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OtterCreek8 karma

How annoying is Jeff in person?

khuang1021 karma

LOL he's actually not that annoying in person, his voice is just unique...

Pupettoloco8 karma

Do you feel like you should learn more about sports now since the show. Its a really big part of our society IMO?

khuang1014 karma

Yeah...to be honest, I've been working on increasing my sports knowledge for a while now (even before I auditioned for the show)

deguzmankevin8 karma

When did you take the online teen test? I swear i checked the website almost everyday and the one day i didn't check, the teen test was up. HALP

khuang109 karma

Hi Deguzmankevin! I took the online test back in September of last year, but they offer it at different times every year. Try following Jeopardy on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates on when they're offering the teen online test.

Alysiat286 karma

What was the process like to be selected for the show. Did you have to go through several preliminary rounds first?

khuang108 karma

Yes. See my reply to photophosphorylate above

theotheq5 karma

Have you been to England?

khuang107 karma

No :( Would love to study abroad there though!

x13iggismallzx5 karma

Why did you leave out sports and outdoors? Did you think those 200 level questions would be harder then the harder ones in other categories?

khuang1015 karma

To be honest, I didn't have much control of the game board, so I blame Alan and Ananya :p In all seriousness though, I don't know much about pro sports/outdoors...however, I didn't think the $200 questions in those categories would be significantly harder than the $600 questions in, say, the presidency. I just wasn't feeling too confident in those categories.

shitty_formatting4 karma

What are your top two favorite foods, and why are they lumpia and pancit canton?

khuang1015 karma

I have no idea

shitty_formatting8 karma

Now I feel bad for guessing wrong where your parent(s) are from :(

khuang1015 karma

haha not a problem - I'm Chinese

SilentlyCrying3 karma

Did you get along with the other contestants or did everyone pretty much keep to themselves?

khuang102 karma

Yes! Loved hanging out with each and every one of them, and we still keep in touch regularly through Facebook/Twitter :D

macbookvirgin-2 karma

Do you like chicken nuggets?

khuang104 karma