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Lextauph124 karma

I've worked at Starbucks for 5 years. What's your favorite blend/why? And what's your favorite way to brew coffee?

Zmeiler7 karma

Seattle's best. I also love the Tazo chamomile tea.

FITGuard3 karma

Do you have any special certification or training? Do you have any formal education BA/BS?

Zmeiler8 karma

I do not have any certifications or degrees, but I'm looking to get my forklift cert here soon.

retired_superhero2 karma

Are you biased about drinking competitors products?

I work in the beer industry, and I personally won't have a competitors product.

Zmeiler7 karma

Honestly, I rarely ever drank coffee before I worked here.. Now I drink 2-3 cups a day..

Louis_The_Asshole-3 karma

Why do an AMA if you're not going to answer questions?

Zmeiler49 karma

I actually just got called in after I posted this. Sorry about that. Answering some now on my break and I get off at 9pm edt so I'll answer some then too

riverfan823-4 karma

Are you going to answer any questions?

Zmeiler4 karma

See original post

suckbothmydicks-5 karma

Why the fuck are you not here?

Zmeiler3 karma

Not where? Lol