Hi. My name is Richard Miller and i fought during the Vietnam War in 71'. I lost my leg due to shrapnel related injuries that caused blood poisoning. For two years i have been trying to get a prosthetic leg through the VA but i have yet to recieve one. Ask Me Anything!

Here is my proof: http://i.imgur.com/dVQzKBl.jpg

Here is my gofundme! http://www.gofundme.com/favxo8

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suaveitguy22 karma

What can redditers do to help?

RichardMiller195320 karma

Just raise awareness. That's really all that can be done. I'm starting a kickstarter in a couple days so that might help.

suaveitguy8 karma

Do you have a link to the kickstarter?

RichardMiller19534 karma

Not yet! But i will post one as soon as i do.

WNW311 karma


RichardMiller19538 karma

I have thought about it! My kickstarter will be posted in a couple days so that could be fun.

Goat_Overlord9 karma


What were the circumstances of the event that caused you to lose your leg? Also, thank you for your service and sacrifice.

RichardMiller195318 karma

We walked into an ambush and my leg was hit by a chinese claymore.

shinerai3 karma

How much of your leg is left? Do you remember much of the incident? Did you freak out when you first realized your leg was gone?

RichardMiller19539 karma

Up to the knee. No. And yes. I did. Haha

two_off8 karma

How come you've only recently been trying to get a prosthetic?

RichardMiller195318 karma

They had fixed my leg at first. But not good enough so i got blood poisoning and ended up losing my leg.

NDaveT7 karma

Followup question: is it true that all VA care has to come from VA facilities? What would you think of a program where veterans could go to any doctor they wanted, but have service-related care paid for by the VA?

RichardMiller19537 karma

Yes. That is true. And that is exactly what should be done. It would be so much easier in many different ways.

Kgencks6 karma

Why are they refusing to assist you?

RichardMiller195314 karma

They aren't willing to spend the money for a good leg. They will give me the runaround anytime they say they are going to do something and in the meantime my health deteriorates causing other things to get in the way.

Godmadius6 karma

As a vet myself, I've always wondered if it is really incompetence of care or just the weight of all the bureaucracy getting in the way.

Have you actually been able to see a specialist and been ignored, or are they claiming no one is available to help?

RichardMiller19536 karma

I wonder the same thing. I had seen a specialist and been ignored since. I even travelled over 1600 miles to try a different VA. I got the same thing from them.

NDaveT5 karma

Is the VA trying to say it wasn't service related, or that it wasn't there fault it had to be amputated?

As a taxpayer, this pisses me the hell off. If we're going to send people to fight in bullshit wars the least we can do is take care of them when they come back.

RichardMiller19538 karma

No. They are slacking off and leading me on. Ignoring me, stuff like that. Just panning the time out.

suaveitguy4 karma

Ever hear Dave Rabbit's pirate radio while in Vietnam?

RichardMiller19533 karma

No sir. I haven't. I wasnt in Vietnam until late September.

suaveitguy3 karma

Have you ever been back?

RichardMiller19536 karma

No but i wouldn't mind it.

suaveitguy2 karma

What do you think of Oliver Stone? Which film most accurately reflects your experiences of the war? Are you able to watch/enjoy them comfortably?

RichardMiller19532 karma

He makes some amazing films. Platoon isthe most accurate in my opinion. And yes. I love them. Hamburger Hill is also accurate!

[deleted]2 karma


RichardMiller19531 karma

I will!

cobawsky1 karma

Hi Richard! Thanks for the AmA.

Have you been to another situation of extreme danger besides the day you lost your leg?

RichardMiller19532 karma

Thank you! And yes. When i got busted with quite a bit of marijuana. 0/10 would recommend.

GlitteredCunt1 karma

What movie out there has closely resembled exactly what happened in Vietnam?

RichardMiller19534 karma

Platoon was the closest in my opinion.

robertcope3 karma

My dad said the same thing. Well, he said that the boot camp part of Full Metal Jacket was good and that Platoon was good as far as 'in country' goes. He was a Marine over in '68-'69.

RichardMiller19535 karma

That part was very good! I was a Navy coreman.

TheLiberalMedia01 karma

What do you do for a living now-a-days?

RichardMiller19535 karma

Nothing. Yet. I'm 100% disabled. There are a lot of things i want to do but not being able to walk is a big obstacle.

TheLiberalMedia02 karma

what do you do to pass the time then? hobbies etc.

RichardMiller19537 karma

Im a marijuana enthusiast. I usually watch news or tv most of the time. Playing with my dogs is a lot of fun.

TheLiberalMedia05 karma

Oh I am as well. What sort of news interests you the most? Politics, current events, sports, local?

RichardMiller19533 karma

Current politics and sports.

BasedGodCometh1 karma

Do you think the U.S. could have drove out the VC with special forces and air support assisting the south Vietnamese?

RichardMiller19533 karma

With air support we could have gone straight in.

Frajer1 karma

did you get any phantom pains where your leg was ?

RichardMiller19534 karma

Yes. All the time. Haha. It is very irritating to say the least.

WNW31 karma


RichardMiller19533 karma

Yes. It doesn't help me much but it was very interesting.

Rks11571 karma

This kind of stuff pisses me off. I know you've probably been asked a million times so forgive me for asking again. Have you contacted your congressman? S/He is supposed to advocate for you with government agencies. Can we (redditors) bury your congressman and senator with requests on your behalf?

RichardMiller19532 karma

I have and yes you can! That would be amazing

Anablue1 karma

Do loud noises make you jump ? Do you have nightmares ?

RichardMiller19532 karma

No. And sometimes. When i sleep long enough.

Rallerboy8881 karma

Cheers for doing this lad!

What is your biggest struggle in a normal day? Have you overcome some things with time?

RichardMiller19538 karma

Thank you! My biggest struggle is a tie between taking showers and taking my two dogs out. And not yet. It's hard getting used to.

Rallerboy8882 karma

It hurts me to hear about the dogs. As someone who loves those little fourleggers, I would be sad to be kept from doing my thing with them. Good luck in the future!

RichardMiller19532 karma