hello reddit:

you probably don’t know me, but i do know YOU and I want you to GET TO KNOW ME, AND ASK ME ANYTHING.

my name is SHOOTER JENNINGS and i play music that is generally regarded as COUNTRY MUSIC, but really it’s all over the place. which is where i like it.

i am from tennessee. i live in los angeles. my dad was Waylon Jennings and my mom was Jessi Colter.

people think that I am into motorcycles, hunting, trucks and things like that. that is the complete opposite.

i play music and am a radio dj. i run a record label called Black Country Rock. i have a new album out that is a tribute to George Jones.

i am into: music. radio. film. computers. bitcoin. combat arms. other video games. vintage and antique computers. partying (not a heroin guy, tho). california. new york. art. destruction. anarchy. revolution. ruling.

why you’ve never seen me on reddit: because i don’t go by my name because I like to troll people 24/7

shout out to /r/bitcoin

there’s all kinds of proof on my @shooterjennings twitter account and my Facebook fan page. it’s really me. stuff here https://www.facebook.com/ShooterJennings/photos/pcb.10152363429533460/10152363428848460/?type=1&theater

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Leo429 karma

How do you live with yourself after what you did to Happy's grandma?

ShooterJennings52 karma

I don't eat pieces of shit for breakfast. Wrong Shooter.

ineptidude18 karma

Hey Shooter, thanks for doing an AMA. I grew up on old country music but thought all the new stuff was terrible. More recently I've discovered incredible newer country artists like you, Jamey Johnson & Sturgill Simpson. Thanks for keeping the roots alive.

My question: What's it going to take for 'real' country music to be played on the radio?

Is that something you consider within the realm of possibility anymore, or has country radio gotten so out of touch with its roots that its not salvageable at this point?

ShooterJennings15 karma

I absolutely think that things will change.

The well always runs dry for the cash grabs and right about that time when everything seems lost, and hope seems so far away, something will happen and change it all. It will be like a wave that will turn the tide against the current state of country and open up the doors for a new "real" generation. but it could be tomorrow, or 15 million light years away.

thanks for the kind words for sure. it means a lot! Jamey and Sturgill rule!

phrazel13 karma

Do you feel you would be as successful as you are today if your dad had not had the success he has had?

ShooterJennings16 karma

That's a hard question to answer. Considering, it's impossible to gauge this kind of thing... but I will say that my dad being who he is has certainly gotten me in some doors, but it has also created a lot of walls that a new artist with no family history doesn't have to scale. For instance, a lot of people have a pre-formed impression of me to begin with, so i have to work against that until they finally open up to try and figure out what I am about without him in the picture. another example is going out there under my name for the first, it''s very hard to delineate from the beginning who is there because they don't know anything but your music and like your music and that is is... some people come just because they like my dad, which I am grateful for, but they usually aren't very open to the risks that I take musically. So that can kind of work against me and frustrate me at times. But ultimately, i am very grateful for the life i have and for the father and mother i have...

ShooterJennings11 karma

Here's my questions for you guys:

  1. Have you guys checked out my new album "Don't Wait Up (for George)" of not, check it here: http://www.amazon.com/Dont-Wait-George-Shooter-Jennings/dp/B00KYQS4VM

  2. Do you guys play Combat Arms? If you do please look for me WillOTheWisp in the game, and we can play when we are in there. If you do play computer games but don't have combat arms, please visit: http://combatarms.nexon.net

  3. Do you do your reediting on your computer, and spend a lot of time in front of a computer? If so, then you need to try out our experimental music platform "BCR BAZAAR", email us at [email protected]

Defiantcanadian8 karma

Growing up and currently did you have any contact with the highwaymen?

ShooterJennings13 karma

I was 5 when the first Highwaymen tour happened and I had the good fortune of traveling with them, and again when I was around 10. Those families were very close to my heart, and us children all stay in touch. I will see Willie and Kris both from time to time, and they are so kind and supportive. I'm very proud of our friendships and to be part of that inner sanctum. Let me tell you this, that was about the most real group of people to put together on stage that ever existed. It's breathtaking to even look back on it. Of course, as a kid, i could have cared less, I wanted to find the closest arcade. So did the other kids, so ha!

swordsaintzero7 karma

I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your podcast with Joe Rogan I never listened to your music before and you got a new fan. Have you now tried DMT?

ShooterJennings5 karma

Not yet! Thank you! I got a lot of kind words after that interview... Joe's a super cool guy and I hope I get to go back on the show. And have a DMT experience. I'm always looking for etherial esoteric secrets to be revealed to me in alter-states-of-mind.

ShooterJennings6 karma

Thanks everyone! Until next time! See you around!!! Thanks for all the good questions!

Frajer6 karma

did your dad ever talk about almost being on that plane with Buddy Holly? http://www.savingcountrymusic.com/waylon-jennings-the-day-the-music-died

ShooterJennings9 karma

Of course we did! We spoke about it a lot. My dad and I were very close and he would discuss all these kinds of things with me time-to-time. He said not a day went by that he didn't think about Buddy. Buddy's influence was so heavy in his life that I think he still learned from him every day... It scared him to death. He felt for 30 years afterwards that he caused it, and it took a while for him to realize that wasn't the case. There's a great bit in his book about that...

mattbearman6 karma

Hey Shooter, love your music, especially the Black Ribbons album, are you planning on doing another hierophant / concept album like that?

ShooterJennings5 karma

YES! I've been working on one, but it's still not done. I'm not sure where it will fall as far as release-date, but know, a much more expansive one is coming... Thank you so much!

mcdeaglesandwich6 karma

How do you feel about the smaller cryptocoin markets, in particular dodgecoin?

ShooterJennings8 karma

I think that bitcoin is always going to be the important currency, and I wonder how the side-chain developing technology will affect the alt coin market, but i've spent my time on cryptsy and I have about 60k dogecoin sitting around. I built a script mining rig, kind of for fun, and mined for a while will it. But now the Scrypt ASICs are flooding the market and I've stuck with my bitcoin. But ultimately I feel like the community built behind dogecoin and litecoin as well as a few other stand-out altcoins is far much stronger and more real than say something like Etherium and Darkcoin. I just can't currently get behind these other currencies when obviously BTC and the block-chain are the backbone of this stuff, and Proof Of Work is still the only purely decentralized system of transaction confirmation.

duprius02125 karma

So when u made Black Ribbons did u realize that u had made one of the most awesome albums in existence?! My friends and I are big fans and we were wondering where you got the idea for Black Ribbons? Also how did Stephen King come to be on there?

ShooterJennings6 karma

Thank you. I did not, but I was really excited to try and make the idea come to life. Stephen King was always the person I had in mind for the part and when I finally reached him, low and behold, he said yes. What an honor it was. I knew we were onto something really cool and different, but I had no idea how far it would reach for so long. That's the only record I am asked about every day. I hope to make something as strong again soon.

preggit5 karma

Who are some artists you draw inspiration from?

You mentioned you play video games, which ones are you into currently?

ShooterJennings2 karma

I am always inspired by other artists. I wouldn't have a sound if it weren't for all the other artists I had learned from. Whether it be George Jones or Giorgio Moroder (my two tribute EP's I've been working on), or new bands like the ones i mentioned: Scott H Biram, Hellbound Glory, Black Mountain, Sturgill Simpson, Jack White even to black metal bands like Darkthrone, Mayhem and Burzum. Then there's my whole life in country, my dad, my mom, Cash, Keith Whitely, Vern Gosden, Jamey Johnson, Willie Nelson, Kristofferson... Billy Don Burns. I'm always being inspired.

As for video games: I love them! I play tons of old ones. I have a few arcade machines I've collected over the years. Street Fighter II, a Nintendo Red Tent, Time Traveler Laserdisc Game. I love old games. I even collect old PC's. I just bought an old 486 with DOS so i could play the old PC games like King's Quest, and Space Quest on them again.

At the moment I'm playing Combat Arms (i do this regularly with my old friends and my manager), Dark Souls II and Shroud of the Avatar (i'm apha testing this one, it's like Ultima Online 2.0). Those are my current conquests.

LRM774 karma

hey shooter, HUGE fan. what is your opinion on current mainstream country artists, and is there anybody/bands that you want to see get more attention from country music fans?

ShooterJennings8 karma

Haha! Thank you very much! I think current mainstream has been over-run by the corporate control, but I think it'll come around. Someone always comes in when things get to stale and break it up. Sturgill Simpson is a friend and someone I am very happy is getting a lot of attention. Throw Hellbound Glory, Scott H Biram, Jason Eady, Jason Boland and Jamey Johnson in there, you've got a pretty amazing line-up. I always play lots of new artists that I love on my radio show "Electric Rodeo" on SirusXM 60 Sat's at 6 EST. Check it out sometime if you haven't!

brasihyatt4 karma

I've recently become a huge fan of your music. Especially Hierophant. How is it possible that such a great record didn't get more attention? Do you attribute that to the music industry being lame, or is doing loads and loads of press just not your thing? Because that record is great.

ShooterJennings4 karma

Thank you very much! 'Black Ribbons' will always be a crowning achievement for me. And I hope to really finish a project I've been working on for a long time that will be along those same lines. As far as the industry... at the time, they really weren't that interested in the album. When I finished it, I sent it to all the same kind of press outlets I used for my previous records for television and paper, and most of them felt it wasn't good to get behind. We had several television programs tell us it was "not tv-friendly" and we also had the BIGGEST of publications tell us they didn't want to get behind it. Also country radio protested advertising shows in any areas I had been in because I made a "anti-american" album. So i'm not too worried about it all... The lesson I learned is, once you put it out there, it has a life of it's own. I may not have made a lot of money off that album, but I've gotten the biggest opportunities of my life from people who were fans of that album. And I've gained the most loyal fan base I could ever ask for of Black Ribbons fans.

WealthyBigWang3 karma

Are you into fisting?

ShooterJennings6 karma


joaljennings3 karma

How the hell do I get into the safe in Black Ribbons!?!?!?!?!

ShooterJennings1 karma

hahahah listen to the radio?

ShooterJennings2 karma

or look in the library.

ShooterJennings1 karma

one of those. Josh.

Sakura_73 karma

What is your favorite animal?

ShooterJennings8 karma

My shithead bulldog Dolly.

jellopez113 karma

What inspires you nowadays?

ShooterJennings5 karma

Man, these days I'm finding myself inspired by stories of defiance and revolution i feel ... I am just leaving Jamaica and I went on a tour of the Maroon Village, where the first battle of independence was fought from the English. It's such an inspiring story and to see this sacred place, free of conflict and free of government, it's something else. It made me see so much beauty in this place.

Kyfrdkrgr3 karma

Dear, Shooter

How much are you paying the WWE superstars to promote your album on Twitter?

ShooterJennings7 karma


TheDocHolliday3 karma

Hey, I've been a fan since the exact day your record first came out. A few weeks later I got tickets to see you at the Exit In in Nashville. I got there hella early to get a good spot and brought my (then) boyfriend, who ended up being an asshole. You walked by us to go inside and I wanted to get a picture or say hi but he was getting mad at me for it, which in retrospect I realize was bullshit. Anyway I regret not saying anything to this day, but luckily Electric Rodeo was the album that got me through the inevitable breakup with said asshole. I even got the album cover as a tattoo. I'll always appreciate you and your music for that, so thank you. So I want to know, can you please make an album with some red dirt guys like Stoney Larue? A duet between my two favorites would make my head explode.

ShooterJennings3 karma

Thank you, and if you ever see me again, just grab me and i'll remember u if u tell me from the reddit Doc Holliday. Haha! Sorry he was a dick. I love Stoney, I would love to work with him. Recently I co-produced "Dark and Dirty Mile" on Jason Boland... That was a blast! Texas has always been good to us...

RolandTaverner3 karma

I really love your ability to tap into the electronic side of things. I grew up and am still in Kentucky and I make electronic music myself. I feel like I was drawn to it because it was the furthest thing from my Dukes of Hazzard pajamas and shelling beans. The older I get (one more year than you May 19th 1978 <---I like numbers and I think that's cool.) the more I really feel like I want to marry those styles, those two worlds...between Waylon and the Talking Heads. The woods and MTV(old MTV)...I feel like what you do is just that and I commend you for it.

My question is: The Georgio EP, how excited are you to put that out?

ShooterJennings5 karma

Man what a great note man! That's exciting to hear, because I am the same way. I tried to get away and then now I want to mix it all up. What a trip we have the same birthday! That's rad. I would love to hear your music. send an email to [email protected] and we'll add you over there it's right up your alley and we can stay in touch that way.

As for Giorgio, i CANNOT WAIT to be done with it and have it come out, because it's not what people think it's going to be, i love surprising people.

Bromfed3 karma

Hey shooter. Just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your music. I recently lost my dad and "it ain't easy" helped me get through some really tough times. Thanks for that song man. Can you please talk about what that song means to you?

ShooterJennings10 karma

Thank you so much for saying that. "It Ain't Easy" was an emotional moment for me. We had had some great traction with the first record and my song "4th of July". When we had finished "Electric Rodeo", the cover of Hank Jr's "The Living Proof" was the last song on the record. We threw out our first single to radio and they threw it right back and told us they wouldn't play it. It just got me down, because I was hoping to really use our moment in the sun to influence the sound of country in a more open direction for all these other artists I'd become fans of.... But they didn't, and it hurt in a way. Rejection or whatever... And in that moment I really wished my dad was around to talk to, so this was my way of talking to him. It means a lot to me when people say that song means something to them. It makes me feel like I got an answer back, you know what I mean?

246tyson2 karma

What kind of pie do you like?

ShooterJennings1 karma

Lemon. Any kind. Just like my buddy Mr. Bandana.

SonVolt2 karma

Hey Shooter. Glad to see you on Reddit. I met you on my birthday in Maryville, Tennessee last year with my fiancee. You told me that you had just celebrated yours and you signed my hat! I recalled the line from "The Song Is Still Slipping Away", "when your heroes turn out to be assholes". You are my hero and you were NOT an asshole. It's rare that someone in this world lives up to the hype, but you never claimed to be anything but what you are. And so you were. The same badass, down to earth, talented and and all around great guy that I expected you to be.

You will always be my favorite artist. Keep staying true and fuck the haters. I knew you were the real deal when I heard first heard your cover of Dire Straits for the first time so long ago. I wore "The Wolf" out and every album since and before it. Keep on keepin' on and keep sticking it to the motherfuckers who tell you to get in line and play by the rules. You should be extremely proud of the work you have done to this point and I can't wait to see what other tricks are up your sleeve.

If it's not too candid, would you mind giving your opinion on Leroy Powell getting into that "Crazy Hearts" reality show?

I don't want to talk shit about anyone, but it caught me off guard. I personally think he is too talented to be part of that garbage.

ShooterJennings3 karma

Man thank you for all your kind words, it means a lot. Very nice people out there.... Glad i wasn't a dick!

AS for leroy, I love leroy, he's a brother to me. I knew that with that thing, if there was one person who would survive a reality show, credibility-in-tact it would be Leroy, because he's so talented and he always kept it pure-Leroy. I'm happy he got some attention from that because it's hard these days for all of us to get any kind of coverage... He walked into a reality show about 6 people and made it all about him, that seems like a score to me haha!

Bigsam4112 karma

I am not really familiar with your music but I saw that you were at the Farmageddon music festival. Would you classify yourself in the same genre as bands like The Goddamn Gallows and Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band? If so, I look forward to checking out your music.

ShooterJennings3 karma

I would say I am definitely a little different. But I love those bands. I produced a 7" on Jayke coming out next year on my label Black Country Rock. The Gallows are great friends. Bands like them and Slim Cessna's Auto Club / Denver Broncos UK, etc really inspire me. But my stuff is a little more heavy rock than blue-grassy like theirs are. But I try to remain as thunderous and "fuck you" with the music as possible.

GrandMasterT2 karma

Hey Shooter, I grew up listening to your Dad. Have you ever smoked with Willie?

ShooterJennings3 karma


colemantle2 karma

What are your five favorite albums by other artists/bands?

ShooterJennings3 karma

That's too hard for me to do. But growing up i loved rock stuff like Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Danzig, The Misfits, Marilyn Manson, Dire Straits etc... So over time many albums have had a huge effect. I will say "The Downward Spiral" really got me making my own music tho.

elvispresley12 karma


ShooterJennings4 karma

Ahh, first question! First off I haven't raised ticket prices, and any decisions to raise the price of tickets have been between the promoters and the venues. At this point i think we are selling a pretty reasonable ticket price. As for the VIP, i'm not here to defend what i do to you. I am still around to meet you and say hi, but a lot of the time I am VERY busy working on lots of other projects, even when I am on the road, much busier than I was back in the free-wheeling party days... so the VIP thing is 1. a guarantee we will have time to meet and chat and take a picture as well as get anything autographed they may need 2. some really great exclusive merch that you don't get via the normal merch table, all included in the price. So, I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job of engaging the fans... I'm sorry if you feel otherwise!

INeedWelfare2 karma

Hey Shooter, What music do you like? (Besides country of course)

ShooterJennings3 karma

All music! Listening to Bitches Brew while i do this

mamatried092 karma

Hey, Shooter! Thanks for doing this AMA! My husband and I are both big fans of yours, as well as your dad... We want to know: what is your favorite, non-music related memory of Waylon Jennings?

ShooterJennings7 karma

Just him period. He was a great man, and a great father. I loved watching scary movies with him. I loved listening to music with him. I remember going to see Paul Simon and Bob Dylan with him and getting to meet Bob Dylan. Waylon Jennings was a kind hearted, good timing, child-like man who had a love of music and passion for life like no other!

Are_Aich_32 karma

The first annual Moccasin Creek Festival was held this June in Effingham, Illinois. It was a success as I saw multiple license plates from as far away as Texas. Larger names that performed included Lukas Nelson, The Bottle Rockets, and Fred Eaglesmith. It was a very alt. country/rockabilly atmosphere. Would you consider performing at this music festival?

ShooterJennings1 karma

Of course i would if we could work it out!

jrwdreamcast2 karma

Did y enjoy Bloomington IN recently? Plan on coming back ?

ShooterJennings3 karma

I love Bloomington. I love Austin Lucas and Big Damn Band, and got to see them both the last time before this i was there... What a great music scene and what great fans... I love towns like that.

miketerps2 karma

Shooter, drove an hour and a half to see you at Joe's on Weed Street in Chicago right after Family Man came out. Best damned show I've seen. And where on earth can I get a flying w ring like yours? Don't feed the animals, -Mike P.S. my wife has electric rodeo in her car at all times, stay cool man

ShooterJennings2 karma

Thanks so much Mike! Glad you enjoyed the show! You can actually get a flying w ring at www.waylonshop.com . mine was given to me by Gary Scruggs, but they have some similar ones for sale now over there!

Rico_Swampass2 karma

was there any personal inspiration to start doing whistlers and jugglers at your shows besides the fact its just a kick ass song? will there be another hierophant record? i read a while back that you were working with lukas nelson on some stuff, any update? im glad when you do waylon songs that you do the ones most people have never heard but one thing i would love to hear is you and lukas doing 2003 minus 25. you did a cover of hank jrs living proof a few years back. would you ever consider doing a cover of his "daddy i need you tonight" as a tribute to your father?

ShooterJennings1 karma

Wow some great questions in here...

Whistlers and Jugglers was always a favorite of mine, a Shel Silverstein song, from "I've Always Been Crazy". I knew it would kick ass live because of that great ending.

Lukas and I are still working on the record. It's half way done, and we just need some time together to get in and finish it. It's pretty kick ass!

I would love to do 2003 with him, i did that at all the Justice Tour shows i did with Tom Morello back in the day!

gdyetrauda2 karma

Hey, Shooter. Big fan of your music. Is there any one song you feel represents what you aim for when you create music or that, for you, absolutely defines what you love most about country music (or music at all)?

ShooterJennings3 karma

"The Door" from my new album "Don't Wait Up (for George)" is a great example...

irockguitar2 karma

How well did my capo work for you at Sinclair in Cambridge, MA last year? Was a pleasure sharing the stage with you guys.

ShooterJennings6 karma

WOW! THAT WAS A BLAST! Thank you so much, we rolled in unprepared, and you really helped out. That was such a fun run. I appreciate it very much and y'all sounded really good from what I remember. What was the band name again?

alison413801 karma

Hi! Eeek! Love you!! (Named my chocolate lab after your name. Long before I ever heard your music. Big fanatic Waylon fan forever and always loved hearing stories about you from him and seeing your name in print pertaining to stories about your Daddy. Thought your name was the raddest name ever. So welcomed my Shooter into my life in 2005!) Anyhoo, who on the female side of country music (big or small) do you dig? (besides your Mama <3) Anyone that you are a fan of, would like to perform with or duet it with in studio? Anyone from the mainstream side? Chicks rock!

ShooterJennings1 karma

I have always loved Miranda, and young artists like Rachel Brooke and Lydia Loveless are SO GOOD. Kacey and First Aid Kit are two favorites of mine too...

Wow about naming your kid Shooter, 10 years next year huh? 10 years since Put the O... Coincidence? I doubt it :)

shepherde1 karma

what was going on with the lexington show? you kept leaving the stage.....it was the 9th time watching you, and that had never happened before. See you in INDY!!

ShooterJennings3 karma

There was a lot going on at the lexington show. There was confusion about some of the times of the show, and then half of my gear was off-stage and I was just trying to get things sorted. Then there was also Josh Morningstar and Billy Don Burns who were performing as special treats, and I kind of always bring them on and off... Thank you for coming to so many shows! INDY is gonna RULE HARD!

MuricanAbroad1 karma


ShooterJennings8 karma

You haven't listened to the right country music! Listen to Willie's "Phases and Stages" and come back to me and tell me you hate country music.

ThePlebiest1 karma

Have you poked smot with Joe Rogan after his JRE podcast? Is DMT in your near future? I just started listening to your music btw because I find you to be a very interesting person and your tunes reflect it. What song would you consider to be your mega opus and why?

ShooterJennings2 karma

haha! I didn't poke any smot, but I wanted to. No DMT yet either, been a little too busy, but I hope to change that answer soon. As for a mega-opus. I would say "All of this Could Have Been yours" -- it's just this song that over the years I haven't been sick of. I wrote the lyrics completely first, which I never really do, and that one record alone has brought me a lot of work and friends. Kinda weird. Like a bat-signal or something that I threw out and it really re-aligned my world.

SpookyCat211 karma

Hi Shooter, Which of your Dad's albums is your favourite? Do you think you will get to do a European tour sometime in the future? Would love if you could play in Ireland

ShooterJennings2 karma

I just did a Euro-tour! But we didn't hit Ireland. Last time I played Ireland was like 2007. BTW good moves on the Bazaar. I will definitely make a point to come back within a year if i can. Thank you for your continued support man! I love IRELAND!

ThePlebiest1 karma

If you could collab with anyone in the game right now... Who would it be?

ShooterJennings3 karma

I want to work with a lot of people right now. I would love to do a project with Jack White, just to see what happens, and see what I can learn. I have been talking with Brent from Mastodon about doing a new band together. That would be so fun to me, a change of pace and possibly role. One time Ryan Adams said he was going to start a band with me and Jason Isbell, but Ryan and I kept arguing about who was going to be the drummer and it dissipated. haha! I'm WIDE open all the time for this shit tho.

WhatTheFolk861 karma

Can you talk about your personal opinions on the Illuminati and NWO conspiracy? I've noticed you have been using alot more symbolism in your videos.... Are you with their ideology or against it?

Also, You and Jon Hensley are two of the nicest dudes in the business... Please stay cool and humble as F**K! lol

ShooterJennings7 karma

Thanks a lot for the kind words. The Colonel rules for sure...

I am not FOR the Illuminati and the NWO, that would be silly haha! I don't necessarily believe there is like 6 hooded dudes pulling all the strings, but I believe heavily that the media, and culture are controlled very strategically by groups of people tied to banks, congress, etc. Bilderberg is real, and there are a lot of shapes and forms of Bilderberg-type organizations in film, music, pretty much any profession. My opinion is do the RIGHT thing, do the RIGHT thing for your family first, your heart and your passion, and your friends. Cultivate that stuff, attempt to build your LOCAL community as much as you can, and ultimately, if someone is trying to force you to do something you don't want to do, especially if it goes against your personal beliefs, then you have ALL the right to speak loud in defiance. I read about all this stuff, and i try to tie other deeper messages into my music and artwork, so thank you for being someone that looked beyond the surface!

Baauer201 karma

So, there's an EP coming out called "Countach EP" in November. What do you think of the EP?

ShooterJennings2 karma

Gonna be more like January. I'm not finished with it yet, but it has turned out way better than my expectations. I can't wait for everyone to hear it... It's really special i think. I hope you will feel the same...

BennyHanna1231 karma


ShooterJennings5 karma

Thank you for the kind words. I always try and be as nice and friendly as possible. It's easy when there are so many nice folks out there...

I would LOVE to come back to Montana. I played the Farmageddon Music Festival up there a few times and had such a good time. Coming to WY soon, maybe we can make it back there soon too...

MrMagilla1 karma

Outside of music and literature, are there specific things you regularly draw inspiration from to help you create your music (film, visual art, animals, cooking, whatever)?

ShooterJennings2 karma

I get inspiration from EVERYTHING. Blade Runner is my favorite movie of all time... That film, Kubrick films, and amazing projects like "Beyond the Black Rainbow" and "Into the Void" have really influenced by mind and a lot of the things that I try and do musically. I'm always working on several projects at once... Cooking is another thing I love to do. It's very much it's own art form. There's a edge in free-wheeling ingredients. My insane bulldog dolly is a good inspiration because she gets me so goddamn angry when she eats a whole Apple II disk drive and I have to order another one off eBay.

AllesK1 karma

*Loved the Southern Independent Vols 1-3!! * I still include many of the songs in my playlists. What would you say the impact of that project was and will you do it again?

ShooterJennings1 karma

I really felt good about that and the XXX stuff we were doing. Even though opposition from camps of people who were more interested in protecting their value in the scene vs. helping the artists they "care so much fore" really drove it away, I got to know a lot of great artists that way and I've worked with a few of them in the studio. I think the best thing it did for me is make me aware of these bands and be able to not only be inspired by them, but help any way i can (whether it be playing them on the radio or just spreading the word among friends). Those collections are available as part of the BCR BAZAAR for free. If you want access to it, just email us at [email protected]

jjk197011 karma

Favorite TV show of all time?

ShooterJennings3 karma

VERY hard question!

Somewhere between Seinfeld, Columbo, Code Monkeys, He-Man and Family Guy i guess?

shepherde1 karma

if you could collaborate with one living artist, who would it be and why?

ShooterJennings1 karma

I would like to collaborate with a lot of different artists. Jack White, Kanye, Daft Punk. Or hell do a whole album with Jamey Johnson, Leroy Virgil & Jason Eady.

BB641 karma

Great music! How about a stop in Dayton Ohio? Would be great to hear you live.

ShooterJennings1 karma

Thank you! I hope we will!

BigDumbAnimal121 karma

Hey shooter I'm a friend of Rhoda's and a long time fan. I see you in LA a ton. I wanted to say thanks for making good southern rock and country music. I also wanted to thank you for signing one of your comic books for my wife. Since I have to ask a question, when are you going to do another show in LA?

ShooterJennings2 karma

We are gonna bull together another BCR NIGHTS soon enough! Thank you! Rhoda is our queen, she really helps us run our business so well... We are very grateful for her! We'll be in touch with her to let you know when we play again! Thank you!

patrickthered1 karma

Been a huge fan for years Shooter, are you going to do any more pressings of the record store day vinyl releases? Also, you want to smoke a chronic blunt at the 8 Second Saloon next month in Indy? Thank you for providing the soundtrack to most my life the last decade or so.

ShooterJennings2 karma

Hey man thank you very much for the kind words... We are going to re-press the Ron/Wanda/Fenixon stuff in one form or another, but it will be next year before we do that. There are too many people that want the Ron record hahaha

as for the other question, come find me haha

tearsofsuburbia1 karma

I'm not a country fan really but I enjoyed your first album and listen to it often. It genuinely surprised and impressed me, thanks for being awesome! How has the reaction to your "politicalness" been? It strikes me as being much difficult to succeed as a professional artist of any sort if you speak truth to power or incorporate substantive criticism of the ruling class into your art. Has this been your experience?

ShooterJennings2 karma

For sure, I mean I always speak my mind and i always try and be open an honest. I don't support a political party and I never am in anyone's pocket. some people have an adverse reaction to that, but i can tell you i will never preach unless it's against something i feel is a real disservice to humanity.

dorothy_zbornak_esq1 karma

[deleted bc I'm not the first to make the Shooter McGavin joke]

dorothy_zbornak_esq1 karma

I know this is obnoxious. I wish I could help myself. Thanks for doing an AMA!

ShooterJennings3 karma


DoomsdayMoses1 karma


ShooterJennings2 karma

I love DBT a ton. Patterson is such a good songwriter. always makes my hair stand up on edge. I'm behind them all the way. Dawes too. Im not as familiar with their music but i've had the pleasure of meeting Taylor and the guys with Johnny Fritz. I think we are having some amazing bands popping up these days!

I will come back when i Can!

MojoVixen1 karma

Hi Shooter! Considering your mom is the wonderful Jessi Colter, you may have a unique perspective: What do you think about where women stand in country music these days?

ShooterJennings1 karma

I think women are in a great position these days. Ladies like First Aid Kit and Kasey Musgraves are really leading the pack.

jgabbard34901 karma

Hey Shooter! First of all I would like to thank you so much for playing so many shows in Kentucky the past few years, I've seen em all and look forward to seeing you in London KY next month.

Here's my question... I'm a lifelong Steven King fan, but didn't realize you were until I purchased "the other life" and the gunslinger blew me away! I'm a huge Dark Tower fan, and I know that Steven was the Last Light Radio DJ on Black Ribbons. How long have you been a King fan? Have you met him? Do you think you'll do more songs based on King books? Thanks man!

ShooterJennings1 karma

Been a king fan since i picked up "The Gunslinger" in elementary school. I have never met him but we've had a lot of email contact. Recently I wrote lyrics for a song in his "Mr. Mercedes" book. This is probably the most proud collaboration and friendship i've maintained over the years. I will always implement his work into my work as time continues. He is a king to me, THE KING!

Hantra1 karma

Do you feel pressure to live up to the absolute cool, legend of a guy your dad was? How do you deal with that?

ShooterJennings2 karma

I deal by ruling as hard as i can and listening to his music as much as i can!

WhatTheFolk861 karma

Have you ever been a pro wrestling fan? If so, Who were some of you favorite wrestlers? What is the most memorable storyline for you?

ShooterJennings3 karma

Growing up, the WWF was HUGE, so I knew all those wrestlers and had the rubber toys, but I never really followed it all until recently. Curtis Axel turned out to be a fan and has been turning a lot of those guys onto my music and that's been awesome, so now I'm really familiarizing myself with them a bit!

Troopershollow1 karma

Not being close to either, and planning on going to one or the other next year, which kicks more ass? Farmageddon Records Music Fest or Muddy Roots?

ShooterJennings1 karma

They are very different, so it's hard to pick one. But for my money, it would be Farmageddon, just because it's a little more diverse in some ways, although Muddy Roots is really bringing in some different talent. But the Farm guys have been my friends for so long, they will always be #1 in my book.

tishah1 karma

I can't find it anywhere - what's the song where you tell the devil his part was better then CDB and then you wake up alive?

ShooterJennings2 karma

i think you're talking about the Ray Wylie Hubbard song?

1___1 karma


ShooterJennings1 karma

Not in order

Stand by Me / Hard to Handle / You Don't Miss Your Water.

As for the game, it's got some tricks and turns. There's some hints that were originally posted on Facebook that i am re-posting. If you want to play the game you can at shooterjennings.com or at the bazaar. if you want into the bazaar, you need to email [email protected]

Ron_Tam1 karma

Hey Shooter, thanks for doing the AMA!

Important question. You have been sentenced to death for a crime you did not commit. What would you choose as your final meal?

ShooterJennings2 karma

Wo Hop in Chinatown on Mott St.

SpookyCat211 karma

How is the Movie about your Dad going? When can we expect to see it and have you decided on who you want to play him?

ShooterJennings1 karma

It's coming along, no details yet, but it's going to be awesome and different than all the others!

jjk197011 karma

Ginger or Mary Ann? Betty or Veronica? Who's your favorite Beatle?

ShooterJennings1 karma

Ginger / Veronica / John Lennon

gordeaux11 karma

You still have that "Hold a Pair be a Winner" Tshirt I gave you? Hope all is well amigo!

ShooterJennings1 karma


pjgroft1 karma

Shooter, it is awesome that you are giving us this opportunity to get to know you. Two part question, 1. who's bath tub are you passed out in on your FB account? and more seriously, as a singer/song writer, what was the best move you made "business" wise to get you to where you are at now?

ShooterJennings1 karma

hahaha nice questions.

  1. the hotel in Jamaica i was in
  2. I would say I've probably never made a "good move" in the business to get me ahead, because I've always been to stubborn to play ball to get ahead. But I would say making "Black Ribbons" was the most valuable thing i did as far as the business and my own identity musically

hmthtrfan1 karma

You ever played at Georges Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, AR???

Shooter, just giving you a thumbs way up.. wasn't a fan before I saw you at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. You were there supporting your Black Ribbons album. Been a fan ever since. Awesome show and awesome album, kudos.!!

ShooterJennings1 karma

Thank you so much! That was a special show to see. I have played Georges many times. the first time I ever did it was opening for Robert Earl Keen, and we drank all his beer and he got upset about it. I don't blame him but we didn't know it was his, we thought it was ours. So we brought him more beer the next night.

jjk197011 karma

Favorite Twilight Zone episode?

ShooterJennings1 karma

Great question. Let me think on this one. Probably "The Jeopardy Room"

ShooterJennings1 karma

I love the film too

Mp1371 karma

Shooter!! Any more Stephen King collaborations planned?

ShooterJennings2 karma

I recently wrote a song for his book "Mr. Mercedes". I know I will always be inspired by him!

Lapsevich1 karma

Hey Shooter, drove 2 hours last summer to see the Gunslinger tour with the Phillip Fox Band and loved it. Missed out on meeting you, since we had to drive back. Are you coming back to the Cleveland area anytime again, particularly the Beachland Ballroom that you would frequent in the past?

ShooterJennings1 karma

I don't know if we'll be there this year, but we will come back for sure.. I know who you are so, next time, if you see me just yell at me!

Dr_Emmet_Brown1 karma

Hello shooter, I must admit I only recently became a fan of yours because you are working with a family member of mine. My question is are you going to be doing any more projects like "don't wait up" (for George)? I love what I have heard so far. Thanks.

ShooterJennings1 karma

Thank you, well I have a companion project called "Countach (for Giorgio)" but it is a tribute to electronic pioneer Giorgio Moroder. But the album sounds more country than the George one in ways. Just stick with us and let me know what you think about that record too! Thanks for the kind words!