Okay yall, I'm about to close this joint out tonight and I appreciate everyone's support! You guys are truly amazing! A million thanks! Thanks to all the #GTAV and Lamar Davis fans! Keep gaming! Watch #BlackJesus on Adult Swim Thursday nights at 11PM ET! Tweet about it! Instagram it! Post about it on Facebook! Tell your friends! Don't forget that #hashtag! On behalf of myself and the cast and crew of #BlackJesus, THANK YOU ALL! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @slinkjohnson

Slink Johnson bka Black Jesus aka Lamar Davis

I'm originally from Arkansas, raised in Los Angeles and Inglewood, CA. Been a clown all my life, hip hop was my first foray into entertainment. So excited about playing Black Jesus on Adult Swim! Ask me anything!



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garrett1999o3119 karma

Do you find it ironic your character "Black Jesus" in Black Jesus™ completed a heist before GTA Online did?

GeraldSlinkJohnson46 karma

LOL! Nah, not really! Not until now! Thank you! LOL! Watch Black Jesus tonight at 11pm ET on Adult Swim!

ManOfIronAnSteel83 karma

Seriously Lamar stole the screen in GTA V. What was it like working with Steven when he was acting as Trevor? Entertaining or terrifying?

GeraldSlinkJohnson78 karma

Working with Steven Ogg was amazing! I learned so much from that dude! Not only is he a great actor, he's a good friend and a jokester! I got major respect for that crazy a** man!

lnvader60 karma

What's it like knowing that you had a part in creating one of the best selling games of all time? Also, did you record any new content for the next gen release?

GeraldSlinkJohnson78 karma

Being a part of GTA V is a dream come true! Being a fan of the franchise and go on to be a part of it, man... SO amazing. I'm still tripping about it! It was so fun and interesting shooting the project, learning thing about how games are made, working with the other actors, all that was an experience I will cherish forever. And no, I've shit nothing for the next gen release.

zombietrooper45 karma

Ha, I just rescued your ungrateful ass from the wood mill not 20 minutes ago. You're one of my favorite characters in the series!

GeraldSlinkJohnson60 karma

Thanks for that rescue, pimp! LOL! SMOKE ALL YOURS! Watch BLACK JESUS tonight at 11PM ET on Adult Swim!

ferfer3719 karma

Not shitting at all for the next gen release takes some major dedication. Props to you!

GeraldSlinkJohnson29 karma

Not SHOT anything! LOL!

sheepbassmasta41 karma

Black Jesus is fantastic, but I feel like it isn't getting the attention it deserves. Do you feel like playing Jesus is making you a better person? Personally I feel like I should step up my love and forgiveness game when I watch the show. Thanks for being hilarious!

GeraldSlinkJohnson38 karma

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Yes, I feel like playing Jesus is making me a better person. I feel a moral responsibility to the role now. Which is a great thing that I embrace openly and wholeheartedly. Who doesn't wanna be a better person?

nathworkman31 karma

Hey man, congrats on Lamar, easily one of GTA's best characters in its long history. I was just wondering if you're a big gamer yourself, and if so what games are you into? Ps (SPOILERS) - I was deeply afraid Lamar would die. Thank god he didn't.

GeraldSlinkJohnson44 karma

Ha! Thank you! I'm glad Lamar didn't die, too! I was a much bigger gamer before I had kids. Now I can't get ANY time in front of the console! Every time I sit down to play, those little monsters invade my space! I love em, though! LOL!

tyry9524 karma

What do you think of all the hate on the show Black Jesus?

GeraldSlinkJohnson45 karma

What do I think of all the hate on the show Black Jesus? Well, it was expected. Anytime you're dealing with such subject matter, some will not be feeling it. I respect everyone's opinion. It just might not be for them. But for those who do watch, enjoy and support BLACK JESUS, I give a million thanks! I'm humbled by the love! YOU GUYS KICK A**!

KTsep717 karma

Thanks for smoking me out at the Adult Swim funhouse this year homie! It was so fun hanging with you that weekend. How's your life been since Black Jesus aired?

GeraldSlinkJohnson18 karma

Hey man, no problem! Next time we see each other, SMOKE ALL YOURS! LOL! Since Black Jesus aired my life is changing a little bit everyday. At first, I'd go all day, doin regular sh*t, uninterrupted, but now, I get a few people everyday that stops me and asks about the show. The feeling is amazing. Just being recognized more now and staying aware of it.

The_Gristle15 karma

Does Charlie Murphy have dentures? That's some white ass teeth!

Also, I had no idea you were from Arkansas. For some reason I like you even more now (I'm from Mississippi)

GeraldSlinkJohnson15 karma

Thanks, pimp! I don't know what Charlie has poppin, but he DOES have an amazing smile! LOL! And yes, I was born in Dumas, Arkansas and lived there until I was 10, when my mother moved my sisters and I to California. Here, I grew up between Inglewood and South LA (Florence & Normandie), got a lot of homies from both sides of the spectrum and because of it, I got big love all over the city!

The_Gristle7 karma

No shit!? That's about an hour and half from me. I'm in Cleveland Ms. Delta for life.

Thanks for the response! I live in a town of old Christian white people, but I blow Facebook up with Black Jesus updates. Spreading the word, doing Pops' work! Good luck with the show !

GeraldSlinkJohnson8 karma

One love!

Astraphobic_Thor13 karma

Has anyone recognized you in public just from your voice?

GeraldSlinkJohnson25 karma

Yes! That feels amazing!

jdeisenberg11 karma

Will you have an outtake reel from season 1? (BTW, I enjoy the show immensely.)

GeraldSlinkJohnson18 karma

Thank you for enjoying the show! I really appreciate it! If I'm not mistaken, I THINK Mike Clattenburg has some stuff he picked up off the cutting room floor that he's putting together for yall REAL SOON!

coniform10 karma


GeraldSlinkJohnson31 karma

My favorite hobbies? Fishing (although I haven't done it in years,) web surfing, enjoying fine cannabis, creating new skits, clowning with my buddies and just meeting new people. Also, I'm a HUGE Marvel fan! I collect Marvel Legends action figures and comic books and action figures in general!

GeraldSlinkJohnson13 karma

And I would love to learn some foreign languages!

dirtymic10 karma

Black Jesus is amazing piiimp! Where did the nickname Slink come from? Also how tall are you? You tower over everyone in the show

GeraldSlinkJohnson12 karma

Thank you, piiimp! I got the name Slink in High School. A time in my life where I was part of a clique of young hoodlums and accepted the name of one of my big homies, also named Slink and I became Slink 2. I'm 6'7"!

DadsCondomBroke8 karma

Love the show.

Can Black Jesus hook me up with Kali Hawk?

GeraldSlinkJohnson24 karma

Thanks for the support! Can Black Jesus hook you up with Kali Hawk? Well, everyone has free will, so He can't make her like you, but maybe He will connect you two one day! From there, you're on your own, piiimp!

PickAweasle8 karma

How has being in GTA V changed your life?

GeraldSlinkJohnson28 karma

Being in GTA V has changed my life tremendously! To be forever a part of pop culture is quite AMAZING! So many people who love and play the game that I get to encounter really get a kick out of hearing my voice and seeing my face and associating it with Lamar! I love the love and thank all the fans who made GTA V such a MONSTER hit! I LOVE YOU ALL! THANK YOU!

anuncommontruth8 karma

Has playing black jesus affected your relationship with friends/family? I imagine playing such a controversial character might be an issue in that regard.

Also holy shit do I love that show you just kill it. Thanks for stopping by!

GeraldSlinkJohnson8 karma

Thank you for your support! That's dope! Nah, playing Black Jesus hasn't affected my relationships, not in a negative way. Everyone is supportive. I love my folks! Watch Black Jesus tonight at 11PM ET on Adult Swim!

thegreaterrobot7 karma

How did you get the role of Lamar?

Also, what has motivated you in life?

GeraldSlinkJohnson11 karma

I got the role of Lamar through DJ Pooh referring me and setting up an audition. I went in, ripped the audition and the rest is history! What's motivating me through life? The undying want to do and be better! Watch BLACK JESUS TONIGHT AT 11PM ET ON ADULT SWIM!

dragonfly19937 karma

best thing about being jesus?

GeraldSlinkJohnson15 karma

The best thing about being Jesus, is being Jesus! No, seriously to be associated with such a important character is history is humbling and overwhelming!

bruno_jupiter7 karma

Hi Slink, I was wondering if it was your decision to portray Jesus as the optimist he is on the show as opposed to the jaded, and more uncouth portrayal on the original Super Rumble Mix shows series?

Secondly, I wanted to ask if there was a chance that Gary Anthony Williams will be making a cameo as Uncle Ruckus especially with all of the effort you guys went through in order to get get create live action appearance for the KickStarter trailer a couple years ago? Do you think there would be anyway for Uncle Ruckus to reconcile that Jesus is black if he did make an appearance? I really wanted to ask this question in person during Black Jesus panel at Comic-Con, but alas the panel moderator from Adult Swim restricted me from doing so since they wouldn't allow any questions about the Boondocks during this panel.

This is bruno_jupiter here by the way! You gave me this name after I asked I got a chance to ask you guys a couple of questions in person during the Black Jesus panel during Comic-Con, particularly about the possibility of Carl Jones making a cameo appearance as Tubesteak. It was the highlight of my Comic-Con experience this year to finally meet you especially after being such a huge fan of your original Black Jesus sketches on the Super Rumble Mix show web series years ago. It was great being able to talk about your role as Murder Mike on the Glockumentary and I definitely have been enjoying the Black Jesus series week after week.

Thanks for your time and I am definitely looking forward the episode tonight.... PIIIIMMMPPP!!!!!

GeraldSlinkJohnson9 karma

BRUNO JUPITER!!!! Wassup, piiimp? How are you! I remember you, you wild boy, you! Okokok, let's get to these questions... Was it my decision to portray Jesus as an optimist? No, not really. He's still the same Jesus, but now, being on tv, we had to expand upon the story, offering you more looks at Him as a person. He's still uncouth as a muthaf****, but he loves you! Is there a chance of Gary Anthony Williams making an appearance in Black Jesus as Uncle Ruckus? I say yes, as long as every thing and everybody is available, sure, why not? But is it likely? NO. Not at all. I really, really doubt that. two different shows, different worlds, different dimensions. No mash ups goin on there.

GeraldSlinkJohnson7 karma

And thank you for your support, Bruno!

SemaJames187 karma

Is it true that Lamar was originally planned to be a playable character when choosing SPOILER ending C?

GeraldSlinkJohnson18 karma

Wow! Where did you hear that from? Imma keep it 1000 with you, originally there was gonna be a different story, with Lamar being deeper involved. However, I caught a case in real life that had me "tied up" for a few months and Rockstar had to move on, so the story became the one you see on GTA V. However, I am EXTREMELY thankful to Rockstar games for sticking with me through such a rough time and allowing me to continue my role as Lamar once I was available to work.

SemaJames186 karma

Thanks for the answer Slink. And I got the info from a website called "imdb" and they said that Rockstar left some coding in the files mentioning it.

GeraldSlinkJohnson6 karma

Oh! Ok!

myke_tuna7 karma

How did you end up working in those Tubesteak videos on the boondocksbootleg YouTube channel?

That's actually how I first came across your fine comedic talents and I found myself showing them to my boys. I'm a big fan of your work! G-code, Everest hood variant, Black Jesus, GTA V, the Tubesteak videos, the list goes on. Anyway, much success to you, sir.

GeraldSlinkJohnson5 karma

Thank you SO MUCH fro being a long time supporter! I really, really appreciate it! I ended up working on Tubesteak and with Aaron McGruder, in general, in 07-08, when I was introduced to Aaron by a friend of mine, Jason Van Veen, who once wrote in season two of The Boondocks. Jason actually was the first person to film me.

craayoons6 karma

How was it working with Trevor Ogg and Ned Luke in GTAV? looked like you guys had a pretty awesome relationship

GeraldSlinkJohnson12 karma

Working with Steven (Trevor) and Ned (Michael) was fun and educational! I consider those dudes real, serious actors, so they taught me a lot. They are also great guys that I can't wait to work with again!

MrAnd3rsonn6 karma

What was the strangest/rudest/most crude line you ever had to say when voicing Lamar?

P.S thanks for the AMA !!!

Edit: Spelling

GeraldSlinkJohnson12 karma

Strangest/rudest/most crude line you ever had to say when voicing Lamar? LOL! I dunno! Too numerous to list! Maybe some of the dialogue done with Steven. (Trevor)

dissphemism6 karma

How much freedom did Rockstar give you regarding Lamar's script? What's your favorite Lamar one-liner?

GeraldSlinkJohnson22 karma

Rockstar game me TREMENDOUS freedom with the script! That's why it felt so good! me, coming right off the street, I know how they sound right now and Rockstar trusted me to convey that. Much props to Rockstar games! My favorite line? "Don't hate me, 'cause I'm beautiful, n****..."

dissphemism3 karma


GeraldSlinkJohnson6 karma

Thank you for your support!

BrainzLA6 karma

Dear Slink! YOUR ACTING IS DEVINE. My friends and I all loved the show right off the bat. We get together on Thursdays, fire up our projector and laugh our asses off. I've been obsessed with Black Jesus since those shorts that were put out AGES ago. They were usually only a couple of minutes long? I can't find them anywhere! Any clue if those will ever resurface?

Also, do you guys do any improvisation with your lines? You just seem so in touch with the character!

p.s. Prayin for season 2!!

GeraldSlinkJohnson6 karma

Thank you so much, BrainzLA! I appreciate the love! The original Black Jesus sketches were removed, in anticipation of the tv show. However, there are still clips circulating, you just have to look a little deeper. I don't know when and if they will ever be officially posted again. And during filming, we did A LOT of improv and had a lot of laughs!

brettler6 karma

WHat is your favorite joke?

GeraldSlinkJohnson17 karma

What is my favorite joke? The gag in Black Jesus, when Ms. Tudi falls in the crater that Boonie's a** made in the couch! LOL!

mourato5 karma


GeraldSlinkJohnson12 karma

LOLOL! It feels great! Yo mama got such a nice, soft, yet firm, comfortable a**! LOL! Thanks a lot!

amandatickles15 karma

Hi Slink, I'm so excited about Black Jesus and love your work, here's a silly question, are you a ticklish guy? If yes, where? Hugs from England!!

GeraldSlinkJohnson9 karma

LOL! Thank you so much for your support! And yes, I AM TICKLISH and I accept hugs from across the pond! Thank you X 10000000000000!

maggie66662 karma

I love this question! Where are you most ticklish? Promise to keep it a secret! ;)

GeraldSlinkJohnson3 karma

You promise? ;)

8TOX5 karma

Will we ever see you as Lamar again? I loved the character and I'd love to see you as Lamar is some DLC!

GeraldSlinkJohnson27 karma

Will you ever see me as Lamar again? I don't know. The best way to insure that you do is to contact Rockstar games and demand MORE LAMAR!!! Call, write, blog, email, sh*t, send some smoke signals, just let Rockstar know you want more of the Apache Blood!

AussieBoyJon4 karma


GeraldSlinkJohnson22 karma

  1. I would rather have fingers as long as my legs, because I can reach the boogers way, way deep in my huge nose.
  2. I would rather have a dragon, because I can ride it and ladies love dragons.
  3. I would rather be tickled on my bare feet for 20, because my feet stink so bad, the tickler wouldn't last 20 minutes!

iamRYANGOSLINGama3 karma

What are your thoughts on Dr. Steve Brule?

GeraldSlinkJohnson9 karma

Dr. Steve Brule? He. Is. Hilarious! I love John C. Reilly!

syqkli3 karma

What's your favorite episode to do on Black Jesus?

GeraldSlinkJohnson12 karma

My favorite episode? Probably episode 4, when Shalinka kicked the crew's a**es! That was our first shooting day and definitely a day to remember!

CmSkunk9133 karma

What's Dave Choe like in person?

GeraldSlinkJohnson3 karma

Oh, I'm an a**hole. I misread your question! Pardon me! LOL! David Choe is a great dude! Fun to be around, intelligent and brutally honest! Thanks for your support! Watch Black Jesus tonight at 11pm ET on Adult swim!

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

Dig this, you won't believe it but, David Choe looks HUMAN in real life!

Ewok_Soap3 karma

How much of Lamar's lines in GTAV already written and how much was improvising? Or was it already written and you just added your own flavor to it? He's easily one of my favorite supporting characters in games!!

GeraldSlinkJohnson10 karma

Thanks for the support! Lamar's lines were already there, I just added my own flavor to it. I couldn't change the storyline, but I could translate the script into current Slinkbonics!! LOL!

mumbleman3 karma

What is your favorite spoken line from GTA 5?

GeraldSlinkJohnson16 karma

My favorite spoken line from GTA 5 is one of Solo's (Franklin's), "You can't repossess the assets of a dead man, big sitting chief a**hole!"

I_Am_Hank_Hill_AMA3 karma

Do you prefer to grill with charcoal or propane? Answers to questions like this can make or break a man, by the way.

GeraldSlinkJohnson6 karma

I prefer Mesquite!

I_Am_Hank_Hill_AMA3 karma

That's just asinine.

Loved you in GTA by the way

GeraldSlinkJohnson7 karma

Thanks so much! And I never barbequed with propane before. Maybe you can introduce me to the wonderful world of propane, Hank!

ImCelestial2 karma

What is your favorite type of pop tart?

GeraldSlinkJohnson7 karma

Cherry. Hands down.

wwf12342 karma

Is there going to be another season of Black Jesus?

GeraldSlinkJohnson8 karma

I sure in the Heaven hope so! LOL! Make sure you talk about #BLACKJESUS in your social network! Tell #AdultSwim "WE WANT MORE BLACK JESUS!" Tweet, post on instagram, facebook, tumblr, and all that sh*t! Let the world know "WE WANT MORE #BLACKJESUS!"

CoyoteCS2 karma

What's up big pimpin'?! I don't really have a question, but I just wanted to say that I felt you were the only voice actor for GTA V that really brought the SoCal vibe to the game. Having been born and raised here in the IE, I knew right off that you were a true Cali guy. Also, I'm loving 'Black Jesus', I look forward to it every Thursday.

Okay. Fuck it. My question is "What's your favorite strain?", you seem like an indica kind-of-guy to me.

Thanks for the entertainment, I look forward to seeing more of you. Stay up! Keep lookin' after me Jesus!

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

Thanks, homie! You know I really appreciate it when people find enjoyment in what I do and to be able to have someone identify with it on a deeper level is golden. I've been stomping the Cali streets most my life and I love it and love the culture. to be able to represent it on a world stage is an honor! My favorite strain right now gotta be that Snoop Dogg OG that I get from the Green Building, on 84th place & Vermont, in South LA. I love the medicinal qualities indica provides, I wanna go to sleep! LOL! Keep watching Black Jesus, you know that's a good look!

Radiant_Ed2 karma

How was it like hanging out with David choe in dvdasa? And do you know why he stopped it?

GeraldSlinkJohnson4 karma

Hanging out with David is exciting! No telling what he's gonna pull off! I don't think he stopped... Maybe talking a break, perhaps... Thanks for your support!

tehpwnage72 karma

in your opinion what aspect of Lamar makes him stand out in the CGF?

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

Lamar is a savage idiot with a heart of gold!

FlumberButtkiss2 karma

Do u like snails or slugs bettr? How long been black? Sup By frend :3

GeraldSlinkJohnson6 karma

I like snails better than slugs, been Black since before my pops shot me out the tube!

eyeliketosmokeandpoo2 karma

Thanks for doing this. If you could reinterpret one of Jesus miracles from the Bible into Season 2 which would it be?

GeraldSlinkJohnson6 karma

And thank you!

GeraldSlinkJohnson3 karma

If I could reinterpret one of Jesus' miracles from the Bible into season 2, it would be to cast out some evil spirits in some hilarious way!

maggie66662 karma

Hi Gerald, what makes you laugh & what's your biggest weakness? Also, do you have any pet peeves? :)

GeraldSlinkJohnson7 karma

HI! What makes me laugh? Good comedy, great stand up, kids... Life, in general. People do the funniest sh*t when they don't try! And my pet peeves? Pushy, uptight people, not washing your hands after a restroom visit, people who are stuck on themselves.

Candelis_in_Sole2 karma

What y'all got growing up in dat c'munity garden?

GeraldSlinkJohnson3 karma

We got dem magic tomatas! LOL! Thanks for watching Black Jesus!

an_almighty_mang2 karma

Wassup LD, so did you improvise any of your dialogue from GTA?

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

Thanks for your support! Wassup witcha?! Yes, I improvised quite a bit of Lamar's dialogue! It was fun! Watch Black Jesus tonight at 11PM ET on Adult Swim!

aislandlies2 karma

I've loved your voice over work in GTA. Just had two questions, How long did recording your voice take and can I have your autograph?

GeraldSlinkJohnson4 karma

My involvement in making GTAV was for about 3 years. And yes, you can have my autograph!

aislandlies1 karma

well shiiiiittttt, how do you get it to me?

GeraldSlinkJohnson4 karma

Right now, I don't know. But one day, we shall meet. And we will BREAK BREAD!

Iconoclast6741 karma

I was thrilled to see you use a sling. Did your really learn how to use it?

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

LOL! Thanks! I thought that gag was funny! No, I didn't learn how to use it, however, I know it would be dope to do so! Thank you for your support! Watch Black Jesus tonight at 11PM ET on Adult Swim!

MGMtoke1 karma

Favorite music? Artist? Band? My friend was looking through On Demand and we decided to check your show out. I watched every episode after that in one sitting! Keep it coming BLACK JESUS!!!!! :D

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

Thanks for watching! 'Preciate it! So many favorites throughout my life. Scarface and the Geto Boys, Too Short, Ice Cube, Snoop, UGK, E40, B.I.G.... New school cats like, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, YG, Reem Riches, RJ, Ty Dolla Sign, Bad Lucc, Problem, Damani. And of course my group Madd Flo! Shout out to Killa Bop and Real Ron Rico!

BananaWorking4Scale1 karma


GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

Hey! Thanks so much! Yeah, Christianity is definitely a taboo subject for comedy here in America, but thank God this is America! I got no negativity from my close people. Everyone is supportive and excited for me and have nuthing but encouraging words for me. And as long as my mom is cool with it, that's all that counts.

cjisthegreatest1 karma

Is there going to be new DLC/missions for the story mode of GTA V??

GeraldSlinkJohnson3 karma

I have no idea if there will be new DLC/missions for the story mode. I sure hope so!

thebiggestandniggest1 karma

What do you think of The Boondocks?

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

I love The Boondocks! One of my favorite shows! Groundbreaking work that will forever be the sheezit!

magicdragon181 karma

Did you audition for GTA V or did they approach you?

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

I auditioned for GTA V, through DJ Pooh, who originally recommended me for the role!

magicdragon181 karma

wow! My first ever post on Reddit and I get a response!

GeraldSlinkJohnson1 karma


magicdragon181 karma

You definitely just got a new viewer Sir!

GeraldSlinkJohnson1 karma

Thanks again!

mainman15241 karma

I enjoy your "Check yo Nutz" videos on youtube, what is it like doing those?

GeraldSlinkJohnson6 karma

Doing Check Yo Nuts is always fun! Hard, but fun! Van Elder always writes some tongue twisters for me and it looks complicated on paper, however I find a way to knock it on out every time. But you should see the blooper reel from those shoots!

wutang4thekids1 karma

Hey Slink, huge fan here, can't wait to see you in more stuff. My question is, if you had to give both your fist epic fighting names, what would they be?

GeraldSlinkJohnson6 karma

Thank you so much! If I had to give both my fists epic fighting names, they would be Jake and Elwood, because we aint handing out nuthin but the blues!

Wackylew1 karma

If you were live in the GTA V world, Would you have done things completely different to Lamar? Or would You live in his shoes 24/7?

GeraldSlinkJohnson5 karma

If I lived in Los Santos, I probably would do something different and leave Lamar's crazy a** alone!

shawnisnumber11 karma

Great job as Lamar!! Just wondering if you would ever do more Grand Theft Auto, or other games if you were asked to? Also has this opened up any door in your career?

GeraldSlinkJohnson5 karma

Thanks, piiimp! Yes, if given the opportunity, I would definitely do more GTA and other games, as well. Many doors and opportunities have presented themselves since GTA V came out. I'm so thankful and humbled by it all.

wwf12341 karma

Have you ever been to adult swim offices?

GeraldSlinkJohnson3 karma

Have I ever been to Adult Swim's offices? No, not yet! Looking forward to it! I know their office must be MYSTIFYING and AMAZING!


  1. Hard taco or soft taco?

  2. If you could play any part in any movie, TV series or game, what would it be?

GeraldSlinkJohnson6 karma

  1. Soft taco!
  2. I'd love to play a doctor in a blockbuster suspense drama!


Very nice, thanks for responding!

GeraldSlinkJohnson3 karma

Thanks for your support! Watch Black Jesus tonight at 11pm ET on Adult Swim, ok?!

chezo1 karma

So what other stuff you got going on man? Your famous now

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

A lot of web content, a couple movies, developing 2 sitcoms, a cartoon and back on my music! Thanks for your support! Watch Black Jesus tonight at 11pm ET on Adult Swim!

chezo1 karma

Of course im watching last weeks now before the new one comes up

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma


chezo1 karma

Leme ask how yal got coolio on the show you know him personally?

GeraldSlinkJohnson1 karma

Nah, I didn't know him personally, but our casting director, Amber Bickham, located him and had him come down!

LopsidedCyborg1 karma

Hey Slink! I really enjoyed Black Jesus! It was hilarious! What is your favorite tv show of all time?

GeraldSlinkJohnson1 karma

Thanks so much, Cyborg! My favorite TV show of all time is BLACK JESUS!

chezo1 karma

What was the deal with tubesteak? Whyd he stop? Or is he onto big and better things

GeraldSlinkJohnson1 karma

That guy is CRAZY!

chezo1 karma

You guys mustve had crazy fun together making all that stuff, that stuff still has me crying today

GeraldSlinkJohnson1 karma

Yeah! Beautiful time in my life. Carl Jones is a very talented dude! That crew was a dream team.


Have you hooked up with Angela Gibbs yet?

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

Hahaha! Nah, Haven't been that lucky!! LOL! Seriously, Angela is a beautiful lady, who's a lot of fun to work with! When she came in to audition, I was convinced that she was Ms. Tudi! She kills the role!

anakinfan81 karma

Hi Mr. Johnson, loving Black Jesus so far. My question is, what was your favorite piece of dialog that you recorded for Lamar Davis?

GeraldSlinkJohnson4 karma

Hello! Thank you for your support! My favorite scene was when Franklin and Lamar parted ways in front of Franklin's house, when Lamar urged Franklin to get a better hair cut.

PenguinMarlinBrando1 karma

have you ever met eric wareheim, and if so who is taller?

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

No, I haven't met Eric Wareheim yet! Looking forward to it! Funny dude!

goodhparker1 karma

First let me say I love black Jesus. Second, what's it like working with Charley Murphey? Also does he ever tell stories about working on the Chappelle Show? Thanks so much for doing this AMA!

GeraldSlinkJohnson5 karma

Thank you for supporting Black Jesus! Working with Charlie is a dream come true! Charlie's one of the most humble dudes I've ever met. We hang out and sometimes, he kicks around stories from not just the Chappelle show, but his amazing life in general! He has a million stories that will have you in stitches! Great dude, great dude!

Redhawk2471 karma

Hey Slink, love your acting in GTA V, and love Black Jesus. Probably the only show I'm watching at the moment.

  • What's your favorite part of being in the acting industry?

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

Hello! And thank you for your support! My favorite part of being in the acting industry is working in different places/locations! Watch Black Jesus tonight at 11PM ET on Adult Swim!

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

Hello! And thank you for your support! My favorite part of being in the acting industry is working in different places/locations! Watch Black Jesus tonight at 11PM ET on Adult Swim!

ThatdudeAPEX1 karma

Did you ever complete the story? If so which ending did you chose?

GeraldSlinkJohnson2 karma

I hate to admit it, but no, I have yet to complete the story! Don't hate me! LOL! Watch Black Jesus tonight at 11PM ET on Adult Swim!