Hi reddit.

To celebrate the release of my new film Kill The Messenger, which hits theaters tomorrow, October 10th, I’m doing my first ever AMA. You can see the trailer here.

Victoria's going to be helping me out in-person today. AMAA.


Update: I'm outta time. Thanks for chatting with me, and it was fun answering your questions, but I have to go shower and get dressed for this premiere. Let's all go see it together! Who wants to be my date?

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GestureWithoutMotion2196 karma

Hello Jeremy Renner. My wife loves you. What can I tell her about you that will make her change her mind?

Renner4Real2717 karma


I'm not available! Hahaha!

Renner4Real2607 karma

that's awesome!

Renner4Real1952 karma

Someone asked about if Daniel Craig and I were separated at birth:

That's a lovely compliment, to be compared to a handsome Bond character.

I was working with Rachel Weisz when we were shooting The Bourne Legacy, and he came to visit on set. And it was kind of fun to sit and have a martini with Bond, you know? pretty surreal. And he's a cool dude. He has a similar plight to be, becoming more well known later in his career, after Layer Cake and so on. We have a lot in common, other than looking similar I suppose.

But high compliment, that's amazing. I'd love to do something with him someday.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii1434 karma

"I need your help. I can't tell you what it is, you never ask me about it later, and we're gonna hurt some people."

Can you please tell me how BADASS it was to film that scene?

Renner4Real1150 karma


I don't know how badass it was. You know, there's a lot of weight on one line, and the delivery of that line, i remember that, but it came out alright. It didn't feel badass, no.

GrandMasterT1202 karma

Robert Downey Jr. said that his favorite comic book hero is Hawkeye because of his 2 year old. How did you trump Iron Man?

Renner4Real1548 karma


Well, when your dad's Iron Man, I suppose... maybe he's tired of 'im! And he's 2 for chrissakes. Maybe it's more fun to shoot bows & arrows.

I was with Downey and his family recently, and it's funny to see his boy in the car seat- he actually liked Hawkeye and Thor, maybe it's the bow and arrow and hammer, but somehow we made it into Downey's son's bathtub, our action figures did anyway.

Haha - and it's cool to have a 2 year old fan. It's pretty awesome.

natalievenom1033 karma

Legolas, Hawkeye, and Robin Hood enter an archery tournament. Who gets first, second and third place?

Renner4Real1262 karma


I guess it depends on the bow. But again - I'm going to have to go with the superhero in that one!

lurking_my_ass_off889 karma

Were you upset about the lack of Hawkeye in The Winter Soldier?

Personally I was hoping for at least an after credits stinger with you grilling burgers on your buildings roof, while the helicarriers all crashed in the background.

Renner4Real1079 karma

No. I have no feelings about that.

dongzilla32703 karma

Gamble, You were a damn fine cop... Why'd you take the money?

Renner4Real732 karma


You gotta make a choice! The Red Pill or the Blue Pill, you gotta make a choice!

Piccolanippy583 karma

Hey Jeremy will you ever Instagram those photos of Robert Downey Jr washing your car?

Renner4Real896 karma

Hahaha... I don't know what you're talking about.

underdabridge542 karma

Who's the last famous person you texted with?

Renner4Real1171 karma

I'm kinda doing it now... Robert Downey Jr.

The_Maddest_Man534 karma

Hi Jeremy!

Huge fan of all your work. I was wondering if you would ever have an interest in doing a stand alone Hawkeye film based on the new storyline presented in the newest Hawkeye comic series. Your portrayal of Clint is incredible, and I think the content in the new comics would be great to see on screen.

Renner4Real804 karma

Am I interested? Always have been interested. I always love Clint, and in the last Avengers: Age of Ultron, we got to dive into him some more. Very excited about the outcome of it, and where it can go in the future. But all I can do is want. And that's all I can do. It all comes down to the content, and really how the puppeteers at Marvel can manifest a story that's worthy of a solo movie. Not sure what that is, or how that is, but I'm confident they can do whatever they want, if they want to do it. And I'd be game.

IceTiger7518 karma

A lot of us over at /r/SHIELD want to ask a question: is there any chance of you appearing on Agents of SHIELD?

Renner4Real726 karma

I guess, again - those are questions that are tough to really answer, because it's above my pay grade, haha! It's not something I sit and think about. But I suppose if it was offered up, there's an outside chance it could happen. I haven't seen the show, so I don't know how it works, but I'm sure the folks at Marvel have ideas, and when they're strong enough, they'll bring 'em to me. But I love me some Clark Gregg, he's so great. We killed him and brought him back to life to do Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., he's so good!

marsh-a-saurus473 karma

Hi Jeremy! First off this is the first ama I've been on time for, so my question for you is.. What was it like to play Jeffery Dahmer in Dahmer?

Renner4Real721 karma

Terrifying. Disturbing. That kind of wraps it up. And challenging.

WeeklyHeroin455 karma

Hello, How was it like starring in Louie? What is Louis CK like? Also, who's the most interesting actor or director you have worked with? Thanks! And good luck with the new film!

Renner4Real624 karma

He's the best. Louis is the best. I did that show cuz of him. We have a kindred spirit. And I'd do it again in 2 seconds. I'd love to bang heads with him again, he's amazing.

Interesting is a weird word to use... you know, David O. Russell is by far, he used the most different way to shoot, because it was done like a play, lit 360 degrees, so everyone is on, in character, in ready and prepared, all the time, like being in a 3-dimensional theater. I've never run from the camera so much as I did on that, because I ran out of material, so I'd have to run to the bathroom, or go to craft services where they couldn't shoot me because it wasn't "period" - that was the most interesting shooting environment, for sure.

dub1808415 karma

Pizza rolls or pizza bagels?

Renner4Real755 karma

The rolls.

Piccolanippy408 karma

Hi Jeremy! I love your work, will you ever do a musical movie or even a Broadway play?

Renner4Real604 karma

Yes. And yes.

Renner4Real559 karma


That's a gorilla, not a monkey! But nonetheless, awesome. Looks like he's having more fun than killing him. Like he's riding him into the sunset. But thank you.


Velorium_Camper318 karma

You've worked with Sam Jackson twice now (MCU and Swat.) What's the coolest interaction you guys have had?

Renner4Real552 karma

I think... anytime you can get Sam Jackson to curse, to speak expletives, that's amazing. It's not very difficult to do, Hahahaha! But he can make bad words sound good! It's amazing! I think there's an app making Sam Jackson say bad words, and again, he's one of the funniest guys I know. Love me some Sam.

cool_shades314 karma

Who is your favorite character in "The Jungle Book" and why?

Renner4Real575 karma


You can't have a favorite character in the Jungle Book, they're all amazing!

Sher Khan is amazing - Baloo is probably the closest - I think Khan has the best voice, but Baloo is the best character. Classic Disney film.

GrandMasterT267 karma

Ray Liotta did an AMA earlier today, How intense is he in person?

Renner4Real567 karma



Is he intense? I don't know. I think he's a lovable guy. I mean, he's intense looking, for sure. He's got a resting face that looks like he wants to hurt you, but he's very gregarious. It's guys like Joaquin Phoenix, or Ray, they're in that grouping - guys that you think might be the most intense and scary are usually the funniest. And I think Ray is one of those.

15chainz259 karma

In a battle royale of all the characters you've played, who would come out victorious?

Renner4Real455 karma


Um... hahaha.

I guess, you gotta go for the superhero, i guess?

Username0089255 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. Did you ever lose focus on the set of American Hustle when seeing Bale's character? What is the best thing about working on the Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Renner4Real344 karma

No, I think - there's a thousand reasons to lose focus. Seeing Bale's character helped me get INTO character, the complete opposite. It's funny because David's sitting over here in the corner! We have the cast in the whole get up, David was playing music, it was very easy to be locked into that time, place and space, so it was not a distraction, it actually helped me get into character.

The cast.

wpk1991255 karma

I've heard that you enjoy real estate and flipping houses. What got you into that area and what do you most enjoy about it?

Renner4Real549 karma

I enjoy - what got me into it was wanting to invest into something. I wasn't into stocks or anything like that, but something tangible, it meant something to me, because if it all went to hell, at least I'd have a roof over my head, yeah. And what I love about real estate is that it exists, it's a tangible art form to me, to create a lifestyle for somebody is a gratifying feeling, and knowing the structures will outlast me for many, many years is also a wonderful feeling as well. To take something that was once great in the 1920's and to reimagine it for something for today's lifestyle is a great challenge, and something we became very very good at.

Mr_Thomas_Jr_PHD223 karma

Hi Jeremy, thanks for coming to Reddit.

During all the drama of Iron Man 3 and Cap 2, Hawkeye was nowhere to be seen. Where do you think he would be?

Renner4Real664 karma

I think you're going to find out in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Sakura_7210 karma

Who's your favorite superhero?

Renner4Real458 karma

Oooh wow.

I don't have a favorite. My first crush was Wonder Woman, Linda Carter, she was my first crush as a young boy, but that doesn't mean she's my favorite superhero. As a young kid, I was a big Spider-Man fan, I always wanted to be Peter Parker.

jeremyleerenner-com190 karma

what did you enjoy best at school, before you got into theatre studies?

Renner4Real613 karma

Oh, you know, I went to college studying computer science. I was good in computers. And I realized that my personality didn't fit behind a computer or tearing apart a computer, mind you, when you studied DOS and PASCAL and Basic, I looked around at everybody I was with and realized I had nothing in common with those people. But I was good at computers.

GangsterJawa184 karma

If you could have shawarma with anyone in history, who would it be?

Renner4Real395 karma


That's the question?

Who would it be with in all of history? Um...

I'd like to have shawarma with, probably, either Wolfgang Amadeus or Beethoven. Can I do both? A shawarma party. They have composed music that has affected my spirit until the day I die.

pretty-in-pink169 karma

Would you rather fight a a Groot sized Rocket or twenty Rocket sized Groots?

Renner4Real247 karma

Groot-sized rocket. I'm going to go with the massive one, yeah. I don't want a bunch of little piranhas coming after me!

escherbach161 karma

Hi Jeremy

You've achieved huge success relatively late in your career - how are you coping with the impact on your life?

(and congratulations on many fantastic performances)

Renner4Real304 karma

Achieving success later on in life is probably the greatest gift I could have been given, to have been recognized for what I was recognized for. That's where Luck played a huge role in my career, and i'm very thankful and blessed for that. And I'm able to fully enjoy, with my feet on the ground, all the experiences with my head up high, knowing that I earned what I have, and feel again very blessed to be able to continue to work.

tikipasteljay153 karma

You seem pretty athletic and fit (especially for all those action movies!) so do you do most of your own stunt work?

Renner4Real392 karma

I do all of my own stunts, yes.

jeremyleerenner-com143 karma

if you had a time machine, which historical event would you travel back to witness/experience?

Renner4Real323 karma

You know, I wanna be back in the age of dinosaurs. I want to witness... I wouldn't want to see the asteroid striking, because then they'd be dead, but I'd certainly... I would love to be running from something that's trying to eat me. Some vicious, toothed dinosaur trying to eat me, running to my cave. That's where I'd like to be. That's where I'd go. I'd get out from the time machine and a T-Rex is coming for me, and I have to haul ass. I want to see how long I would be able to live. Hahaha!

BelindaBonello128 karma

Hi Jeremy! Will you ever release an album? I've heard you sing and it's amazing!

Renner4Real271 karma

Oh, you know? I'm... trying to find time to actually do that. But will it ever happen? I don't know. And I don't know if I'd be ever interested in fully releasing it. I would rather find a role where i could sing, rather than switching to being a singer with an album. I think I'd rather stick to what I'm doing.

mimusqe126 karma

Hey Jeremy! Knowing you're a big Muse fan, do their songs inspire you when you're preparing for a role? Also, what's your most favorite album by them?

Renner4Real263 karma


Album...I can't pick one album that would be my favorite, because I really do love them all. But I use their music a lot in each character - I create a specific playlist to evoke a certain emotion - and Muse has been consistently on those playlists for almost all characters I've played. Because they have such a wide range of tones, and anthems - even 20 Weeks Later, it started from then all the way to now.

It's like Radiohead meets Queen! I love all those bands, they are tremendous.

kmoh74119 karma

Big fan of your work in The Hurt Locker. What's on your bucket list?

Renner4Real172 karma

You know, I don't really have a bucket list. I try to live my life every day as if it was my last, knowing that it's not. But yeah, I don't really have a bucket list of things I have to do before I die.

insane_moose117 karma

What would be your food of choice if you were stuck on a desert island?

Renner4Real270 karma

Food of choice, stuck on a desert island...


It would have to be something that wouldn't grow on that island, like a vat of cookie dough or something. Cookie dough or maybe some KC Prime Rib... it has to be something like that.

Matawa114 karma

OMG finally I find an AMA without being 240 hours late to the party!

MR. RENNER, you are one of my favorite actors. I think you part in Neo Ned was one of the best performances I've seen in a movie, actually.

I loved the Jason Bourne movies. Is there any chance of you working with Matt Damon on another Bourne- movie? Also, who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to acting? I've actually thought about this a lot, and in some weird way, I think you have some (a lot?) in common with Bruce Willies actingwise.

Sorry for bad english, Norwegian and stuff

  • Fred

Renner4Real145 karma

Love Scandinavians!

Is there a chance? There's an outside chance of it happening. I don't have control of that. If I DID have control of that, I would love it to happen, but I don't have control of that.

Complicated characters.

pantingdinosaur108 karma

Is there anything you can tell us about Mission: Impossible 5?

Renner4Real242 karma

It's going to be badass. It will not disappoint.

vegasteacher107 karma

I'm a huge music buff. I want to know- what is your dream concert lineup? Three bands. They don't have to still be together. :)

Renner4Real456 karma

Muse, Radiohead, and Queen. That's pretty bad-ass.

Sisiwakanamaru100 karma

Hello, I have two questions for you

  • I saw your ice bucket challenge video with Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb in it. What was the story behind the kiddie pool? I like it

  • What is your favorite dessert?

Thank you.

Renner4Real174 karma

Haha! Conserving water was the first idea. And then... that was really the only place. It was convenient. Conserving water and convenient.


Stoooooooo89 karma

What is the best/funniest practical joke you have seen happen on the set?

Renner4Real223 karma

Oh, seeing happen and heard happen are very different things. Downey is top of the list of most of those, but most of those I didn't see. What I HAVE seen on set... I don't know! Practical jokes... when someone does their off-camera, and it happens quite often, when people are off-camera doing a scene, they like to distract their fellow actor and screw with them a little bit, and sometimes you'll do it naked, or no pants, to try to distract them and screw them up. So I've seen that MUCH more than once. Hahaha. Or at least topless. Hahah.

Naibude80 karma

Mr. Renner, You've called a few other celebrities generous. Are you referring to their acting? How do you approach controlling your presence to ensure focus goes to the actor whose scene 'it is'? Thanks, p.s. How scary fast is Victoria with her typing?!

Renner4Real136 karma

Generous, yeah, means - I use that word as a way, because they are very giving, on camera and off camera, with their performance. And off camera, out of character, sort of talking and dialogue and exploring the character. And their willingness to dig deeper and find more about our craft and what we're doing.



kenzkoff79 karma

If I participate in #MondayLungeDay every Monday, will I become as fabulous as you?

Renner4Real166 karma


As long as you switch legs!


You gotta switch it up, or you'll be very lopsided. That's all I gotta say about that.

jeremyleerenner-com76 karma

a friend is considering getting a dog, what would you say to convince them to get a french bulldog?

Renner4Real164 karma


Uh, I love me some frenchies. Convince them? I don't know. You have to either love their beat-up, uglycute faces... you know what's great about French bulldogs is they're great apartment dogs, and they are wonderful companions, and for me as a man, to have a small dog and not feel like, you know, I got this little toy dog, it's the toughest, most masculine little dog I think out there on the market. And most importantly, they got LOADS of personality. And I think they are lower maintenance because they can't be walked too long. They are great companion dogs for small spaces.

Renner4Real174 karma

But make sure you have windows, because they can be a little gassy!

Renner4Real152 karma

I've had 3 or 4 of 'em.

man_mayo54 karma

What co-star or director has given you the best advice about your craft?

Renner4Real66 karma

Gosh, wow, that's a tough one.

Let's come back.

g0newick3d54 karma

What was it like working with Mary Elizabeth Winstead? Thanks and can't wait to see the movie!

Renner4Real86 karma

Ah! Mary's great. She was a tremendous get for us, on this movie. One of the reasons why I wanted to do the movie was because of that role and because of Rosemarie DeWitt's role, and wanted to strengthen those roles, because they were strong women roles. I think there's a huge lack of that in cinema. That was one of the main reasons. And once we got Mary, it's a tricky role to pull off, especially as a young editor, and she's great. We had a lot of fun. She's smart, giving, and thoughtful, and I think she's tremendous in the movie.

g8rade51 karma

Jeremy, you are awesome!

What does Robert Downey Jr. smell like?

Renner4Real118 karma

How about... candy canes. Downey smells like candy canes. Hahaha!

skwibby51 karma


Renner4Real137 karma

Eggs benedict. Coffee.

pips3550 karma

Hi Jeremy, what made you decide to take on the role of Gary Webb in Kill The Messenger?

Renner4Real97 karma

First, it was the character, I thought, was rich, and complex, and flawed as a hero, which is very attractive to me, because it's very real to me and human. And the story and its themes of David & Goliath, an everyman in extraordinary circumstances, I'm attached to these themes, and these stories being true, a story that broke 70 miles from where I grew up and then not knowing about it, became a character I wanted to play to a character I had to play, and a story I had to tell.

thebiglibrarian49 karma

Hello Mr. Renner,

Quick question, what is your favorite book and why?


Renner4Real122 karma

Again - favorites - this is not a word in my vocabulary. I think it's too limiting. And books - I only read nonfiction. I personally like architectural books.

two_off49 karma

What's your favourite part of going to a film premiere?

Renner4Real108 karma


I guess it depends on the movie. And how many times I've seen that movie before the premiere. But it's always a wonderful celebration of many people's hard work, coming down to that moment to send it into the ether. Tonight I'm very excited - this is like a little, giving birth to this little story that's important to me. I'll actually watch it tonight - I don't actually watch the premieres - i've seen the movie once before, and I'll see it tonight with the audience. I don't get to do that very often, so for the movie tonight, I'm very excited about it. Because cinema to me, is much different, when it's a shared experience - versus a home theater. When you're with other people, that energy around is really quite palpable.

CreamOnMyNipples36 karma

What is your favorite color?

Renner4Real138 karma

Again, I don't believe in favorites. I like blue eyes, but I don't like blue ice cream. I like blue skies, but not blue clothes. I don't have a favorite color.

natalievenom26 karma

What's the cutest thing your daughter has done lately?

Renner4Real75 karma

Um... well, she just sent me a message saying that she loves me. She says "I love you." That's pretty damn cute.

Black_Suit_Matty22 karma

What's your favorite Dinosaur?

Renner4Real53 karma

Velociraptor. I love the way they move, like a ninja.

MysticParadox21 karma

Besides Hawkeye, which other superhero do you think would be fun to portray?

Renner4Real46 karma

I'm cool where I'm at. I like doing Hawkeye. If I only get one - I'm glad it's Hawkeye.

evilpowers19 karma

Hi Jeremy! Do you have any favorite historical figures or a period in history that interests you? What brings you out of a bad mood? Music, person, place, etc...

Renner4Real36 karma

A period in history is the World Wars. I just narrated a miniseries about the world wars and the players in the world wars, and it was a great education to do that, for the History Channel. So I think that was a very interesting time on our planet.

My baby. My baby. Seeing my baby, she gets me out of a bad mood. Music can do that, but 100% of the time, my little baby.

PigFaceWeaponWaist3 karma


Let me tell you, Liotta is one of my favorite actors. But, his AMA was a lackluster one. You're starting to grow on me. I think everyone in here really appreciates your enthusiasm in your responses. Anyways, I thought you were great in the Bourne Legacy. What was your first acting gig?

Renner4Real3 karma

Well, on film it was National Lampoon Senior trip. But my first PAID acting job was to play... it was at a police academy at my college, and they paid me $50. They asked anybody in the acting school to come to the police academy to help with creating scenarios for these cadets, essentially. They put me in a closet, or a room the size of a closet and they say this to me:

(mind you, these are cadets training to be cops, and this call that they got was a domestic disturbance).

"What we need you, Jeremy is to be disruptive."

So I remember the door knocked, I started screaming "Get out of year! PROFANITY! PROFANITY! Fuck you, copper" and this cadet walks in, they walk in, and they say something really cop-like, and I kicked them in the nuts, and punched them in the face, and then the teachers, the instructors came over and they stopped the scene from happening and I said "Well you told me to be disruptive, I disrupted some shit."


They brought me back the next day, but then I had to play a rape victim the next day.

I think I made $100 doing those 2 jobs. I was a paid actor at that point.

darknezz182 karma

Don't know who you are. What advice do you have for me?

Renner4Real7 karma

I don't know who YOU are, or what you want to be advised on. HAHAHAH!

Renner4Real8 karma

Wear sunscreen?

FilmFanatic872 karma

I feel like you should do a romantic comedy. You would be really good in that. What do ya think? Thanks for coming to Reddit! I'm a huge fan of yours. Loved you in American Hustle and you as Hawkeye was a excellent choice!

Renner4Real4 karma

I think there are so many talented people that are great at romantic comedies. I'm gonna let them do those.

dj2mex2 karma

Hi Jeremy. I was just wondering what you thought of Alberta when you were filming the last Bourne movie?

Renner4Real6 karma

Oh, I loved it. Loved it. We were in the Rockies, and it was beautiful. And appropriate time to be there, it was Christmastime, taking helicopter rides to mountaintops in the snow, gorgeous. We were right by a ski resort, it's God's country. Doesn't get any prettier than that.

g8rade2 karma

Hey Mr. Renner, What are you going to be for halloween this year?

Renner4Real6 karma

You know, I don't know. I haven't thought about it. I still have to finish this movie, and then Mission Impossible, and then figure out what my daughter's going to wear.

unicorn10-102 karma

What's your favorite animal?

Renner4Real4 karma

I like monkeys. I like monkeys, big time.