Been flying out here for 6 months. It's plenty entertaining. Ask me anything but where and who I work for.


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Ph0Mai4 karma

What's the scariest shit that's happened to you mid-air?

freshyrocks11 karma

Had the engine begin to shut down when changing tanks. We only have one of those so naturally it is pretty big issue. Had to switch tanks back and all was good... dodgy fuel valve. Bit of pucker factor there.

Carra9098 karma

I once had a bird look at me funny, those things are scary...

freshyrocks5 karma

We also fly around shit loads of birds. Gotta get the airport manager to come out and clear them away sometimes.

x_____________2 karma

What's your long term goal with flying?

L_vs_Sherlock1 karma

Is the skill set much different to a 'standard' commercial pilot? I imagine you've got much less electronics to rely on, and harsher conditions?

freshyrocks3 karma

As /u/Carra909 knows our passengers tend to piss themselves on long flights.

AtlasBible1 karma

Have you even been bitten by a drunk abo?

freshyrocks2 karma

Personally no. But I know people who have.

Carra9091 karma

Who wants to get me another drinks? /u/deadcut /u/freshyrocks ???

deadcut2 karma

Fill up my mug cousin!

freshyrocks2 karma

Just realised /u/deadcut made that with cordial... WTF.

Carra9091 karma

I used that real lemonade stuff (in my one only) its sour

freshyrocks2 karma

That shit isn't Lemonade ya dork.

freshyrocks1 karma

It says Zemonade.

crankybraian1 karma

Is australian bush pilot an euphemism for something else?

freshyrocks1 karma

Wasn't my intention but works either way.