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Victoria's helping us get started, ask us anything


UPDATE thanks for the questions everyone, but we gotta bounce. hope you love the #RTJ2 album, tell everyone and their moms to cop it!

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FROM EL AND MIKE: well it looks like thats it for us. thank you everybody for your questions! we hope we answered a few of them decently, although we are legitimately stoned right now and doubt we did. thanks for all the love, guys. hope to see you at a show or some shit.

love, el and mike.

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What's your most prized piece of production gear? (Keyboard, synth, sampler, etc)


You make a number of references to works of literature in your rhymes. Any particular author that really gets your brain working?

Thanks guys!

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mike: in all honesty, i am a huge fan of robert beck aka iceberg slim. his writing is considered pulp fiction but his attention to detail and scene description rival the best writers of our day. his characters are powerful and have a level of depth that most pulp fiction lacks.

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Yo, RTJ, love y’all.

Mike – Two years ago you played a free show in Tallahassee and my boy Eric and me were supposed to interview you after the show. Your contact man hooked it up and we were supposed to ask you some questions and I don’t know maybe grab chicken and beers after at our main place Guthrie’s or something. We went to go see you after you finished your set and no one let us in and y’all never called back! What happened????

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mike: I'm sorry. hit me on twitter we'll figure it out ill still give you and interview. thanks for the rtj love.


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Holy shit, I'm a huge fan! I have a few questions and you guys don't have to answer all of them; also check out /r/hiphopheads we love you over there

How did you guys meet?

Which track off RTJ2 was the most fun to make?

El, do you have any tips or advice for an aspiring producer?

Mike, I made a guide to your work a few months back for /r/hiphopheads, did I miss anything?

Who smokes more weed out of the two of you?

Where the fuck has Despot's album been?

run-the-jewels536 karma

mike: love again because gansta boo talked all that filthy shit that i love her for.

el: oh my darling don't cry.

el: advice for an aspiring producer: discover weed. also listen to everything. collect records. play them front to back to get inspiration and understanding on how great musicians create the flow of a record. pay homage to your influences but use them to create your own sound.

don't ever ever ever ever ever ever ask me about despots album.

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mike: i heard it. its great.

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Killer Mike, it was stated by El-P that he would donate his half of the Meow The Jewels fund to the families of those affected by police brutality. What do you plan to do with your half?

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mike: save the dogs. I'm kidding we are both donating our portions to the same thing. we aren't putting anything in our pockets.

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Great Afternoon Killer Mike and El-P! Last week I listened to Run The Jewels II and ran my fastest 10 Kilometers ever! I just wanted to say thanks! My only question is what advice would you give my high school math students?

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el: i love that our music is simultaneously the perfect work out record while being made by 2 out of shape men. either that or I'm deeply saddened by it. haven't decided. math student advice: take mushrooms.

mike: glad you're working out. i walk a mean 5k. i have no math advice except get money. love.

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What's Poppin'?

run-the-jewels463 karma


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Sooooooooooooo how'd you two meet?

run-the-jewels1256 karma

el: craigs list missed connections.

mike: navy seal school.

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run-the-jewels568 karma

mike: YES. one day. till then, RTJ. yeah.

el: yes but this time i am going to be very expensive and I'm not sure mike really understands that. really, really, really, really expensive. lots of money.

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How many human beings were punched the face or set on fire during the creation of Run the Jewels 2?

run-the-jewels532 karma

el: we just punched each other a bunch.

mike: this is true.

el: i am on fire right now, actually. not as bad as i thought it would be. burns a bit.

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Hey, huge fan here. I absolutely love RTJ2, but I had a few questions.

Who would you consider your biggest musical inspiration? Also, what was your opinion on Yeezus?

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el: thanks! my influences are pretty wide ranging but almost all come from shit i grew up on. prince, devo, run dmc, fat boys, mantronix, the clash, bdp, ll cool j, art of noise... too many to name, really. i thought yeezus had jams for sure.

mike: my biggest influences are probably scarface and sade. and i never heard yeezus. was it good?

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What do you guys want to be remembered for?

run-the-jewels550 karma

el: my ripped abs.

mike: being an amazing dancer.

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What up Mike and El! I'm seein you guys tonight at Cat's Cradle and I noticed your bigass red tour bus just chillin in front of the place since like noon or so. Where in Chapel Hill/Carrboro have you guys been hangin out in the downtime before the show?

ANYWAY, the ACTUAL thing I wanted to ask: My girlfriend Shannen is coming with me to the show tonight and she doesn't listen to that much hip hop or go to those kinds of shows so she's a little unsure of what to expect. What would be RTJ's words of wisdom to her to welcome her into the Jewel Runner world/make her more comfortable pullin pistols on poodles/bangin bullets at suckas noodles? She doesn't know I'm asking this and I'd love to freak her out Sorry if that's lame...

Either way, beyond hyped for tonight! Keep killin it

run-the-jewels460 karma

el: i've been spending most of my time lurking creepily in a local ally. just sort of standing there looking menacing, really. your girlfriend can expect insanity. she should embrace it. SHOULD SHOULD LOVE IT.

mike: we're probably gonna shout her out. make sure she stands in front of you with your arms around her so she doesn't get mosh pitted, tell her to wear sneakers, jeans and a coat because its chilly outside. all her feelings of aggression and wanting to kill you will be poured out at the concert and love will prevail. peace.

el: she could also not wear that. optional.

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I loved the guest spots on RTJ2, a real highlight of the album. So who are some of the guests you guys would most love to have on RTJ3? Side question, will there be a RTJ3???

run-the-jewels532 karma

el: thanks. no fucking idea yet about future guests but i can say this: YES WE WILL BE DOING RUN THE JEWELS 3. first we have to tour the world though.

mike: i would like to get elvis for rtj3.

el: i think i can make that happen, mike. give me 5 days and oujia board.

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Will you continue to name albums "Run The Jewels x"? Also, for El-p, how do you like Taylor Swift?

run-the-jewels492 karma

el: our last album will be entitled: RUN THE JEWELS X: FUCK BOYS IN SPACE. taylor swift is cool with me. just not feeling her new york "anthem". i prefer jay and cams.

mike: shit worked for zeppelin. why complicate shit? i think taylor is hella cool. I'm looking for cam to feature on her remix. that will liven that shit up some. DIPSET.

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Huge fuckin fan you guys. I was at the show in DC on Saturday night and you guys fucking killed it. The 930 club is often held as one of the greatest venues in the states, and I was wondering if it lived up to it's reputation. Also curious of what you think of my wonderful hometown of DC in general(apart from the politicians)?

PS: here's a badass picture I got of Jamie http://i.imgur.com/QY2oCDc.png

run-the-jewels225 karma

mike: 930 club has one of the best showers of any venue in the US. stage and crowd were amazing. i have 2 ex girlfriends in DC so I'm required to say i hate it by my wife (but i love y'all). peace.

el: 930 club is the shit. amazing staff, great sound, and they bake you cup cakes. dc is always one of my favorite stops on tour. i like to stand in front of national monuments and fart.

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Hey guys love your stuff, did you finally get yourselves some gold chains?

run-the-jewels344 karma

el: not yet.

mike: i guess we should soon.

el: I'm ashamed of us.

mike: fuck it ima do it


Here-til-Detox-drops81 karma

Hey guys, i'm a big fan. My question is, what's the writing process like and do you guys always record together in the studio or do you occasionally record separately?

run-the-jewels197 karma

mike: together

el: always together. i think it makes a huge difference and I pretty much refuse to work any other way.

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To El and Mike: What's the most underrated album (Hip-Hop or not) in your opinion?

To El only: How do you get your synth and bass to sound so crazy and aggressive, but not end up messy (eg. second half of The Full Retard, Angel Duster, and Tasmanian Pain Coaster)? I've been wondering this since ISWYD dropped.

To Mike only: How do you tell a good story through lyrics? You're crazy good at that, and one of my friends (who's recently started rapping) has pretty much idolized you for that since R.A.P. Music.

This last part isn't a question, but thank you so much for making music. RTJ2 is insanely dope, and is probably my album of the year so far. Huge props. And check out /r/hiphopheads, they love you over there.

run-the-jewels123 karma

mike: most underrated album in my opinion is a 3 way tie, the first albums of shine, g dep and black rob.

el: most under rated for me is d-nice's second album.

mike: telling a good story is for me all about seeing the character I'm rapping about and getting people to buy in to the story early. i would suggest that if you wanna rap something grand or very fantasy oriented tell a cool story instead of telling the audience its the truth about you.

KungFuDysentery79 karma

What is your favorite type of cat?

run-the-jewels337 karma

mike: tigers

el: laser cats.

pterozachtyll78 karma

Best little known or new artists in the game?

run-the-jewels125 karma

mike: scotty atl and ra ra

snufflesy61 karma

What's your definition of a fuccboi???

run-the-jewels161 karma

el: webster defines it as...

MIKE: a sucker. through and through.

_Pallbearer_59 karma

If I make the most beautiful Snapchat drawing of you guys you've ever seen, can y'all hook a brother up with a ticket for tonight?

run-the-jewels123 karma

el: i think its sold out. but make the drawing and we can still try.

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These questions are for El-P. Feel free to answer just one, or all… or a number in between if you just so please:

  1. Do you ever plan on releasing another solo album? I’m sure a million other people in this thread are going to ask about RTJ3 (which would be rad) but if another El-P album as good, or even better (don’t see how that could be possible), as C4C dropped, that would be unreal.

  2. How did you guys decide on the guest spots for RTJ2? I’m sure there was tons of interest to be featured on the album from all over the industry. You two seemed to choose features that, at first, surprised me, but once listening to the album, were absolute perfect fits for the songs. Did you have songs in mind and find a guest or vis-versa?

  3. In 2003, you made a statement to end your verse on “We’re Famous”. When you made that statement, I’m sure you believed that you’d always stay true to yourself, but did you think your fame would ever increase to the level it’s at today? (This song straight gets better and better as you as Aes continue up the ladder)

  4. Will you be playing Tougher Colder Killer with Despot and Killer Mike in Colorado on Nov. 18th? That may be my favorite song of all time and I would be stoked to watch it live.

run-the-jewels170 karma

el: thank you for giving me the option to not respond to all of those. i will proceed to do the bare minimum required of me: i do plan on releasing another el-p album at some point. not done with that yet. but right now RTJ is my life and its very creatively fulfilling.

RickeyB43 karma

What one group or artist, alive or passed on, would you like to have an opportunity to work with and why?

run-the-jewels120 karma

el: i would like to work with a dead Sting or a living robert johnson. i would also like to work with jan hammer.

mike: curtis mayfield, led Zep at the time of led Zep 1

megzzc17 karma

Jaime and Mike, Just saw that you teamed up with Until the Ribbon Breaks again! My boyfriend and I went to Toronto this past summer to see you at Adelaide Hall and we're pretty mind blown when you brought out Pete for Job Well Done. We had caught them earlier in the day at Yonge and Dundas square and were digging them but never put the connection together.

Ever since, I've wondered if that was pure luck, all you guys being in Toronto at the same time or if you were traveling together or something? I thought it really made the show special!

Anyways, the question isn't really important but it's been in the back of my mind ever since. Can't wait to see you again in Toronto November 26th (my boyfriend's birthday!).

run-the-jewels37 karma

el: we were in town for the same festival. pete is a good friend and i love the music he makes. see you in toronto!