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EDIT: Thanks for hanging out and asking questions. Our work here is done, but we should do this again sometime.

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Ianras30 karma

You guys accepting overheards?

Last night at a party i overheard this exchange: "You're from Florida? I went to online college in Florida!!"

daveshumka39 karma

Pretty good.

RaiderOfTheLostFart26 karma

Guys. Shut Up! Its time for my favorite segment of this AMA. A segment in which we discover the most preferred beer to drink when making the funniest, most delightful podcast in the history of podcasts. A segment I like to call Whats Your Favorite Beer? ...so guys. What is your favorite beer?

daveshumka13 karma

I've been getting the Steamworks Pilsner a lot lately. I just found out Russell Brewing's Eastern Promises Pilsner is now available in regular sized bottles. My fridge also currently has Phillips 78 Kolsch and Anchor Steam Beer at the moment.

daveshumka19 karma

And if any of these companies want to send us free beer, [email protected]

noahcarroll22 karma

Hey Dave, Graham, and possible baby.

SPY is one of the best sounding podcasts I listen to, and that includes shows from major broadcasters. Can you give a brief rundown of the studio/basement setup and anything special you do when mixing the show to make it sound so great?

daveshumka26 karma

We use Shure SM7Bs into an Alesis Multimix USB into an old MacBook Pro with GarageBand. We have a bit of foam on the walls, but mic placement is probably the most important thing. We used to have problems with Graham's voice getting picked up on guests' mics.

I used to edit on GarageBand but for the past six months, I've been using Adobe Audition to noise-gate, compress, and normalize. And even then, I spend hours taking out lipsmacks, coughs, etc., and changing voice levels.

noahcarroll17 karma

Wow. I was half hoping the answer wouldn't be "I just spend hours manually making everything perfect" so I could steal whatever magic you use, but I do have a whole new appreciation for the sound of the show now.

Seriously, thanks for all your hard work. It really shows.

daveshumka23 karma

Most of those hours are spent googling settings that will make my job easier. But even when I do find better settings, I still spend time going through the show, on account of I'm a control freak.

BlankPages19 karma

What's the deal with Graham and Alicia Tobin? He talks about her often, they seem to spend quite a bit of time with each other, and she's on the show frequently. Are you guys together? Also, book a SPY ep with Graham, Dave, Alicia and Abby. We'd all love it.

grahamclark33 karma

Alicia and I dated for a while some time ago. We are now the bestest of friends.

daveshumka43 karma


BlankPages10 karma

Thanks for answering. I didn't mean to pry, but she seems to come up on the show so often that something seemed special about your relationship.

tmwayne14 karma

Any chance of updated merch? Those tshirt designs are at least a giant beard old.

daveshumka41 karma

Yeah, we're so lazy. I want to make a book of the Christmas coupons I give Graham every year.

Bensonius14 karma

Dave and Graham, I've been listening since the start and I'm Lovin' It still.

I have a question for Dave:

How much did nearly being shot effect your decision to become a father? A friend had the idea for this question. We talked about it back when it happened and I remember him saying "I bet Abby is preggo in the next few months".

I remember even hearing about it I was filled with emotion and my heart started pumping just thinking about being in your position. Glad you're such socially uncomfortable guy that the flinch instinct saved you.

daveshumka26 karma

It didn't affect it at all. Without going into too much detail, we were already preparing to start the pregnifying process before the shooting.

bethanyp199413 karma

Did you think that the podcast would last this long when you first started?

daveshumka26 karma

We had no idea, but I knew I could count on Graham for as long as we decided to keep it up. I think we would have thought if we did it for six years, we would have gotten our own TV or radio show by now. But we're happy with where we are, and we actually have a bigger audience than a lot of local Canadian TV and radio shows.

android_schmandroid13 karma

How do you fit recording/editing the podcast into your busy schedules, especially since you both have careers in law enforcement?

daveshumka10 karma

I make time!

melvinman13 karma

Do you get tired of people telling you who their favorite guest is? Mine is Alicia Tobin.

daveshumka18 karma

Nope, it's great. Alicia is okay, I guess.

guyfromplace12 karma

What's your favourite take on the "Hi Dave and Graham and possible guest" line?

daveshumka33 karma

I screen the calls, so I've heard them all. A lot of guys have said "Schrödinger's guest," and they all think they're soooooo smart. I truly only like the phone calls where the caller messes up.

Ploppertron11 karma

Will Hulk Hogan News ever return as a regular segment? Also, when will you be having a baby, Graham?

daveshumka43 karma

I think you mean will Celebrity Birthdays return as a regular segment?

guerillacropolis10 karma

Dave, do you view SPY and what you do for stand-up as your "real" job, as in terms of what you're more proud of? Or is working for the CBC fulfilling in its own way?

Graham, how are you able to be a full-time comic in terms of paying your bills, etc.? I know you have a bunch of room-mates. I'm a writer and I'm jealous of people who've figured out how to be artists full-time.

daveshumka15 karma

I don't do much stand-up anymore, but I don't really differentiate between SPY and CBC as my real job. CBC really encourages me to make fun, engaging content, and I love going to work every day. SPY is pretty much the most fulfilling thing I've ever done professionally though, because it's something Graham and I created out of nothing, and we're able to do it every week and make each other laugh.

boylauren9 karma

Hi guys. Who do you feel was an under-rated guest?

grahamclark9 karma

I feel like Sean Proudlove always has great stories and we probably should have him on again soon.

thejoshwhite10 karma

He's terrific. Also, I feel like Caitlin Howden never comes up in the best guest lists, but she is one of my favorites. .

grahamclark8 karma

She is so great!

daveshumka9 karma


diffdays9 karma

Will Dave's sisters ever be guests on the show? You've had your brother and Graham's brothers, but not your sisters.

grahamclark17 karma

I personally would love it, because hearing stories about little Dave is the best.

zk30336 karma

And more suggested tooics from Dave's mom!

daveshumka7 karma

Oh, I wish! She keeps threatening to call.

daveshumka7 karma

I doubt it, but we did have my brother once. He's the greatest.

jahee8 karma

Hey Dave and Graham! Long time bumper here. Just curious as to the chances of a spy state tour? Maybe after the wee babe is a bit older?

daveshumka15 karma

Mmmmaybe a long way down the road. It's fairly easy for Americans to tour Canada, but the other way around is pretty tough. There's a lot of visas and paperwork and money involved. Also, I like doing occasional live shows, but we haven't found a way of doing a bunch in a row that would make them consistently food.

daveshumka10 karma

consistently food = consistently good

boylauren8 karma

What's been the best thing to happen to you because of the podcast?

daveshumka5 karma

Just being able to keep doing it, know what I mean - accumulating an audience, meeting really funny people, and getting to travel a bit. This answer is boring. Sorry!

jamesneuf8 karma

Out of the two of you, who's more country and who's more rock n' roll?

daveshumka19 karma

Graham is definitely more country, given his Stampede history. I think he might also be more rock n' roll. Know what I mean?

Evilton8 karma

Who was your best and worst guests?

daveshumka10 karma

Who keeps upvoting this? Our best guest list is pretty long. I love people who can be silly, like PFT, Jon Dore, Charlie Demers, Alicia Tobin, Abby, Nicole Passmore, Kevin Lee, Ryan Beil, Debra DiGiovanni, etc, etc.

We won't name the worst guests, and there haven't been many. We're pretty good about knowing who not to have on the show.

We once had a guest who we hadn't met before, and when they got to the house, Graham realized he had met this person before, and they had once heckled him. That was a weird show.

MyNameIsBruce24 karma

This isn't personally against you, but I hate it when hosts of TV shows/podcasts get asked this question. There's no good reason for them to answer it. Especially the "worst guest" part.

grahamclark11 karma

The worst guests, and I won't name them are people who haven't shown up when they have agreed to show up. The best guests? You guys.

daveshumka9 karma

Oh yeah, those guys!

iaccept7day8 karma

Hi Dave and Graham, During the first or second episode of your podcast, you and your guest predicted that Gerard Depardieu would die on a plane, on the toilet. While this of course never happened, Gerard effectively ended his career by openly peeing on a plane several years later. That's all. You two are the greatest and make Tuesdays worth while.

Reddit is telling me I have to ask a question - Dave, where do you buy your button down shirts?

daveshumka7 karma

I buy them on the internet. And I keep buying them. Even when I have enough. That's my secret.

RubixsQube8 karma

Hey Dave and Graham! I'm always astounded by how many good overheards you're privy to each week. Has anybody ever "caught" you listening in on their conversation? Has anyone ever heard their own overheard from an episode (I don't actually know how you'd know this)?

(Also, Dave, if you ever put out a CD of your weird, often falsetto a capella versions of popular music, I think you'd have a Guaranteed Hit)

daveshumka9 karma

I don't know if I've been caught, but it's getting harder to get overheards. It might be that I haven't taken the bus in the while though.

It's pretty common for people to hear their own overheards on the show, and especially overseens. The one that comes to mind is the house in my neighbourhood that had "DEBT SLAVES" written on the roof in Christmas lights. The downstairs neighbour of those guys listens to the show, apparently.

And Vancouver's a pretty small town, so people (Anthea Poon) quickly find out we've been talking about them.

Martattack8 karma

Dear Dave and Graham, I frequently see both of you around town and never know if it's cool to say hi. Is it?

Also, what is your favourite segment?

daveshumka13 karma

Totally. Say hi. Offer me money.

beccasuesatterwhite7 karma

Hi guys! Other than SPY, what are your favorite MaxFun shows? Also, Debra DiGiovanni: the greatest?

daveshumka7 karma

More Debra is in our future. Also I love JJGo and Throwing Shade most of all, but I listen to most of the shows.

a_brianstorm7 karma

Graham, how many t-shirts or tank tops have you ripped off Hulkster-style in your life?

Dave, how is Grampa adjusting to Margot?

Also: is Grampa going to have a Halloween costume this year? Is Margot?

daveshumka6 karma

Grampa is great! He's 10 now, so he's chilled out quite a bit. He just leaves the room when Margot is freaking out. As for Halloween, Abby's thinking about considering doing something about that.

noahtomas7 karma


You guys are the greatest and your show's the best. Congrats on the baby and I hope you guys enjoy making the show as much as we enjoy listening for a long time.

Anyway, question: Nathan Fielder is my other Canadian-Comedy Hero beside you two and I'd love to hear him on the show. I asked him if he'd want to but forgot to mention the show's name. I think he often visits family in Vancouver and was recently on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast. Last thing I want is to sound like I'm trying to order you around, but would having him on interest you/what do you think of his work?

daveshumka9 karma

I think he's the greatest and would love to have him on the show sometime.

nicolemarion7 karma

Who's on your list of dream guests?

daveshumka8 karma

There are some musician guests I'd really like to get, but they're usually only in Vancouver for under 24 hours. People like Jon Wurster, Chris Murphy of Sloan, and Damian of Fucked Up.

talipo3 karma

Chris Murphy would be great! Were you at the Sloan show last night?

daveshumka16 karma

No, I was with child.

Gofurther6 karma

Original Bumper here...question: how many of the drunk dials do you figure are phony??...or at the very least embellished? I suspect more than a few slip through... Comment: thanks for all of the great laughs. Went to one of the first live shows (w/Jason Bryden @ the Cafe Deux Soleils and to the Paul F. Tompkins show at the Biltmore. Loved every second of both. You guys make Vancouver proud...keep up the great work!

daveshumka6 karma

Thanks for the kind words. I don't know how many drunk dials are embellished, but you may be right. We end up eventually playing 90 percent of them, compared to maybe 5 percent of overheard calls.

endhits6 karma

Hi Dave! How happy is your mother now that you have a daughter? Your stories about her are the best.

daveshumka6 karma

She's so happy. It's her eighth grandchild, so she has to share the happiness with 7 others. Abby's mother is a first-time grandma, so she's a whirlwind of excitement.

megagee6 karma

I know you guys complain about Vancouver from time to time, but what do you really like about the city?

daveshumka10 karma

I love it. It's expensive, though, and I have shirts to buy.

KDonhoops6 karma

Hi Dave and Graham and possible guest, what do you think of baseball pranks?

daveshumka14 karma

I love a good hotfoot and a pie in the face for the rookies.

whatsnoo6 karma

What are your favorite NES games?

daveshumka25 karma

Exciting Bicycle.

cansam6 karma

Couldn't think of anything really good so I'll go with something super small.

I don't remember when it was, maybe sometime in the last 100 eps or so, but I remember there was a time when there used to be an outro of you guys (least I think it was both of you) going beuuuu-woop right before the ep ended, after the (intro theme as) outro faded. I loved that so much, I quickly started saying it myself along each time as I'm sure many of us do with all of the actual theme songs. Made me want to listen to the very last second, even if I knew it wasn't an ep that had a bonus bit with the guest at the end.

Is there a chance of that ever returning, or is it gone for good now that the newer Maximum Fun listener supported bit by Hodgman ends each one?

(Edit: ah, I found one, 266 has it, actually sounds like the first? (And contrary to my memory, Hodgman's bit is right after it

daveshumka13 karma

I kiiiiiiiinda remember that. But I think it was just one of those magical one-time things. We are magical.

simbajam136 karma

Dave, did you ever figure out who mailed you all that weird stalker stuff forever ago?

How does booking the show work? Is it ever weird to invite people you don't know over to Dave's basement?

Thanks for all the podcasts. You guys are the bomb.

daveshumka7 karma

No, and I don't even really remember that. Plus I think I've since moved.

ThereAndSquare6 karma

What are your favorite segment themes? Mine are Hulk Hogan News and Take Care of Business.

daveshumka6 karma

The ones Craig Anderson sang, "Take Care of Business" and "Graham's Dad Movie Reviews" are great. They feel like real songs. He left room for instruments.

eltron30006 karma

Graham : now this isnt that SPY related, but is there any chance Ring a Ding Dong Dandy could become a podcast or streamed or something. My boyfriend and I think it sounds like the best, but it isn't easy to get to one from Halifax.

Dave : your ability to recall lyrics to what seems like every song ever is amazing, and what I didn't know i aspire to. How did you get such an impressive collection is memorized lyrics?

Thank you both for creating my favorite podcast, possibly my favorite program of any media really. It has been pretty great having SPY for the last 4 years (that I've known of it)

daveshumka11 karma

I just love those songs, so I learned the lyrics by listening over and over again. But now that I have a baby and I try to sing her to sleep, I'm realizing I don't actually know as many lyrics as I though. And whenever I forget a line, she totally rolls her eyes.

Bensonius2 karma

I think I could die a happy man if you sang some bluegrass on the podcast.

daveshumka9 karma

I don't know what that is.

aneeda5 karma

Hi Dave and Graham and no guest. First a comment, I think you guys are a great influence and promoters of Canadian comedy. Question, did you ever think you would be still going and have three Canadian comedy awards almost six years later?

daveshumka8 karma

We're going to have to stop submitting ourselves, like Oprah did.

thegonzalez5 karma

Hi fellas!

How did you guys meet?


What is the best sandwich?

daveshumka10 karma

Our meeting story isn't that special. Graham hosts a weekly comedy called the Laugh Gallery in Vancouver. When I was starting comedy in 2005, it was the only show I wanted to do. That's pretty much it. We met through hist standup show.

Best sandwich? Oh, I dunno. Something melty.

ijoijo5 karma

Is it possible to calculate the average amount of beverages you consume leading up to and during the show?

daveshumka6 karma

It's usually two each. Sometimes three. Sorry it's not that impressive.

android_schmandroid5 karma

Dave, when did you realize Graham was a comedy genius?

daveshumka15 karma

I realize it more every day.

boylauren5 karma

What are you typically drinking during taping?

daveshumka10 karma

Mornings: coffee Afternoons and evenings: beer Occasionally: wine Always: water

talipo4 karma

Dave, what has been your favourite moment as a guitarist/musician/band member?

edit: Also, what kind of guitar do you have?

daveshumka5 karma

I played in a band called Svelte in my early-20s, and we once played at a high school sleepover event thing in the auditorium. It was packed and the kids were so excited, and I think that was the only legitimate encore I've ever done in music or comedy. I have a Fender "Big Apple" Strat with humbuckers, and a Gibson Les Paul Special (?). The one with P90s, I think. I don't play much anymore.

talipo3 karma

Cool! So I guess this is you guys?


daveshumka5 karma

Yeah, though I'm not really on the recordings. I joined the band near the end of their run. I think I only did the solo on a song called "1985." But I'm more proud of the Screaming Eagles, to be honest. http://music.cbc.ca/artists/The-Screaming-Eagles

Sansaarai3 karma

What is your favorite SPY bit theme song? I love "Celebrity Crush Hat"!

daveshumka3 karma

The ones Craig Anderson sang, "Take Care of Business" and "Graham's Dad Movie Reviews" are great. They feel like real songs. He left room for instruments.

(from a different reply)

simbajam132 karma

Do you guys like riddles?

"I am worth a lot but, people walk all over me. What am I?"

daveshumka28 karma

A woman doctor!