We are SEVENDUST: Lajon, Clint, John, Morgan and Vince. We are heading out on the final leg of our 2014 U.S. Acoustic Tour starting tomorrow in support of our latest album "Time Travelers & Bonfires".

See all of our tour dates at: http://sevendust.com/tour

Since 1997, we've released 10 records and have played countless shows around the world. We'll be recording and releasing a new record next year with a worldwide tour to follow.

We're rehearsing for tour tonight and will answer your questions for the next few hours.

Ask us anything!

Proof: https://twitter.com/sevendust/status/529274886800564224

EDIT: This is so awesome. We're trying to keep up while rehearsing!!

EDIT 2: We're gonna eat!! We'll be back.

EDIT 3: thank you so much. this was awesome! Y'all are amazing. See you on tour. We'll pop in and keep answering questions!!

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NotSureHowThingsWork24 karma


I got one of your drumsticks last time I saw you guys live.

I figured I would try to return it next time I see you.

So my question is-- how do I go about doing this? Do I just wave it and wait until you give me a signal? Do I just throw it and hope you react? I really don't want to be responsible for popping your eye out with one of your own sticks.

wearesevendust18 karma

Gotta get up front and make eye contact...i'll give ya the signal!! - M

Dynam1k9 karma

What was your "Holy shit, we made it." moment? Also, are you guys coming back through VA, specifically the NorVa?

Love y'all to death. Favorite band since high school, and it was awesome meeting you guys in 2012.

wearesevendust14 karma

I still think we have tons more to do - LJ

I think Woodstock 99 was the moment for me. What an amazing show. -M

MrChaosGhost9 karma

Hey guys! Huge fan here in Charleston SC. Even ran a short lived tumblr blog dedicated to you guys. Met yall a couple years back at a meet and greet before a show and you guys kicked ass!

My question: I've heard from a few fans (and noticed myself when yall played here) that not much from the Sonny Mayo era records get played live nowadays. Is that because of some sort of animosity ( no pun intended) or because its more comfortable to play songs that you five made as the current unit? Asking because I'd love to here tracks like "Under" played live next time I see you

wearesevendust5 karma

Honestly, not at all. Sonny and I are in communication almost every day within our sobriety circle. He's a great guitar player and a great friend - there is absolutely no animosity there at all. we love sonny - C

mlucas287 karma

Hey guys! What do you think was the most difficult song to write?

wearesevendust13 karma

Angel's Son and The Wait - both were very tough to write and both are still tough to play... - LJ

tetiva7 karma

What's your favorite food while touring?

wearesevendust11 karma

Fried chicken, cathead biscuits and sawmill gravy. Its all ya need - V

ballisticturtle7 karma

What do you do when you hear one of your songs on the radio?

wearesevendust13 karma

Turn it off!! - J

wearesevendust8 karma


PastorofMuppets1016 karma

How well did you know Lynn Strait?

wearesevendust8 karma

He was a good buddy of mine. Snot was one of the first bands Sevendust saw and we stayed tight. Miss him everyday - he was a true brother. - LJ

Skeendevil6 karma

Hey brothers! How do you guys feel about the bus VIP on this tour? I will be on it in Jacksonville and was wondering how ya felt about opening your on the road home?

wearesevendust2 karma

I'm pretty excited about it. We've done a few of em before, but not like this. It's always a little cooler and a little more personal. - J

And we love that you guys wanna clean up the bus for us!!! haha PARTY ON - V

Smile_N_Rob6 karma

Lajon, how are you enjoying living in Kansas City?

wearesevendust4 karma

I LOVE IT. Can't wait to get back home from tour...hopefully it won't be snowing!!! - LJ

HGRBLND5 karma

What is it that has prevented you guys from doing shows across Canada, specifically western Canada? Is it a personal preference or is there some kind of issue with you guys coming up here because I've been waiting to see you guys live since "Home" debuted. 7D4life

wearesevendust2 karma

FELONIES!!!! :( I promise we're trying to fix it - M

noodle_salad4 karma

Lajon, you are quite emotional on stage. What are you experiencing as you perform?

wearesevendust8 karma

I think about life and I think about the songs and when we wrote them - they take me to a time and. I love songs that sometimes can break your heart but in a good. Sorry i get emotional.

Is this a red flag question?!

  • LJ

CaptainCannonCock4 karma

I'm ordering a pizza tonight and would like to say I'm eating sevendust style. What toppings fellas?

wearesevendust9 karma


guiltycitizen3 karma

Any good Pantera stories that come to mind?

wearesevendust7 karma

They followed us around for 4 days while we were on tour in Texas. They were driving their own tour bus!! We just fucked with each other for a week hahaha - M

Mamahet3 karma

What are your plans after this final leg of the acoustic tour?

wearesevendust3 karma

We have time off with our families, NYE show in vegas and then we're going to do a new record. Shiprocked early 2015 as well. But we're done headlining for awhile. - C

Skeendevil3 karma

How do you guys feel about streaming sites like Spotify? Good, Bad, Indifferent?

wearesevendust3 karma

I like the convenience of it. But I don't like their payout structure to artists. -J

It's great for sampling new music but I always buy my records. -C

dragonkeepr23 karma

How many guitar track were used for the song "Black" ?

wearesevendust4 karma

nine thousand million - V

Not many actually...honestly, I think 4 rhythm tracks and the solo on the original version - J

katherinedevir3 karma

Salut guys, I like your music and think your awesome, silly question for everyone, what was your favourite gig you've ever played, and what's the most embarassing story you have from the road? Kiss from France!!

wearesevendust2 karma

Walking off the front of the stage while opening for Metallica is pretty damn embarrassing!! My fav gig was probably in Warsaw, Poland. - J

Passing out on Shiprocked 2012. - V

bamafan21023 karma

Can we expect a new setlist for the November run?

wearesevendust9 karma

Yes - we're playing all Dokken and Krokus covers - V

bucky7152 karma

Any of you fantasy football fans? What's your favorite NFL team and why?

wearesevendust6 karma

Some of us have played fantasy football in the past but nothing to report. My team is the Bucs and Vinnie is a huge Falcons fan. - M

Carrabs2 karma

What do you prefer? Tacos or burritos?

wearesevendust4 karma

Tacos - J

Soft bean burrito!! - LJ


fuzi0ndet2 karma

Morgan, I'm in debt to you for your skills on the drums. I'd never been much of a critical listener of music till I started listening to 7D.

Who are some of your other favorite drummers that I need to pay more attention too?

wearesevendust5 karma

There are SO many.....start with John Bonham and work your way to the current guys. Thomas Pridgen and Matt Halpern come to mind. - M

mrgoober13372 karma

What are your favourite cereal brands?

wearesevendust2 karma

Captain Crunch - LJ

Coco Pebbles - J

Raisin Bran Crunch - C

owb2gp2 karma

If this rock band stuff doesn't work out for you guys, what would be your next job? :)

wearesevendust2 karma

Marine Biologist - J

Astronaut - V

Full Time Daddy - LJ

We're not rockstars haha. Construction worker - C

Handicapreader2 karma


wearesevendust4 karma

This is a hard one for me - but i'll say red rocks in Colorado - J

it's hard to answer this question. it's more about the crowd that shows up than the room we're playing in - V

AGallagher4102 karma

What is your advice for aspiring songwriters?

wearesevendust2 karma

Try to cover different territory. If you find yourself writing something you've heard before - it's been done before. It's OK to be influenced by other music but don't plagiarise other music. You'll know deep down inside when it feels right ;) - C

Mossmatic2 karma

At this point you guys are kind of the "old" guys on the block.....are there any up and coming bands that you guys draw inspiration from?

wearesevendust6 karma

Dokken and Krokus, Saxon and Deep Purple - V

Northlane, Periphery, Gary Clark Jr. - C

Northlane - M

Tremonti - J

Rival Sons is one for me - LJ

Deadbolt112 karma

What band have you most enjoyed touring with up to this point in your careers?

wearesevendust2 karma

We've told every band we've ever toured with that they're our favorite to tour with. We'll leave it at that!! haha - C

rpt3192 karma

I have a question for Sevendust, what is the deal with you guys and Canada? I live in Alberta and would love to see you guys play here. But I keep hearing Border troubles, are those ever going to be sorted out? Can they even be sorted out?

wearesevendust3 karma

uhhh....too many felonies!!! we're working on it. - M

butlermonkey2 karma

Hey guys. From the outside, it looks like using PledgeMusic to fund the last album was a huge success.

How did your use of crowdfunding impact the way you make music? Will you use crowdfunding for the next album??

wearesevendust2 karma

PledgeMusic was a huge success - i know it's cliche to say, but we have the greatest family of fans on the planet. The Pledge campaign for the record proved that.

As far as the next record goes, we're not going to do anything like we've done before - we're finalizing all the details now and will announce soon - M

dragonkeepr22 karma

Hello John, Clint...

What are your current acoustic guitar rigs for this tour?

wearesevendust3 karma

I'm playing PRS SE Angelus guitars - the people at PRS are amazing. Some basic effects on the floor for both John and I. - C

Dean Acoustics all around for me - J

bender422 karma

With the current saturation of bands, what do you feel is the best way to get noticed?

wearesevendust8 karma

Write an amazing song. Have an undeniable live show. Period. And don't listen to Gene Simmons - J

sweet-sweet-clumping2 karma

Do you prefer large venues with big crowds or smaller, more intimate venues, and why?

wearesevendust3 karma

It really depends on the audience - an amazing audience in a small club with energy can beat a weak audience in a huge arena anyday!! - V

langlands13612 karma

How are you going to explain a song like face to face or the rim to your kids?lol

wearesevendust3 karma

hahahaha good question?!!! Got any ideas for me?! - M

7DustKAT1 karma

What were you doing Saturday night when you heard about Wayne? RIP Wayne Static, evil disco king.

wearesevendust2 karma

I was watching the Bulldogs/Gators game. Totally devastated us. Wayne was such an great guy. We all were texting as soon as we heard - J

gbimmer1 karma

What kind of cars do you guys drive?

wearesevendust2 karma

LJ has a nice collection - check out his instagram @ljspoon - J

Skeendevil1 karma

What kind of tempo can we expect from the next record?

wearesevendust3 karma

Depends on who you ask!! It'll be heavy for sure. - J

ObiWontchaBlowMe1 karma

Have you guys considered accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for your albums and concerts? Keep on rockin'! 1530 bits /u/changetip

wearesevendust1 karma

We haven't considered bitcoin per se, but we'll have to check it out. I've heard some stuff about that. We don't control the ticket sales at the concerts so you'd have to ask venues that we play!

tetiva1 karma

I heard the NYE show is electric. Can I request a song?

wearesevendust1 karma

do it!!!! - M

langlands13611 karma

You guys have been around awhile...how much fuel is left in the tank? Will you guys be like Aerosmith or Rolling Stones and be around forever?!(I hope so)

wearesevendust4 karma

I think we have a lot left to say. We're not going anywhere - LJ

DjThib1 karma

What is y'all's favorite past time while not on the road?

wearesevendust1 karma

Spending time with our beautiful families!! - LJ

cody0r1 karma

Hey Guys, I know a guy that works on your crew, Metal Mike and he is one crazy/awesome dude. Do you all have a great Metal Mike story?

wearesevendust3 karma

HE'S BACK!!!!!!! We love Mike - M