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I am Abdullah Elshamy. I was arrested in August of last year, while covering the violent dispersal of a sit-in protest. I was never formally charged and released in June, due to health concerns surrounding my 5 month hunger strike.

While I enjoy my freedom, my colleagues, over at Al Jazeera English, have been imprisoned since December, accused of “spreading false news, endangering national security and aiding or joining the banned Muslim Brotherhood.” Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were found guilty of those charges in June and sentenced to 7 years. Join me in helping to fight for their release because journalism is not a crime.

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l_tribe30 karma

Three of your colleagues at Al Jazeera and numerous other political prisoners remain imprisoned under spurious charges. Is there anything in particular that you think that the international community can do, either to help pressure Egypt for their release, or to help the detained know that they are supported by individuals around the world?

AlJazeeraAmerica20 karma

Well It's quite very important for individuals to talk about their case all the time both online and on the ground. They should pressure their governments into making more pressure on the government in Egypt to release them, because it's only pressure that works.

shouldbeworking2325 karma

Worst prison experience?

AlJazeeraAmerica35 karma

It's a lifetime experience. I have gone through 4 jails, the worst experience was when i was transferred to a maximum security prison and i was put in a solitary confinement.

Harmon198621 karma

Would you cover the story again?

AlJazeeraAmerica80 karma

Again and again.

casablankas12 karma

When you began your career in journalism, did you ever think anything like this would happen to you? Has this experience made you rethink covering tumultuous areas?

AlJazeeraAmerica23 karma

I did know I'll mostly get detained because this is how it is for journalists all the time around the world. Now what i didn't expect was this happening in my own country. This experience has made me more determined and resilient.

Frajer11 karma

What's the hardest part of doing a hunger strike ?

AlJazeeraAmerica15 karma

It's keeping up. Resisting all sorts of intimidation

figdish11 karma

Are you aware of any other non-journalists arrested at the sit-in and if so, how long did they stay in prison? Was your stay in prison longer or shorter than non-journalists?

AlJazeeraAmerica15 karma

About a thousand people were detained on that day August 14 2013, I and another freelance photographer Mahmoud Abdelshakour (Shwakan) were detained, he is still in prison. The rest are a diverse combination of people from all ages and backgrounds. I stayed for 44 weeks, and there are about 300 still inside prison.

cleantoe10 karma

Do you feel betrayed by the Egyptian government? Does traveling in Egypt leave you bitter now, or is it back to business as usual?

AlJazeeraAmerica21 karma

I think it is disappointing when you see any government cracking down on freedom and free speech. Yes when its your own country there is another added feeling of dismay however as a journalist what matters to me most is the protection of free press. Unfortunately I can not return to Egypt because the simple truth of the matter is there is no freedom in Egypt and this has not only been manafested in demonstrated in my personal nightmare of being behind bars but also of the continued imprisonment of my colleages Peter, Baher and Mohammed

probonoindustries8 karma

How has the reaction from the public been since you left prison?

AlJazeeraAmerica25 karma

The reaction was mostly positive. In Egypt I was always greeted and welcomed by people on the street and in the malls. Here in NYC it was very unfortunate that i got attacked by pro-sisi supporters close to the UN building by throwing hot coffee at me. It's quite shocking and appalling.

downvotes____really8 karma

HOW ARE YOU ALIVE? You didn't eat for 5 whole months??

AlJazeeraAmerica27 karma

Hunger strike doesn't mean abstaining from Water. you can stay alive for as long as possible, as your body may be able, only drinking water. I relied on my body fat to help feeding my internal organs.

downvotes____really9 karma

Even still with water that's such a long time! Are there any permanent damages from that?

AlJazeeraAmerica15 karma

On the long term there may be damage but that doesn't show at once. There have been other prisoners around the world who put more than 5 months of hunger strike

Wlpdx7 karma

What did they feed you?

AlJazeeraAmerica17 karma

While on hunger strike, I was only taking liquids in the first 2 weeks and later only water. When I was moved to the maximum security prison I was force fed a piece of Tuna.

macat56 karma

Hello, and thank you for working on this AMA. I have two questions. Before being placed in solitary confinement, was it possible to talk to other prisoners and learn their stories to help spread awareness of their plight? As in, all the many other peaceful protestors and/or innocent bystanders - will you try to tell their story and generate pressure from the international community to secure some type of justice? As mentioned by one commentator, there are many people who want to help and I would love to do what I can. Thank you again for raising awareness and for covering these events.

AlJazeeraAmerica8 karma

Yes I have documented those stories and will be publishing them in a book very soon. I had long discussions and chats with people in Jail from different cases and backgrounds. I will always have Press freedom and Freedom for everyone as my cause.

MrKitteh6 karma

Do you have any advice for prospective young journalists who would want to go into your line of work?

AlJazeeraAmerica27 karma

Always support the weak ones, tell the untold stories. Let the world know of what is happening and let the people decide and be heard. There is always trouble when it comes to working in Journalism but it's worth it. Be determined and read all the time.

jlvanals5 karma

Are you related to Hasan El-Shamy? He was a professor of mine at Indiana University and an amazing person, activist, and educator.

AlJazeeraAmerica8 karma

No I am not. Elshamy family is quite big and comes from different countries like Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.

ScotchMcBagpipe2 karma

It appears that your colleagues have recently begun a hunger strike, is that correct? Additionally, an ad was taken out in the New York Times. What would you suggest ordinary people like me do to help?

AlJazeeraAmerica6 karma

I think you mean other prisoners, my colleagues haven't started any yet. I would suggest you write /speak about it with everyone, talk to your local congressman, write to the government to put more pressure on Egypt to release them. The more pressure we do, the sooner they will walk free.