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Eolair765 karma

You are probably the good guy at that company but you won't make a difference. Why do you work for them? - The reason "someone else would do it" doesn't count...

TheBadGuyX15 karma

Several reasons. It's actually a really good company to work for. Good benefits and pay. Also, I like to argue with people. Unlike retail, I have more liberty to argue with the customers who are not "always right".

ruckdiz4 karma

How much free stuff can I squeeze out of you to keep me?

TheBadGuyX4 karma

Depends on who you talk to. All you have to do is ask some reps, others won't give it out unless it's compensation for a problem.

RomSteady2 karma

Lately, all Comcast traffic in my area that passes through the interconnect to the internet backbone has at least one hour an evening where connection reliability goes to shit. It makes playing online games impossible, let alone using Netflix.

How would you spin that to try to keep me?

TheBadGuyX5 karma

I would suggest that you talk to tech support to resolve the issue or switch your modem at a service center. Depending on my mood, I might try selling you a faster internet if you weren't already at the top.

tryingtostaynice-11 karma

fuck you, your job, your life, and anything else associated with you, if I was able to pay you the same money that you earn by being just awefull what job would you want to be doing that would help you make you feel better about yourself? Because you shouldn't now.

TheBadGuyX2 karma

Well, I don't think I'm THAT bad.

gears123-17 karma

What's your fucking problem asshole?

TheBadGuyX16 karma

Be more specific.