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foreveryoung6979 karma

My question is, how do you prepare yourself for anal? I dont know how porn stars get so squeaky clean, like isn't it messy? please share your routine, i'm a noob lol :)

misstorylane147 karma

I do an enema. I eat vegetables and only raw food beforehand. If it is a big cock, I may use a butt plug to pre-stretch my boom boom.

jonny_orange66 karma

How much money have you professionally earned in the past year?

misstorylane120 karma

$100,000 so far this year.

BeezowPooPoo_ZGopGop63 karma


misstorylane103 karma

Hasn't everybody?

mRNA-48 karma

How did you get into porn? Also, sorry if this sounds strange, but do you have a racial preference when it comes to porn? Ever done porn with an asian male pornstar (I dont think there are many of them out there)?

misstorylane96 karma

  • Harmony and I were dancing at BaDaBing in Florida and she was scouted by Peter North. She flew out to California and made 10 G's in a week and I said "Sign me up!".
  • I don't have a racial preference.
  • Yes. I shot porn in Japan. Also, my best friend is married to an Asian with a big cock and we play sister wives.

Astridasteroid46 karma

When you were growing up, did you have different career aspirations?

misstorylane80 karma

I wanted to be a Veterinarian. I took the career aptitude test in High School and it said I should become a Prison Guard, Probation Officer, or something to do with Law Enforcement. I never thought I would become a pornstar when I was growing up.

Free_Hat_McCullough45 karma

What is the craft service table like on the set of a porn movie? Ever get things like soup or artichokes ?

misstorylane67 karma

Lots of bottled water and fruit and veggie plates.

texasinsturment41 karma

What's something about shooting porn most people don't know?

misstorylane96 karma

It takes 4 to 6 hours to shoot one scene. It is a lot of work to keep a dick hard for that long.

Ruffles_Baked41 karma

As popular as you are, you must get recognized constantly. Is there a time or place that you were recognized and it was inappropriate or awkward? Thank you for the AMA!

misstorylane96 karma

I get recognized the most at airports. I get a lot of double-takes from guys trying to figure out how they know me. The only time I remember it being awkward is once when I was with my underage younger sister (who is super hot, btw).

freedomforgoldfish37 karma

Do you ever get sick of having sex?

misstorylane51 karma

I don't get sick of it

melroan35 karma

What's your favorite porn to watch? What's your favorite erotic novel?

misstorylane63 karma

  • I like European porn because I usually won't see someone I know. It ruins it for me when I see someone I know.
  • The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice

spacejames31 karma

Who are some famous people you have met? Have you ever been star struck?

misstorylane63 karma

I ran into Flavor Flav. He was wearing an orange and blue Kellogg's Tony the Tiger leather jacket. I saw Justin Timberlake in a car next to me. I met Chris Evans at the Playboy Mansion. I met Bill Clinton on a plane flying from Washington DC to New York.

SonnyMalone28 karma

As a director, do you prefer to also star in the movie or when directing, do you prefer to stay behind the camera? How difficult is it to do both? Do you also edit? Thanks

misstorylane50 karma

I prefer to stay behind the camera when directing but if the scene is not hot enough I have been known to jump in and spice it up.

Gusbuster81127 karma

How hard is it to date people whilst working in porn?

WhaleFondler96 karma

Ask Christy Mack

misstorylane259 karma

He is a fucking douchebag and I hope he gets assraped in jail by a real man. As for me, I no longer date anyone in the industry, so that means all you redditors are fair game. ;-)

errday27 karma

Would you rather fight one horse sized dick or 100 dick sized horses?

misstorylane120 karma

I would rather fuck one horse sized dick, oh wait, I already did that!

tzford27 karma

What do you like to do in your spare time?

misstorylane55 karma

I like to read books, watch tv, hang out with my animals, lay out in the sun, ride my lawn tractor, gardening, bbq'ing.

d3nmo27 karma

Hi Tory,

I am curious what your views are on porn addiction? Also, do you really enjoy what you do, or is it a shitty job you're just very good at?

misstorylane47 karma

I believe porn addiction is a real addiction. I started in the industry because I have a high sex drive. It is still fun but I see it now as a business.

dunkybones26 karma

After a scene, or a day of shooting, what do you like to do to unwind?

misstorylane53 karma

Usually just a hot shower and a nap.

dunkybones52 karma

Funny, we work very different jobs, but that's how I like to end my day. Some things are just universal.

misstorylane36 karma

very true

kurtisball26 karma

As soon as the shooting is over. Do you and your co-star still flirt/talk/interact at all? or just go to your dressing rooms and go on with your day?

misstorylane27 karma

It depends on the performer.

masterbatesAlot25 karma

How do I get my GF to give me BJ's more often?

misstorylane64 karma

Tell her you will find someone else to do her job if she won't. I personally like sucking dick.

masterbatesAlot57 karma

She'd just tell me "sweet! that's one less thing I have to do!"

misstorylane40 karma

That's funny.

chipmunksocute23 karma

Are most pornstars (and you) as freaky in your personal relationships as on set? Or do you get tired of crazy weird sex and just want regular missionary with your partner?

misstorylane23 karma

I like to change it up. Sometimes I like it soft, sometimes I like it rough.

Toledojoe23 karma

How do you feel when you are out in public and you just want to have dinner or something and some idiot guy has to bug you because he's seen you in movies?

misstorylane46 karma

I have never had "some idiot guy" come up to me like that. For the most part, my fans are very nice.

MskevinCR22 karma

Your fav actor in the porn industry? I'm from Spain and I think the king is Nacho Vidal. What do you think about?

misstorylane23 karma

I like Nacho. He is a good one.

Obradbrad21 karma

Hi Tory! What do you like to do for fun/what are your hobbies besides porn?

misstorylane47 karma

I like snowboarding. I like playing with my animals. I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, a potbelly pig, and a turtle.

Obradbrad16 karma

Wow, that's a lot of pets! What made you get a turtle and potbelly pig?

misstorylane35 karma

I live in the country on 3 acres. The potbelly pig was a gift. I inherited the turtle from my sis.

tzford20 karma

As Rough as your scenes have been has their been anyone that's taken it a bit too far? And What did they do?

misstorylane46 karma

Yes. I got a corneal laceration from Contusion in Meat Holes.

Ignatius_Oh_Reilly77 karma

I'm using that sentence to help me memorize lacerations and contusion for a test I have coming up.

misstorylane49 karma

Glad I could be of help.

flashfire1357920 karma


misstorylane37 karma

Of course. I do private Skype shows. You just have to put money in my paypal account.

misstorylane47 karma

My paypal account is [email protected] if you want to do a show.

Clitoriserator20 karma

What is your favorite position?

misstorylane51 karma


cali599116 karma

Tory!!! I absolutely love you so much! It's one of my dreams to meet you (I'm a girl, btw). My question is, do you ever do events in Toronto or in Canada, at least?

misstorylane19 karma

I have never been to Canada but I would love to go.

ohitsmark15 karma

Hi Tory! My girlfriend and I are HUGE fans. Wish we could get you into our bed. :p What was the last movie you saw in a theater and the last album you bought?

misstorylane18 karma

  • Last movie was Lucy with Scarlett Johansson
  • The last album I bought was Crazy Sexy Cool by TLC. I don't buy albums anymore. I have Sirius XM or buy tracks on iTunes.

chubbalubs15 karma


misstorylane57 karma

Yes. From Rick Shameless but I had a miscarriage.

So_Many_Dicks12 karma

What's the rudest comment a fan has ever said to you in public or whatever?

misstorylane37 karma

Someone said I got fat.

MskevinCR12 karma

What do you think about the size? Important or not? Be honest!

misstorylane39 karma

Size is not important. I prefer average size. Too big is uncomfortable after a while. If you are average size, we can fuck for hours.

JohnnyBxxx11 karma

When you retire will stay where you are at now or move back to your hometown?

misstorylane12 karma

I like where I am now. I will probably stay.

MskevinCR11 karma

You know cook? Your fav food? No matter if you know how to cook it or not.

misstorylane34 karma

Hell yeah I can cook. My favorite food is mozzarella sticks.

I555511 karma

Who's YOUR favorite porn star(s)?

misstorylane26 karma

Carly Parker and Belladonna

Napes44Napes10 karma

Favorite football team?

misstorylane20 karma


JamesWjRose10 karma

My wife and I enjoy making movies for our own entertainment. Any tips?

misstorylane21 karma

Use more than one camera to get different angles. Good lighting always helps.

Fez55659 karma

Have you been to Colorado before? and are you 420 friendly?

misstorylane29 karma

I am 420 friendly but I have never been to Colorado. I heard it is beautiful.

hybridthm8 karma

How is it different being a highly successful pornstar compared to just starting out? Do you get more of a choice in who you work with and/or get to choose ideas for the scenes you shoot?

misstorylane11 karma

Yes to both.

clayHarvest6 karma

Most unusual place to have sex?

misstorylane24 karma

In a car because it is not comfortable.

tzford5 karma

How many Giants games do you try to make it too? I' m a Cowboys fan lol.

misstorylane11 karma

I have never been to a NFL game in real life but I am a Giants fan!

[deleted]2 karma


misstorylane4 karma

You're welcome baby.

[deleted]2 karma


misstorylane43 karma

I tried to have sex with a guy with a cock so small the condom would not stay on and kept coming off. I finally gave up and jerked him off with my thumb and pointer finger.

gokou162813 karma

out of curiosity, is that in a porn movie or real sex situation?

misstorylane43 karma

It was in a real life situation. There aren't many porn movies with micropenis.