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I_cant_stop_evening35 karma

Kentucky Friend Chicken or Kitchen Fresh Chicken?

Whose side are you on?

kfcworker58 karma

let's just go with KFC ;)

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dpsi3 karma

What's the food cost for chicken?

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alborg3 karma

The meaning of life?

kfcworker15 karma

chicken is the meaning of life.

TheLynchMobber3 karma

What are the seven secret herbs and spices? Cmon. Pls.

kfcworker5 karma

Tbh no average KFC worker knows. It comes pre-mixed to the store and the ingredients just say 'herbs and spices', not the specific herbs and spices used.

Dtapped1 karma

How many workers try to get some of the breading to take home? Surely family members would want to use it if they could get their hands on it?

kfcworker2 karma

Not sure about breading, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a whole bag of 'damaged' sauce in my fridge.

lS0UL_ST0RMl3 karma

Who was the most grossest looking customer you ever saw that walked in the restaurant?

kfcworker9 karma

I know you're expecting the 'fat people' comment but in fast food you serve so many customers that they just all look the same.

UncoolJ2 karma

I had KFC yesterday for lunch. It was the first time in probably 5 years. Has it always been that salty? Also, are chicken livers only sold regionally (can't find them where in the Mid-Atlantic at all)?

kfcworker3 karma

I actually find it less salty now than before. As for liver, can't say I've ever seen it in store.

GoldieandtheBear2 karma

If you have traveled enough to know. Is the chicken (or anything on the menu) better in certain cities or states than others?

kfcworker6 karma

state wise it's pretty much the same across. I will say that Australian KFC has way less sides but the sandwiches are really good.

Septemist2 karma

What's the ratio for black to white customers where you are?

kfcworker11 karma

to be honest it's fairly even, we serve many Asian people as well. KFC is a diverse environment cue The More You Know star

Ethann1151 karma

Do you eat KFC often, not jut taste the good but actually make an order and if you do what's your usual order?

kfcworker3 karma

At the end of the night you can take home what's left over, so I don't really order it but my favourite thing is the popcorn.

Eoiny1 karma

What's the most thing you've witnessed that KFC customers would be horrified to know about?

kfcworker12 karma

Having to clean out the floor drains every night haunts my dreams. Food preparation wise, my store is pretty good. This is the worst thing I've heard:


D0UBLETH1NK1 karma

I used to order the chicken strips as I figured it was the closest I can get to a clean piece of white meat at kfc, but it seems like they make it from the fake spongy stuff now, confirm/deny? I'm disappointed as it was a guilty pleasure meal and I can't deal with that fake nugget like consistency.

also further down you said you make gravy with the solid crap from the fryer... seriously? Is that a joke or do you really do that? It just seems like premixed fake stuff and I'm okay with that, not into mystery flavor giblets

kfcworker2 karma

I don't think they've changed the chicken strips, but if they have you might be the first area to get it. I can't 100% confirm for all of the US but I'm 99% sure they haven't changed it to the nugget type chicken.

Gravy is made from a mixture of hot water and a sent powder, BUT yeah it's also made from deep fryer giblets put in too. That's what I was always told by my bosses.

mbaby1 karma

Is the vegetarian sandwich really vegetarian?

kfcworker1 karma

It's not in the US, but I think yes. It's illegal to advertise it otherwise.

UncleEffort1 karma

Why is it whenever I go to my local Kentucky Fried I'm told that I need to wait 15 minutes for them to cook it? Shouldn't it already be ready?

kfcworker2 karma

A number of reasons. Maybe a shit manager, maybe a busy night, maybe they were about to close, maybe a bad cook.

Afrikaans1 karma

In South Africa an average burger (called a rounder here) costs around 45 rand (roughly $15.) I heard we are being robed. What are the prices there? And if we're being robed, why?

kfcworker4 karma

I'm not sure about inflation rate for South Africa but that is A LOT more expensive than here.