Hello, Claytron here. I started acting on Lizzie McGuire, making all kinds of gainz as Ethan Craft. Dropped it to play water polo at Pepperdine and then professionally in Europe. Now I'm back at acting! To see stuff I've been involved with since, here's my IMDb http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1032795/

Proof: https://twitter.com/claytonofseal/status/524401868034686977

EDIT: It's bedtime for this guy. I'll respond to any other stuffs later. Pleasure posting with y'all!

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ImJakeThomas147 karma

Who's your favorite person to work with on Lizzie, and why is it me?

claytonsnyder99 karma

Jake Thomas, duh, cuz you were the only person that I'd get to play Smash Bros Melee with. Roy & Marth!!!

ImJakeThomas70 karma

haha good times. Welcome to reddit man!

Also, I cant pass up the opportunity to ask the question: Which would you rather fight, 1 horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

claytonsnyder62 karma

1 horse sized duck. Much better trophy mount.

bvir70 karma

Do you still not repeat when shampooing?

claytonsnyder59 karma

Never did. Never will. I mean, really... who does?

mrmcg1025 karma

The lizzie episode where you roller bladed through town on a scavenger hunt, what city was that in?

claytonsnyder21 karma

Oh yeah! I honestly don't recall where I was. One of those days where I hop in my mom's car, we drive somewhere, I work on set, and drive home.

dtten21 karma

Do you ever feel like you still have the shadow of your role as Ethan hanging over you? Is it difficult to reinvent yourself/break away from that association, or is it a positive one that you encourage?

claytonsnyder41 karma

Great question. I definitely do. Coming back into the acting industry, it's something I've stirred over. I had a sense of rebellion of getting away from the Ethan image, to prove that the role I got wasn't a fluke and that I could act in "serious" roles, and didn't want to touch sitcom. But since then I realized that I live in comedy, and sitcom could be a great place for me to start out again. But like most actors, I'm open to most opportunities. (I CAN DO IT ALL! ALL, I TELL YOU.)

Ethan gave me an opportunity to entertain a lot of people, and it's fun to connect with fans. So I won't introduce myself as "Hey, I'm that guy from that show," but if you ask me "Are you that guy from that show?" I won't deny it!

babiidanca18 karma

Hey Clayton! Just wondering do you still get royalties etc. from Lizzie McGuire? Or was that not even in your contract?

claytonsnyder61 karma

It was, but these days I get checks for several episodes that rake in $0.40, $0.25, $1.20... big bucks!

rkroper17 karma

Do you have any insight as to why "Miranda" didn't finish out the show/are you allowed to share? I've read the rumors about salary disputes but nothing really seemed verified. I was always interested!

claytonsnyder15 karma

Honestly, I tried to stay away from all the gossip. Some said this, others say that. So, can't help you there.

aaccss199212 karma

Gotta wait for the tell-all book, sorry

claytonsnyder16 karma


Prayforwings17 karma

Do you still manage to keep in touch with some of the crew ? Not including Jake of course haha.

claytonsnyder49 karma

Ashlie (Kate), our folks and I met up after the passing of her father to catch up.

I've kept up with Bobby's doings (Lizzie's dad). He's got a cool show King of the Nerds.

Hallie (Lizzie's mom) has gone into film production/directing. Lalaine and I have been liking each other's Instagram posts, haha. She and I reconnected after a friend of hers and I took the same acting class. We later hung out over a Hocus Pocus watching party.

Adam Lamberg's (Gordo) dad and I talk on Facebook from time to time, actually.

Hilary and I haven't seen each other since the movie premiere.

My mother's done the best job of staying in touch. When you live such different lives for a while it's easy to fall out of touch. Been meaning to reconnect though.

onsighttt16 karma


claytonsnyder12 karma

Wow, thanks? haha

I'm looking forward to entertaining people again! Making people laugh is a joy of mine. Wanting to do more of that.

mrmcg1016 karma

Did you have a crush on anyone that was on the show? My gf wanted to know lol

claytonsnyder26 karma

Surprisingly, no. That's not to say I wasn't working with fun, pretty ladies, but I also saw them as sisters in a way. People always thought I was crazy for not being in love with "Lizzie" as they were haha

SacredAfro14 karma


claytonsnyder42 karma


Ohhrubyy14 karma

Hi! I thoroughly enjoyed your character as Ethan. Also, god damn you are sexy. And I'm a lesbian saying that so, well, never forget how beautiful you are.

Also what's your favorite color?

claytonsnyder21 karma

The compliment is not overlooked. Blue.

jdonovan111 karma

What is the difference between teen portrayal in the early 2000s, compared to now?

claytonsnyder32 karma

Oooooh, interesting. I think what was so amazing about Lizzie was that it portrayed a normal girl trying to make it through middle school. It was honest, yet tasteful.

Because of the growing influence of older women in music and film being sex symbols, I think it's becoming more and more acceptable for younger girls trying to act older and "sexier". Where is the line drawn?

mrmcg1011 karma

Did the whole cast hangout and go out while in Italy?

claytonsnyder19 karma

We hung out, but being 15 years old, I wasn't too emboldened to experience "going out" in Italy as I would today. I got to make up for it when I was playing professional water polo there, though.

mrmcg1010 karma

where you are to keep any memorabilia from the show?

claytonsnyder19 karma

I'm going to guess you're asking if I kept any? I kept a lot of clothes, actually haha. My mom actually took home the Statue of David I held in the Lizzie Movie.

ImJakeThomas30 karma

I still have the rollerblades you wore in the show somewhere

claytonsnyder25 karma

Lol wut???

cambreezy3310 karma

Are you and your old costars close? Have you guys kept in touch sense the show ended? Also, wanna marry me? (Lelaine, Hilary, etc)

claytonsnyder15 karma

We were close on set but didn't hang out a ton. Probably hung out the most with Jake, Adam, and Lalaine. As a minor (under 18) you have to get so many hours of "school" in on set. Some would do home school work, while I'd do work from my public school. Because we'd always report back to the tutoring room between scenes I became closest with that crowd. Hilary and I were friends, but because she had to stay on task and focused she had a private tutor, so we never had to opportunity to become as close.

See Prayforwings's answer for more...

No, I don't date reddit avatars. Let alone do life with them.

rosycoloredglass10 karma

Of the countries you've played water polo professionally in, which was the most interesting? And was it weird to go back to Italy for something completely different from acting?

Also, I wanted to say that I spent my entire trip to Rome (and the last like 10 years of my life but that's beside the point) quoting the Lizzie McGuire Movie. 10/10 would recommend.

claytonsnyder10 karma

Every country is so interesting in its own right. So much rich history and culture... between Italy, Hungary, and Montenegro... perhaps Italy would be my choice simply between it's where my blood comes from. But concerning water polo, Hungary, Montenegro, and Serbia would provide the most history.

It wasn't weird to go back. It felt like fate, actually. When I went over for the film, I was able to visit my Italian side of the family for the first time, who live in a province of Lake Como called Sorico. There was only one distant cousin there who spoke English, and not that well. In that trip, they made me promise I'd learn Italian and return. So... I did! I've been back several times now, and after studying Italian at Pepperdine, studying abroad in Florence, and playing pro in Sardinia for 10 months, my Italian improved drastically. :)

Haha, glad you enjoyed!!

mrmcg109 karma

Do you wish Lizzie Mcguire went on to the high school years, would you have wanted to been apart of it?

claytonsnyder12 karma

No, I'm glad they didn't actually. It gave me time to be a kid in real high school. Although, if the opportunity was actually presented at the time, I would have had to take time to consider it. High school years spin-off or not, I am still very grateful to my 15-year-old self for stepping away and having the many adventures I've had since then.

Gamedudebt9 karma

How was your experience working on Lizzie McGuire?

claytonsnyder23 karma

Awesome! I made quick friends with all the cast, crew, and various directors we had. Great craft service (food) for lunch. But it was stressful. I was still attending public middle school at the time, so the "Lizzie People" would let my mom know what days I would work the next week and I'd have to get school work ahead of time to do on set. Tests don't go so well when you're not in class. I was also still playing club water polo for SOCAL. We won Speedo Cup! (Yes, that's an actual thing, and kind of a big deal)

mrmcg108 karma

Were you immediately recognized when you attended college or were you just another student?

claytonsnyder22 karma

Heck, the whole school knew I was going BEFORE I got there, and so would incoming freshmen years after. It was the same for high school. It would only take a few months until people would realize I was normal (mostly) and the hype would wear down.

That's something to struggle with when making new friends or relationships. Once somebody recognizes you from the show, they can't help but view you from that filter, or make assumptions about you. It can wear off over time, but you usually hope they don't recognize you so you can introduce yourself by your own name and have them actually get to know you... at least before they find out. Because they're going to find out.

eekasaur19 karma


claytonsnyder17 karma

Go Griffins! Haha.

It was junior or senior year when I finally cut that thing haha.

dennyl058 karma

If you could be a Pokemon... which one would you be? And why?

claytonsnyder35 karma

Back in my water polo obsessive days... I wanted to be Wartortle, because Squirtle was a wuss and Blastoise simply wasn't mobile enough and he'd get way too many calls against him. Vaporeon would have been good too, but he was a little to fancy looking for my taste. (Although Gyrados was always my favorite.)

Now? Primeape?

claytonsnyder22 karma

Because he's not entirely water based, he's tough and can fight, but everyone knows he's still a goofy monkey.

too_manyostriches7 karma

Who's your favorite water polo player at Cal not named Lazar? Go!

claytonsnyder5 karma

Jon Sibley ;)

emmamarisol7 karma

Are you currently acting in anything?

claytonsnyder21 karma

Since coming back I've been on NCIS, booked a few student films, a couple independent pilots that are being pitched out, producing shorts/sketches on YouTube (you can see a few on the channel "Sethward"). Currently taking improv classes at UCB and The Groundlings in LA.

emiliodelgado1 karma

im a little late to this, but how do you like the classes at UCB and Groundlings? All they're cracked up to be?

claytonsnyder8 karma

I like them both! They're very similar, but quite different. Almost every school of improv will have universal rules like "Yes-And" or stress the importance of setting scene location and relationships.

UCB really values the "straight man", the person who calls out the "unusual thing" in a scene, and creating a "game" in a scene where the improvisors pick up on certain patterns and learn to play them.

Groundlings loves creating characters and high emotions. It's less based in reality, but what makes it funny and keeps it interesting is that it's not random. Your character should still have very specific opinions or point of view.

I haven't attended other improv schools (yet) but I hear good things about all of them. If the question is "Will they make me a better improvisor?" then yes, they certainly will. As far as what school would be best for you, I'd recommend seeing several shows of each school (you could go on a bad night, or exceptionally good night), review the school's graduates to see which performers you look up to or feel a kinship with, and then attend the basic level class. They can be costly, though, especially to run through the entire program.

chekhovspen7 karma

Hello, sir!

First and foremost, welcome back to acting! We missed ya.

I know this is unorthodox, but, here goes nothin... I'm a filmmaker, currently casting a movie, and have a role that you'd be perfect for.

I didn't know when I woke up this morning that you were perfect for it, but now I don't want anyone else.

Might I pm you the script?

Thanks. And sorry if I broke the rules here.

claytonsnyder12 karma

Hello! Thanks, good to be back. :)

Love it when people aren't afraid to put themselves out there. Send me a message to my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Clayton-Snyder/134933263337884?ref_type=bookmark and let's chat!

bigredbeluga6 karma

When and how were you selected for the role of Ethan?

claytonsnyder15 karma

I was 12 or 13 years old. I had gotten a theatrical agent who was getting me out on a lot of auditions. After 1 1/2 years of auditions and call-backs, the role of Ethan came my way.

In the sides (a bit of the script they send you to read), my character referred to another character as "Gordon". Now I know it's pronounced "Gore-dun"... but as a kid I thought it might be "Gore-dahn". When I pronounced it that way everyone burst out laughing. Sometimes mistakes are a good thing! We had a callback, but mostly for formality. They gave me the role, but then they weren't sure they were even going to use my character. After a couple weeks, we got a call that I was in the first episode. There was another character, Danny, who was the original love interest, but he was written off and they changed my character from a dumb, "wigger"-ish bully to a dumb, athletic hunk.

Choniepaster6 karma

Who do you want, Kate or Lizzie?


claytonsnyder64 karma


Choniepaster16 karma

Thank you, this has caused both me and my sister a fan girl breakdown. Don't worry, I'll be okay. My sister isn't taking it well though. Could you pass some kind words her way to soothe her pain?

claytonsnyder38 karma

Hey girl, your breakdown is valid and appreciated. You should take an epsom salt bath to recover with some lavender scented candles. Because you deserve it.

Choniepaster15 karma

She wants you to know that her clam is yours for the taking, if you are ever in need.

claytonsnyder11 karma

Aw, thanks! But, I prefer bison.

emmamarisol5 karma

What's the best advice you can give to a young actor about working in this business and/or life in general?

claytonsnyder12 karma

This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_Ui2IGbqhY

Also, in whatever you do... do it out of passion. Not pride. Do it because you love what you do, not because you feel like you'd let someone down if you didn't.

I_want_candyy5 karma

Oh wow. You've been my celebrity crush for a long time... Through Lizzie McGuire and then in Polo too. I'm now a college polo player, but on the women's side. Just out of curiosity though, how did you make it to the national team? How did you have the free time to do the whole acting/student/athlete thing? Also, any predictions for NCAA's this year?

claytonsnyder6 karma


I never fully made it to the National Team, at best I was on the National "B" Team. I didn't pursue the National Team until after college, which is pretty late. I played a few exhibition matches representing USA against Venezuela and Brazil, but my biggest accomplishment was making the travel team for the Universiade, or World University Games of 2011, which was like the Olympics for college athletes, where we placed 4th in the world.

I was invited to train with the "A" team by the head coach at the time, Terry Schroeder, who was the Head Coach at Pepperdine before I got there. But into my third year of playing pro, my injuries caught up to me and my passion for acting was kicking up, so I let it go.

How did I have time? I didn't. I barely, barely passed middle school while filming the show and playing polo. It got to a point where I had to choose 2 of 3. I thought I could always pick up acting later, but my education was first (my best friends were there, too), and water polo would only last so long, at least at a top tier level. So I put acting on the back burner for over a decade, until now.

NCAA's... always a fun topic. The favorite this year is between UCLA and Stanford... but as long as Jovan Vavic is head coach at USC, I wouldn't be surprised if he adds another trophy to the Trojan vault.

Acadiaa5 karma


claytonsnyder12 karma

I would... and I would. Not a bad idea...

Acadiaa9 karma


claytonsnyder15 karma


lmi65 karma

Hello! What's your favorite book and place that you've traveled to? Also, what's your favorite snack?

claytonsnyder7 karma

Favorite book at the moment is "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge. It challenges Christian men to stop being nice guys and start being warriors (warrior ≠ war-mongering). Great read for both men and women.

Favorite place... that's tough... It's liking choosing between really good friends. Perhaps, the most enchanting would be Prague, Czech Republic. Most relaxing would be Bora Bora, French Polynesia. The most fun would be Belgrade, Serbia. I know I'm going to get smack from my friends overseas for not picking their towns haha.

Favorite snack? Protein.

Bringer_of_the_fish5 karma

What is your favorite movie?

claytonsnyder24 karma

Tough... Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Or Hook.

Bringer_of_the_fish8 karma

Oh Hooks a good one. Shame about Robin though :,(

claytonsnyder4 karma

... You mean Rufio?

C00NAY9 karma

I think he means Robin Williams. Woooomp womp.

claytonsnyder12 karma

Awww... that's embarrassing. The reason I said Rufio was because I made an error of calling Peter Pan, Robin Hood by accident. So of course someone else would make the same mistake.... Naht.

Yes... shame about Mr. Williams.

themeecrob4 karma

My friends tell me I look like you. I take it as an enormous compliment. What do you think?


claytonsnyder23 karma

I don't see it. http://imgur.com/dXM9jVV


Clayton, if you got stuck on an island and could have one song on repeat the whole time, what would it be?

Also, a teacher of mine said you are hot. So you got that going for you!

claytonsnyder7 karma

Hmmm... Perhaps "One More Time", Daft Punk. I could see myself regretting it, but that's had some pretty good longevity so far.

You can tell your teacher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LetJHQ_V05o

beardedlemon4 karma

Hi Clayton, congratulations on your successes. Do you like traveling? If so, how often do you travel and what ways (flying, driving, etc.) of traveling are your favorite? Thanks!

claytonsnyder3 karma

Thanks! HECK YEAH I do! I have been traveling since I was young and am showing no sings of slowing down. I can't sit still for more than a couple months and I'm off somewhere, usually less. I think my favorite mode is by train, but unfortunately that's only an option I have when in Europe. But I handle driving and flying quite well. I've flown over the Atlantic maybe a dozen times now... so the 13 hour flight is nothing by now.

beardedlemon3 karma

That's really neat. Ive never been on a train but I really hope to some day. Thanks for the response and good luck with your career. You are definitely a talented individual.

claytonsnyder3 karma

Thanks! Godspeed to you as well!

_andone_3 karma

What do you do to pass the time on those 13 hour flights?

claytonsnyder2 karma

Read, or listen to audio books and take notes, watch movies, nap, talk with fellow passengers or attendants. Goes by in a flash.

space_time4 karma

I hear that your girlfriend is a baller (and also at times. A shotcaller). Confirmed?

claytonsnyder8 karma

All the balls. All the shots.

iwazaruu3 karma

Clayton, my man, what is your best piece of advice you can give?

claytonsnyder6 karma

Trying is the first step towards failure.

thelemurologist3 karma

What's your favorite first person shooter?

Was there ever any scenes on Lizzie you had trouble shooting? Like you were having an "off" and just couldn't get it together. Do you have any pets? what's number one on your bucket list? Was the spaghetti in Italy better than the spaghetti in America?

I totally got down on some Lizzie McGuire in middle school. And I'm not ashamed to admit I still jam out to the movie soundtrack.

claytonsnyder7 karma

It's hard to decipher between favorite and most-nostalgic... Single-player, Half-Life or Mass Effect. Multi-player, Battlefield. (When are they gonna make Star Wars: Battlefront 2????)

My mom helped me be very professional on the show, and I'd always come to set prepared with my lines ready. They nicknamed me 1-take-Goober because I'd often get the take the director wanted on the first or second take... and well, I was/am a Goober. But there was one time that we were running rehearsal for a scene before shooting. I didn't think I had any lines, and all the sudden it was quiet. Then I noticed everyone was looking at me.... NO! So I grabbed a script quickly, got my line out, and carried on. Until it got quiet again. * facepalm *

I've had several pets growing up... parrots, tortoises, iguanas, tarantula, rat, chameleons, beta fish... none of my own at the moment, though it's fun to visit home to see Peso, a Catalina macaw. Check #pesobird on Instagram

I haven't prioritized my bucket list, but one would be to visit Japan. First country I've ever wanted to travel to.

I've had crappy spaghetti in Italy, just as I've had incredible pasta in the states. But, I would say it's more consistently better over there. You'll find that people put a little more TLC into their food prep overseas. Eating is less about sustenance and more about the social element.

Glad to hear your purchase had such longevity. :)

thelemurologist3 karma

Have you tried Red Dead Redemption? It's worth a run through for the story alone. My husband is obsessed with Mass Effect. Have you tried Star Wars: the Old Republic? It's an MMO, which is probably not your thing, but I have a lot of friends who love it. My husband plays it when he wants time to himself.

Since you've had so many pets, which one was the worst pet you ever had?

claytonsnyder3 karma

Loved Red Dead Redemption! BUT, that's not a first person shooter. Might sound strange, but I've always kind of wanted to have a MMO that I got absorbed in, but I simply can't get myself into those games as the value comes from logging hundreds of hours. That wasn't a problem in high school or college, but as I'm getting my acting wheels running again I can't relax playing games like I used to.

I was very interested in SW:TOR, as I'm a big Star Wars fan, but something told me that my interest wouldn't last. For me, I need buddies IRL who will play with me. I learned that after playing Age of Conan. Super cool, but I din't have/make any friends so it got dull. I had a fantastic time with Guild Wars in high school. Played City of Heroes/Villains after that. I really wanted to like EVE, but I can't get excited about economy. Tried a trial of WOW, but honestly that game scared the crap out of me... too many stories of lives sucked away...

Haha, worst pet? I dunno, they were all pretty entertaining. I love our macaw my folks have at their place, but sometimes... she can be a real pain. I've learned to tell if she's in a mood and may bite, so I can avoid that. But man, sometimes - totally out of the blue - she will squak so frickin loud. It's ear piercing. Stops you in your tracks. Definitely don't miss that when I leave after a visit hah.

pogeynarc3 karma

Have you ever has a spaghetti sandwich?!

claytonsnyder3 karma

Ramen burger is the closets I've gotten IRL.

relientcake3 karma

What kind of music are you into?

claytonsnyder5 karma

Throughout the day I go from alternative rock to classic rock, country, classical, to electronica. Right now I'm digging into Weezer's new album "Everything Will Be Alright in the End" while I'm driving, but when I'm home I have Pentatonix's "Daft Punk" remix on repeat... so... good.


mystery5053 karma

What's a movie you have watched more than once?

claytonsnyder9 karma

Big Trouble in Little China

stw20113 karma

Boxers or briefs?

claytonsnyder2 karma

Briefs. I ain't nobody got time for undies riding up.

katerirosee3 karma

Besides water polo and acting, do you have any other hobbies?

claytonsnyder6 karma

Playing guitar, mostly. I'm actually working with this group Alerion Records who are trying to do something new in the music industry. We're essentially a group of guys who want to bring more creative control back to the artist, while working together to expand each others' fan bases. See these links for more!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alerionrecords

We also have a Kickstarter launched!: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/749087035/alerion-records-collaborative-album-be-who-you-are

ImTonyDanza3 karma

Did you own any of the pokemon games? If so which was your favorite and who's your starter!

claytonsnyder6 karma

My first was Pokemon Blue, also got Yellow, loved to play Pokemon Snap on N64 at my friend's place, and had a decent deck of the trading cards.

First starter was always Squirtle, as I have a soft spot for the water. But when I learned about the awesomeness of Gyrados, I would later pick Charmander so Squirtle and Gyrados wouldn't have to compete for a spot on my starting line up.

blanketstereotype3 karma

Hey Clayton remember when I shouted OMG it's ethan craft and you got mad at me? Haha hi!

claytonsnyder4 karma

Can't say I do. So, know that there's no leftover resentment. Hello! :)

mrmcg103 karma

Does anything from the lizzie mcguire house set still exist? What did you think of that house, or fake house?

claytonsnyder3 karma

Highly doubt it still stands. We filmed at RenMar Studios in Hollywood. It was indeed a fake house. Clean, practical, but I would go for something more rustic.

alieetaylor593 karma

I am probably super late to the party but oh well, have to try! I had such a big crush on you back in the day. But my question is if you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Thanks for doing this and have a great day!

claytonsnyder11 karma

My grandfather, Howard Snyder. My father wrote a book about his story during WWII, called Shot Down http://stevesnyderauthor.com/

When you're young, you just think, "Oh hey, it's Grandpa (Pop Pop)!" And you enjoy seeing him. But as I've gotten older, I have so many questions about his past and his life, and what the world was like when he was growing up. I would love to have that chance, and I look forward to when I meet up with him again in heaven.



Have you stumbled across this perchance?

claytonsnyder5 karma

I have not. I'm a fan now, simply for referring to everyone as peasants.

Speaking of... have you stumbled across this perchance? http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail58.html

fuqdeep2 karma

If you could go back and do one thing that would drastically change Italy forever what would you do?

claytonsnyder5 karma

Fight for the Allies. Murca.

JP_Prewitt2 karma

Do you still get fan mail?

claytonsnyder8 karma

Yup! From all over the world! Not nearly as frequent as it once was, though.

JP_Prewitt2 karma

If you could play one superhero (Marvel or DC), which would be your top choice? Multiple answers accepted if elaborated upon.

claytonsnyder2 karma

Off the top of my head, Aquaman would be damn good at water polo. Plus he could play with sharks. He's looked down upon for not having lightning speed, laser eye rays, or invincibility... but the question is asked who I would be, without specifying who I'd be if I wanted to defeat an uber super villain. I've always been akin to Spider Man and Wolverine, though.

sarpear2 karma

Was there a lot of pranking between the cast? If so, who had the best ones?

claytonsnyder1 karma

Nope, not that I know of.

Air_Puffed_Sugar2 karma

Woah this is awesome, my first AMA I actually arrived to on time! So I gotta ask, what's your favourite TV show? And do you have any new projects lined up yet?

claytonsnyder4 karma


My favorite TV show? Then or now? I'll do both.

Then: Rugrats, Pokemon, All That Now: GAME OF THRONES

cuellarmistylea2 karma

I'm totally about to sound like a teenage girl, but we're from about the same time, you may be 2 years older than me. But oh my gosh! If they had a man crush monday back when lizzie mcguire came on, you would have been mine. Hahaha. No. But really.... annywaayyss. Now that I'm grown and mature, I'd just like to know. Are you exactly where you envisioned you'd be back then? Or did you exceed your expectations of yourself? I follow you on instagram, and I see your travels and it's super fantastic what you have done with your life so far!

claytonsnyder4 karma

I would have been yours? What happen? :)

I'd say I am where I thought I'd be... as far as pursuing acting again. Definitely surprised myself with how far I took water polo. Actually, in high school, I remembered looking at a grading sheet for fitness tests at an army reserve base. It had the toughest grading in a man's late 20's and early 30's. With how much training I was doing with water polo, I always envisioned that I'd be a super athlete by the time I got to that age. Too bad you tend to think you're invincible when you're younger and get more and more susceptible to injuries. On that note, I'm definitely taking more yoga that I thought I would...

scoobylikeshotdawgs2 karma

Does seeing old pictures or episodes from LM make you cringe - you know, as if you were watching home videos of your awkward "growing up" years - or does it make you feel proud?

claytonsnyder8 karma

Seeing pictures makes me laugh, and brings fond memories if others are in the pictures. But watching episodes does make me cringe. Definitely comparable to seeing baby vids. I'm not ashamed of my work on Lizzie, it's just inherently uncomfortable.

kmhp2 karma

Do you have a girlfriend? And what is your favorite tv show?

claytonsnyder9 karma

I do. Favorite show, GAME OF THRONES.


FranticBanter6 karma

Who is your favorite character and how did they die? T-T

claytonsnyder6 karma

Tyrion Lannister. The legend lives on.

JoeBags922 karma

1.) you had incredible hair in lizzy McGuire, probably still do.

2.) is Pepperdine (PCA) as beautiful as I believe it to be?

claytonsnyder5 karma

1) It was my hair, but it wasn't my style. I took longer in hair and make up than anyone else because they had to tame that curly demon mop.

2) What's PCA? But yes, Pepperdine University of Malibu is exactly as beautiful as you believe it to be. Assuming you believe it to be beautiful.

Kapody2 karma

Hey Clayton! We share a birthday (go Virgos). My question is, what's the best birthday you've had and what made it so special?

claytonsnyder2 karma

Woo! Team Virgo! ... still don't know what traits I'm supposed to have.

I honestly don't remember most of my birthdays... (I was a drunk child.) I do remember this one Easter when I was a kid. It was a tradition that on Easter morning my parents would hide a basket of goodies somewhere in the house, usually filled with those hollow plastic eggs with candies inside or micro machines or something. But that year - and I have no idea why they did it - I came upon a huge basket, piling over with Power Ranger toys. All 5 power rangers, their Dinobots (therefore being able to assemble Megazord), accessories... it was crazy.

KayAzna_what2 karma

Hey! Random question for you. Have you ever dealt with any egotistical actors in anything you've worked on? For example, perhaps they were a big deal at one time, but weren't now, and were in denial and behaved as though their crap didn't stink? Or maybe they were a frequently booked extra that thought they deserved an Academy Award for their ability to walk through a room? I've dealt with more of the latter myself in the films I've worked on in the last couple years, and didn't know if this was something that only happened in smaller markets or not.

claytonsnyder1 karma

So far, nope! Been quite fortunate to not deal with that kind of attitude, at least not to the point of it being worth reproach. The streak is bound to end sometime. It definitely exists in both the large and small ponds of acting... though the actors themselves don't last long. Talent will get you places. Your attitude keeps you there.

Spartacus041 karma

Do you still like eating cold spaghetti in the morning?!

claytonsnyder4 karma

I don't eat carbs.

rosycoloredglass6 karma

Oh, and I suppose you've never had a spaghetti sandwich, either.

claytonsnyder1 karma

No. No I haven't.

C00NAY1 karma

what was your favorite episode to film and why?

claytonsnyder1 karma

There was this one episode where Gordo has his coming of age with a bar mitzvah... and it starts with me in a motocross outfit. I have a fascination with armor and the days of old, so I felt awesome wearing this motocross gear. I'd walk all around set with the whole set on, feeling so cool.

Khan523-1 karma

Hey man! Never asked a celeb anything on here. Life situation tho. Put yourself in my shoes. You love someone. They love you. They won't go against their father. He doesn't approve of you because your not a rich doctor. Girl fighting for you is running out of options.. What do you do beside running away?

claytonsnyder1 karma

How old are you? Not that you're asking an immature (or suuuper mature) question. This situation begs some context.

jewfro_pubes-3 karma

Did you ever get to see the Duff Muff?

claytonsnyder10 karma

No jewfro_pubes. I did not.