Hi guys. Back again. Brought Kieran with me. We're doing a show on Broadway, called This Is Our Youth. Victoria from reddit is helping us out. Ask us stuff.


EDIT: Come see the show, and then eat at Num Pang. It's right next door, amazing sandwiches.

(Although they close at 5 o'clock, so see that before the show, and have some drinks at the theater - Kieran )


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cvillemade3101 karma

Michael, any plans to star as a plucky, yet awkward lead in the near future?

michaelcera_3870 karma

No, I'm going to play someone who's plucky as well as awkward.

Maccas751976 karma

Hi guys!

Michael; your performance in This Is The End made me laugh the hardest, did you enjoy playing that version of yourself?

Kieran; in what main ways did you and Macaulay's appearance in Home Alone alter your childhood?

michaelcera_2315 karma

Yeah, I had fun. It was just 2 days, and I was in New Orleans hanging out with friends for 2 days and gambling in the casino in the middle of the city. I worked for 2 days, gambled for one day, had a cockroach in my hotel room that terrorized me for a day. It was GIGANTIC and it scurried under the bed, and I had the most fitful sleep ever.

Michael_Lane1794 karma

Hey Michael, since Donald Glover landed the role of Spiderman in the new cartoon, do you have any plans to answer back as Shaft?

michaelcera_1863 karma

I don't get it.

Mattnificent1169 karma

I've actually really been looking forward to this AMA.

I absolutely love Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and it's one of the only (possibly the only) movies I've ever seen three times in the theatre, and each of the three times I saw it, the theatre was totally packed. Everyone I know that's seen it absolutely loves it, the critics seemed to love it, and it was quite heavily advertised for quite a while leading up to the release. When I saw that the movie earned back less than its budget, I was shocked. To be fair, I was living in Toronto at the time when it came out, so it was a big deal there at least. I guess not so much elsewhere.

On to the real question, what reason(s) do you think there could be for why the movie did so poorly at the box office? I can't recall a movie with such great reviews and strong marketing, yet such low ticket sales. Most "bombs" usually have either poor reviews or an insufficient marketing campaign.

michaelcera_1645 karma

THE EXPENDABLES. It opened up the same day as it.

Kieran_Culkin900 karma

I don't know. That's not really my area.

michaelcera_1262 karma

Eat Pray Love.

skisaj121130 karma

Hey Kieran and Michael,

I don’t know if you guys remember me, (I say this because we were all really wasted), but after one of your shows at the Steppenwolf I was invited to get drunk, and play N64 and poker with you two upstairs in your dressing room. It was a really good time, and you’re both super cool and fun people to hang with. Since this is an AMA, I suppose I should ask some questions.

Michael: When can I get a rematch in Goldeneye? We were really even when it came to Mario Kart, but you kicked my ass in Goldeneye game after game and I need a rematch to redeem myself. I swear I’m not that bad at Goldeneye. (Also, I hope you are continuing to use the Rainbow Road shortcut in Mario Kart.)

Kieran: Can I buy you a drink next time you’re in Chicago? I remember you had a bottle of Lagavulin and I poured myself a very generous glass of it. I still feel kinda bad about it. Can I buy you a drink next time you’re in town so I no longer feel as bad and we can call things even?

When I saw This is Our Youth back in Chicago I thought it was fantastic and you both had such great performances and I wish you all the success while it is on Broadway. I encourage anyone out in New York to go see the play!



michaelcera_1286 karma

Oh Simon-Spencer! Hey man, we miss you!

dimplejuice958 karma

Michael- I really enjoyed your movie Youth in Revolt. Will there be a sequel-- Adult in Conformity?

michaelcera_1563 karma

Let me sneeze and find an answer. That question made me sneeze.



TheMikeGShow857 karma

Hey Michael, shout out from Toronto! Would you consider doing a sequel to superbad? It's one of my favorite movies of all time. Kieran should be in it too!

Kieran - What was your initial reaction when your brother told you about the pizza underground?

michaelcera_1434 karma

I would consider it, yeah. I would consider anything.

Kieran_Culkin605 karma

Um... I don't know. He told a group of us that that was what he was doing, and we should come see the show, but when I went to the bar, I didn't realize that the show initially was 7 minutes long, so by the time I got in there- my name wasn't on the list, so I had to argue with the guy at the door to let me in because he forgot to put my name on the list - I heard the last 5 seconds.

michaelcera_499 karma

I gave them a joke I think they used. Singing the melody to "I'll be your mirror" and singing "I'm Little Caesar."

RichHoey828 karma

You guys wanna hang out and grab some pizza sometime? I'm in NYC.

michaelcera_1683 karma

Are you cool and fun?

narwhal_of_death684 karma

Michael, are you and Aubrey Plaza friends? Or does she hate you because her character hated your character?

michaelcera_1256 karma

No, I think we're friends. You'd have to ask her what her secret feelings for me are.

ani_kuthi615 karma

Hi you two handsome! Classic question:During zombie apocalypse what would you choose as a weapon and why? :D

michaelcera_943 karma

Chainsaw, so you could walk around mowing them.

Kieran_Culkin1171 karma

I don't know if that's a good idea. You'd be stuck with hand to hand combat. And the noise would attract more zombies.

michaelcera_1025 karma

So what would YOU use?

Kieran_Culkin1881 karma

I would have a gun, to commit suicide painlessly.

michaelcera_1458 karma

So why am I listening to you? You're planning on giving up! Suicide is built into your survival plan!

Kieran_Culkin945 karma

there are WAY too many factors. If I"m protecting myself, I would have a gun and save the last bullet for myself. For a whole group... hand to hand does make more sense... What's better than a chainsaw? A big metal baseball bat. So you can keep people at distance, it won't attract zombies...

michaelcera_963 karma

What about a razor sharp samurai sword?

Kieran_Culkin883 karma

It could get stuck in their shoulder! A bat could keep them away until you bash their head in and get them on the ground...

michaelcera_1511 karma

What about a tank?

Bacarey579 karma

If you guys were doing a buddy cop movie together, what would be the premise?

Kieran_Culkin1376 karma

The same one as the Will Ferrell / Mark Wahlberg one, shot for shot.

michaelcera_1705 karma

We'd call it "The Other Guys." Or "The Otherer Guys."

Did you know they're doing a sequel to Dumb & Dumber?

rhodrir498 karma

What was it like working with Edgar Wright on Scott Pilgrim?

michaelcera_789 karma


Kieran_Culkin711 karma

It was magical.

michaelcera_674 karma

I miss that time.

rowmac89483 karma

Kieran; do you have a preference for stage or film work? Michael; what has been the most challenging film role of your career?

Kieran_Culkin592 karma

I do not.

michaelcera_1659 karma

If you guys are gonna be assholes, I'm gonna leave...

dayofthedead204473 karma

Hi Michael / Kieran,

Thanks for doing this AMA!

Kieran – do people still warn you to go easy on the Pepsi?

Michael – are you a fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones? And if so who’s your favorite character?

michaelcera_864 karma

Yes, my little sister watches it. So I'm a fan of it.

And my favorite character is the...wife.

narwhal_of_death452 karma

What do you guys do for fun?

michaelcera_1102 karma

Line diapers with Gold Bond Medicated Powder.

Kieran_Culkin920 karma

Videogames. Gambling of all sorts. We've gambled in the past for money, shots, and lately for the more adult thing - exercise, where the loser has to do some exercise.

michaelcera_1036 karma

The reward is watching the loser do exercise!

Kieran_Culkin690 karma

In fact - Michael, drop and give me 10 pushups.

michaelcera_887 karma

Ughjh fuck this, I'm eating...

dimplejuice445 karma

Michael-- way to hold down the low end in Scott Pilgrim. What is your favorite bass line of all time? I like "I Wanna Be Adored" by the Stone Roses, "Under Pressure" by Queen + Bowie....

michaelcera_1028 karma

Oh, that's hard! I Want You, She's So Heavy. And also Ramble On is really good.

shivan21444 karma

Michael, do you have plans for some next internet big thing? What it will be called?

michaelcera_625 karma

Oh man... You know, I have no idea.

michaelcera_999 karma

I think we should bring back Chatroulette!

michaelcera_1169 karma

Because Chatroulette was fun when it was 60% dicks. And then you'd find some people who would go "FUCK YOU!" and then change the channel.

KingKabuki403 karma

Hi, Michael! I gotta know, what's the best prank you've ever given or that you've ever received from anyone on Arrested Development or any of the films you've been a part of? I'm sure there've been many.

michaelcera_783 karma

Best prank?

Oh man...

Let me think...

I can't remember. A transpo guy left a shit in my toilet once.

michaelcera_698 karma

I think it was a sign. Or a gesture. Like, a "get off our set?"

theneen339 karma

Michael: Is it sippy time?

michaelcera_664 karma

Yes. I don't know what that means, but I'm enjoying this miso soup.

jairo4284 karma


A question for Michael Cera.

Do you like candles?

michaelcera_514 karma

Yeah. I like 'em enough to keep 'em, around. Actually, I lost power yesterday, tripped a breaker in my house.

Kieran_Culkin405 karma


michaelcera_462 karma

I tripped a breaker, because there was an exposed wire up in the light fixtures, so I was trying to change the lightbulb and I ended up killing the power in the whole place.

Kieran_Culkin423 karma

And you lit candles?

michaelcera_526 karma

Yes. And me and Kieran have a pushups on demand thing.

NorbitGorbit283 karma

of all the productions you’ve been involved, which had the best craft service and what was the best food?

michaelcera_621 karma

Trying to remember... Super Bad was really really good craft - they had these Snackables - these little peanut butter & jam pre-made sandwiches with no crust, but it's white bread, and it's made by Smuckers, and I ate like 5 of those a day.

Kieran_Culkin405 karma

There tends to be a feud between the craft services guys and the catering guys. They feud. Because if they feed a sandwich to the crew, then people will say the catering isn't very good, so the craft services guys will get promoted to catering. That's why when you have shitty craft services guys, they were given a low budget because the caterers were good. But I have fond memories of the craft services guys who would bring around BLTs, and stuff.

michaelcera_374 karma

I'm pro craft services, when they are good.

Kieran_Culkin387 karma

On a movie, I told them BLTS were my favorite sandwich, and they kept making them throughout the set.

michaelcera_846 karma

You know who I appreciated the most? Rick, the driver, from PILGRIM. He had the MOST AMAZING MULLET. and he would bring in homemade juice, and he started to know that I liked it, so he would bring it to me every day, being like "Michael, here's the blood of life!"

He was obsessed with this stuff. He told me the cure for cancer was asparagus.

michaelcera_821 karma

He made me a beautiful gift at the end of the movie, a metal thermos with an engraving of the recipe for the Blood of Life juice. I still have it.

Frogpuppet262 karma

What's your favorite dinosaur?

michaelcera_1558 karma

The one that killed Newman.

banana_nut_buster221 karma

If you guys had to choose a new animal to domesticate what would it be?

michaelcera_466 karma


Kieran_Culkin411 karma


michaelcera_507 karma

My mom had a pet raccoon when she was growing up, that they raised from a baby. And it was cool with them, until it got really big, and then it got really territorial with my grandma. It was a vicious animal, it would protect my grandma from my mom's hugs. And they had to get rid of her.

IthinkitsaDanny215 karma

Hey! Big fan guys!

I'd like to ask if you've read the books for Scott Pilgrim, if so what did you want to make the final script and what was something you didn't want?

Kieran_Culkin357 karma

Definitely read the books, but that was like 5 years ago.

michaelcera_501 karma

I definitely wanted Kieran's character to be in the movie.


What is your favourite sandwich to make?

Kieran_Culkin593 karma

OK, I haven't made this sandwich in years, but I came up with it when I was very drunk years ago: it's basically a grilled cheese but with Muenster - here's a secret: when you butter the sides of the toast, you put some garlic powder on the butter. But I also sauté some mushrooms in teriyaki sauce. And the drunker you are, the better the chef you become.

michaelcera_373 karma

I have like a toaster over sandwich: turkey, swiss cheese, some spinach... dry spinach, so it will wilt in there - some mayo - some dijon mustard, and a little raspberry jam.

Kieran_Culkin453 karma

You lost me on the mayo, and won me back with the jam.

michaelcera_377 karma

You add some crispy onions, pop it all in the toaster oven. Let it become what it's destined to be!

Milhoose154 karma

Hi Michael,

From one Canadian to another, what's the best thing about being Canadian?

michaelcera_394 karma

Um... the hiking. Really good hiking.

narwhal_of_death141 karma

What's your favorite pizza topping?

michaelcera_232 karma

I really like anchovies.

Kieran_Culkin204 karma

Ooh me too!

michaelcera_206 karma

Anchovies and sundried tomatoes.

Kieran_Culkin250 karma

Ooh, I'm anti-sundried tomatoes.

michaelcera_205 karma


BrushGoodDar111 karma

What's your favorite tree?

Kieran_Culkin340 karma

I like weeping willows.

michaelcera_501 karma

I like weeping beeches. When they get really old, they create like... this area... that you can go inside of, and then you're in this inner area of the tree.

Jos3ph99 karma

What's your favorite album, movie and/or youtube video of 2014 so far?

Kieran_Culkin286 karma

I'm out. I don't think I've seen a movie, listened to an album or watched a YouTube video in 2014.

Kieran_Culkin418 karma

Guardians of the Galaxy, we saw that! We saw Godzilla twice.

michaelcera_345 karma

I liked BOYHOOD. I don't know any new albums. Didn't I just see something at IFC I liked?

michaelcera_314 karma

I loved the Alan Partridge movie!!! That was perfect.

homeskilet9296 karma

Michael, what would you be doing if you weren't an artist?

michaelcera_386 karma

I have no idea. I'm like dealing with a pain in my neck right now, and it's making me wonder what my life would be like if I had to do any manual labor.

AstroHaze84 karma

Hi guys!! What roles would you say you two are most recognised for? Thanks for doing the AMA by the way.

Kieran_Culkin169 karma

You're welcome.

michaelcera_315 karma

You were great in ADVENTURELAND!

Kieran_Culkin248 karma

My role in Terminator 2, I guess?

michaelcera_288 karma


unicorn92878 karma

Do you watch anime?

michaelcera_240 karma

No. Wait, I've seen some of that Naruto? I like Naruto, but there are like 1000 episodes. I gave up after like, 14. But I liked it, I thought it was really fun.

ohnodopey77 karma

I'm about to be the father of my 4th girl, can you help us out with a name? Thanks Guys.

Kieran_Culkin126 karma

I have SO many but I'm keeping them to myself!

michaelcera_219 karma

How about Mitzy?

narwhal_of_death74 karma

What was your first car?

Kieran_Culkin168 karma

I've never owned a car. I've only had my driver's license for 3 years.

michaelcera_193 karma

Mine was a Toyota Corolla. And I still have it. I just moved it yesterday morning!

Kieran_Culkin185 karma

That's pretty much all the time you get to have with it - listen to half a Kinks song, and move it.

michaelcera_249 karma

Next month I'll listen to a whole song.

Bhero6954 karma

Michael / Kieran who would you say has been the biggest influence on your respective careers? Also what is your snack of choice?

michaelcera_316 karma

Thank you for calling my career "respective."

michaelcera_75 karma

Well, I don't know? Getting work? The jobs I've gotten, I would say.

Kieran_Culkin129 karma

I'm not sure how to answer that. But there's something about a snack? God, fucking everything. Let's go with... any foods with gravy. I know that's not a snack, but to me, it is.

michaelcera_135 karma

Favorite snack?


Chips and hummus.

michaelcera_136 karma

I put that shit on everything!

banana_nut_buster46 karma

How did the idea of a broadway musical get brought up?

michaelcera_99 karma

It's not a musical.