Hello! We are Ross Blocher, Carrie Poppy, and Ian Kremer, and we make "Oh No, Ross and Carrie," a comedy-and-learnin' podcast where we investigate fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal by taking part in all that stuff ourselves. We've done (or are planning on doing) everything you can think of, from getting cupped, to talking to ghosts, to joining Mormonism. Carrie and Ross do the hosting and Ian does the producing, so ask away!

Here is our proof:

Ross (rossblocher): http://imgur.com/zlrHxEQ

Carrie (carriepoppy): http://imgur.com/Wt1H3YW

Ian (NeoEvaX): http://imgur.com/SJE1jdC

Edit: Thank you all for showing up. We answered some very important questions about Satan, Tofu, and Goat Sperm. We will be sticking around answering more question over time, so feel free to comment later. Remember to subscribe to us on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/oh-no-ross-and-carrie/id425328515?mt=2 or find us on Maximum Fun http://maximumfun.org/shows/oh-no-ross-and-carrie

Thank you again for joining us!

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rragnaar9 karma

At the end of your Queen Mary episode, you played that mystery "ghost" sound and said you'd consult some audio experts. Do you have any updates on that? I love your show so much! This is the first time I've set reminders and alarms for an AMA. Wouldn't miss it for anything.

carriepoppy9 karma

They basically said "fuck if I know."

rragnaar3 karma

Ha! Fair enough. I haven't been waiting on the edge of my seat since September for confirmation of the supernatural, but I'd been curious to hear what came of it.

NeoEvaX3 karma

Make sure you see Ross' response. Little more detail.

Lycan4019 karma

What is your favorite podcast (Besides your own) to listen too?

NeoEvaX8 karma

I used to love The Totally Rad Show.. Now I love We Have Concerns.

Also, happy Cake day!

MyBoyMaslow9 karma

Do people often assume you guys are a couple? And how do your partners feel about that?

NeoEvaX4 karma

Really early on, we down played the fact that they were not a couple, to add to the mystery. That only lasted an episode or 2.

MiraculousSpaceship6 karma

Hi guys! Thanks for the show. How did the podcast get its name, and why?

NeoEvaX3 karma

We were all sitting in a vegan thai place. I suggested the name. Its is supposed to stand for "Oh No its Ross and Carrie!" Something someone would say who knew who we were. "Oh Crap.. THEY are here!"

MyBoyMaslow6 karma

If money was no object, what would you love to investigate?

NeoEvaX3 karma

All of them!

thescreamingwilhelm5 karma

OR AIDS?!?!?

carriepoppy5 karma


NeoEvaX6 karma


IAmJacksSemiColon5 karma

I'm an atheist and a vegan. Carrie, why do you think some vegans are very skeptical while others embrace spirituality?

NeoEvaX3 karma

I think it really depends on why the person is vegan. Environmental? Religious? Or Animal wellfare? Different people, different reasons..

MyBoyMaslow5 karma

What's one thing either of you believes or practices that others might be skeptical of?

NeoEvaX6 karma

I honestly think I sleep poorly during the full moon. My wife thinks I am making it up. She keeps saying, "For someone so logical and skeptical of things, I can't believe you still think that".

browneth4 karma

This one is for Carrie: tofu or tempeh?

carriepoppy5 karma

Hi! This should be a question for all three of us, really. Ian is vegan too! And Ross is a big fan of all the veggie proteins. But anyway, my answer is tofu for Asian food, tempeh for sandwiches. You?

browneth2 karma

I choose seitan.

IAmJacksSemiColon3 karma

Hail Seitan!

Have you ever tried jackfruit? Pulled jackfruit sandwiches are good. :)

NeoEvaX3 karma

I have not.. I might have to look it up.. Actually I think someone had some out at work today..

NeoEvaX3 karma

I am mostly a veggie too. I do enjoy me some Tempeh, but its just a bit too expensive. Tempeh for sandwiches and tofu for everything else!

MyBoyMaslow4 karma

How long do you hope to keep the podcast going? I live in fear of you announcing the end :/ :/

NeoEvaX3 karma

We have quite a long list of things to get to. There seems to be no end to the interesting things out there.

aneeda3 karma

Hello Oh No Ross and Carrie. I am fan that came about through MaxFun. Has your fanbase expanded a lot since becoming a part of the MaxFun network?

NeoEvaX2 karma

Our download numbers have definitely gone up. Its been a pretty steady incline since the beginning. We have great fans, and lots of people stick around. Plus new people like to go back and listen to old episodes!

tjvonp3 karma

Have listeners ever suggested a topic that was something one of you already did and was not skeptical about? (Thanks for the show!)

NeoEvaX4 karma

People have emailed us asking us to investigate vegans. Don't really feel like its something that needs investigating really. Carrie is fully vegan, and I really minimize my animal products, so it seemed kinda odd.

IAmJacksSemiColon4 karma

What about vegans did they want you to investigate? Animal sentience seems to be fairly backed by evidence (enough to convince me that it'd be a bigger claim to say farmed animals do not have mental experiences), we're not all dropping dead, and most research I see shows that an appropriately planned diet is either benign or beneficial.

NeoEvaX3 karma

I think it was from someone who thinks Vegans are just crazy people. We were a bit surprised. I think they were even more surprised when we replied and told them Carrie and I are vegan.

siebharinn2 karma

Don't really feel like its something that needs investigating really.

Could that just be bias? Everyone wants to believe that their causes are noble and just, how hard would it be to put your own to the test?

NeoEvaX3 karma

Well we were not sure what was worth testing. Its not a "diet" to lose weight. Its just a way of eating. Not something that seems worth investigation. It would be like saying "People in Japan eat this certain way.. and they don't die! Lets investigate". As for if its noble or just, how do you test that? I think it would make for a boring episode.. haha

adamsak3 karma

1) Is there a pilot episode for the Oh No! podcast that has never been made public? If so, what was it about?

2) A significant amount of the podcast is based on the fact that you're experiencing these things as "average Joes and Janes." Do you have long-term plans for maintaining anonymity? Disguises? Fake passports? Etc?

Also: Hi, Carrie!

NeoEvaX3 karma

  1. Not really. The first episode we recorded was the Kabbalah. It was a trial run too. Plus it was actually the only one I was actually present for the recording. I moved to Washington a few weeks later! :(

  2. Leave this up to them :P

eriured3 karma

Ross: what did you think of your soylent green?

NeoEvaX4 karma

Patience, young one.

GetToTheDeepakChopra3 karma

Can you hint at any future podcasts? Do donors still get haikus, or just shout-outs?

NeoEvaX2 karma

Sadly we had to stop the haikus and shout-outs. There started to be a bit new many donations (some just a few $$s) and it would take up too much time to answer them all. Now the donations go through MaximumFun.

We have a big list for future podcasts. We keep it secret..

carriepoppy2 karma

Next month's podcast will be about something HILARIOUS and FLEXIBLE.

And no, alas, donors no longer get individual shoutouts unless they are sponsors. That has to do with our setup with MaximumFun, since people donate through there.

GetToTheDeepakChopra3 karma

Can you or neoevax link to info about sponsoring? Love the show. And hot beverages.

NeoEvaX2 karma

If you are interested in sponsoring email Jennifer Marmor at [email protected]. She can help you out.

Make sure you tell her you would like to sponsor us specifically.

IAmJacksSemiColon2 karma

Favourite hot drinks?

NeoEvaX3 karma

Chai Rooibos tea1

nickibo242 karma

What advice do you have for someone who might want to investigate on their own? Other than having your own podcast how does one find inspiration for new things to look into and what are the best ways to research and avoid uncomfortable or dangerous situations? I like to do new things on my own, but I think I might be a little nervous.

NeoEvaX2 karma

Most of the things we do are pretty safe. I can't totally speak for Ross or Carrie, but just try things out. Be honest and if it seems scary get out. No real harm in trying, even for the sake of learning.

dwgotta2 karma

What's a good "introductory" episode for a new listener? Any fan or personal favorites?

NeoEvaX3 karma

A lot of people really enjoy the Mormon Episodes. To this day, they are still our most downloaded. I say find a topic you like and listen to it. The old episodes are always there for you if you want them.

Chopchopchops2 karma

What is the last thing you remember being wrong about?

NeoEvaX4 karma

"It's totally a great idea to eat this extra slice of cake"