New episodes starts Sunday night 9/21 on adult swim at 11:45. Start asking.

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skeebies19 karma

What is the likelihood of Rick and Morty appearing in an alternate dimension where everyone is a squid and chill with the Cuyler folk?

TheSquidbilliesDW21 karma

Very likely now! Would you mind signing a release for this wonderful idea?

ndyjones14 karma

What does Unknown Hinson smell like and why is it meth?

TheSquidbilliesDW18 karma

A gallon of mac and cheese in a hallowed out football.

condomsonraccoons8 karma

Hey Dave and Jim! First off I fucking love Squidbilles, holly fuck has that show made my life better- its why i'm learning animation right now. My question is this, How did you first think of SB? What was the inspiration and how did you pitch it? How would you guys recommend someone make their own animated show happen? Last of all what are your favorite condom flavors? My personal favorite is "Tears of a pageant star" or if i'm feeling a sense of imperiousness about me I wear Semen flavored condoms. If I fucking wear them bitch.

TheSquidbilliesDW12 karma

We were writers on staff. Lazzo was the one who came up with the title. It made us laugh. He then asked us to make a show around that title, and tortured us for a year until the title made us shiver with nausea. But now everyone is happy with it.

0kapi8 karma

Squidbillies and Aqua Teen Hunger Force are both shows that have had fantastic guest stars. Has there ever been anyone who you wanted as a guest star on the show but turned down the opportunity?

TheSquidbilliesDW14 karma

Judas Priest turned us down recently. So did Stevie Wonder. We were going to call this season Aqua Priest Wonder Force. Seriously.

dickfartist8 karma

Dave, when the hell are we getting Aqua Something You Know Whatever/Aqua TV Show Show on home video!? For the love of God, man.

TheSquidbilliesDW19 karma

I agree. I'm not sure why they stopped making DVDs for our show. Maybe because the rest of the world started stealing the show with computers.

TheSquidbilliesDW11 karma

I'm with you. I hope it happens. Surely we're worth something.

THEsolid857 karma

What's your favorite movie and why is it The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia?

TheSquidbilliesDW10 karma

Bottle Rocket for me. W&WW of WV is a pale imitation of the original, Jesco White, Dancing Outlaw. Find that one.

Jonnytrouble6 karma

Would any of you guys who worked on Aqua Teen be interested in a hat pin based off of spaghetti the carl DNA dog?

I have a bunch I would be willing to mail to some adult swim fan mail box if you were interested. Thanks for making me laugh not only with squid billies, but aqua teen and even space ghost back in the day with my dad!

Edit: Or any of you guys who worked on squidbillies, hat pins are for everyone. Please don't sue

TheSquidbilliesDW8 karma

Send it to me. c/o adult swim 1065 williams street, atlanta 30309

AintAintAWord6 karma

Will there ever be a made-for-TV movie about the trials and tribulations of MC Peepants?

TheSquidbilliesDW9 karma

Doubtful! Ask Chris to kickstart it!

Im_A_Racehorse6 karma

Hello! How was this animation made and what inspired you to make a show like this? I can't binge watch Squidbillies because for some reason it makes me a little sick. Not saying the show is bad, it's just the certain animation for some reason. I can't explain it. Can you guys?

TheSquidbilliesDW13 karma

My toddler walked into the room while I was reviewing a cut and left the room in tears, SHRIEKING. It's not for everyone.

dayofthedead2046 karma

Hi Dave,

Who's your favorite villain on Aqua Teen?

Also what was your first reaction when you heard about the Mooninite Bombing Scare?

TheSquidbilliesDW14 karma

That's a tough one. Always fond of the Plutonians and the Mooninites. Bombing scare? Weird pride, until I found out about how much grief it caused. It's still a crazy snapshot of a time in America where a lite brite could cause that kind of panic. And BTW, that wasn't a "hoax", no matter how many times the media said it. No one was trying to create a panic. We were just trying to promote a movie.

brinard6 karma

Have you ever canned an episode you made and found offensive/ not funny afterwards?

TheSquidbilliesDW15 karma

Not funny: a few, yes. Time is a cruel judge. Every litter has a runt.

bono_2126 karma

For my own perspective/curiosity: I enjoy Squidbillies, but, for me, Chalky Trouble has always been so far and away my favorite episode of the show, that everything else kinda falls in the shadow of it. On your side of the coin, where would you rank that particular episode? Would it be among your favorites? Least favorites?

TheSquidbilliesDW9 karma

It's in the great pantheon of Squidbillies Classics! I think "Hetero-cephalo Agenda" (the one this Sunday) stacks up very favorably. I also really love the first episode with Tammi and Rusty, whatever it's called.

Pretty_Pwny5 karma

If you had to pick one quote from the show what would it be? my 2 fav "Jesus loves you, why doesn't the government?" "You want you some good head?"

TheSquidbilliesDW12 karma

My 3 fave hats: Free Hat Limit 1 Remember 9-111 (irregular) This ain't a hat, it's a ragtop for a sex convertible!!! One from this season: I got beer googles, when I drink I know it all!

TheSquidbilliesDW14 karma

"I'm constant as drinking...I'm constantly drinking"

guruthewarrior5 karma

Why are the characters of squidbillies drawn so crudely?

TheSquidbilliesDW16 karma

It's always how we envisioned it. Beavis and Butthead style. Backgrounds like outsider folk art. Characters like pen sketches on cocktail napkins. I think it plays into the stupid/silly vibe of the show. I love the imperfect eyes of the sheriff, his 2-dimensional charlie brown head. The rough shaky limbs of the Squids. I love the look of this show and I defy you to find a better looking cartoon on TV. Thank you , Awesome Inc!

Wukeywukey4 karma

What inspired your unique brand of humor?

TheSquidbilliesDW13 karma

SNL, Simpsons, Mr. Show. All the basics.

aew3604 karma

I live on the Dawson/Lumpkin county border. Which county is the show actually based off? It's hard to tell sometimes, but holy shit Lumpkin seems accurate.

TheSquidbilliesDW7 karma

Lumpkin is a funny word.

TheSquidbilliesDW6 karma

I like to hear rednecks say the word "McDonough"

TheSquidbilliesDW6 karma

And just a pinch of Elijay

galkardm4 karma

Can you bother Early to do another College Football edition of the Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week?

Ya'll are awesome.

Edit: To be clear, Carl doing the lock is one of the funniest things on the internet, please continue to do that as well!

TheSquidbilliesDW4 karma

Got a good Adrian Peterson one coming this Friday!

explosivo_4203 karma

How do you feel about Mr. Pickles getting the lead-in spot at 11:30? Are you guys fans of that show?

TheSquidbilliesDW7 karma

I have seen two and they're both amazing. Those two guys have found the edge of the abyss, and have stopped just short. You will not go further as a viewer unless you are James Woods in Videodrome.

Xiervak3 karma

Hey guys! Big fans of your work, especially ATHF (obviously.)

My question is: Will we ever get a follow-up to the Spacecadeus series? That had to have been the funniest thing I've ever seen on TV, and I crave more.

TheSquidbilliesDW4 karma

I agree completely. Ask the network

puhleez4203 karma

Do you guys stalk the trailer parks looking for good scenarios? The hubs and I both love the show and find it exceedingly hilarious. Thanks for the entertainment (and the autographed picture?). *wink *wink

TheSquidbilliesDW8 karma

I used to deliver Domino's Pizza to a trailer park in Conyers. Made very few deliveries, it was mostly to pick up pizza returns. This was back when Domino's used to give you a full refund if you returned half your pizza and "were not satisfied" with your "pizza experience".

Every_Geth3 karma

Who is the best guest star you've ever worked with and why? Long rambling anecdotes only please

TheSquidbilliesDW14 karma

David Allen Coe. I got a stern lecture in songwriting. From the man who wrote "F***ing in the Butt"

TheSquidbilliesDW5 karma

George Jones. I had a chance to sing the demo theme for him. Our sound & music guru Shawn Coleman sang it and Possum complemented his honey-smooth voice. Major regret. I should have shoved Shawn out of the spotlight.

d-pants3 karma

Real opinion on PCB? (Local here)

TheSquidbilliesDW5 karma

I don't have a strong one. Last time I was there was the late 80s. And I was sucking down a two-story funnel filled with Miller Lite.

0kapi3 karma

What ever happened to the sequel for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters. I believe it was being called "Death Fighter." Is it still something you'd like to do or have you lost interest in doing another theatrical movie?

TheSquidbilliesDW8 karma

Matt M and I are putting the finishing touches on it. We were worried that it wouldn't get a wide release unless we included Iron Man in it, because everyone creams their jeans when they see Iron Man. So, in the sequel, Iron Man and E.T. capture the Aqua Teens - and then we got sued. Bad. So then we had to do massive rewrites. Maybe it will be released VOD?

kathotdogg3 karma

As a fellow Conyersian, did you actually know folks that were the inspiration for the Squidbillies, other than Rusty?

TheSquidbilliesDW8 karma

Is this Mom?

the_onion_night3 karma

Dave, I was super amazed by the athf/sb live show in NYC. I really appreciated you and Dana staying after to sign autographs.

Is there anything like that tour planned for the future?

TheSquidbilliesDW5 karma

Tenative talks of SF Sketchfest. Maybe a date early next year. And we're planning a Squids show in October in Atlanta. Details soon.

Pretty_Pwny3 karma

Who or what was your inspiration for Granny? being from North Carolina mountains this character is really a close relation to my granny. "Sheriff says you raised some damn hell on reddit"

TheSquidbilliesDW7 karma

My Granny was an inspiration for her. She wasnt an actress, but we had her cameo as Sheriff's mom when she was well in her late 80s. My hope is that my Granny did not have as active of a sex life. Design-wise, I always loved The Far Side characters with glasses, but without pupils - I always loved that oblivious look.

HorrorMaster1013 karma

How did you get ideas for the logos on the hat in most episodes?

TheSquidbilliesDW11 karma

Hang out at Cracker Barrel and play that golf-tee game. You'll hear some knee-slappers.

Every_Geth3 karma

Will you ever go back to the original Aqua Teen theme song?

TheSquidbilliesDW11 karma

we're going to revisit that original theme song. Right now, we want to get John Oates and Tool to do the new theme under the name "Tool & Oates"

IamAmb2 karma

Hey! What was the inspiration for Squidbillies and how'd you guys get the show from being a thought or idea to an actual show?

TheSquidbilliesDW2 karma

see above!

Junared2 karma

Do you guys actually get to work with bands like widespread panic and the others that you bring on to the show?

TheSquidbilliesDW7 karma

We try to whenever possible. It's our cheesy way to star-fuck bands that we like, or musicians that we've always wanted to work with. This year, we have themes from Neko Case, Dwight Yoakam, Todd Rundgren, Centro-matic, Milk Carton Kids and a bunch more.

treflechanceux2 karma

We getting any official merchandise anytime soon?

TheSquidbilliesDW8 karma

Hats, yes. This season. Get in a time machine and go to 2004 to alert Ashton Kutcher

Knuckldragger2 karma

Do you ever find yourself pulling back from some jokes because they're just too mean about the genuinely broken people you find in the North Georgia mountains? Or do you simply tune them to be biting, but somehow still sympathetic?


TheSquidbilliesDW5 karma

No. For both.

stretch372 karma

Hey guys,

How did you come up with the Sheriff transition in season 1? Did something inspire you to have new, better, effeminate sheriff eat the bloody cotton candy?

TheSquidbilliesDW9 karma

We loved LOVED Charles Napier's voice, but he felt that he had made a mistake working for us in a non-union capacity, so he dropped out. Bobby Ellerbie fell into our lap, and we still can't believe our luck.

TheSquidbilliesDW9 karma

Bobby is from Winder, Ga and understands the character on such a deep level. He really added this other dimension.

imadethisfromboredom2 karma

What was your favorite episode to make?

TheSquidbilliesDW5 karma

of this show?

Every_Geth3 karma

...also Aqua Teen?

TheSquidbilliesDW2 karma

The first Mooninites. And maybe Ol' Drippy or MC Pee Pants. Fun, because the show started to feel like it was working.

brinard2 karma

Would you recommend a few of your personal favorite cartoons?

TheSquidbilliesDW9 karma

I don't like cartoons.

Frajer2 karma

Dave - how did you come up with Meatwad's voice?

TheSquidbilliesDW7 karma

it's the thing tat comes out of my throat when I see cute babies and even cuter kitties.

parad0xy2 karma

Fuck Kill and Marry

Shake, Meatwad, Frylock?

TheSquidbilliesDW11 karma

Kill, Marry, then Fuck all three in alphabetical order. Congratulations! You're the Zodiac Killer.

treflechanceux2 karma

What was it like working with T-Pain? Was he a fan?

TheSquidbilliesDW11 karma

Yes, amazingly, he was. He's country like us, from Florida. He's a huge fan of the block. He has two stripper poles in his basement at home, one for regulars and one for VIPs.