Hi again reddit!

I'm Max Landis, the writer of that movie Chronicle (and Me Him Her, Frankenstein, American Ultra and Mr. Right, all of which are coming out in 2015! hurray!), creator of the viral video The Slap, as well as a youtube trilogy about Superman (The Death And Return Of Superman, Regarding Clark, and Death And Return: The Pitch). I also wrote that Mickey Comic Boys' Night, and I did most of that after my first AMA!

AMA done, see you after my next movie!

Proof: https://twitter.com/Uptomyknees/status/507012831032528896/photo/1

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brokentoaster2416 karma

Hi max, thanks for doing this!

If you could pick any major comic book character / story to write or direct a major motion picture, what would it be and why?

Uptomyknees25 karma

Probably The Killer Moth. The idea of a criminal supervillain-for-hire is excellent, and totally unexplored. Think The Transporter, but with a supervillain; it writes itself.

brokentoaster248 karma

Very interesting. Would you keep him a super villain or turn him into an anti hero type?

Uptomyknees22 karma

A villain who midway through the movie realizes the people working for him intend to kill him, so he sort of kind of flips to antihero.

sageoz15 karma

Are you ever going to work on the Peter Pan/ Captain Hook movie you pitched on the nerdiest podcast?

Uptomyknees7 karma


Mushroomer10 karma

Hey Max!

What existing franchise would you most like to take creative control of, and what would you do with it?

Uptomyknees32 karma

...There are so many

Spider-Man - back to its roots Harry Potter - focus on the Aurors Lord Of The Rings - do a trilogy in modern day The Matrix - focus on people living within the world of the Matrix, not even revealing it's a matrix movie until agents show up mid way through Pirates of The Carribean - get back to the roots, simplify Hulk - Finally make a great Hulk movie, focusing on the destructive, uncontrollable nature and drawing parralels to bipolar

i mean the list goes on and on

IanPrime9 karma

Hi Max. Last AMA I asked you about comics. You teased that you were doing a project with Jock, which ended up being Adventures of Superman. I throughly enjoyed the issue, and i'm going to ask the same thing as last time. Anything coming up at DC?

Uptomyknees13 karma

Yes :)

YungForrest8 karma

What is your opinion on the character Darkseid? What about Thanos?

Uptomyknees22 karma

Darkseid is a wonderful Big Bad for the DCU. An alien Hitler who RUNS HIS OWN PLANET that can FLY AROUND AND ATTACK OTHER PLANETS? Pretty rad.

Thanos' motivation of wanting to bone Death is one of the best ideas for a character ever.

crossfaaaade8 karma

ETA on Triple H history video?

Uptomyknees10 karma

Roughly 3 months.

skydart8 karma

What's the best one-date-relationship-turned-friendship you've ever had?

Uptomyknees6 karma

I've had a few.

There was one girl who I never actually went on a date with, we were just sort of sleeping together and slowly stopped and kept hanging out and continue to hanging out to this day. But our sexual chemistry wasn't really anything to write home about, so it worked better as a friendship anyway.

Then there's another girl who I went on one date with and ended hooking up with (that night), and that actually was really kind of intense and fun and good, but she called it and I proceeded to #makeitweird, which made sense because I was sort of going through a weird period of my life back then. We're pretty close friends now, though there's always this undercurrent of us kind of wanting to hook up again, especially since we've both grown a lot, but I'm never sure it's completely mutual, even in the times I've kind-of-sort-of been physical with her since then. There've been moments where there was a bunch of heat and even a little fire, but there's always this "but" floating in there air where it feels like we're both trigger-shy and I assume at least some of it must be coming from me. Still, as a friend she's actually been really wonderful, so it's one of those "we'll see where it goes and be happy anyway" things.

I have another friend who I actually went on a bunch of dates with but we never even kissed, and she and I very seemlessly transitioned because we both sort of just started dating other people and neither of us cared. I think that was probably a mistake in hindsight, because it led to this weird situation where we kind of identify as having dated even though there was never really anything there.

I think sometimes it's the journey and not the destination, but I think the stops along the way are important. I've hooked up with a fair amount of people, who then became good friends, but those are the three that stick out.

Uptomyknees3 karma

I would say the second one is probably the best because of all the twists and turns.

thedeadfeed8 karma

How would you handle a film or television show involving zombies? Any ideas floating around in your head?

Uptomyknees8 karma

I've had one forever, and it involves the idea of a cure for the virus; I don't feel that's really been explored. But selling zombie movies right now is a real pain in the ass, so I doubt I'll ever pursue it.

DocWheatley8 karma

Do you agree that our universe's biggest failure is that we never made a "Ghostbusters vs. Beetlejuice" movie?

Uptomyknees13 karma

...I didn't right up until you suggested this.

ManOrYogurt7 karma

Out of the movies you have coming out next year (Mr. Right, American Ultra, Frankenstein, Me Him Her), which ones were sold as specs and which ones were sold after a pitch?

Uptomyknees7 karma

Frankenstein was a pitch to Fox. The rest were all specs, and are all bigger budget independent films. Great question, by the way.

Sharkyjay7 karma

Hello Mr. Landis,

I would like to pursue a career in the film industry. I love writing and I want to share the stories I have both as a writer and director, but I'm unsure how exactly to go about it.

I've been hearing film school is a waste of time since I told someone that's what I wanted to do in life; is that accurate? Would it be better to just go write and film things, with the hope of maybe getting noticed one day?

I come from a very small, very poor family so I have to be careful about the decisions I make, but at the same time I don't want to give up on my dream.

Thank you for your time.

Uptomyknees14 karma

Here's the truth:

It's a business of eyes. That's why people move to Los Angeles; there's work, yes, but there's also eyes. Eyes lead to opinions and opinions lead to jobs. That's the entertainment industry. The issue is, if you're coming from a very poor, very small family, and not in LA, and are, I'm guessing, pretty young, the best way to go would be to make stuff of your own.

You have to keep seeking eyes, and finding ways to get those eyes to put money into your art. That's the real game; finding hungry eyes.

emcg02117 karma

Any news on DAROS style video on Clone Saga or something similar? Also, what can you say about Power Rangers?

Uptomyknees20 karma

There is indeed something new coming, but it's about pro-wrestling.

Power Rangers is a television show created by Haim Saban.

almond227 karma

Death and Return of Superman is one of my favorite things ever.

Also do you have any tricks/tips/advice on how to be motivated to keep on writing? I find I always have half-finished spec scripts or screenplays with no ending

Uptomyknees7 karma

You have to know the beginning, middle and end of something before you start writing. You need those markers; you can mix it up while you write, but you need those markers.

Ubertam7 karma

What makes you like Superman so much?

Uptomyknees28 karma

I love that he's just a nice fucking person.

No seriously, I do. My ideal Superman is kind of like I wrote Steve in Chronicle; the nice, sweet, smart, personable guy who's popular not because he's "cool," but because he's fucking awesome and everybody loves him.

I love that he's an outsider, too, that he's this bad fit who wants so badly to be one of us even though he's so much more. I love his humility. I love that he has a good relationship with his family and a smart, independently successful (moreso than him!) girlfriend. I love that he can fly, I love his sense of responsibility stemming not from guilt but from ethics.

I love him because he's everything most superheroes aren't. He's not aspirational; you don't want to BE him. But you do want him on your side. He's a great best friend, a guy you want to hear stories about.

I really have a specific vision of the character, and it's that that I've fallen in love with. Morrison's version, Last Son and Kingdom Come are my favorites, but my version of Superman is more an idea than it is an "issue number," if that makes sense.

brokentoaster246 karma

Any chance we can expect more drunk comic book history in the near future?

Uptomyknees15 karma


AcneBalls6 karma

Would you ever try to act in a film?

Uptomyknees9 karma

I would; I got asked to audition for Girls, recently, and that was really fun, but I didn't get the part. I generally start laughing whenever I try to act.

resdog5 karma

How would you ”book " Bray Wyatt?

Uptomyknees11 karma

Steadily growing army of the undercard being inducted into the Wyatt family until you're looking at TEN FREAKING GUYS (guys they weren't using anyway like Curt Hawkins, Ted Dibiase, etc) and then he starts taking on main eventers with an army behind him.

Gets the title and holds it for six months through mass tactics.

thecodguy15 karma

What got you into writing? I really enjoyed Chronicle! Thanks!

Uptomyknees8 karma

It's the only thing I'm good at.

Backf1ip5 karma

Hey Max! Were there any writers you found yourself imitating when starting out? What would you say is the key to finding your own original voice?

Uptomyknees6 karma

I always imitate. I often joke that I'm kind of a shitty writer on my own, but then I'm not sure that I'm joking. I think of style as a kind of sauce. Every new thing I do is riffing on a stylistic influence; the one you'd be familiar with so far is the way Chronicle toys with the tropes of Stephen King.

I'd say "making as few stylistic choices as possible" is a good way to distill your work into your own voice.

AndreTaquari5 karma

Could you elaborate on your Super Mario World spec script?

Uptomyknees19 karma

It was a story about brotherhood, and failure of ambition. Basically the idea that if you'd failed hard in our world, but found somewhere else where they thought you were a hero, how far would you go into that world? Would you leave your life, would you abandon our world for a place where you were adulated and adored?

And if things got bad there...who would you trust to help you?

It had Donkey Kong, Wario, Bowser, Mallow, EVERYBODY. The tone was sort of a more sincere Guardians of The Galaxy mixed with The Matrix and Lord Of The Rings, but at its heart it was really a Narnia story about being in your thirties.

thekarachikid5 karma

How would you have written the Archie and Punisher crossover. And what cameos would you have chosen?

Uptomyknees3 karma

I wouldn't have, haha

PunchAllTheRobots5 karma

Hi, Max!

As an aspiring screenwriter, my question is this: in an age where a movie has to gross at least half a billion before it's considered a "blockbuster," do you think studios are taking fewer and fewer risks? What does it take to sell an original, offbeat idea these days?

P.S. Fingers still crossed for the Neverland trilogy. Please make that happen.

Uptomyknees7 karma

Selling an original, offbeat idea these days, at the studio level, is what I would describe as a HUGE FUCKING LONGSHOT. There is a mentality that literally only brands and IPs can make money, and any money made by the projects will ultimately be attributed to the brand or IP it represented. As ugly as this is, it does seem to be the way things are going.

The more I pitch offbeat these days, the less interest I feel from big buyers. The financier game seems to be heating up, but that's all pretty much Direct To Digital, which, while lucrative and a way to get your stuff seen (or at least five minutes of it before they click to the next thing on Netflix), it just doesn't have that big movie feel.

KingDerekx4 karma

Seeing as Martyr won't be green-lit by Fox as a Chronicle sequel (and I believe they're using Jack Stanley as the screenwriter for it instead), do you think you'd ever release the script for Martyr to the public or do you believe you'll be able to find someone else to do the film? From what I've heard about the script it sounds incredibly interesting to me.

Uptomyknees9 karma

I'm not allowed. :/

JamesKM7164 karma

You're given the opportunity to write for any property you want, what do you choose?

(Bonus points if you gives us a teaser)

Uptomyknees9 karma


I gave you a teaser. :(

isaiahjc4 karma

What are you binge watching, if anything, on Netflix?

Uptomyknees16 karma

bad found footage horror movies

OLDDAZE4 karma


Uptomyknees6 karma

Don't be smug

OLDDAZE3 karma


Uptomyknees18 karma


Culver City for food

Santa Monica, take a bike ride

Six Flags, those coasters!

Joshua Tree, do some drugs

Big Bear, do some drugs

Hollywood, do the bar scene at least once

Downtown, take a walk and see if you find anything weird

Silverlake, them cute girls with purple hair and great food

Melrose, buy a crazy jacket

Drosslemeyer4 karma

Huge fan of you and your work! You once tweeted back at me on Twitter about a pitch of what I was writing and it made me feel really good. I have a couple questions.

  1. Is studying writing/film in an academic setting worth it? What was the most valuable thing you gained out of attending the University of Miami?

  2. What skills does it take to be a successful writer (screen or otherwise) besides actual writing ability gained through practice?

Uptomyknees7 karma

  1. An F in screenwriting, and a series of friendships that led to me making short films outside the main school program that let me experiment and explore.

  2. Enthusiasm, strong communication skills, patience, high emotional pain threshold, focus, commitment, passion

hmccune4 karma

Recently I came across a list on maxlandiswrites.com of scripts you had written, and saw among them a potential retelling of Larry Cohen's "The Stuff", and was wondering...

What was your version of the movie going to be about?

Thanks for the AMA!

Uptomyknees3 karma

Killer yogurt

thekarachikid4 karma

Who are the three people (living, dead or in suspended animation) you would like to have dinner with? And what would you order?

Uptomyknees11 karma

Hunter S Thompson, Oscar Wilde, Russell Brand

Uptomyknees8 karma

man that'd be a wild fuckin dinner

Unbelievably_Tired3 karma


Uptomyknees5 karma

Narrative coherence. A lot of modern stuff feels very "made up as they go," which is a product of over development.

ButcherJones3 karma

You've said before that no one in the film industry gives a fuck that John Landis is your father. Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to him? How has he inspired you or shaped your work?

Uptomyknees7 karma

Growing up with him really helped give me an appreciation of film and story in general. I try not to compare myself to him, just because he was such an uber-successful outlier, and our work is so different, but I often feel as though I'm falling behind when I don't hit the insane unrealistic career mile markers he had.

HBK425813 karma

Don't feel like you're falling behind, dude. Blaze your own trail. You're not your dad. You're YOU. I'm a fan and will continue to be.

Uptomyknees10 karma

thanks, that means a lot


Who would you say is the creepiest fan you've met?

Uptomyknees8 karma

A girl contacted me on twitter claiming she'd met me and said she was a fan. I looked at her profile; looked like a super cute hipster girl. But I didn't remember meeting her and said as much.

She then sent me a video of the Twilight Zone accident and deleted the account.

Sooooooooooooo....Guessing that wasn't the cute hipster girl in the photos, then.

Bobbyle03 karma

What do you think it is about superheroes that we find so compelling? Is it because we all want to be one? Is it because we admire their valor? Is it the costumes? (Seriously) I just don't believe that we as humans are born with this unconditional desire to protect strangers, I think we are designed to guard loved ones. But we often see heroes do the opposite and sacrifice loved ones for the sake of what they believe to be a greater cause. Sorry for such a lengthy question, I just think there are several theories to this and would like to hear yours.

Uptomyknees10 karma

The same thing we found compelling about religion. The big, larger than life stories, where we have agency beyond our normal capacity. We love that.

Uptomyknees11 karma

We're monkeys and we want to be bird fish cheetah monkeys.

It's really that simple. So we make up stories about monkeys that do incredible things and then we say "ooh" "ahh wow" "such monkeys" and we're happy.

TShreff3 karma

With the upcoming Dirk Gently show (which I'm stoked about), do you think that doing Hitchhiker's Guide as a show, based truly on the book, is possible at all? Maybe through an HBO or Netflix?

Also, of course, 100 horse-sized ducks or 1 duck-sized horse?

Uptomyknees3 karma

1 duck sized horse feels less dangerous

And I think it's possible, but I'd be too intimidated to be involved.

Parzival79893 karma

If you were given a blank check for a next phase Marvel Movie what would it be and what would you do? Pitch it to me!

Uptomyknees2 karma

no idea, all the good ones are taken

thekarachikid3 karma

Which WWE superstar's bio pic would you write and who would you cast in it?

Uptomyknees4 karma


bobloblaws_lawbomb3 karma

How are you today?

Uptomyknees4 karma

Okay, my hips are killing me though.

Fckyouflipflops3 karma

If you COULD DO Power Rangers, how would you do it? I wrote a Power Rangers script when I was 16 and it was like: The Breakfast Club + Zordon of Eltar.

Uptomyknees3 karma


BlankNameWriter873 karma

Max -

First, how did you get Taylor Swift to agree to pose for you in that proof photo on Twitter?

Second, and more seriously, if you could pen/helm any standalone film in the MCU, which would you want to take on?

Uptomyknees5 karma

Taylor and I are old make out buddies so it wasn't hard to get her into the game.

All the good ones are taken :(

HBK425813 karma

What are your thoughts on the official announcement of The Rock being cast as Black Adam?

Uptomyknees5 karma

A waste of The Rock in the DCU.

PaulPaulPaul3 karma

What are you most excited about writing the Dirk Gently show?

Uptomyknees7 karma

Aping Douglas Adams dialogue, to be honest.

AndreTaquari3 karma

Are they really going to call your movie "Victor Frankenstein"? Even if is about Igor, primarly?

Uptomyknees5 karma

Apparently, yes.

I'm excited either way.

spacedfan3 karma

What were you doing at DC comics a few days ago?

Uptomyknees9 karma

Meeting about something fun

and yes

squirrelygod3 karma

Favorite starter pokemon?

Uptomyknees9 karma


ManOrYogurt2 karma

You posted a video talking about True Detective and then a writing exercise centered around the dialog and I'm wondering how you felt about the show as a whole and, more specifically, the finale?

Uptomyknees2 karma

The show as a whole: tons of fun.

The finale? Fucking terrible.

Doored2Beth2 karma

Your contributions to Little Esther's and Nerdist's podcasts were stellar and I feel you have a natural talent for using the medium as a way to broach your interests across the board in an honest and engaging fashion. Have you ever considered starting your own podcast?

Uptomyknees4 karma

I've thought about it, but feel I'm overexposed to an audience that seems very polarized about me as is. Plus, I hate the sound of my own voice.

nowhiringhenchmen2 karma

What ever happened to Candle Cove?

Uptomyknees2 karma

Working on that. Being a screenwriter in the public eye means a tremendous amount of waiting.

ButItDidHappen2 karma

Hey Max, I'm a big fan. What I like about you is you're an incredibly charismatic guy but are also really self-aware, being able to objectively describe other people's impressions of yourself to a tee.

Any tips for acquiring either charisma or an acute sense of self-awareness?

Can't wait for Me Him Her.

Uptomyknees2 karma

It took a long time for me to build up the fluctuating level of self awareness I have. A big part of it for me was spending years being profoundly rejected by my peers. However, instead of getting angry, or trying to be a Cool Nerd or even try to fit in, I just tried to hone in the reasons WHY people wouldn't like me.

This led to a stage, maybe five or six years long, still ongoing, of intense self observation; not being defensive, and instead constantly trying to empathize with the WHYs of the impression I make.

thatbrianmack2 karma

Hello there I've read that Universal are looking to reboot/reimagine/update some of their classic monster movies into a big cross-character franchise. Considering your dads history and interest in the subject matter I'm wondering if that's something you'd be interested in? If so, any particular monster you'd like to try your hand at?

Uptomyknees3 karma


unpatriot2 karma

Hey Max.

I know you kind of tired of questions about Chronicle and Chronicle 2, but, in my opinion, Chronicle script was fucking awesome and original.

Where did the idea of teenagers with powers and a camera come?

And do you intend (yes, i'm the pretend guy, english it's not my main language) making more sci fi movies for the next 15 years?

Uptomyknees2 karma

Josh Trank pitched it to me, except it had only two boys, no hero, no one turned evil, and ended after one of them got hit by a plane.

Andrew, Steve and Matt were my creation, as was everything else in the movie. But the initial idea actually came from Josh.

Uptomyknees3 karma

And I'm sorry for calling you out on twitter, I was just kidding around.

Parker_Lewis82 karma

Hi max,

Just wanted to say I'm really looking forward to American Ultra and the other projects I've read your attached to. I have three questions for you

  1. Is there a marvel property you would like get involved with

  2. Do you think you would ever work with Netflix or hulu on a project

  3. If you had to revamp 80's cult classic Monster Squad using 90's slashers who would you use ?

Uptomyknees2 karma

  1. Lots, but I don't think I'm what they're looking for.
  2. Yes, looking into that soon.
  3. The obvious ones: Michael Jason Chucky Freddy Pumpkinhead The Puppets from Puppet Master and Pinhead

SirBrothers2 karma

So, uh, what happened at Morrisoncon?

Uptomyknees3 karma

it was just a lot of fun, hung out with the Ways and Grant the whole time, like a dream

tombatron2 karma

Why do you imagine they picked Tampa, FL for that Punisher movie with Tom Jane in it?

Uptomyknees2 karma

Tax rebates for shooting there.

jaibryan2 karma

a month or 2 back you said you're doing another death and return style video about the undertaker and kane. in post you also hashtagged triple h. are these the same project or different videos?

Uptomyknees4 karma

Same one!

demosthenes7182 karma

When you were deciding to make the Triple H video that (I assume) is in production, you also pitched a History of Spider-Man video on Twitter. Do you think you'll ever make that as well?

Uptomyknees3 karma

it's all about time economy at this point

AndyIsOnTheComputer2 karma

Hi Max,

What do you think when I say "KLUG"?


thecodguy12 karma

What is your favourite movie? Do you play video games?

flameboi012 karma

Ugh, first time ever being on time for an AMA and I have no questions for you really.

I'm pulling this one out of my ass, who is someone you would want to do an AMA and what would you ask that person?

Also your one of my favorite people to follow on twitter, its awesome watching your stuff and the iron shike's feed just constantly mashing against each other in terms of wit. Thanks!

Uptomyknees12 karma

Hitler, and my question would be: In hindsight, how do you feel about how it all went down?

marth5552 karma

Do you have any plans to write comics?

Uptomyknees3 karma

I do

danklan2 karma


Uptomyknees5 karma

Black Skinhead or Monster

NotABookTrailer2 karma

Hi Max! I got to read Me Him Her during an internship in LA, it was so original and funny! A great introduction to LA for a guy who just moved there. I can't wait to see it and drag everyone to it. My question: would you ever consider appearing in a cinematic book trailer? and if so, for what book (any book from any time!) would it be?

Uptomyknees3 karma

...What is a "cinematic book trailer?"

thanks for the compliment on me him her

zicammonitor2 karma

How do you write so fast?

Uptomyknees2 karma

I don't always, but when I do it's via enthusiasm

amafiend2 karma

MAX!! Huge fan! Think you are incredible and also one of the best people on twitter! What happened with you leaving chronicle 2? They just wanted to redo the same story and you wanted to continue with the one already in progress? So confused! You did a great job with the first one! Anyway thanks for doing this ama you are awesome

Uptomyknees2 karma

I wrote a script they thought was too dark and not commercial.

It was much less dark than Chronicle, really. So I don't know. Maybe it just sucked. Everyone seemed to like it, but it was really clear the studio didn't know what they wanted to do, and didn't really believe in my vision for the series.

chriserdman2 karma

At what age did you complete your first screenplay?

Uptomyknees2 karma


DrShelby872 karma

Have you been generally star struck meeting anyone through your own work or through your father?

Uptomyknees5 karma

I don't really get star struck, but I started crying and ran away when it seemed like I was about to meet Stephen King.

squirrelygod2 karma

Why can't we be friends?

Uptomyknees4 karma

we've never met

AndreTaquari2 karma

Could you tell us a bit about the Power Rangers fall trough?

sco3602 karma

Would you ever do a video in the same style as your Death and Return of Superman video, but instead retelling a wrestling angle?

Edit: I'm a huge fan of your work by the way. Keep that shit up!

Uptomyknees2 karma

it's coming


max-fischer2 karma

Next time you're in New York City, do you want to grab some beers and debate the relevancy of Joseph Campbell in modern comic book cinema?

Uptomyknees7 karma

mom told me not to meet boys from the internet

spacedfan2 karma

You seem to do a lot of crazy shit. What do you eat for breakfast?

Uptomyknees8 karma

I haven't eaten breakfast since 2011.

Wlpdx2 karma

Favorite sex position. GO!

Actual question? Yes!

Uptomyknees5 karma

The sitting up doggiestyle one.

spacedfan2 karma

Whats your biggest inspiration at the moment?

And what keeps you so motivated?

Uptomyknees2 karma

biggest inspiration right now is definitely my girlfriend

I go back and forth on being motivated, but generally I just love stories so I always find a way to pump myself back up

durandall082 karma

Hi Max:

The "Sleep" and Return of Superman is my favorite thing on youtube (with a close second being Ron Livingson doing keyboard cat).

Whenever my anime friends talk about wanting a live-action Akira, I always tell them to just go see Chronicle (which I loved). Were you inspired by it? Or did it just work out that way? I know the anime is very different than the movie, did that have any effect?

Uptomyknees8 karma

One hundred percent yes of course! Akira and Carrie. ANDREWWWWWWWWWW TETSUOOOOOOOO

Gq9182 karma

Hey max, who is your favorite robin? Tim, Jason , Dick or Damian? and who in your opinion has the best post robin identity/arc?

Uptomyknees3 karma

Dick, but he's my favorite superhero anyway.

tylerjhutchison2 karma

Out of all the actors and actresses who have been in a Nickelodeon live action television show and wear glasses, who is your favorite? Asking for a friend...

Uptomyknees6 karma

Probably Liz Gillies.

Fuckyoumotherfucker22 karma

Hi Max.

What do you have against sleeves? Also, Kristen Stewart?

Uptomyknees2 karma

My arms are too long

Kristen Stewart

oamh422 karma

Hey, Max! Thanks for doing this! Can you talk about what happened with Universal Horror and with the thing you were doing for Disney? What was the Cartoon Network thing you were working on a long while back?

Again, thanks for doing this. You're an inspiration to me and a bunch of other people here in sunny, semi-apocalyptic Mexico.

Uptomyknees3 karma

Universal Horror just never got made, and Space Mountain got usurped developmentally by the acquisition of Star Wars. The Cartoon Network thing never materialized, but it was a paying job, and I needed the money.

Thank you for saying that. Been meaning to go to Mexico, but am afraid I will definitely die.

squirrelygod2 karma

Which 80s/90s cartoon would you most like to handle a movie version of?

Uptomyknees5 karma

too many to name, jesus

Street Sharks Biker Mice From Mars Exo-Squad Bonkers Freakazoid

HammerandPickle2 karma

How would you reboot Green Lantern? Follow up question which GL is your favourite?

Uptomyknees3 karma

Make it about teens who find the ring. Use Kyle. Keep it on Earth, with Waller and the government being the primary antagonists. Make it fun, and funky, sexy and dangerous, and only bring the aliens in at the very end.

MartyKirra2 karma

Hey Max, huge fan of your work. What's your least favorite writing trope that's commonly used in today's movies?

Uptomyknees5 karma

Huge city destruction.

Jotodahan2 karma

Why manager first?

Uptomyknees6 karma

Agents are in the incoming calls business. They're there to help someone who's already established.

Managers are in the outgoing clals business. They're there to help you GET established.

cjm8682 karma

Love your stuff man. Is there any comic you'd love to do a multi-issue run on and why?

Uptomyknees2 karma


Because I wanna put my money where my mouth is.

cjm8682 karma

Love your stuff would also love to see more death of superman style videos although I,m sure everyone else does as well. Have you heard about the new comic Marvel is launching: Death of Wolverine, where they plan to kill off Wolverine for good. Personally i don't believe there is such a thing as perma-death in comics unless your name is Ben Parker. Your thoughts on this?

Uptomyknees5 karma

I think it sounds like a huge waste of fucking time. It's Marvel trying to stick it to Fox for not giving them back the movie rights, I think it's a silly and terrible way to do it and exposes the industry in a way I'm not comfortable with.

pije28972 karma

A bit unrelated, but how do you feel about the leaks? If you would be uncomfortable answering that in a public forum could you pm your opinion?

Uptomyknees3 karma

I think it's fucked, but am proud of websites for not acting like it's THA BEST THING EVAR OMG. I think our culture has changed since the last big celebrity nude leak, in that people now become famous solely from sex tapes, like Kim Kardashian.

A couple of people I know well are on that big list they released, and I feel for them.

[deleted]2 karma

Hey Max, Thanks for doing the ama.

When filming the slap, were you expecting all those reactions or were you fearful someone reacted in a more agressive and out of control way?

You show the world how much of a big wrestling fan you are, with that in mind how would you book the wwe right now?

As a fan, what do you think DC has to do the create a movie universe that rivals that of Marvel?

Thanks from a fan from Portugal!

Uptomyknees2 karma

DC has to actually be bold and kick a lot of things into production, instead of relying on the direction of singular creators.

And I had no idea how The Slap was going to go. I was scared it might get aggressive...but it didn't.

InMotion312 karma

What would you do with characters like Shazam or Black Adam?

Uptomyknees2 karma

Shazaam would be a real journey. Do Goonies or ET but with a Superhero. Sounds rad.

Doored2Beth2 karma

What are your favorite television shows currently on air?

Uptomyknees2 karma

Suits, Game Of Thrones, WWE Raw, Parks and Rec

BlackJimGordon1 karma

Two questions.

1.) You come up with a ton of really good, really interesting ideas for original screenplays and I'm curious how you generate so many ideas on such a frequent basis? Are you just really good at pulling them outta your ass or do you have a system?


2.) You posted a list of various scripts you've written online and I'm curious if you'd ever release more of them like you did with Dove and the writing-exercise you did for The Dark Knight 3? I'd be really interested in reading Passing Lane, American Gothic and Katabasis.

Uptomyknees1 karma

1) Asspull. I pretty much think about stories constantly and that leads me to having a giant litany of ideas that I can only pursue a tenth of.

2) I am thinking about letting a few more out, but the honest truth is, a lot of them simply aren't very good. Sure there's a good scene or idea or bit of dialogue here and there, but writing is about evolution, and my style has improved IMMENSELY since I started writing.

That's good that you'd be interested in seeing Katabasis. That's...that's very good...

rubs hands together, adjusts fedora

BlackJimGordon1 karma

Do you do a lot of outlining on your stuff? Like do you write multi-page treatments before diving in? Like, page-long descriptions of the character's goals and stuff or do you just form a basic idea in your head and then kinda figure out the rest after you've written the first draft?

Uptomyknees3 karma

It's different every times. I've written treatments, scriptments, outlines, and then I've also just dived in blind.

I let the story tell me how to write it.

Jarred13371 karma

Is anyone using your Peter Pan idea?

Uptomyknees3 karma


Crovie1 karma

Have you ever considered doing a podcast about popculture, writing, etc.? Would you do it?

Uptomyknees1 karma

I feel overexposed enough as is, you know? I don't want to continue to sour people by shoving myself out, there, I feel like I'm inflicted on people.

weighingthedog1 karma

So, I remember seeing on Twitter awhile ago that you had a pretty nifty idea for a Jurassic Park sequel/reboot. Care to share?

Uptomyknees2 karma

yes but no, haha

BlankNameWriter871 karma

This is true... What about within the future Star Wars universe? Which of the standalone hero/villain films would you most enjoy having creative control of?

Uptomyknees3 karma

Boba Fett.

NewLineCinema1 karma

Hey Max!

I'm trying to get an agent for my screenplays.

Any advice?

Uptomyknees3 karma


cinephilosophy1 karma

Hey Max just curious as to which are your favourite films of 2014 so far? Which are you most excited to see? Huge fan of your work and look forward to your projects in the future!

Uptomyknees4 karma

Apes Cap We Are The Best Guardians Musical Minds

the-commanche1 karma

How about Hugh Jackman as Mayweather?

Uptomyknees2 karma

Love it.

greatm311 karma

Hi Max. I admire your writing and your critiques of Hollywood because you are so good at seeing through to essential character motivations. So many blockbusters fail (artistically) because their main characters are cardboard! My question is: why do you think so many superhero movies suck? And, when are you going to teach everyone how it's done?!

Uptomyknees5 karma

When superhero movies do suck it's because they're following "superhero formula," and not capitalizing on what's interesting about their specific character. But I don't claim to be better at executing this than anyone else.

thekidlucas1 karma

What is your list of favorite books? Good, bad, old, new, whatever. Just books that you, Max Landis, read and adore.

Uptomyknees3 karma

like all time?

Hitchhiker's series Flashman series Animorphs almost anything by Stephen King Treasure Island Raptor Red

theromanianhare1 karma

Hey Max, love your work! I have two questions:

  1. How does it feel handing your script over to someone else to direct? Do you like the changes to your initial vision or can that be hard to take?

  2. Do you find yourself taking much influence from your father's work, or is that something you actively try to avoid?

Super keen to see your take on Frankenstein!

Uptomyknees2 karma

  1. Intense. Daunting. Sometimes yes, in fact usually yes, the changes can be exciting, but yeah, sometimes it sucks.

  2. I actively try to avoid it. We're not really comparable, creatively.

Parzival79891 karma

Oh I got another one. You were given free rights to incorporate Star Wars into a comic universe/world cross over what would you pick/do? Lighting round go go go!

Uptomyknees3 karma

I wouldn't, I'm sorry. I'd be scared to write Star Wars; I've said as much in meetings.

RsonW1 karma

Would you rather eat a gross of pickled eggs in one sitting or eat only saltines for a month?

Uptomyknees3 karma


SkepticalJay1 karma

Hey Max. I know you're a huge wrestling fan, but how bad is the WWE product right now? As a writer, what do you think needs to happen to help the on screen product get out of the creative funk it's in?

Uptomyknees2 karma

It was pretty fucking great until the 2nd Raw after Summerslam.

Honestly? They need to go back to the older style of booking; write it like a TV show! Have stories happening up and down the card that interfere with each other; blur the lines between the low, mid, and main event level players, and start presenting everyone as equally interesting.

MonkeyWithCymbals1 karma

I really loved your NEW52 take on the Death Of Superman, I know you've worked on Superman issues before (and probably will in the future).

Are there any Batman stories that you got brainstormed, waiting for the right opportunity to unleash?

Uptomyknees2 karma

I've never actually wanted to write Batman. I find him kind of boring to think about creatively; I like reading him though.


ELasshole1 karma

Hey Max!

My question is are you all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble?

Uptomyknees3 karma

I historically am very into treble.

the-other-shoe1 karma

Do you plan on sticking to mostly just writing for most of your career or do you want to direct more? Also, how different is writing comics from screenplays?

Uptomyknees3 karma

Screenplays are WAY, way harder. And I definitely want to direct more, even though it's very draining.

Jarred13371 karma

Which writers/directors are you most wanting to work with?

Uptomyknees2 karma

gosh too many to name

hitRECordRo1 karma

Who are some celebrities that you're really tight with that we probably don't know about?

Uptomyknees3 karma

haha there are a couple but telling you about them feels douchey

AndreTaquari1 karma

When are we going to see something of Me Him Her? A trailer would be rad. Are guys waiting Sundance or other festivals?

Uptomyknees2 karma

I have no idea. I think we're gonna hit financiers? Maybe a few months?

MagicScotsman1 karma

Max you are my favorite human being.

Can you explain to me exactly why you can't make your Christopher Robin pitch into a full movie? Because it seems like something Disney needs to green light.

Your movies and stories are all I want in life.

Uptomyknees1 karma

Well, holy shit, thank you.

The Christopher Robin Pitch, 100 Acre Wood, would rely on me getting permission from the estate, which is a problem because Disney owns Pooh and it's locked behind layers and layers of executives.

Recently I'm trying to focus more on originals; I've had a bunch of really bad experiences with big IPs and I'm finding that originals are just way more fucking rewarding.

Lawant1 karma

Hey Max, thanks again for talking with me at the New York Comicon last year!

You're in the field that had a strike six years ago about digital content distribution. With the prevalence of time shifted viewing and Netflix, the issues that the strike were about now seem to be part of everyday life. Have things changed? I don't know how active you were six years ago, but it's still a question I like asking writers. Also, in Matt Cohen you have a mutual friend with Kevin Smith. Have you guys ever met? I have no idea if you guys would get along or your respective eccentricities would clash, but I'd really like to hear you on his Fatman on Batman podcast.

Uptomyknees1 karma

Anne, you're a killer dude and I enjoy your presence on my facebook immensely.

I've never met Kevin, and he seems to have no interest in me on Fatman, as people tweet him constantly for me to do it and he never responds.

As of now, I've been lucky in that I'm a sole credit writer working primarily in features, 3 out of 5 of my produced features are indies, so I'm very locked into the distro and back end deals. I'm not striking yet.

Fckyouflipflops1 karma

I'm 19, I just moved to LA to take a gap year, some time off from school to just write. I WILL make movies one day, I'm so sure of it, that I'm just exploding with excitement being here in this city, I love it. But, with this year or two off before school, what would you think would be the best way to get as much experience as possible in this industry, other than writing all day, before I DO go to school? Thanks for answering if you do!! <3

Uptomyknees2 karma

What are you looking to do? I mean PA work and grip work is great on set experience, but being a director's assistant or a assistant camera op can be great experience too. It's hard to know how to give you advice without knowing what you want to do.

Jake_of_Spades1 karma

Hi max, I know you've read a lot of comics so who is your favourite minor character?

Uptomyknees1 karma

Probably The Shocker.