My short bio: We are celebrating 1 year of our game, Magicka: Wizard Wars ( entering steam Early Access. We have the whole team on stand-by to answer your questions. Be it about our game, working in the video games industry in general, or whether we prefer cake or pie! We are here to answer!

Well start posting our answers half an hour from now, 14:00 CEST.

My Proof:

UPDATE - We will be having a live stream at 15:00 CEST at you can see some of the faces behind the names! We'll of course continue to bring up questions from this IAMA page during the stream. Full attention will be back here at approx 16:00 CEST.

UPDATE 2 - Getting prepped for the stream now, keep the questions coming! We'll be back replying on reddit in approx 1 hour! In the meantime free to come watch us!

UPDATE 3 We are done streaming and you now have our full undivided attention on the IAMA once more, keep those questions coming!

UPDATE 4 Thanks for the awesome questions everybody! We are done answering live for now, we'll peek in on the thread again tomorrow to answer any other hot topics that we have left over. Feel free to grab the recording of the stream on our twitch/youtube channel in the coming days.

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addtheletters102 karma

Is the spoken language in Magicka a variant of Swedish, some other Norse language, or just gibberish?

ParadoxInteractive133 karma

Pretty much all of the above, with a dash of English. :)

PeterLicht64 karma

And if it's gibberish, is it Skånska?

ParadoxInteractive204 karma

Would anyone truly tell the difference? :D

Ayyylien67 karma

What's the best snack to eat while developing a game?

ParadoxInteractive89 karma

This was answered by us on the stream, I believe carrots, nuts and cream-cheese and chive chips were the top 3!

its_real_I_swear66 karma

Paradox North? North of Sweden? You poor people. What is the arctic like?

ParadoxInteractive119 karma

Oddly enough, Paradox North is actually "North" of the Paradox Interactive publishing wing, they are situated on the floor above. ;) Our true northern studio would be Paradox Arctic, recently set-up in Umeå!

ClaraOswinOswalt52 karma

Your magicka 2 commercial is hilarious. How did that particular promo come to be?

ParadoxInteractive74 karma

All credit for that goes to our hugely talented Trailer Producer, Steven! He was also the mind behind the famous Jazz Boatman trailer for Leviathan Warships, never disappoints!

vulcan2451 karma

How many of Magicka's stupid interactions between spells and things were purposely placed in there?

Do you guys have a chart there that lists the combinations by damage or is it more random than that?

ParadoxInteractive52 karma

We can't comment on the vanilla Magicka so much as it's a different team doing Magicka: Wizard Wars now. As far as Wizard Wars is concerned we wanted to keep the afformentioned "stupid interactions" but with an element of balance to reflect the PVP setting. We like to think we pulled it off (for the most part, still in beta!).

Regarding the damage figures etc, all damage values are static in terms of if you cast the spell once it'll always give you the same result. We like to keep the actual mechanics predictable, it's when you guys start using them that the "randomness" element kicks in! ;)

zorngov36 karma

What is your favourite combo?

ParadoxInteractive62 karma

What is your favourite combo?

We are a mixed bunch, each with our own favourites. I'm (Escher - Community Dev.) a big fan of throwing frozen boulders around (DRR), our coder Anders trusts in the power of water sprays (QQQ), ND Karlsson, Game Designer likes ASS, also known as Death-lightning.

For those of you not aware, every spell in our game is cast "manually". the "QQQ" etc above refers to three pushes of the Water element to form a water spray. DRR would be Earth, Cold, Cold. ASS is Lightning, Death, Death.

alnaser_27 karma

Hi. Any plans for linux version?

ParadoxInteractive11 karma

Not as yet, we'll see what demand is like as the game progresses!

Armakizon21 karma

1)Magicka: Was QFAR/QRAF => QA was intended?

2)Magicka: Wizard Wars: Why did you remove the snowball? Will you return that item?

3)Magicka: Can you tell us about the non obtainable magick "amalgameddon". Why did you remove it and what was it purpose.

4) How do you decide which magick will enter the game?

Edit: 5) Magicka: Is "Holy fire" intended?

Holy fire: EDWF can deal healing damage to enemies with EDF ward.

ParadoxInteractive18 karma

Unfortunately we can't really answer the Magicka questions, it was a different studio that worked on that. Sorry!

Regarding the snowball, we removed that as it was only available for a limited time during out closed Early Access period. Now we are into open beta I would expect to see it make an appearance when the right season arrives. ;)

Raptured_Seagull20 karma

Happy Birthday! What's your favourite type of Pizza?

ParadoxInteractive30 karma


Helena, 3D artist - One with garlic and bearnaisesauce... oh god why all these food questions? I'm getting hungry again. (Yes, bearnaise sauce on a pizza is a thing in Sweden)

Pontus - 2D artist - Mozzarella, basil, prosciutto

Carlos, 3D Artist - Azteca! Spicy and hot!

Timor, UI - Mexicana (A spicy pizza, with Jalapenos, that probably doesn't exist in mexico)

Escher, Community - Hawaiian!

turkeybacon9740100920 karma

What was the inspiration behind having the Imps in the game? Also, why is the imp at the log in screen wearing a Ball gag?

ParadoxInteractive42 karma

NDKarlsson, Game Designer - we wanted to have some element that created more life in the battlefield. It felt empty to just be 8 people, we wanted there to be more chaos and more dynamic objects to make it interesting. It was also a way to add more customization, have different types of AI that made different things, but that has not been fully realised yet.

Escher, Community Dev - Originally the imp was quite "vocal" when logging in, yelling and shouting etc. Community feedback was that they wanted a little peace and quiet, we made it so!

Chubbstock17 karma

I absolutely love this game, guys. Seriously. I'm a huge advocate for it, I'm always trying to get more and more people to play. Wish I could watch the stream but twitch is blocked at work. Tell me, if you could wave a magic wand over the game and add one feature perfectly, or change something to be exactly what you want, what would you do?

ParadoxInteractive22 karma

if you could wave a magic wand over the game and add one feature perfectly, or change something to be exactly what you want, what would you do

Anders, Programmer - Improve the network code!

Nisshagen, Game Director - remove latency from the universe!

Pontus, 2D Artist - Make imps cleverer, improve AI.

Helena, 3D Artist - Perfect the matchmaking system.

MrLaneFox11 karma

Does working on a zesty, funny game like Magicka make for a fun workplace environment or is it just business as usual?

ParadoxInteractive10 karma

We all have a blast at work, we are all very much gamers at heart and as a result very passionate about what we do! We have the perfect mix of fun and efficiency, Paradox North/Paradox Interactive is a great place to work!

loopuleasa10 karma

What are you guys afraid of in the game? Any combos, elements? Any players? (apart from jackazzm)

ParadoxInteractive20 karma


SaltatorMortis9 karma


ParadoxInteractive11 karma

As per our answer on the stream, we will never be perfectly balanced! We want to get the ideal spot where there is excellent balance but with just a little bit of something to keep stuff exciting.

Jadeyard8 karma

Thank you for the awesome game. Is a 2v2 duel mode also comming? When approximately? Why is it still such a long time till then?

ParadoxInteractive7 karma

We were discussing this just this morning! Some of our veteran players may have remembered a little peak at a very unfinished 2v2 Duel Mode map that popped into rotation for a while. It hasn't gone away, it'll likely make an appearance in the future!

I'm sorry to say we can't give you an ETA date as yet. Unfortunately we are small team and although we'd love to get everything out right away we do have our limits! We do at least as it stands get new game-changing content out at least every two weeks. In the week behind we normally add weapons, robes or other store items.

loopuleasa7 karma

If you guys would form a Warfare team, what would be the most suitable 4 guys on the team?

ParadoxInteractive8 karma

We never really came to a consensus on this...general opinion though is that the coding team are the ones to beat!

Quedes6 karma

Are there currently any plans on releasing gear with more than 30+ in elemental bonus or multiple bonuses?

ParadoxInteractive4 karma

Nisshagen, Game Director- Well yes, it would be fun! Especially the multiple bonuses/drawbacks is interesting.

loopuleasa6 karma

Where do you see the game in one year time?

What about two years time?

What will be the biggest foreseeable change that will become a reality in the future?

ParadoxInteractive10 karma

Custom games!

PresidentBananas5 karma

Hi, thanks for doing this AMA, I've only heard about your game through a couple of friends, so could you explain VERY Briefly what the game is all about? *Also how/where did you guys get the idea from? *Favorite icecream flavour?

ParadoxInteractive4 karma

Magicka: Wizard Wars is a Free to Play Action Spell-Casting PVP Game. We started day 1 with pretty much a map and an idea then developed from that to what you see today, all with a very much community-driven focus.

Our goal is to make a game that's approachable for everybody, the fun casual gamer to the hardcore competitive player. We hate Pay-to-win!

It's free, check it out! ;)

DraconicFire1124 karma

Do you prefer cake or pie? ;)

ParadoxInteractive7 karma

Escher, Community Dev. - Pie! Pie is everything a cake can be, yet more so! Sweet or savoury! Although...Swedes DO have the smorgastårta which is an obscene savoury/cake hybrid. Be afraid!

Kling, Animator - Chocolate Cake!!

NDKarlsson, Game Designer - Cake (definitely not a lie)

Pontus, 2D Artist - Taco/texmex pie (sorry...another scary Swedish creation!)

Helena, 3D Artist - Cake definitely. Pie is so inferior. Pie is often dry and all that tasteless flour-ey dough just makes it soooo boring.

Henrik, Audio - Muffins. Is it a cake, is it bread? Who knows!

FurbyFubar4 karma

Why is the imp on the login screen no longer screaming when he falls down? This one doesn't have a gag ball...?

ParadoxInteractive11 karma

That imp is a stoic Viking, he didn't require a gag ball to keep it quiet.

AlverezYari3 karma

How's the game doing? I've played it a few times but it hasn't really got me yet. Do you guys have fun stats you can share with us?

ParadoxInteractive12 karma

25,000 matches of Magicka: Wizard Wars now played on an average day (average of 17 matches per minute)

Over 300 items now available via in-game store (almost one new item per day since the game’s public release)

Over 1,400 bugs annihilated thanks to player feedback, not including updates made for game balance

You should definitely poke your nose in and check it out again, we did some big changes last week that we feel really ramped up the fun factor! We add new stuff on a weekly basis so are continually improving!

Skylent3 karma

Will you make items that have unique interactions with spells? I.E a club that when used on frozen enemies does more damage but otherwise is more or less useless. A whip that when used with a lightning shield applies extra shock damage etc etc.

ParadoxInteractive3 karma

NDKarlsson, Game Designer - I wouldn't say that at this point in time. Making very one-situation-based items aren't very fun imo since it limits the usage of the item overall. Maybe we can add things that have more unique powers or abilities, but I don't think it will be that very specifically useful in one way and totally worthless in others.

frikisada3 karma

I absolutely love your game, really fun, entertaining and fresh

I always wondered, is Paradox North a 'joke' about Blizzard North?

I hope I'm not too late to the party

ParadoxInteractive4 karma

Nope, it's in reference to the fact that they are the floor above Paradox Interactive. ;)

Philetic3 karma

It feels like it's going to take years to level up to 50-60 and get them sweet staves / robes. Are they ever going to make it easier to level up or take off level requirements for robes?

ParadoxInteractive4 karma

We are constantly evaluating this, we always want you to feel rewarded for play, but at the same time you should always have something to aim for! We'll continue to add cool stuff across the entire level range. :)

TheRealerBlinky3 karma

Where did the idea for the Magika series come from?

ParadoxInteractive6 karma

The original idea for the first Magicka was cooked up by the geniuses at Arrowhead Game Studios. Magicka: Wizard Wars was an idea cooked up within Paradox North. :)

TheRealerBlinky5 karma

How did you feel about creative freedom with this game, and by that I mean did you feel that you couldn't stray to far from the original premise for fear of losing your audience?

Edit: A word

ParadoxInteractive7 karma

Nisshagen, Game Director - The beauty of the Magicka universe is that pretty much everything is allowed. I mean, there's m60 machineguns, fairies and tentacle monsters. Creating a balanced PvP-focused game with the fantastic spell-casting system was mostly about streamlining the game mechanics and input systems. The creative freedom was, and is, almost total. We can do pretty much anything that we, or the community, wants.

d_at_its_finest3 karma

Is there any plans for SEA servers or any servers in Asia?

ParadoxInteractive4 karma

Answer for this will arrive soon-ish. Trying to extract our Game Director (nisshagen) from his meeting as this is being typed!

d_at_its_finest2 karma

thanks for answering by the way!

ParadoxInteractive4 karma

Nisshagen, Game Director - As we continue to grow the player-base, we'll hit critical mass for servers in different locations all over the world. We'll do this when it becomes a better player experience. Right now the player-base is too small to support the game, it would be a LOT of waiting for matches to start.

Termich3 karma

Are internships common at Paradox studios? I'm very much interested in one!

MrLaneFox2 karma

Are you guys involved in Magicka 2?

ParadoxInteractive3 karma

We are not, our friends located further in the south of Sweden (Skövde) at Pieces Interactive are taking care of things there.

Necromunger2 karma

As a very long time magicka player could one of you guys please comment on the move away from 8 elements?

I know it took me maybe 400 hours to use them all effectively and i played in tournaments ect so its probably a bit much to expect people to generally use all these. My only argument is that they don't have to press those keys if they don't want to.

Cookieblues5 karma

There's still eight elements in Magicka: Wizard Wars. They went from being able to queue five elements to three. Is that what you mean?

Necromunger2 karma


ParadoxInteractive7 karma

This change was basically due to two factors, balance and playability. The 5 elements system would be a nightmare to balance! In a PVP environment the three element system makes for a much faster, smoother experience.

Tizzu2 karma

First of all happy birthday and good job for Magicka Wizard Wars! My question is: Why did you left the development of The Showdown Effect? It was a great game with a great potential but it had an unfortunate destiny.I think that TSE deserves a longer life than the actual one. Do you have plans to resume/reboot that great game or is it completely dead?

ParadoxInteractive6 karma

Unfortunately we can only really answer questions related to Magicka: Wizard Wars or game development on the whole, we didn't work on TSE directly. :(

shivan212 karma

The stream is great idea, hopefully there are more streamed AMAs coming on reddit. My question is about development: was it developed in Unity? If so, can you tell us something about it?

ParadoxInteractive2 karma

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked it! The game itself was developed in the Bitsquid engine, you can read more about it here:

asffsag2 karma

Hi, your game is fantastic, but I'm curious about whether or not you will improve your matchmaking algorithm.

I've only played for about an hour, and have come across people that are absolutely merciless and discouraging to new players. People wouldn't stop berating me, insulting, and griefing me. I'd spawn and he'll 2 shot me. This has happened multiple times. The person just sits in the spawn and team kills me repeatedly. Wasting his teams credits in an unwarranted rage against a person who is simply new to the game and has zero chance to become accustomed to anything. I should also mention, these guys are usually in a full set of gear that they paid for. Is there any way to separate those people from noobs like myself?

I am now extremely reluctant to log on, so I simply don't. And it's a shame because it's a fun game.

ParadoxInteractive2 karma

That's a two-part question there I guess, regarding the MM system AND dealing with bad players in our community. Regarding the first part, certainly we have work to do on the MM algorithms and will continue to get it to a good place! There is a lot of work and some crazy math involved, we will get there though!

Regarding the community itself, for the most part we tend to attract an awesome crowd! That being said though there will always be bad apples...if you come across one please do contact us via our Facebook page (PM), our support page (question-mark icon in-game) or send Escher a PM on the forum, the miscreant will be dealt with! We will do our utmost to try and keep our game a welcoming friendly environment for all players, we will add better functions for players to manage this themselves in the future!

Mora24031 karma

Can you say Hi to clan Pessone? We're big fans of your game.
Also I want to know if new combinations of basic elements will be added (like fire+water= steam from the previous game)

ParadoxInteractive1 karma

Hi Pessone!! Regarding your question, it's unlikely that we will make it s othat water/fire will "collapse" into steam as it did in the first game. You can however use steam sprays etc in Magicka: Wizard Wars, i.e FFQ

FurbyFubar1 karma

Happy birthday!

While I love Wizard Wars and have spent quite a few hours playing it, I feel like it is missing much of the oddball humor that made me fall in love with the original Magicka. Sure the items all have wacky descriptions, but that doesn't really come through when you are playing the matches. Do you think there's any way to get pop cultural references into the matches without it being the same joke every time you play the same map?

ParadoxInteractive1 karma

Into the matches/maps itself, tricky...we will expand a lot on the items and robes available though, expect to see a lot more fun references actually modeled in-game via those means.

balazs9221 karma

There will be 2v2 mode, and why did you removed the 4 player duel?

ParadoxInteractive1 karma

2V2 will likely arrive in the future. The 4 player round-robin duel will very likely make an appearance soon, the work is done, we just need to add it back in as a game mode. We initially removed it due to community feedback, now we have the other 1v1 format there's no reasons why we can't have both options up.

eddiebajaj1 karma

Happy birthday! Thanks for the Alpha and Beta Imp! You guys are awesome!!

Speaking of Imps, will there be a feature where we can name the Imp ourself in the future? That'd be appreciated :D

ParadoxInteractive1 karma

Not plans as yet, but we will never say never!

resurrezione1 karma

Do you guys plan to come visit PSQ before we head out on our LIA in november? Would be awesome if you could!

ParadoxInteractive1 karma

You are welcome to contact us via [email protected] If you have any particular lecture or presentation in mind please do include the details of what you'd suggest!

vulcan241 karma

Where did the sausage joke in the illustrations come from?

ParadoxInteractive2 karma

Hard to say, again that was from Arrowhead's original concept. I WILL say though that the "korv med bröd" (hotdog) is pretty much the Swedish street-food staple. I suspect there is a connection there...

Valthek1 karma

I was hoping the proof would include at least one of the guys in full on wizard gear. Was not disappointed.

You changed your engine from whatever contraption the original Magicka ran on to Bitsquid (IIRC) which is a massive improvement. Are there any plans to maybe to some work to port over the original to this better engine? (I'd buy it again)

ParadoxInteractive1 karma

No plans for that. We do however have the awesome Magicka 2 arriving next year!

dobrein1 karma

Where's all sausages in Wizard Wars?

ParadoxInteractive4 karma

Escher ate them. There is one sausage trinket however!