Hi. My name is Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers and Beerfest), and I'm here at AMA today with Sarah Chalke (Scrubs), who co-stars with me in the new AMAZON Instant Video pilot, "REALLY." REALLY is a show about four hard charging suburban Chicago couples who are trying to hang onto their dwindling youth. It's an adult comedy that, while sophisticated, is also quite dirty. Yes, yes, there's nudity, swearing and some heavy drinking. The show is meant to be funny, occasionally dramatic, but mostly, very, very honest.

You should watch it for free here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MR9YNF0/ref=tsm_1_tw_s_astu_nazdjs

I will be joined by /u/Sarah_Chalke today. Victoria from reddit's helping us get started. Ask us anything!

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PROOF: https://twitter.com/reddit_AMA/status/507660748055937024

EDIT: Hey, Reddit. Sarah and I had a ball. Thanks for coming today and please go watch REALLY on Amazon Instant Video. It's free. And give us 5 stars!

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nomoretacosenor691 karma

Jay - Is Super Troopers 2 actually going to happen?

JayChandrasekhar1202 karma

Super Troopers 2 is looking very likely. We'll have an update in a couple of months.

makeyouholey419 karma

whats up, jay? You handsome mothafucka!

JayChandrasekhar534 karma

Oh goddamned right, son!

Schmit_on_you402 karma

Other than Super Troopers 2 are there any other upcoming Broken Lizard projects?

Also, I'd like a Liter of Cola.

JayChandrasekhar766 karma

There was a Burger King in Hamilton, NY where Colgate is that had three sizes, Small, Medium and Liter. I would go in there and order a large. And they'd say, "We don't have large, we have liters." So they'd make us order liters of cola, which I found to be just anti-American. Sorry, Sarah, but it's true. Super Troopers 2 is next. Probably Potfest after.

dkdcdrgs91326 karma

Did you actually drink the maple syrup?

JayChandrasekhar879 karma

We did. And I'll never do that again. Two hours later things came out of me that were quite shocking. Like a whole leaf and a fossilized sparrow. Yipes.

bookof_226 karma

Jay, what can you say about the new Blue Mountain State movie you're directing?

JayChandrasekhar271 karma

They're raising money, trying to figure out the deals and all that. They're quite confident it'll all get worked out. It will be wild, it will be fun.

tape_tissue74 karma

Raising money... I thought that's what the Kickstarter that was fully funded + their stretch goal was for? You guys haven't started filming yet?

JayChandrasekhar120 karma

We are negotiating with an investor and we're also going to do a Kickstarter. We haven't started filming, no. We've written 16 drafts, though and are ready.

JayChandrasekhar266 karma

Hold on. I made a mistake. Blue Mountain State did a Kickstarter and they're raising additional funds. Super Troopers 2 is going to do a Kickstarter and that's the confusion.

seismicor216 karma

How do you pronounce your surname, Jay?

JayChandrasekhar402 karma


SmokinMakesUCool210 karma

Anytime I feel like shit I can watch that opening scene in Super Troopers and smile. Thanks for that, and if you remember, who came up with the line "please, no!" when you guys are going to make the stoner kids smoke the whole bag? Gets me every time.

JayChandrasekhar205 karma

I can't remember who came up with that. Maybe Erik Stolhanske. That sounds like him.

HoserUSC182 karma

Jay - Did you learn any Bluth family secrets directing "Arrested Development"?

JayChandrasekhar292 karma

Hmm, one. The idea of the show was that there was a camera crew following this family. In one episode , we add a judge address the camera man, "Hey, no cameras in the courtroom." Mitch thought it went a step too far and we cut it. But there was some cool acknowledging of the camera there. There was another one where Tobais is taking off his shorts and he looks at a "Spying" camera and closes a door. Cool show. So funny.

MrDoctorPepper161 karma

If you could get one person to guest star on "Really" who would it be?

JayChandrasekhar351 karma

Bill Murray.

jbeenk149 karma

Jay, what was it like working with the Jackass crew?

JayChandrasekhar314 karma

Wow. It was a stoke of luck for me. Knoxville and Spike Jonez are true performance artists. Which sounds high fallutin, but what I mean is that they put a lot of preparation into each gag. I drove the car on the route 5 times to make sure I didn't get lost. I shaved my pubes to add to the beard. Very specific, hilarious stuff.

xurymc149 karma

Jay I loved the Slammin Salmon, and really appreciated the late Michael Clarke Duncan in the movie. You have any funny stories you want to share about your time on set (about MCD or in general)?

JayChandrasekhar337 karma

MCD was a badass. He used to play a game of intimidation, where he'd lean into you and say, "If I were to attack you, could you defend yourself?" When the answer was, "No," he'd look dead serious, "That's what I thought." Later, he would laugh.

armirchou135 karma

Are you friends with Quentin tarantino? Also, who's your favorite director dead or alive?

JayChandrasekhar315 karma

I am friend with Quentin. He's a big Broken Lizard fan. Great guy and knows more about film than anyone I know. Supposedly there's a Beerfest reference in INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. The SS officer who wears all black in the downstairs bar is holding a beer boot. Quentin called me and had me send the print of BEERFEST to him in Berlin so he could show the cast and crew. Great guy.

starts126 karma

Just graduated and I spent far too much time watching beerfest the last 5 years of university, the menu screen was actually burned into the TV background the last year or two. I remember reading a while ago you guys might be working on potfest again, any word on that?

JayChandrasekhar283 karma

We wrote 30 pages, but we get too high and stop. We need to stop smoking pot so we can write pot fest. Yes.

ArthurDigbyS124 karma

what do you think of my halloween costume from a few years ago?

EDIT: Forgot to mention that it was a bottle of syrup in my holster.

JayChandrasekhar184 karma

A bit racist. Wait, what were you again? Sumo wrestler or the premier of Japan?

lesbiancarwash106 karma

So how much exactly for the ZJ/mustache ride combo?

JayChandrasekhar271 karma

Wow, I've got a team of accountants over here trying to value it and they've just sent out for bigger calculators, so...

sweetg93 karma

What do you think would be the difference if Jay was in Scrubs and Sarah was in Super Troopers? What role would you each have played?

JayChandrasekhar227 karma

I suppose I would have played Dr. Elliot Reade, though I would have worn my skirts a little shorter. No insult intended, Sarah, but the skirts were a touch long…for my taste (if I were wearing them.)

CommandoSpaceBastard87 karma

Jay, are you sick of people saying 'meow' when they run into you?

Sarah, Hi, you're really hot and I miss Scrubs. I even liked the new Scrubs. Cole was the man!

JayChandrasekhar138 karma

I almost never catch it. And no I'm not sick of it. Love it, love it, love it.

rickfinkel76 karma

Have you ever pooped your pants?

JayChandrasekhar155 karma

I have. Yes sir. Un-huh. You bet.

iAmb00t73 karma

First off: Thank you!

Secondly: of all the characters you've portrayed, who is your favourite?

Lastly: Will there ever be a sequel to Beerfest?

JayChandrasekhar114 karma

First off, you're welcome. Second, Thorny was my favorite. The character I play in our AMAZON pilot, REALLY is also quite fun.

mlkelty72 karma

Hi Jay - Which Becky was the best Becky, in your opinion?

JayChandrasekhar110 karma

Clearly, Becky's # 2 and #4. Sarah, you were 2 and 4, right?

HoserUSC71 karma

Jay - what's the weirdest way your last name has ever been spelled/said?

JayChandrasekhar325 karma

My nick name in college was Chaka-cocksucker.

Deezelle65 karma

Watched Really with my husband last night and we laughed throughout the show- and cringed at how drunk he got- we've all got a friend we've seen like that. What was it like when you found out you two would be working together on this?

JayChandrasekhar117 karma

I couldn't believe Sarah Chalke would actually work with me, let alone play someone married to me. She's a phenomenally funny, pro and she makes everything on screen better. I'm lucky. And thanks for watching.

stevenp2364 karma

is the story of you guys creating beerfest in australia when promoting super troopers true?

JayChandrasekhar184 karma

That story is 100% true. We were at a Beer garden in Australia (wearing our police uniforms) and we went on stage and challenged the top five drinkers in the room to a chug off. The place exploded. We were winning, but then Paul Soter started drinking and we quickly lost. Then we had arm wrestling contests. Then Steve Lemme insulted national treasure, Russell Crow and we had to be escorted out by security. We thought that would be a fun movie. The drinking beer part.

DrQuaid62 karma

hey jay, I saw you smoke on Getting Doug; Have you ever taken a dab? and what is the highest you've ever been?

JayChandrasekhar161 karma

What's a dab? And the highest I've been was on Willie Nelson's bus (the first time). Dear god, that was years ago, and I'm still high.

Col_Monstrosity56 karma

What's on your Netflix queue?

JayChandrasekhar173 karma

"The Battered Bastards Of Baseball." It's about Kurt Russell's father, who started the only independent minor league baseball team back in the 70's. Kurt Russell was on the team and he's in the doc. It's a true story about a real band of misfits.

TheFettLives1347 karma

Jay, huge fan. I got rid of most of my DVD's, and converted to Blu Ray. I NEED Puddle Cruiser, and Club Dread. Will this happen?

JayChandrasekhar66 karma

I really don't know. They don't sell either film on Blu Ray?

CarMaker35 karma

Jay, my best friends and I quote supertroopers almost every time we see one another now. In fact, one of them even got out of a ticket in his Porsche blasting bidibodi bidibu when the officer was walking up and started laughing. Anyways, I guess I should ask a question.... So, uhh, what would you do with ten million dollars?? And you can't say buy the Cleveland Cavaliers.

JayChandrasekhar66 karma

I'd buy a $10 Million dollar car, I guess.


Hey Sarah Chalke and Jay Chandrasekhar thank you for giving us this opportunity

  • Jay, What was it like directing 7 episodes of Community?

  • Sarah, What was it like working with the cast and crew of How I Met Your Mother ?

Thank you again for this chance, on behalf of this AMA I'd like to commend you on your talents and wish you luck on your current and future projects

JayChandrasekhar52 karma

Community is great because the scripts are so adventurous and the actors are so adept. Dan Harmon is a rare talent. Love doing that show. Hope to do more this year.

coolguyrakesh32 karma

jay buddy are you indian.....or sri lankan??

JayChandrasekhar354 karma

Indian. American Indian. As in from India, but born in America. Go Redskins!

Darthdre75832 karma

Hey Jay. Are the rumors about Potfest just rumors or will we see more Willie?

JayChandrasekhar60 karma

If there's a pottiest, you'll see a lot more Willie. I'd put him in anything. He loves being in movies. We're good pals.

mystyckcat29 karma

Hey Jay.
Is there going to be any upcoming comedy shows with ALL you guys in the future? I really enjoyed the show that you guys did in Raleigh NC a few years back. One more question... do you ever get nostalgic for the shenanigans of the old BL.com site? (I'll probably get flamed for asking that, but oh well)

JayChandrasekhar70 karma

When we get Super Troopers 2 done, we're going to tour together as a group. One of the Kickstarter prizes is going to be us coming to town, doing a show and having a private party screening with the donors.

What shenanigans on the BL web site?

seismicor29 karma

I'm a bit confused about Amazon's video service. Is "Really"'s fate also in the hands of the viewers similar to Zombieland Amazon series or is it not?

JayChandrasekhar54 karma

It's in the fate of viewers like you. Watch it and rate it well and we'll have a chance to crack many thousands more jokes.

bigchiefmsu28 karma

Just how hilarious is Kevin Heffernan IRL, /u/JayChandrasekhar ?

JayChandrasekhar47 karma

He's a comedy legend. Truly a great one.

Cool_Story_Bra26 karma

To both of you, what rolls do you wish you were more well known for? So besides people always talking about Super Troopers and Scrubs, what do you think you're under appreciated for?

JayChandrasekhar52 karma

I think my first film, PUDDLE CRUISER, has been under watched. And I really enjoyed being real. Kind of like our Amazon show, REALLY. Lots of real acting. Very fun.

awk1324 karma

Jay- Hello brother! Any of your college nights as a Beta influence any of the scenes in any of your movies?

JayChandrasekhar41 karma

College was a massive influence for us. Beerfest has a lot of Beta jokes. We drank a lot.

JasonEAltMTG23 karma

Jay, was Puddle Cruiser your first film project or did you and the rest of the Broken Lizard crew work on something else before you had something good enough to get distributed? Puddle Cruiser is one of my favorites and it seems pretty polished for a first effort.

JayChandrasekhar30 karma

We made a half hour film called, THE TINFOIL MONKEY AGENDA. We learned a lot on that one. Made some mistakes and learned about story. It was a very important step for us.

Bainosaurus22 karma

Jay, you still playing the meow game?

JayChandrasekhar60 karma

Doin' it right meow.

Finite1021 karma

Hi Jay and Sarah. My wife and I stayed at the Ojai Valley Inn/Resort during the July 4th long weekend on our honeymoon(Asian guy, white girl sitting in the chair directly behind you and your wife). We saw you two at the spa pool, talking to a lady about directing Duke of Hazards and how buying up shells and cars became increasingly expensive. I regret not saying hello, but was worried that you would be annoyed as you were enjoying some down time. I'm a huge fan, and so is the wife. I introduced her to Super Troopers, and Beerfest is her favourite comedy.

My question to you is, what is the correct way to introduce myself to you and your wife, without pissing you off?

JayChandrasekhar87 karma

Hmm, just swim up. I used to approach people all the time. When I was 20, I approached Jack Nicholson and asked him what time it was. He just stared at me and sneered. That was awk. I won't be that way. Unless, of course, I'm talking to Jack Nicholson.

aguyfrominternet16 karma

Jay, what languages do you speak?

JayChandrasekhar42 karma

English and a lot of French.

Alejandro489115 karma

hey jay, any truth to potfest possibly being an animated movie?

JayChandrasekhar44 karma

Unlikely. It'll be real steel.

del6415 karma


JayChandrasekhar38 karma

Working on making Super Trooopers 2 happen.

unicorn10-1012 karma

What's your favorite animal?

JayChandrasekhar36 karma

Black panther. Because darkness is my ally (and its ally).

MG3thatsme11 karma

Jay- In what kinds of ways are you guys looking to push the limits in Super Troopers 2? Also, that's BROWN magic. Thanks man, love your work! -Mar

JayChandrasekhar63 karma

Well, bigger, thicker mustaches for one. Uhm, Farva will be more of a dick. I might show my dick. Fun stuff like that.

olund947 karma

Jay? Potfest? Is it happening and if so when? & Sarah :) Scrubs changed my life, perfect blend of comedy and emotions! Love what you both do keep it up :)

JayChandrasekhar19 karma

Potfest is likely. We just have stop smoking and write the damned thing.

sheriff19807 karma

If REALLY gets picked up will that put Blue Mountain State on hiatus?

JayChandrasekhar19 karma

No. There's time for everything and everything in time, or something like that.


Jay and Sarah if you could be any giant monsters from Godzilla, Ultraman, King Kong w/e who would you pick?

JayChandrasekhar16 karma

I guess, I'd be THE GIANT GARBAGE BAG, and I'd smash people who littered.

Pingpongking19844 karma

Jay would you rather fight Jim Carey as Lloyd Christmas or as Ace Ventura?

JayChandrasekhar9 karma

Lloyd Christmas. Ace Ventura was unpredictable.

Bmallar13 karma

Jay are you coming back to direct any of season 6 of Community?

JayChandrasekhar4 karma

I've been talking to them about that, yeah.

KirbyManofelso3 karma

Hey Jay! Love Super Troopers and my brother and I snuck into Beerfest.

For your cameo in Jackass 2, were you prepared to go farther than you did? Did you have any idea where that skit was going?

JayChandrasekhar5 karma

Snuck in because you were too young? Or snuck in because you wanted to rip me off! Hey!

I was willing to do whatever Spike and Knoxville wanted me to. They said to punch Aaron in the face, but then they switched it to bitch slap. I was grateful, but would have done it.

lumirgaidin3 karma

Sarah.....can I have your babies? Jay.....same question.

JayChandrasekhar11 karma

Sure. You mean new ones?

Formerlychoncho3 karma

Hi Jay, big fan of a lot of your work, any news on the Arrested Development movie you could share?

JayChandrasekhar9 karma

I don't know anything about that except that I'd be psyched to see it.

er__in3 karma

Jay, have you stopped drinking soy milk? What kind of music are you listening to these days?

JayChandrasekhar12 karma

It's nothing but Almond milk for me nowadays. Is that nutty? Thanks, thank you. I'm listening to Manu Chao, the Mexican band. Also, The National. And Wilco. And Joni Mitchell. And Folk Uke (Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie's band) - They're hilarious and awesome.

cruegin2 karma

Hey Jay! Did you help James Roday get the lead role for Psych? And were there any antics on the set like Shawn and Gus would have done in the show?

JayChandrasekhar6 karma

I got James the role of the bad guy driver in Dukes of Hazzard. He was great in it. Sometime after he got PSYCH. Not sure if they were related. He's a world class talent. Roday and Dule are a couple of fun, funny dudes. We went out one night with Urkel and woman would stop at the table not to talk to me, Dule or James, but Urkel. Rip off.

Aniolas2 karma

How much fun was it to work with the Blue Mountain State guys?

JayChandrasekhar6 karma

Pure joy. They're wild people and made me blush occasionally.

adam28pol2 karma

Hi Jay, been a fan since I found Puddle Cruiser in the $5 bin and haven't missed a movie since.

My question: aside from Potfest and Super Troopers 2, does Broken Lizard have any other projects in the works?

PS: I watched the pilot for REALLY and I really hope it gets picked up for a full season

JayChandrasekhar4 karma

Good. Thanks. Go back and vote 5 stars.

We might make a film about minor league umpires.

Mutt12231 karma

What are y'all's favorite flavor of ice cream?

JayChandrasekhar3 karma

Chocolate mint.

dstrokes1 karma

Jay, what was your favorite part of making Super Troopers?

JayChandrasekhar4 karma

Having a mustache, and walking around with a cop uniform. People on the streets will actually do what you say. Hilarious.

catapult901 karma


JayChandrasekhar4 karma

They're dope.

nerdofallthings1 karma

Everyone here already answered most of the questions I had. So I'll ask this... Is "Potfest" going to be contingent on Willie Nelson still being alive?

JayChandrasekhar2 karma

No. But he will be alive. He's got a lot of excess energy.

chiliedogg1 karma

What do you think of Amazon's approach to streaming series as opposed to Netflix's or traditional media?

JayChandrasekhar2 karma

I love the fact that the public, particularly Broken Lizard fans, get to weigh in on whether we get picked up. I really love that.

NotGregHouse1 karma

Hello Jay,

When is Puddle Cruiser coming out on BluRay?

Hello Sarah,

I'm not asking you to right now, but should we run into each other on the street would you consider stroking my beard (in a completely platonic way. I'm married, woman)?

Also, Really?

JayChandrasekhar2 karma

I'm deeply confused.

SiWatten1 karma

Jay, WHEN are Broken Lizard coming to the UK? I suggested it on twitter age's ago and you seemed keen.

JayChandrasekhar2 karma

I'd love to come to the UK. Do we have a pretty good following there? Let me talk to my booker. But really this time.

AnotherDawkins1 karma

Jay, I have just one question. Where is the moustache?

Sarah, your eyebrows are just fine. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

JayChandrasekhar6 karma

I'm not growing the stache again until we go into preproduction. Fuck Movember.

JayChandrasekhar4 karma

I think her eyebrows are legendary. Just legendary.