I've been working at Goodwill for about 3 weeks now. I do everything from cashier to receiving donations to pricing.

Proof: http://imgur.com/gallery/eTk1rvD/new

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who asked questions. It was super fun to hear from all of you! :) Hope I answered all your questions as well as I could have.

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Are you happy in life? :)

Garrod_Girl3 karma

haha I am very happy in life. Thank you for asking :D

ANonMeUS2 karma

What happens to the items that cannot be resold?

Garrod_Girl10 karma

Big items, like furniture, will often be turned away at the door if it's too bad to take. Otherwise, everything else gets recycled or sent overseas to help people in third-world countries.

cheats472 karma

Do you actually clean the clothed you receive?

Garrod_Girl2 karma

We don't wash them, but everything is checked for stains and rips. Anything that is stained is sent out to be used as recycled rags or insulation or is cleaned and sent to people who need the clothes.

PragmaticApproach2 karma

What laundry detergent do you guys use? It has an interesting smell.

Garrod_Girl1 karma

We don't use any detergent at my store, so I'm not sure what the other stores use.

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Hi? :)

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bigdadykilla-33 karma

  1. How have your parents delt with you retardation, and was this job lifesaving for them?

  2. Do they really let you handle money with your disorder?

I really think it is so great what goodwill is doing for people like you. I'm sorry if my questions were a little blunt.

God bless you and never give up.

Garrod_Girl14 karma

  1. I have no disabilities and, no this was not lifesaving for them as I live on my own and took this job so I could pay for my rent, food, and college education.
  2. I hope you're able to figure out the answer to this one from my answer for your first question.

I agree, it's great that I can get a job. How's that working out for you?

Namaste to you, sir. Keep on keeping on.