 karma

Have you ever gotten mixed up and used the wrong stage name in the wrong place?

JohnnyMundo27 karma

haha… probably some day I will-

I have too many stage names!