My album A Perfect Contradiction is available in the USA from October 7th. And my website is, and tonight I am on David Letterman. Ready to take the US by storm and live at reddit NYC Headquarters!

update: Thank you everybody who wrote in with questions from all over the world. But USA, it's now your time to shine. I look forward to meeting you.

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DerKomissar9925 karma

Loved you on Buzzcocks with Noel Fielding. Will we get to see you two be adorable again soon? xx

PalomaFaith22 karma

I'd like to go back on it! A lot of Americans have got it on YouTube.

DerKomissar9923 karma

You're locked in a room with a starving hippopotamus. You have two cans of play-doh, a baguette and a Human League CD. What's your first move?

PalomaFaith49 karma

HAHA! Firstly, I would feed the starving hippopotamus with the baguette to gain its trust, and make friends. Then I would make a comfortable saddle for myself on the back of it with the play-doh, and with Human League CD in hand, I would get him to walk through the wall and get us through it quick-time.

Meow_mittens10 karma

Generally speaking, which is actually the one you'd want: the truth, or something beautiful?

PalomaFaith23 karma

I used to say something beautiful, because I'm a fantasist. But the older I get, the more I prefer the truth.

I_play_nose_flute6 karma


PalomaFaith8 karma

HAHA! Ehm - Marilyn Monroe, for fashion. And Frida Kahlo, Grace Jones, Edith Piaf, Josephine Baker, and, ehm, for music... Etta James, Tina Turner, Shirley Bassey, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Laverne Baker...

Frajer5 karma

What's your favorite song to cover ?

PalomaFaith16 karma

Ehm - Nick Cave "Into My Arms."

mrosa8175 karma

Huge fan from NYC. When I first listened to your two previous albums, I was blown away because you're like nothing out there at the moment. Your third album sounds very different (in a very good way). What inspired you to change the vibe of this new album? Will there be a second NY show?

PalomaFaith7 karma

I hope that there will be another NYC show, but it won't be on this tour. I don't believe that I'm a one dimensional person, so don't be surprised if every album you hear from me sounds different. I don't see it as change, I see it as showing another side to what I can do.

rikkisixx5 karma

Hello Paloma, I am looking so forward to your show in Portland next month, I have wanted to see you for years! I have two questions... One, will you be doing any kind of meet and greets before or after the show? and Two, what is your favourite song to perform and why?

PalomaFaith8 karma

Yes. I will be doing meet and greets. I will come out and say hello afterwards.

Ehm...Trouble With my Baby because it's a good opportunity for the band to go a bit wild.

sadhbhparle4 karma

Hi Paloma! Big fan from Ireland: saw you in Waterford recently, can't wait 'till you come back and do a headline show for us! I was wondering what your favourite song on A Perfect Contradiction is, that you wrote? Also, I saw in an interview that Jeanette Winterson is one of your favourite writers: what's your favourite of her books? Thanks, and best of luck with everything! x

PalomaFaith5 karma

My favourite book of hers is Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal. And my favourite song... probably Mouth To Mouth.

percevoir3 karma

What do you think about Lana Del Rey?

PalomaFaith9 karma

I think she's creatively really inspiring. And I love her image.

MrEstoybien3 karma

How are you?

PalomaFaith12 karma

I'm a bit jet-lagged. But happy to be back in the USA... and ask me anything, you can do better than that! Haha! There won't be many opportunities to ask me anything!

addictedtowho3 karma

How do you feel about meeting your fans at stage doors after your shows? I would love to meet you after your show in my town! You are absolutely fabulous and your music has got me through some tough times. Big love from a Scottish fan!

PalomaFaith6 karma

I feel very strongly about it. But in the UK, it's harder because the shows are so big, and I don't hire security guards! So you'll have to come to somewhere with a smaller show to meet me, somewhere safe.

krchmt2 karma

you have always marvelous hair. Is it you the genius behind that or is it someone?

PalomaFaith7 karma

As with most good things, it's also collaborative. I'm an ideas person, and I have a lot of help making them reality. I take Viviscal, have you heard of it? It's a hair supplement. It works.

beernerd2 karma

Is the DoD aware of your plans to "take the US by storm"? Do anticipate resistance? Care to share your strategy?

PalomaFaith8 karma

HAHAHAH! That's a good one!

It wouldn't be an attack if I'd notified them. So I'm hoping to take them by surprise.

Awalu2 karma

Hey Paloma, if you could choose any artist(s) past and present to sing with... who would you choose?

PalomaFaith7 karma

Etta James... Andre 3000.... Paolo Nutini... and Amy Winehouse.

lacircuitgirl2 karma

I am your biggest fan in North America and can't wait to see you at the Roxy in LA! I know you enjoy cooking- what other things help you unwind when you aren't writing or in the studio?

PalomaFaith3 karma

The cinema... reading... and that thing that makes the world go 'round.

DerKomissar992 karma

Where do you draw your inspiration from, both in music and in your amazing fashion sense?

PalomaFaith3 karma

See: above.

djnev2 karma

I'm a huge fan of Vintage Trouble and have been lucky enough to see you perform with them. Is there any recording planned in the future?

PalomaFaith4 karma

Well, with the re-release of my album in the UK, the Outsiders Edition, we have put 45 minutes of the Prom's show that I did in which there's a duet with Ty on it of "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James, with a 42 piece orchestra and 30 piece choir. It was the Proms, it was like the biggest highlight of my career.

Shade4202 karma

Paloma, I find your voice incredibly soulful and unique, I find a lot of similarities with you and the late Amy Winehouse? Was she someone you looked up to? and if so, what was your favorite song of hers?

Big Irish fan by the way!

PalomaFaith2 karma

I don't think anyone should look up to anyone. I looked along to her, and I thought she was an incredible artist. But at the time that she came out, I was already doing the same style of music, it's just that everybody in the world heard about her first, so I would say she was somebody with similar taste to me that I liked because of that. I think Tears Dry On Their Own.

BriceB642 karma

What's better : bacon or eggs?

PalomaFaith2 karma


runjayrun2 karma

Will your U.S. tour dates have a merch booth? There's a t shirt with a horse on your online store that's been sold out in men's sizes for months now... Sad face.

PalomaFaith4 karma

Hopefully by the time we get to your town, we won't be sold out of it, but: yes.

Cheeseiseverything2 karma

Do you have one fear that keeps you up at night?

Btw, love your voice. Your tone is impeccable and reaches the farthest corners of my soul. Thank you for your brilliance.

PalomaFaith8 karma

American Horror Story! Hahaha!

drewd1232 karma

Are you a Beyonce fan?

PalomaFaith5 karma

Yeah, who isn't?

Lewistyree2 karma

Will you ever perform 30 minute love affair again? And what are you most looking forward too on tour? X

PalomaFaith7 karma

Of course I will perform 30 Minute Love Affair! I'm planning to do that for my March Arena tour in the UK. But in the US, my sets are quite short, so I have to just play the album I'm promoting right now. I'm most looking forward to meeting my American fans after the shows.

Charzendat2 karma

Is your hair currently red or blonde? or both?

PalomaFaith3 karma


danshaww2 karma

What is the best thing about your life at the moment?

PalomaFaith6 karma

Ehm, best thing... I think like, finally, having two Number Ones within a very short space of time. I'm three albums in and it took a while.

howitgoingeh1 karma

Will you ever tour in Canada or just in the united states?

PalomaFaith3 karma

I'd love to tour Canada! I suppose if record sales look good there, then I'll come! Tell your friends!

runjayrun1 karma

Can I have one of your lovely hats, a la the Off The Cuff video? I've been looking for one recently to no avail.

PalomaFaith2 karma

I had to give it back too, sorry!

Cheeseiseverything1 karma

Are you going to be on Alan Carr soon? You guys are f'ing hilarious together. Love from Chicago x.

PalomaFaith4 karma

Yes, if he'll have me! I gave him and Adele food poisoning last summer. Yeah, I did !

HoratioBumbaclaat1 karma

Yes Paloma, nice to see you on reddit, I love your stuff. I have a couple of quick questions.

1). What were your first thoughts when you heard MK was going to remix Can't Rely on You? How do you feel it turned out?

2). How was performing at Bestival this year? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think I saw you mention on C4 that it was your favourite festival. Did this year's gig live up to your expectations?

Best of luck in America!

EDIT: Here is the remix for anyone wondering -

PalomaFaith2 karma

1) I'm not really very up to scratch with remixes, so I didn't really know who he was, but I really like the remix.

2) It was difficult, because we were onstage and finishing at 2 AM in the morning, which is not an ideal time to sing...but we did enjoy it, and the crowd was wonderful.

ccameron891 karma

Hello Paloma! I found your album Fall to Grace after you were on Chelsea Handler. I had just ended a long term relationship and your music helped me heal. I was wondering if you will do any American talk show appearances while in the states? I also live in the southern part of the U.S.- will you have any shows for your fans down here soon (like in Texas)?


PalomaFaith4 karma

My aim is to get to as much of America as I can, but not this tour. I'm addicted to talking, you can't shut me up. It's just a case of trying to get the opportunities.

I'm singing on Letterman though!

Laurentia__201 karma

Hi Paloma! Just wanted to wish you luck for your performance on David Letterman tonight and for your tour of the USA! Hope you and the band have a brilliant time... My sneaky question is, will you be performing any of the 5 new songs from the re-release of A Perfect Contradiction on your UK Autumn Tour? So looking forward to seeing you then! Lauren x

PalomaFaith3 karma

Unfortunately I won't be performing those songs because they aren't even finished production-wise yet, so the band can't know them because they're not telepathic (okay, well a couple of them are telepathic, but the others can't keep up).

slangtime1 karma

Hi Paloma, which of your looks from any of your videos should I copy next month for Halloween? My name's Graham and I work in mail delivery.

PalomaFaith3 karma

Mail, or Male? If it's the latter, you lucky bastard! Haha!

I think the Cult Situation is obviously going to be the one.

CeruleanCurtains1 karma

Aussie here.

Were you surprised your first number 1 was outside the UK?

Do you wish we fell in love with you a little later so Changing was your first in the UK?

I can't wait to see you next year.

PalomaFaith2 karma

No, because the single I was number one with in Australia was my song, not somebody else's. You have my heart!

weldonerr1 karma

Tea or Coffee?

PalomaFaith2 karma

Herbal tea.

sandysoldier1 karma

Hi Paloma! I'm just going to keep asking questions until you reply :)

What is your favourite food?

PalomaFaith2 karma

I quite like paella.

YoloSwagFag4201 karma

Hi Paloma. Thank you for the great music. Your voice is incredible. I'd like to know as someone from Liverpool how you happened to get involved with the Hillsborough charity single. Was it something in particular that struck you?

PalomaFaith2 karma

Well, they approached me and I just thought it was a really good cause.

Qbuilderz1 karma

Hello, Paloma! I have been a fan ever since my UK penpal sent me your album a few years back, so it is a pleasure to get to talk to you now.

My question applies to you, as well as musicians who are touring in general; Who gets to decide which venues/cities you'll end up stopping by on tour? I have been fortunate enough to see so many great acts in Pittsburgh, but most seem to skip right over it and go from Philly to Columbus. Whats up with that!?

PalomaFaith3 karma

I don't decide. I just turn up. If you want to write a letter of complaint, write to Jeff Rasco at CAA.

HalogenDan1 karma

Hi Paloma, it was nice to meet and support you (we opened the show) a few years ago at Big Feastival. Just wanted to say thanks because it really helped get our music heard!

My question is: What is your favourite song to perform from your very first album?

PalomaFaith3 karma

Probably Do you Want the Truth, or Something Beautiful.

supermarketcreep1 karma

How did you feel about Prince liking Stargazer? Do you prefer doing big shows with lots of production or smaller intimate gigs? (I've come to see you live every time you've toured!)

PalomaFaith3 karma

Obviously it's flattering for Prince to like anything that you do as an artist because he is a god of music... I can see good things about performing in big situations and small... I think that my heart of hearts it prefers intimate venues.

rikkisixx1 karma

Thanks for answering my first questions! Got another one for you... You're stranded on a desert island, that magically has unlimited power, and a record player... What five albums do you want to have with you?

PalomaFaith3 karma

Paolo Nutini, "Caustic Love"

Laura Mvula, "Green Garden"

Etta James' Greatest Hits

Prince 1999

Ministry of Sound, best of 90's garage

ILoveJoe_AllTheHomo1 karma

As a musician, do you think it's important to get a full education before trying to put your material out there for people to see, or should you get involved in the music industry as soon as possible?

PalomaFaith2 karma

I think education is really important, because it gives you a plan B, and it's a very difficult industry to get into, so it's always good to have like a backup. So I would say: study first.

wowseriffic1 karma

Hi Paloma, your performance on "live from Abbey road" was spectacular and "Do you want the truth or something beautiful?'" had remained one of my favorite songs since that performance.
Are you doing to perform that song/album on the Australian leg of the tour? And what was your motivation for that song?

PalomaFaith4 karma

I'd like to perform it, I'll see. Inspiration was: I found myself being asked quite often questions that I didn't like the answer to, and also being judged for my answers, like things to do with my age or my experiences in my life, like I just at time and in situations where I wish I could have erased them, so that's why I wrote that song.

rebeccanicu1 karma

What is your biggest regret? (ps: my god, what voice you have! I knew I would love it from the first time I heard, big hug from France! xx)

PalomaFaith2 karma

Putting some stupid men on pedestals.

pissybiscuit1 karma


PalomaFaith3 karma

There's a new LV volumizing thing that's quite good.

sandysoldier1 karma

I've read lots of rumours about you possibly taking up a judging role on a show like the x factor or the voice. Would you ever consider accepting a judging role?

PalomaFaith7 karma

No, I don't like judgment. I've been offered these shows several times and said no to all of them because I think music is subjective.

Irish_werewolf1 karma

What's your perfect Sunday?

PalomaFaith9 karma

I love going to the cinema... I really like cooking. Probably have a roast dinner, because that's very British. Jamie Oliver's roast potatoes must be involved... And I like it to be calorie-free, so I can loads of Ferrero Rochers.

soopatrick71 karma

Do you support any organizations (like non-profits)? I started a movement that helps people with mental illness. It would be cool if you checked it out!:D

@hopeinsidelove on twitter

PalomaFaith5 karma

I'm an ambassador of OXFAM and a patron for Topsy Charity... Keep A Child Alive, Comic Relief (as much as possible)...

imbecile1 karma

What children's song do you still regularly sing to yourself?

PalomaFaith6 karma

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

chellax211 karma

Will we be getting more music videos to complete the story?

PalomaFaith3 karma

YES! But I think I'm going to - I'm currently looking into the new single, like what I'm releasing next. So I might not be able to be in it, because I don't have much time, but I'm definitely going to feed into the narrative.

howitgoingeh1 karma

Do other people decide what outfits you wear durring your music videos or do you get to decide?

PalomaFaith4 karma

Oh, it's a combination, it's collaborative.

[deleted]1 karma


PalomaFaith4 karma

Well, Graham's gay, so it would be hard to make a baby with him, so I have no choice there.

wholove1 karma

Hi Paloma! Love your music so much! I know you were in the first St Trinian's film, what was your experience working on that film and do you have any particular standout memories?

PalomaFaith7 karma

Ehm - I love acting, it was fun. The people were really nice and I made some good friendships. People who stood out as being particularly nice were Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, and Gemma Arterton. And I think, what was the memorable bit, was when we had to steal the painting and we were doing ab-sailing upside-down and above loads of school kids? I don't know what it's called? On the ceiling.

Bozzil1 karma

Paloma! I am a huge fan :) How was working on your latest album? What did you find the most challenging and most exciting about creating your current work?

PalomaFaith6 karma

I think working with people that I've admired for a lot of my life was exciting, like I've been a Raphael Saadiq fan since I was 13, and Pharrell, obviously, I grew up listening to NERD, John Legend, and some British Artists like Plan B, and then I think the most creative element of it has been working on the visual side, like the visuals and the artwork, I'm very lucky at my label because they give me full creative control on everything, so it's something I can sink my teeth into.

mymilkylense1 karma

What advice would you give to your younger self? Ik this is cheesy oops x

PalomaFaith6 karma

Okay... don't try to fit in, because you're never going to anyway, so embrace you're different. I tried that for ages! And... ehm... please don't feel so un-worthy. There you go.

allanpoe-1 karma

will you ever have concert in Turkey?

PalomaFaith3 karma

I don't know, maybe? I'd like to. Maybe I can squeeze in a holiday too!

magele1 karma

Are all your songs inspired by personal experiences of love, relationships, and people around you (thinking about songs like Black & Blue where you talk about a variety of people and experiences)?

PalomaFaith3 karma

You know the answer to this question: YES.

readyforthegoodlife1 karma

Hey Paloma, how excited are you for us to hear the new tracks you've made for the Outsiders' edition of the flawless album that is A Perfect Contradiction? And do you think we will hear the other tracks you did with Pharrell? x

PalomaFaith2 karma

Ask Pharrell about those tracks, please! Because I'm having difficulty! HAHAH!

And then for the rest of the answer, put: I'm excited about the 5 new tracks. I think people will be surprised, they add another layer to it.

Ambroos1 karma

Hello Paloma! I love your music and discovered it through a BBC promo that had "Never tear us apart" in the background. Hooked ever since!

Do you have any stories of how you discovered an artist you love? And what's your current most played track when you're listening to music? Thanks, and have a wonderful time in the US!

PalomaFaith2 karma

I tend to discover artists quite a lot because I'm around a lot of music, but I think I've often worked with people in my band who've gone on to become incredible artists, particularly, especially Lianne LaHavas, who was one of my backing singers. She has now got a blossoming solo career of her own...

runjayrun1 karma

Will you cover Candi Staton's "Young Hearts Run Free" on your U.S. tour since you said it inspired the new album? P.S. see you in SF! I'm beyond excited and have been hyping you up to friends for months!

PalomaFaith2 karma

I'm not going to cover that song, I'm afraid, but I've got other ones... I've been told to play for an hour, but I have the feeling it's going to run over!

BriceB641 karma

What is your favourite track right now...?

PalomaFaith2 karma

In all honesty, I don't really listen to much music! I am just really busy, I don't have much time.

baarainbowsheep1 karma

If you could be a food what food would you be?

PalomaFaith8 karma

Ehm - I wouldn't want to be a food because then I'd be eaten and then I'd be dead!

EdieJazzWitch1 karma

Hi Paloma.. you are such a gifted and charming woman. Love your personality and style. Please stay true to yourself and don't let other people control your career. Who would you love to duet with?

PalomaFaith3 karma

I've already answered that, I swear!

runjayrun1 karma

You mentioning 'The Great Beauty' as a fav film made me seek it out. It was stunningly beautiful in every way. Any other recommendations? I love foreign films, esp. those of Pedro Almodovar.

PalomaFaith2 karma

Holy Motors again... The Beat That My Heart Skipped... In The Mood For Love... And if you liked The Great Beauty you should watch any films by Fellini.

Charzendat1 karma

I love your music and have all your albums. I particularly love the overall sound and style of A Perfect Contradiction. My question though is what would you most like to receive for Valentines Day?

PalomaFaith6 karma

I don't really need anything but love.

amyyholley1 karma

Hi Paloma, thanks for doing this AMA! What are you most excited about coming back to Australia?

PalomaFaith2 karma

Well, I'm coming to tour there in May... and I'm really excited to do a proper show. I've never done a proper show in Australia. And meet my fans.

drewd1231 karma

I'm so excited to be seeing you next week! Also congratulations on the number 1! Can you give any hints about what the new single will be like on the repacking?

PalomaFaith2 karma

That would be telling.

SoulBean11 karma

Do you know what northern soul is? and What is your favourite song of all time? x

PalomaFaith2 karma

Yeah! Lots of talcum powder on the floor to dance to, haha.

Favourite song of all time... it's a difficult question. Depends what mood I"m in. When I'm feeling reflective, I think Strange Fruit by Billie Holliday, and when I want to dance, probably Bloodshot Eyes by Wynonie Harris.

gustavo29091 karma

I wanted to ask What's your favorite movie? and What are your favorite places to visit when you are in USA?

PalomaFaith1 karma

Ehm - Holy Motors. It's a french surreal film, featuring a cameo by Eva Mendes and Kylie Minogue! Well, every city's different. I really like, in New York, going to Miss Lily's, the MOMA, and in LA, I like Lady Peter's Whimsy, it's a great shop. And the Tiki-Ti, and the Dresden Rooms, to see Marty and Elaine.

maybourn1 karma

Bought me and my mum some tickets to your O2 gig in March next year as she's a huge fan. Any idea who you're gonna get supporting you? Would love to see you and Ty performing together again! Saw you both at your last O2 show and have been to a Vintage Trouble gig since :)

PalomaFaith2 karma

It's funny you should say that, I'm trying to persuade him!